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Weekday EscapeHello, it's Wednesday, it's playing time!

In their lovely point'n'click game, Lilou Cormic and Hamsterspit take you to a gloomy and greyish place to help unfortunate zebra. From the other world you return to the completely different one - to a sweet and cute Nicolet's house where merry snowmen live, and then you need to save one wedding in No1game's game. Neat Escape locks you in a trading room and promises tasty dinner. If you escape, of course.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Room 25 In a Room on a Rainy DayWe've got new game by Ichima Coffeedo, clever, very good looking and so pleasant!

Some players may experience déjà vu feeling and they are right. This game is a remake of two years old escape Room 15 In a White Room with small changes; and though the room is almost identical, some puzzles differ so both versions worth playing. Also, such a high quality game we don't get every day!

Weekday EscapeHi, welcome to the new Weekday Escape!

Amajeto locks you in a hotel room, and wants you to find eight tiles here. You surely find them, escape the hotel, have a short amnesia, and wake up in sinister Javelin Ltd.'s room not knowing what's going on and wishing to be somewhere else. Anywhere. That's not a problem (after you solve few puzzles), but you end up in another dark place, fortunately not so filthy, where are hidden ten golden coins - yes it's Dassyutu's game. The last escape is from luxurious Neat Escape's camper. Nice.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape RetroA short trip to the past is here, it's Retro Weekday Escape time!

You start in Tototo Room's room with simple task - find eleven blobs and turn them into orange smiley faces. In Esklavos' poetic world you need to find four eyeballs instead, which don't turn into anything, they are your pass to the freedom, and after you leave it, Suzunari locks you in very classical escape room, obviously traditional Japanese one. Usawanhouse's room is a classic too, though well known fairy tale it plays with has an unexpected twist.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeThe midweek pause for playing is here, the new WE arrived!

You start in Amajeto's bar; and if you decide to leave instead of chilling here, tomoLaSiDo offers you alternative night activity - hunting (mutant) fireflies. After you leave, doesn't matter whether you've collected them or not, Dassyutu wants you to escape their miscellaneous room, where are hidden ten golden coins. And Nicolet, in their lovely game, takes you to a strange factory where everything is operated by codes - and you need to solve many good intuitive puzzles to discover them!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeLet's play! The new Weekday Escape has arrived!

The main themes of this week's featured games are two, boxes and islands. Both Amajeto and Dasyutu have added containers to their living rooms, and seems that they've started new series. Nicolet's escape takes place on beautiful island without any inhabitans (human) and with many carefully constructed puzzles. With Yonashi, you find yourself in the dark alley at night, and only door which leads out of here is locked. And the island? Well you wouldn't believe it, but you can get from here to an island too!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi, the half of the week is behind us and relaxing Weekday Escape here!

In the first and the second game, Amajeto wants you to escape from two colorful rooms. After you get out from the later, the blue one, another blue room is ahead, tomoLaSiDo's, and this time are retro office supplies hidden there. Flash512 wants you to escape stylish traditional room and did their best to make the game as enjoyable as possible for us, players.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape RetroAfter a pause, it's right time for Retro Weekday Escape!

You start in almost empty Yomino Kagura's room, but may happen that you stay here a bit longer than expected - puzzles are clever and thinking outside usual patterns isn't easy sometimes. Then you may test your lock picking skills in Barking Games game, and enjoy clean and neat graphics reminding of early Submachines. Bad Viking takes you for exciting adventure from the world of top secrets and sunglasses worn all day (and all night if equipped for night vision). Very good Esc-Forest's game is pure classic.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Tatami Room EscapeWe've got a new game by Tesshi-e, huzzah!

You find yourself in traditional Japanese restaurant which offers extra service - while you wait for your food, you may try to escape the room with the hearth. They lock you inside, turn on soothing music and leave you on your own.

Weekday EscapeHi, Escape Wednesday is here with four new games!

You start in Detarame Factory's bathroom, and there is much to be done indeed. Luckily, virtual cleaning is much easier than the real one, so you can leave the room (very tidy now) quite soon - to find yourself in cute Nicolet's room full of clever and intuitive puzzles. The next stop in this week's serial of escapes is standard tomoLaSiDo's room with nice round window. The last comes No1game with their 200th game - really impressive number!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeWelcome back after the week! New games are here!

This week we've got attractive Amajeto's room and moreover one late Easter greetings from the same authors. Quite long Nicolet's room, dominated by cold and closed fireplace, is very well done (again) and no need to mention that it's fun as always. Flash512 locks you in a room with still wrapped christmas gifts and a Christmas tree, and while being stuck and searching for a hotspot you've overlooked you may appreciate truly relaxing soundtrack.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeWednesday is here! Welcome to the latest Weekday Escape!

It's becoming a tradition - again we are starting in Amajeto's living room, being locked of course, and surrounded by relaxing blues and purples. Abruptly, you find yourself wandering around Selfdefiant's magical forest with only wish - get away from here as soon as possible, the night approaches and shining eyes are closer and closer...but don't despair, there are ways if you try! Then tomoLaSiDo traps you and doesn't let you go unless you find six key parts, and at the end comes Gotmail (SpiceApp now) with the remake of their old game.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeWelcome to the new Weekday Escape!

No surprises this week. You came here to play some good escape games, and that's exactly what you get - another stylish Amajeto's living room, new great game by Nicolet (not cube this time), and standard tomoLaSiDo's room decorated with red and white stripes wallpaper. And after you escape it, you should reserve some time for the last Selfdefiant's asylum. It's vast.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape RetroHello! This week we are going retro again, it's Retro Weekday Escape time!

The first game by Karabina-7 takes you on a journey around strange poetic world with the best postal services ever. Then you stay locked in typical tomoLaSiDo's room for a while, and then you set out for exciting adventure with Nifty - to the ancient temple consecrated to old forgotten gods. One more ancient temple hiding mysteries awaits you at the end of this WE!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeThe new Weekday Escape is out! Don't miss! We've got something for everyone!

I'm not exaggerating - this week we have four excellent games in very different styles. Cute Nicolet's room with a lot of funny and clever puzzles. After a pause, Maroya returns with another chapter from the serie 'kittens settling in their new home'. After much longer pause (which took several years) a new Petithima's game arrived and it does take quite a lot of thinking and trying to escape! Rinnogogo's created anothed dreamy and overall lovely story. Very relaxing.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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