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Weekday EscapeAnother week is over, another seven days behind us, we all are smarter and wiser and a new Weekday Escape is waiting. What a nice Wednesday!

Genuinely positive Denofthekamo lets us out of Ramen Shop only after we get a drink for big rooster (yes, poultry everywhere, again). Neat Escape lets us in to play after we solve some sophisticated puzzles. And Miyabure takes us to another awesome magic place!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Monkey GO Happy -Cabin EscapeWhat has two arms, two legs, and a face that's both adorably cute and heartbreakingly sad at the same time? Why, the monkey character in PencilKids' Monkey GO Happy series of course! This time, you find your orange friend trapped within some sort of log cabin. As usual, there are other people around, but they are more obstacles rather than friends. The characters that you will need to placate include a grumpy old man missing something for his nap, a woman demanding a large stash of candy, and a man very anxious about some missing parts from his hunting trophy.

PencilKids incorporates the usual atmosphere making another hybrid between point-and-click and collecting items. If at first it seems easy, do not fret - some of the later puzzles are quite a bit more involved, so there is something to satisfy the puzzle solver in everyone! To play you will need only your mouse to point and click, and of course a good sense of visual acumen. As an extra bonus, you can seek out the ten mini-monkeys scattered throughout the stage to make sure none are left behind. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the adventure and make the money GO happy!

Play Monkey GO Happy -Cabin Escape

Weekday EscapeWednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday! Down to escaping, that is. No time to waste!

This week, Funkyland have flown us to the Big Apple and put us up in a very fancy hotel - from which, of course, there is NO ESCAPE. The friendly folks at Riddle Escape have locked us in a room that takes rustic cabin décor to a whole new level, and Vitamin Hana needs a little bit of help with their takeaway order.

Weekday Escape RetroHi! This week we are going retro in Weekday Escape. Three excellent games from three excellent developers are waiting for you!

What do you know about bears private lives? Did you know they like fish? Probably yes, but did you know they also like motor boats? Not many people do, but Robamimi certainly does and she kindly shares her knowledge in Bear´s life with us, less informed mortals.
Talking about private lives, what about flowers, specifically tulips? Do you know, which tulips get along well together, and which are unhappy if coupled? Sanpoman knows it and tells you much more in Tulip room.

In Gate Escape 1 from Gatamari you don´t need a key to escape, but a cutter and some magical ability to get one.

In all three games is some Japanese text(s), but you don´t need to understand to get through.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeIt's the middle of the week. We've climbed the hill and it's all downhill from here. Before we hit the slope to Friday, let's do some escaping!

This is a week of things going wrong. A supposedly safe fire exit turns out to be not so safe, and a skydiving trip turns sour when the plane door can't be opened. And then you can't microwave your meal. Oh, the humanity!!

Weekday EscapeHi! Welcome to the new Weekday Escape, the firm spot in the middle of a week!

This Weekday Escape at first takes you to the art museum with no1game, not to admire modern art, but to find ten little green men there. After the museum you can play for a while with Amajeto, and finally, with Miyabure>, you visit a truly magic place!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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The PESIMARI Escape 2It´s a good day for all escapers today, we´ve got a new charming game from Tesshi-e!

With Tesshi-e, we visit a small café in the suburbs and suddenly find out that we are locked inside. It is time to escape! Pleasant vivid jazzy music sounds around, lights are on, everything is cleaned and prepared for visitors, but nobody´s around. Before we can open the door, we are supposed to make a cup of coffee....and find or arrange everything for coffee preparation. From finding a cup, through lightening a fireplace to grinding roasted coffee beans.

Weekday EscapeAssemble, escapers! Stand in line. You are all here because you are the cream of the crop. The escap-iest of escapers. You are the best. So don't let me down!

This week, Vitamin Hana has locked us up with some little piggies, whose only crime was cuteness. Primera has a tasty 'deconstructed' burger on the menu. And Amajeto thinks that you need some alone time - so much so that they are going to force it upon you by locking you away at Hotel Solitude.

Weekday Escape RetroHello! The second Weekday Escape Retro is here, bringing fun and relaxation! For some players, memories too...
And if you don´t get enough, there is always the JIG archive, where you can find much more!

The first game is from Hottategoya and you are escaping from one of their brutal concrete constructions, followed by escape from Nekonote (suprisingly without any dwarfs or chickens). The last game is by Leonard 2:50, and it´s a long one, and definitely not easy!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeIt's halfway through the week! Wonderful! Wednesday means escaping, so let's get to it!

This week, Vitamin Hana has us stuck in the middle of nowhere at an abandoned gas station. Funkyland's excellent travel agency have taken us on a journey to the far north of the world, and MayMay is slightly overexcited about light bulbs (for reasons that escape me).

Weekday EscapeHi! Do you miss something? Are you bored? Or tired? Or....just needing a break? Well, a new Weekday Escape is here!

This week are games holidays themed. Ichima invites you to an airy weekend house in deep pine woods, Aries escape to a lovely hotel by the sea and with a bit of imagination, the faucet you are dealing with in Bianco-Bianco´s game, may be placed in some historical city centre you are wandering around.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeIt's Wednesday! Let's get down to business! To escape... some rooooooms. Did they send me toothbrushes when I asked for keeeeeeys?

This week, Vitamin Hana are asking us to release our inner artist-e. Amajeto have set us up in a beautifully decorated hotel room covered in the sweet aroma of spring bouquets, and TomoLaSiDo want us to work on our oral hygiene. Mister I'll... make an escaper... out of yooooooooou!

Weekday Escape RetroHi! Let me introduce the first Weekday Escape Retro Edition! Once upon a time, in The Golden Ages Of Escape Games (about 4 years ago) were so many games released that not all good ones did it to JIG. Nowadays, when the ages are not so golden, is right time to go back for a while and appreciate them.

The first game, a true little gem from Amanita design, is more about looking for friends than escaping, followed by Sanpoman´s game, where you escape an island and finally, the longest one, is a full lenght escape from Kuroneko.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Tsure Game 7 EscapeYou wake up in an unknown room, a room without windows, locked door and blocked exit. Are you a prisoner? A special guest? Or both?

In the new Tsure game you find yourself locked in a building lost somewhere in endless desert, and getting out of the room is only a beginning. Soon you find, that escape on foot is not possible, the end of the desert is a hopeless cliff. But there are some puzzles around, so start collect clues and items, and at the end you find your way! And meet your friend, the penguin (this part is not very clear to me but there is definitely a friendly penguin at the end)!

A map of the strange place in bottom right corner teleports you to the spot which you click (only if it´s discovered already). The game is fair, the clues are clear and sometimes you even get a small hint. The cursor is not changing, but you don´t need it. Developers really though about us, players, and made the playing comfortable and fluent. Near the end you must make a choice. In case you are wrong, game returns you to the moment before action and you just simply play in another way. Design is polished and clean, and the sounds of opened boxes and locks satisfying.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play Tsure Game 7 Escape

Weekday EscapeOkay. Deep breaths. You've made it halfway through the week. You survived another April Fool's Day without anyone covering your toilet bowl in cling wrap or filling your office with Styrofoam packing peanuts. It's a solid week so far - let's continue the magic with some quality escaping!

As luck would have it, we start out already free! But Vitamin Hana wants us to help someone else escape instead. After that piece of hard work, we take a break in a gorgeous ryokan designed by Funkyland. And once we're out of that mess, Primera... well, Primera wants you to do some laundry.

Want to see more?
Good fortune (and fun!) will come to those who dig through the archives.

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