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Forgotten Hill: SurgeryBOO! Did I scare you? No? Well not to worry, FMStudio is here with a new chapter of their Forgotten Hill saga that will fill you with proper terror. But before we go further, you might want to get in the mood by playing the first two games in this haunting series: Forgotten Hill: Fall where you had the brilliant idea to invite yourself into a house with the lights turned off and its continuation, Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer.

Weekday EscapeWe've climbed the mountain of Monday and torn through the terror of Tuesday - now it's Wonderful Wednesday, and it's time to escape!

This week, MayMay wants you to locate that elusive USB that always seems to go missing at the bottom of your junk drawer. TomoLaSiDo has stolen a couple of key components of your bicycle. And Amajeto thinks your culinary skills could use some work, so they've sent you off to cooking classes.

Weekday EscapeHi! Another week is over and a new Weekday Escape is here! Three escape games for a break from responsibilities or just for fun. It´s time to dive into the world of cupboards with highly secured drawers and the world, where the most valuable commodity is a screwdriver. Go ahead!

Tototoroom´s Button Escape is an escape from a hotel suite, probably 5 or more stars hotel, considering a jacuzzi.

Appgoya´s Mystery Meeting Room Escape is an escape from a dull place, where you surely want to escape from.

The last game, Spiritual Escape´s Orbit Escape, is almost full size escape game. Definitely not 10 minutes, you need more time to get through this one!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Nunu Kid EscapeHow long you haven´t played proper escape game? Well, yes, there was a new Tesshi-e recently, but except for this one? It was the Christmas Tesshi-e, right? Not many big escapes these days, really. I´m not complaining, I´m just a little sad as a big escape games fan. Luckily, some designers still do them and KamotoKamotoKamo is one of them.

Weekday EscapeWelcome back to Wednesday! Congratulations on surviving another turbulent week in style. You rock. As a reward, you have a choice of three fantastic getaways in this week's Weekday Escape.

Ichima's beautiful cabin in the snow, Funkyland's decadent European hotel and... Vitamin Hana's dingy old playroom/attic. I know, I know. It seems like an obvious choice, right? But even the more pleasing options come with a flood of locks and codes that will make you second-guess your choice of vacation spot.

Weekday EscapeHello again! It´s Wednesday and a new Weekday Escape is here! Three escape games for you to relax, all from Japanese developers this week. Thank you very much, Japan, for week dose of puzzles and fun.

Flatsan's game is a small room escape game with logic puzzles, not so easy as it seems.
In surreal Chokochai´s game is inspired by Indiana Jones´adventures and includes a whip, a hat (three hats for three cats) and a mine cart!
Cute game from Nekonote is an escape game with adorable creatures´ bonus.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Mr.Y's room escape4Tesshi-e is back, hurrah! This time, lucky Tesshi-e got an invitation from Mr. Y´s to see his new apartment.

Mr. Y moved to a new place with amazing view and, as usual, prepared an escape game for his friend. The three floors´ apartment is great. There is enough place for concert grand piano, huge windows with beautiful view at some mountains´ tops and design furniture. We don´t get everywhere though, there must be some hidden area with bathroom and bedroom...maybe Mr. Y is waiting there until we finish pancakes. Yes, we are supposed to cook some pancakes and prepare coffee, not only to escape. To play, just click around to explore and interact with objects, and click everywhere, because the cursor is not changing. For navigation use the side bars. Don´t forget to change language to English at the beginning.

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Weekday EscapeFolks, it's Wednesday, and you know what that means - time to escape! The folks at Ichima have been clearing out their closet and have found lots of old-school goodies to include in one of their latest escapes. A random stranger challenges you to unlock a secret in MouseCity's arcade, and Esklavos send you into a robot-led future and leave you with the task of saving the world. No problem-o, right?

Weekday EscapeHi! It´s time for a break, three escape games are coming on Weekday Escape! You can escape from reality to a virtual world for a while! And then find your way out from three places and come back relaxed, and hopefuly happier a bit.

Amajeto is a classical room escape game with clean graphic and logical puzzles..
In surreal Sarameya´s game, you have to escape a forest and also make a magic potion!
And atmospheric Esklavos´ escape is a start of a long journey in post- apocalyptic world

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeThree games coming on Weekday Escape this week, and all are from well-known developers, each one is brilliant in his own way. You choose whether you want to play one at time or all three games at once and which room you wish to enter first.

You simply want to relax a bit, and just solve some puzzles? Yominokagura it is.
Something cheerful and positive, energizing effect? Then start with Funkyland.
Or do you prefer to dive into a game with atmospheric feel first? How do you want, No1game is waiting for you.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Weekday EscapeEscape...Escape....E-S-C-A-P-E!!! Yessssss we have three games this week!

Locked in the Kitchen? PRIMERA has the solution but you need to find it!
If you are a lover of symmetries, YONASHI's title is for you.
Do you stress when you need to catch a plane? My grandmother does. And VITAMIN HANA does not help her.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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The Happy Escape 12 I know Christmas is over, but there is one late Christmas present from Tesshi-e for you all - A new game!

Tesshi-e´s games are not so frequent as they used to be, so for Mild Escape fans every new game is a small feast. You may feel some déjà vu in their last games, but also the satisfying feeling of a well known place associated with good memories.

This time you have to escape from another Santa´s room with brick walls and wooden floor, and find 10 Happy Coins. And make a cup of tea for Santa, not coffee! (I spent about 15 minutes looking for a pack of coffee in vain effort). There is a familiar rocking chair, a familiar fireplace, a familiar relaxing tune, Mr. Birdy, Mr. Hippo and of course, there are puzzles. Satisfying puzzles.

A language button to switch between English and Japanese is in the bottom right corner, so don´t forget to switch for English if you can´t read Japanese. Cursor is not changing but there is no pixel hunting, and to navigate, use the side bars. The game has only one end, with a small present from Santa.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play The Happy Escape 12

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BackDoor Door 2: The Job
Well, it seems that some nice sequels are coming out at the end of this year. So if you remember finding yourself waking up in a bedroom, after a long fall; If you remember answering a strange phone call in that strange bedroom, from some unknown, but already pretty annoying person/thingy; If you remember making your way through lots of crates, doors and strange contraptions. And most importantly, if you remember what a "BackDoor" is, then your almost 3 years long wait is over!
(If not, please go here first, as no sequel should be played before its prequel)

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The Forgotten Room Quick! If someone walks up to you and yells: Glitchhhhh Gamessssss what's the first thing that springs to mind, apart from thinking that that's a mighty odd way to start a conversation? If you're like many of us point-and-clickers, perhaps it's Forever Lost, that modern classic of a dark adventure trilogy.

But perhaps the second thing is, "But wait, odd person! After Forever Lost and its mini-spinoff Cabin Escape, they made A Short Tale, with its bright colors and almost alarmingly (if deceptively) cheerful tone. They were all great, but suddenly I can't stop thinking of puppies, rainbows, and talking toys, and I blame YOU."

Well, fine, Debbie Downer. Without further ado, I give you The Forgotten Room, which takes us right back to the vivid but gloomy first-person atmosphere of the FL series. This time you play as "paranormal investigator" John Murr, who's been called in to investigate the disappearance of 10-year-old Evelyn Bright, last seen playing a game of hide-and-seek with her beloved father.

While it's a bit shorter than the Forever Lost games, everything you like about Glitch remains intact there: the gorgeously rendered graphics, the clever puzzles, the occasional burst of cheeky humor, even the helpful camera interface that relieves you of the need to take lots of pesky notes.

What happened to Evelyn Bright, and on the assumption that it probably doesn't involve either puppies or rainbows, do you dare take the risk that it might happen to you as well? If so, dim the lights, put on some headphones, and go in search of The Forgotten Room.

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Weekday EscapeSo what are you escaping from this week? It's summer time, nobody wants to be at work (or cleaning out the fridge.) Lots of people are getting kids ready to go back to school, there are plenty of good excus umm I mean reasons to take a brief escape. Whatever yours is, here are a few tasty escape games served up for you. Check out the menu, we have Strawberry Café, Primera, and Ichima Game. Why choose? Indulge.

Want to see more?
Good fortune (and fun!) will come to those who dig through the archives.
Mystery of the Ancients: The Sealed and Forgotten Collector's Edition

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