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JayGrow TowerGreat news! Not only does the US have a spiffy new president today, but the world now has a spiffy new Grow game hot off the release wagon from On of Eyezmaze in Japan.

Grow Tower is the next in the beloved Grow series of games first created by On over 5 years ago, and we have enthusiastically featured every one of them.

For those new to Flash games who might never have yet played one of these wonderful games, you play by clicking on the icons, one-by-one, with the objective being to reach Lv.Max (Max Level) for each of the items. Order matters, and depending on the order you click, the items will combine and react with each other to reveal a wide array of fascinating outcomes. But there is only one correct answer in this one, says On, and it's up to you to find it. Always charming and adorable, we hope you enjoy playing these games as much as we do!

Play Grow Tower

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...

Walkthrough Guide

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  1. box w/ the red button

  2. yellow sideways pot

  3. brick block

  4. ground (rock and grass)

  5. red pot w/ hole at bottom

  6. monster


im so happy for the new grow game!

well that was quite easy.

very well done though, props to On.

also walkthrough:






when i saw the word grow i started hyperventilating.....i don't think i have been this excited since the last grow game came out..

Hey! If you're having trouble or don't feel like messing around with all the combinations yourself, here is the correct order:

1. Box with button
2. Yellow... thing
3. Bricks
4. Piece of land
5. Flower pot
6. Monster

Yay! I love grow games!

But I can never beat them on my own XP

So to make it a perfect 3, we have a new president, a new grow game, and a new grow game walkthrough :P

Or I could spend 3 hours trying all possible combinations :D

Got it! Yeah!

Here's the order:








Stone Plateau



And that's it!

Eyemaze, you are truly a pioneer, and you create such high quality games. Thank you!

This new one is hard for me. 10 plays and still nothing maxed out!


Box with red button, Yellow pot, Bricks, Chunk of land, Red pot.


  1. box w/ the red button

  2. yellow sideways pot

  3. brick block

  4. ground (rock and grass)

  5. red pot w/ hole at bottom

  6. monster

Walk through:

1. Box with button 2.Yellow pot on it's side 3. Bricks 4. Piece of land/earth (top one) 5. Pot with hole at bottom 6. Creature


Here's the order:

Gray box with button, yellow jar, brick wall, rock, flower pot.

Excellent game, one of my favorite grow games. Beautiful ending. Thanx again!!! :)

i found it first shot ;)

1-black box with the red button
2- yellow bowl
3-brick bowl
4- piece of earth
5- plant thingy


1: Box w/ button

2: Gold thing

3: Bricks

4: Ground

5: Flowerpot

6: Monster

Got it right on the first try. Dumb luck, I guess. I don't remember the order, unfortunately.

I thought this game was wonderfully done. More than in the previous Grow games, there are lots of interactions between items that are perhaps in the wrong order. I highly suggest playing around with this one even if you got the correct order in the first few shots.
I can see why this took so long! Great job On!!!

yay i got it on the 6th try!!! :3

wow. I went and looked at a week or so ago, and there was an update saying happy new years, new game on the way in the next few days. So of course I about did a back flip of glee right there. The yesterday ON updates saying his computer went boom, and the new game'd be up very soon. So I was, of course, very excited. Then, as I'm about to check Eyezmaze again just a minute ago, I see that JIG beat me to it. Darn. I was considering doing a thing with every path... but with 5 choices, that makes for... *internal probability calculations*

120 possibilities. Yeah. Nevermind.

total combinations:

But I'm not sure if you can get the monster any other way than the correct way, so it could be that there is +/- a solution or two, but otherwise, its 120

Ah yes JNinjaz, good point. I had not yet beaten it when I said 120.

Only took me a few tries, I lucked out and got it almost perfectly pretty quick, then it only took a bit of a change to get it right.

This makes the third Grow game that I've managed to do on my own. Woo.

This was great. A bit easy since it's the first time that I actually used some logic and managed to pass it on my second go through. Or maybe I've just played these games so much I saw how it worked. LoL

Either way, this was another great addition to the Grow games series.

LOVED IT! I love the Grow series anyway, but I think this may have been his best yet.

first time that I got it for myself!!
and in half hour!!
thx eyezmaze!!

This may just be the first game in which I said "OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO ADORABLE" over 5 times. Love it!

I was just on Eyezmaze last night replaying some of the other games--how fun that this came out today! GORGEOUS as always, and every ending (even "wrong") is wonderful. I am grinning from ear to ear at the final solution!

Yay, a game from one of my three favorite developers! Love your games On.

I know the following statement is going to make me look very dumb, but: This was the first grow I was ever able to complete on my own! Yay for smart feelings!

OH MY GOD!!! I became a grow fan purely by chance, and after playing every other game on the website, waited sooo patiently for the new grow!!! Get to work this morning, perform the ritual of seeing what new games are on JIG to play in my lunch break - and there is was - a new grow!!! I couldn't wait till lunch, had to play - and am soooo pleased I did!!!
Thank you to both On for the amazing new game - and to Jay for bringing it to my attention!!! :)


I never did understand how I was supposed to figure out the correct order in these games. Here was my experience:

Click bricks (bottom). Little brick robot appears. Tower is now of height 1.

Click dirt (top). Second brick robot appears and blows away block of dirt that apepars. Tower is now of height 2.

Click flowerpot (mid-top). Third brick appears and emits fire, but nothing happens. Tower is now of height 4.

Click cannon (middle). Second flowerpot appears; music changes. Nothing else happens. Tower is now of height 6.

Click box (mid-bottom). Third flowerpot appears; hand grows out of cannon. Tower finishes at height 8; utilities are at, from top to bottom on the list, levels 0, 3, 2, 1, and 3.

I've heard that the game provides hints as to what mistakes you made, but I can't gather any hints whatsoever from this run.

Wait, never mind. I figured out the correct order after a few tries. The trick is to try a few different combinations and watch for when something good happens. Still, if it was this hard with only five items, how are you supposed to do anything with eight?

Finaly a new GROW Game! first one i actually managed to finish without using a walkthrough:D

Question. I have never completed a Grow game on my own for one simple reason. Well two. One being a total lack of patience. But I never got what 'Lvl1'etc meant. I mean if an item is shown as Level 1, what does that mean? Is there any way of figuring out how correct your guesses have been and using these clues to logically come up with the solution? Or is the fun supposed to be trying all 120 combinations?!

Soniclover - this Grow with 5 boxes was harder than most with eight. The reason being that here, you have to get the order exactly right before any of the items reach max level. In previous games, if an item reached max level, but you didn't win, 95% of the time you played the item too early. I think this one also had more red herrings than normal -- interactions that looked like they worked, but weren't part of the entire solution.

all of that, just to

turn on the sun.

Yeah baby yeah

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

Hanna, this one was a bit different than others, but usually the levels you have reached give you clues. Maxing out two or three of the choices while only reaching a level 1 or 2 with others can lead you to a logical rearrangement.

I think the major difference here was that the interactions themselves were the clues. When one block reacted a certain way with others, I then started playing a different block above it or below it for a certain period of time until I got a new reaction. Then I had to analyze whether or not the new reaction was more likely to be a "final" reaction or not. From there I could guess what came next by replaying a couple of times.

YAY! a new one ive been waiting for WAY to long

Love these games, and the pay-off for figuring this one out is especially good. I keep watching

the fireworks and the little animations in the ball-lens-thingie.

Love these games, and the pay-off for figuring this one out is especially good. I keep watching

the fireworks and the little animations in the ball-lens-thingie.

Love the series, was a little disappointed at how short this game was but loved the fact it kept throwing off red herrings that had me thinking I knew the combination of pairings of items only to realise I was wrong.

I still think the best two are the more RPG orientated ones, the Grow RPG and Grow Island.

This is the first Grow game I completed without help.
As usual, the ending is amazing.

I agree that this one was a little harder than usual.
You have to narrow down the order by studying the cause/effect of each animation, and figure out which neighbors are changed.

I kept looking for ways to get certain items to max prematurely to find the right spot for it in the order.

I was particularly fooled by the pot, then brick red herring. I figured the pots needed to grow tall and the only way to do that is get the robot to knock them off center.

you can get monster by following walkthrough, but then switching the last 2 things around

here's what I did on second try:

golden thing

It's good, but not best.

Also, do the walkthrough backwards and look at the pots.

And if you do the thing Andy said but backwards, look at the pots again.

This is the first grow game I ever solved by myself and I used only the powers of deduction.

I loved this one because it's a lot like the first one in that it has several mini red herrings.

Which is why I also liked island a lot because of the mini red herrings and one big alternate ending

This one rates 1st on my list for "Best Music". Love the second loop!

Brilliant. I love the way eyezmaze advertises its other games in this one. I mean, which other game have you seen displaying pictures of Tontoko Tontie and Grow RPG on a flower?

Awesome, as always! ^_^ Seemed slightly more difficult, actually - I spent a good quarter-of-an-hour going down the wrong branch completely:

I was convinced getting the brick-bot to shoot the flower-pots was the way to go, because then they can grow really tall, but nooo...that would be far too conventional, wouldn't it?! ^_^'

No idea how I did it, but someway, somehow, I beat the game. Thank you, Eyemaze, for brightening my afternoon, and thank you, Jay, as always, for leading us to this gem.

i <3 ON !!!

This has to be one of the craziest Grow games yet. I'm just stoked that I figured it out on my own. I almost died when the little man didn't quite reach the light switch, because I was all out of combinations. Thanks for posting this!

You should add the last step in the walkthrough.

The monster.

This game was so super cute!

A surprise and a pleasure to find a new Grow game today!

There are so many interactions between the parts even when they go wrong, I almost feel like I'm missing most of the game by only playing it through the 'correct' way. But even trying all (or most) of the 119 bad combinations in this small Grow would take forever.


I tried placing the items in the *reverse* of the correct order. The brick robot's missile winds up blowing the treasure chest off of the tower; and the rain lands on the button box, which causes the stuff inside to break.

This one only took me five tries... unlike some of the earlier games which must have taken 100+. You know it's good when you're willing to spreadsheet your attempts so far, to help avoid repeating old combinations.

I did all that to turn on the sun, and then once I did, the landscape turned into a desert. Meh, at least there's an oasis. Another good game by Eyezmaze.

there is only one way to figure it out

its written over the game


the cards dont turn bottom to top.

That was AWESOME. I love these games~ The endings are so random

Sooo cute! Especially the

water sprite in the clouds


what's the ufo end?


yellow thing



plant pot


Dang... this one was short, but it's AWESOME. One of my faves so far (and there are so many to choose from), not just the main series but the Nano games too.


Actually its 120 permutations, not combinations, as the order here matters.

n = 5 = number of items available for selection
r = 5 = number of items to be selected
P(n,r) = n! / (n-r)! = 5! / 1! = 120 permutations.

I love Grow games! This is gonna be one to remember. One of the best I have played

I had to use a walkthrough

did anyone else fall victim to the button then brick red herring

The Grow games have some of the best Flash animation I have ever seen. They're almost mesmerizing.

Wow this game's awesome.

All of the grow games are amazing, but I have to say this one is incredibly intricate.

And indeed, the order is

1. Box with red button
2. Yellow circular thing
3. Bricks
4. Land
5. Flower pot
6. Monster

Wow... Quite impressive (Like their other games too...)

This is the first grow game I won with no help!

Awesome game! I've always enjoyed the Grow games.

By the way, thanks for trying to be nice about the "spiffy" new President. Too bad for us that Obama is actually a socialist Marxist screwing up the country and we will all be broke soon with the way he is spending other people's money. He's like one of those idiots that uses thier credit cards to pay thier mortgage. Ugh =(

Here is a funny one where the gold thing beats the brick!

Ground,pot, Gold creature,brick, and button!

Have fun!

For anyone having trouble, here's some tips that you can use without having to look at the walkthrough.

The flowerpots break if you put too much on top of them. Maybe they belong high on the tower?

The golden cannon wants to grab something directly above it. What piece moves on its own?

The red circle on the black box is a button. Find a way to push it, and see what it does.

Just because it's the most natural, doesn't mean the stone hill belongs on the bottom.

And the most obvious, but more spoilerific one:

You'll know you've won when a 6th option becomes available. You can't lose now - time to see the ending!

Great game, I love how long the animation is. Really good, and very cute!

I love all of the Grow games, but I think this is my favorite. The ending is just so fantastic! Nice job, On!

Woah, I got it right very first time! That must be rather unlikely!

awesome series of games. i hope they make more soon!.

P.S. a small hint in case you don't want to use full walkthrough.

there's more than one way to activate the button.

J'adore!! Super bien concu, idee originale +1!

First ->

something to press


Second ->

something yellow


Third ->

something hard


Fourth ->

you walk above it


Fifth ->

it's content is beautiful


Sixth ->

it's scary


found the answer..

Hope you enjoy it ^_^

I found alternative ending!

Flower Pot
Block with button

found answer

button, yellow thing, bricks, grass, pot, monster thing.

Here's the exact order:

Box w/ button

Yellow thing with round end


Ground, grass and dirt

Red pot w/ hole on bottom

[edit: spoiler tags added. -eileen]

In this solution I use numbers, 1 is the top. 5 is the bottom.


Here is one of my first walkthroughs,and please comment on my walkthrough.


I beat it without walkthrough....i was amazed because usually i need a walkthrough for grow games

How to make good weather?
Now we know. Try it next time.

Good grief. There are more than a dozen posts so far spelling out the winning order. For the love of mustard, why? Why again and again??

Something that hasn't been said: If you do hit the jackpot, remember to scroll down (by placing cursor near the downward triangle) and look at the entire thing.

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