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From Eyezmaze in Japan comes this fascinating Flash game called Grow. Such attention to detail went into every aspect of its animation, sound, graphics and gameplay. It's very simple to play: you drag and drop the "materials" icons over top of the GROW symbol, and then the magic begins to happen. It's truly a delightful little game.

Play Grow

Also from the same creator, check out Vanilla and Tontie. All three games are remarkably easy to play and possess a richness of gameplay and excellence in design that together make them accessible, challenging, and rewarding.

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...

Walkthrough Guide

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There's more then one solution but here's one that will get you the full 20,000 points:

rocket (black ring)
tv screen


OMG. Do you know how hard Tontie is when playing on a laptop without a keypad? Add to that its dark and I am laying on my bed (so I am sideways) oh, what a nightmare.. Yet, quite addictive. Great links Jay!

I don't think that game was meant to play without a keypad! =P In fact, I'll bet accountant types would love that game, and be very good at it too!

does anyone know the order for grow to get max upgrades on all the objects, it's driving me CRAZY!

It's really not that difficult if you attack it logically. Try writing down the order each time, making small adjustments in your attempt each time. You will get it, and it's so much sweeter when you figure it out for yourself. =)

There are lots of ways to solve this game, many of them give completely different results...

************** SPOILER ALERT!!!! ***************

Here is one of the possible solutions:

Cube, Pipe, Ball, Egg, Ladder, Mountain, Gear, Fan, Wind, Dish, Rocket, Screen

Have Fun!

While I agree that a different order will yield different results, there is only one "solution" that will yield maximum levels to all items - and that is the one you posted.

If you have an alternate solution that produces maximum levels for all items, please post it here as I would like to be proven wrong.

I've just found about Grow and concocted several solutions to max all items.

This is a great game. It's almost like a kiddie game that just make you feel giddy by completing something.

Anyway, here are the multiple possible solutions:


Statistics was never my favorite course...but if I'm not mistaken, i think there are 479001600 possible combinations. I don't think anyone could ever do them all...

Also, you can switch the pipe and the cube from electricat's order and still get the same, winning result.

I stand corrected! =) With that many possibilities, Phoenix, I imagine that there must be many solutions then.

That makes me wonder how many solutions there are, and, if Electricat is right by saying there are different solutions that yield different endings. I'm thinking not, but I've been wrong before! =)

Has anyone figured out what to do with the little dude that comes out of the tornato and what to do with the Volcano?

yea if the ladder is complete the lil dude zaps it and it glows. and the volcano spews lava into the pipe... i think...

Dude, thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i used your code, and it worked thanks ~Link the chosen~

***** SPOILER *****

yea there's only one way to get a perfect 20,000 points. the solution is:

Ball, Cube, Hills, Egg, Ladder, Pipe, Propellar, Tornado, Gear, Dish, Nozzle, TV Screen

you cant get the perfect ending with the alien in the tornado. hope this helps. my AIM is Afx237v701

My Favorite Winning Combos:
cube, sun, hills, egg, ladder, tube, pinwheel, whirlwind, gear, dish, rocket, screen

cube, sun, ladder, egg, hills, tube, pinwheel, gear, whirlwind, dish, rocket, screen

cube, ladder, egg, sun, hills, tube, pinwheel, gear, whirlwind, dish, rocket, screen

Best Result Using the Evil Guy:
sun, cube, hills, egg, ladder, whirlwind, pinwheel, tube, gear, dish, rocket, screen

Lowest Score I Could Find:
whirlwind, tube, screen, rocket, gear, egg, sun, cube, pinwheel, ladder, hills, dish

actually, there are multiple ways to get 20,000 points.

Ball, Cube, Hills, Egg, Ladder, Pipe, Propellar, Tornado, Gear, Dish, Nozzle, TV Screen


Cube, Pipe, Ball, Egg, Ladder, Mountain, Gear, Fan, Wind, Dish, Rocket, Screen

Oh my God!!! I did all of the solutions on the board and _ALL_ of them worked! Thanks!

-Andrew Aquino

lol there is a cheat for the game. When your done, (does matter if you win or lose) Click a lot of times on the pipe Icon. Then you get a bouns on 6000, if you have won. If you lost the game your Items will level up. (You can keep clicking on the pipe Icon.

When you do the lowest you get boo'd. Nice ego booster.. (..)'

I bet anyone that that aint the lowest score

I managed to get 2100, but I can't remeber how, I was just choosing at random...

This game is great, I just completed it but did not find it frustrating in the least to get to this point. There have been other games where I just look at the problem and just know I will get frustrated but not with this.
I think this idea has a lot of potential, a lot more easily played than the current point and click games. I hope other developers take this idea further! :D

Simon - well said! I couldn't agree with your more. The world would be a better place with more 'Grow' games. =)


I've found a solution wich doesn't stand on this site! It is:
ladder-cube-egg-orange ball-tube-mountain-propellar-gear-tornado-dish-rocket launcher-screen

hey thanks about the clicking the pipe thing i got 50000 points

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO There are different endings because my first time i got the volcano for the mountain's max level but now it's a grassy mountain with a river coming out that goes to the pipe and makes a lake. I think it was because i got the bubbles from the pipe to make a cloud over the mountain and it rained on it!

FOr all those who posted solutions above, can you explain the logic behind it?

Nice simple game. :D

The correct order to get a perfect score is as follows: metal box, ladder, egg, orange sphere, blue hill, rotor, small pipe, sprocket/cog, tornado, satellite dish, rocket booster, monitor. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the cheat, Titan! I used it to get 104000! >:D

Truly addictive and inventive. I was ooh and ahhing when I finally got the egg to hatch.

A fantastic game, and excellent distraction. It is so much better if you go into it not knowing what to expect or how it all works out.

Will try on my own to figure this puzzle out.

Could someone offer some logic hints as to order? I know that something else has to be out for the egg to hatch, but I can't figure out what it is.

I have figured out some of the other logic things, though.

Man, this just sucks time away!

During the school year, I was playing this in Biology, and my teacher actually copied down the site, and gave it out because apparently, it shows evolution and the change in the earth......(?) lol

i still... don't... get it... ~sigh~

Titan is right, when you finish the winning combination of all the little objects, if you keep clicking the box with the pipe in it, it'll give you a "bonus" of 6,000 points. You can keep clicking and it never stops. Just by screwing around with it I got my score up do 146,000. :P

This was the first GROW game I played, it had me puzzled for many days till I thought about combinations and so on.
I'm addicted to these kind of games now!!!

What's with the baby that pops out of the whirlwind and why is it now called Grow ver. 3

A baby pops out of the whirlwind?? Never saw that happen. And it's been ver. 3 for quite some time now.

is it possible to complete the game with the volcano and the baby in the whirlwind? if so pleaze e-mail me i would be very pleazed to know!

Oh and jay, great site keep the games coming!

hey, has anyone seen the two other grow games? They are made by the same people/person. They're called grow cube and grow RPG. I think they each only have 1 solution, but they are still fun. Grow RPG has a totally awesome ending.

I'm so in love with these kinds of games. I find them quite fascinating & addictive :]

By the way there's now another game called Happy X-mas MINI Grow. It's small but cute!
check it out

Thanks to all the people who posted spoilers!!

Fun! I sat around for hours playing this game untill I finally didn't get booed anymore. Totally addicting :)

Excellent game :) Just drags you into playing it more. I'll have to search for more japanese flash games. This and Nanaca Crash have been some of the most addicting ones I have played.

i have a solution that isnt on the site it is sun cube egg ladder mountain pipe cog propellor tornado dish rocket TV

ball, cube, hills, egg, ladder, pipe, propellar, tornado, cog, dish, black circle thingy :p and then the t.v screen !!

have fun !!!

i know the solution it's

mountain cube ladder ball egg tube propellor tornado gear plate ring screen

thanx for the cheat. it gets a lot of points.

with which solution you get the most points?

(without the pipe box cheat)

how do you beat GROW RPG?????

i got another solution...hills, block, ladder, ball, egg, pipe, pinwheel, whirlwind, gear, dish, rocket, screen

Hmm.. anyone notice that all the winning solutions end with the screen?

how do you win Grow RPG????? ~(:0)

You might try looking on the Grow RPG page.

I REALLY need to find out how to beat grow cube it's driving me CRAZY!

hi guys.
i really love all the grow games ( started with ver2.0, then cube, then 3.0, then xmas + minigame, now at rpg ).

I know I have played games of this kind before, does anybody know any similar games? im totally hooked and I need input

Hi Alex,

The Grow games are on my favorites list, too. If you have played games like this, my guess is they were influenced and inspired by Grow.

There are a few other games like it we have highlighted here and you may want to take a look at:

Cityscape, Sandbox of God and Planet NoNaMe, and El Complo

OMG I just found Grow Ornament, it's decorating a christmas tree. Damn cute ^^ It took me some time to get max. level for everything but I finally did it. Definetely worth a try.

Can every one just use the notation ball, cube, egg, hill, ladder, tube, pinwheel, tornado, gear, plate, rocket, screen? It's confusing seeing stuff like "thingy that looks like a sideways railroad" (by the way, thats my fave solution)

There's more then one solution but here's one that will get you the full 20,000 points:

rocket (black ring)
tv screen

plz i need grow cube one

I LOVED this game, and I was just wondering if there are any really really cool patterns because in a game with 8,916,100,448,256 possibilities, (yes I'm positive that is correct, there has to be at least one that isn't neccisarily correct but still makes something really cool happen. Thx - LRO

you can accually get an infinite score, it'll go on as high as you want if you click the pipe picture five times after "CONGRATULATIONS!!" orbits around the planet.

you can get more than 20 000 points, follow these directions
Ball, Cube, Hill, Egg, Ladder, Pipe, windmill, Tornado, Gear, Dish, rocket, screen, then you keep on pressing on the pipe icon and if you keep going your score will keep going up by 6000 points you can just keep going! lol!:)

Page not found... I really wanted to try this cool game... :(
Grow RPG was awesome though! Took me forever, but awesome nonetheless.

The link is fixed. Thanks for the alert. This was one of the very first games I ever reviewed from On of Eyezmaze, and it was a link to his old site, which has apparently been discontinued.

Yer' welcome Jay. :D

I've found a solution which I don't think has been posted yet:

Cube (robot), Orange ball (sun), Egg, Mountains, Ladder, Pipe, Windmill, Tornado, Tyre (gears), Dish, Rocket Launcher, TV Screen

if you want to finish the grow ver.3 the devilish way then do this sun, hill, cube, egg, ladder, whirlwind, pinwheel, tube, gear, dish, rocket, screen good luck finish the game the devilish way :]

I have completed every one of the grow series and I am searching for more games similar I know this is difficult.

Also, I saw people searching for the answers to the grow series: RPG, vsrsions 1, 2 & 3. Personally I would suggest figuring it out on your own and use a pencil and paper if necessary. Figure out how many "level ups" each item requires. Try to understand how each item affects each other. However, if this still doesn't make sense I have provided the following hints.

RPG: start with the red house
the water prevents any more "earthquakes"
basement steps go last

Version 3: above
Version 2: first two are triangle and then cube

Cube: 1.person 2.water 3."seeds" last is the ball

I hope this helps and if anyone has found anything similar I would greatly appreciate it.

do the 1st post backwards it turns out funny!

please use the spoiler tags!

I didnt want to know the solution for Grow Cube :(

how do you play the eyemaze maze game

I found a bonus blue man who merges with the block.

does anyone know the order for grow to get max upgrades on all the objects, in this version:


used titan's cheat and got 80000 points! i am laughing right now!!!!!!!!!!


works to because the robot is done before blue man comes down.

WOO HOO I GOT 184,000!!! lol if you win just click the pipe and you get like 6000 its awesome! easy points

awesome alternet ending!!! (not best 1)


tv, rocket, dish, tornado, gear, pinwheel, pipe, egg, ladder, mountain, ball, cube

Took me almost an hour to solve this one! But then again this was my first Grow game.

The ultimate score to beat is...
21,212,000 points!

(I paid my little brothers to sit and click on the pipe for 18 non-consecutive hours.)

omg thanks so much mr bojangles it mwas cool the things morphed!

cube ball mountain (the thing that looks like waves) ladder egg pipe gear pinwheel tornado dish rocket thing tv

another way to get it all all 20,000 points i hope this helps anybody

its amazing how a simple game with simple sound and graphincs can be popular for FOUR YEARS

im just glad that we actually got this kind of game, complete with ripoffs

theres more than one lvl. MAX for everything - The volcano counts as lvl. MAX for the mountain. One time I got a moon with clouds instead of a sun. It gave me a bonus.

the lowest score i got was 6100

Jay, is this website yours? I love your grow games so please make more fast!! :)

[Edit: Jay owns this website, but he doesn't make the games on it. -Pam]

I am sorry jay but I am sad to report that if you have downloaded flash 10 you can no longer play Grow.

I got 26000 points and that's more than 20000 points. To get 26000 points, just click on the pipe after you get 20000 points on a supposedly perfect score.

Hahaha, i'll admit, this game is insanely addicting, and insanely fun. I started with ver. 1, and found ver. 3 by complete accident.
My friend and i play it during computer class all the time now. Today, he acctually managed to find a combo that destroys the planet with lava. Very entertaining,, A game very high in my rating scale.

hola! I love grow!

My milk has just spoiled! :O

Best ending ever!!! This ending is the new ultra-firey hidden ending and comes with a special congratulatory message, Congratu-Flams!!! (I know, corny right?) This awesome ending gets you not 20000, but 30000 points!

Pinwheel, Mountains, Pipe, Tornado, Gear, Rocket, Cube, Screen, Egg, Plate, Orange Ball, Ladder.
Enjoy this firey ending!


I found an alternate ending :P

Pinwheel-Mountain-Pipe-Whirlwind-Gear-Rocket-Cube-Black screen-Egg-Dish-Sun-Ladder.

Another way to get the full 20,000 points...pretty sure this is how the game will tell you to do it if it keeps giving you hints.


ok here are the walkthroughs to most of the grow games.

[Edit: We have walkthroughs for each of the grow games on the respective review page. Thanks! -Jay]

sorry, here is the walkthrough for grow ver3

ladder, cube, ball, mountain, egg, pipe, pinwheel, tornado, gear, plate, rocket, screen.

Try this one... you can get 30,000 points with this...

Rocket (the black disk);
Dish (plate or whatever);
Sun (the orange ball);

Believe me, it's pretty cool.

The final solution (you get 30000 points) is:
propella, mountain, pipe, tornado, gear, rocket (the ring), cube, screen, egg, plate, orange ball, ladder.
This is the fire solution. the secret one!

Actually the max is 30000 not 20000
to get the flame ending which is 30000
matter of fact jay has a page for it :3

I think it's funny that people post the exact same post as the person before them - don't you people READ the messageboard BEFORE posting?

There is a secret ending you can do too.

pinwheel, mountain, pipe, wind, cog (brown), rocket (black), box, tv, egg, dish, sun, ladder

You can get congraduflames by going like this

rocket (bottom-right corner)

With this you get a whopping 30000

Hello everyone this is the ULTIMATE ANSWER scoring 30000 points

Here it is:

Turbine, Mountain, Pipe, Hurricane, Cog, Rocket, Cube, TV, Egg, Dish, Ball, Ladder

Hope you like it. If you want to know the theme of this secret ending, its:



Wow, anybody discovered the fire level? It gives you 30000 points! So - the order is - windmill-thingey; mountain ; pipe; tornado; chainwheel ; rocket-base ; box ; black rectangle (screen) ; egg ; dish ; yellow ball ;ladder . It's really awesome, you have to try it!!! Greets. (:

30,000 pointer!!!!

pinwheel, mountain, pipe, twister, cog, rocket, cube, tv, egg, dish, sun then ladder :)

nothing comes out of the whirlwind it hatches from the egg.

Delving into the archives, had to comment on one of the most favorite series on JiG!

I love all the Grow games. I think the thing that comes out of the egg is so CUUUUUUUUUUUUTTEEE! I actually got this on my first try. No spoilers. Go figure.

ladder, block, ball, mountain, egg, pipe, fan, wind, gear, dish, rocket, screen

max results

ORDER: pinwheel, hill, tube, tornado, gear, rocket, cube, black rectangle, egg, dish, orange ball, ladder

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