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Corpse Box RacersQuick, think of something you wouldn't be caught dead doing. Basketball? Springing off a trampoline? Mini golf? KabisCube has taken the concept literally in their refreshing platformer Corpse Box Racers, built with Unity. Your character is a ragdoll type stick figure whose time on this world may have come to an end, but fun with them is only beginning! Your objective is to keep their body safely inside a cardboard box as you race through levels and do all sorts of stunts, some no less than throwing the body through a hoop to score points. I recommend playing through the campaign mode first to familiarize yourself with the controls and mechanics, then moving on to some challenges or infinite mode.

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Pretentious Game 5Life can be a bit pretentious sometimes, can't it? Today we bring you another installment in the Pretentious Game series first featured on JiG four years ago.

Weekday Escape RetroThe new Weekday Escape is here, time to reward yourself after a week's hard work!

A long time has passed since you visited Maroya's place. The kittens are still there, not a day older and waiting for your help. After you are done with cats, little robot in Cyonmage's game needs your help too in the experiment measuring its intelligence quotient. The next Gatamari's game is a long one and requires concentration and "do not disturb" sign on door. And finally comes a special bonus, an excellent game by Leonard 2:50!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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RecollectYou find yourself in a familiar place with a yet unfamiliar feeling: in the middle of your large but empty high school building. As you pace the desolate halls, nothing but the occasional sound disturbs you: a bell rings, a door mysteriously slams shut. Your only form of interaction in this place appears to be with scattered notes and an archaic computer system. It appears that your character is in the middle of some investigative journalism, asking questions about something innocuous as soda, despite more foreboding matters. When you finally approach the abandoned computer workstation, it is almost as if it is trying to speak out to you. Even more bizarre, apparently someone has gone missing from the school in a cold-case twist all these years ago, and it is up to you to resolve the mystery...

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The Music Box Wake up... Wake up! It's time to wake up now, again! But wait, something strange is going on. You're reliving the same day over and over again. Possum Town clearly needs your help to try and solve this mystery. It might have to do something with that Music Box.

Weekday EscapeJust a kindly reminder, it's Wednesday. That means three escape games are here for your fun!

All three games are of the same style this week. Shiesuta has locked you up in nice room with garden view, Neat Escape invited you to a traditional inn and has you locked up there too and Riddle Escape, for a change, left you locked in a temple entrance hall. What a manners! At least they left the music on.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Zombie Society Dead Detective - Walls Can BleedIn Walls can Bleed, you explore another of Lu Muja's creations, which can be called anything but dead content. Playing as Detective Margh with the aid of your vowelless partner Ghvnn, your aim is to help gun shop owner Bratatat with an alleged "phantom robber." As a world-class detective in this world, you naturally agree to give this case your best shot. A message reading "I KNOW YOU DID IT" is streaked in red across the back of a wall. According to Bratatat, the message continues to reappear, even after he's washed the wall. Frustrated, the owner sets out a security camera with the aim of capturing the culprit on film. However, there is only one problem - the video never manages to capture anything, just the appearance of the mysterious letters again!

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Wire Wood DaughtersDo you remember when you used to go visit your friend? They lived deep in the woods, just across the old railroad tracks in their house. It was always a long walk to get there but well worth it, even if your mother didn't exactly approve. And so is the premise of Rook's Wirewood Daughters. You'll want to grab your headphones and turn the volume up for this one as you drift through the ephemeral puzzle world. The soundtrack will haunt you, and as you progress through the game, a girl's voice narrates the backstory. You pick up object after object - random, typical things and yet wonder if they carry and sort of significance in this very surreal walk through the woods.

Weekday EscapeYour Weekday Escape, your relax and your escape from everyday routine is here!

MayMay's game is full of puzzles, but there is no reward for solving them, they let you repair and paint your wall only. Tired from painting all you want is to get home and have some rest, but alas, Vitamin Hana has changed the entry door code! And Neat Escape locked you on a balcony in peaceful sunny day, not to sunbathe or admire a view, but to escape.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Weekday Escape

Hello loyal, long-time users and readers of JiG. I come back to you again asking for your help and support. The situation of JayIsGames is critical, with a lack of funds to maintain the servers hosting the whole site: 11k reviews and 5k games since 2003.

You can mainly help us with two actions:

-pledge money using Patreon or Paypal. Every month we have fewer Patrons who unfortunately pledge less money. We were around $900 a month one year ago and we are now at $480. As you know, every contribution is appreciated and give some privileges with beautiful badges. You can see more details there: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=915465

-contribute by writing reviews for games you played and enjoyed recently. We work with a Google doc so it's very easy. One year ago we had more than 25 persons who wanted to write. They did awesome work and I really want to thank them for all the time devoted to JiG. Unfortunately we have now only Chrpa and Arceus who continue to contribute actively. I want to thank them too for their loyalty. So we need new writers/reviewers, or maybe some of them who are already in the list and read this message might want to help more now.

I'm open to other suggestions, ideas (even change of ownership) in order to help the site reach a broader audience. We created a forum ( https://jayisgames.com/forum/ ) to promote discussion on all games (not only the games which were reviewed). So please feel free to use it to discuss the games you like, don't like, games where you need help etc. The JiG community is a 14 year old community. It would be a shame to have to change the name to Jay Is Dead.

Thanks in advance.

Weekday EscapeTime for short break and fun is here, the new Weekday Escape has just arrived!

Joyful and colorful game by Vitamin Hana wants you to repair your moped and ride it away. To school, perhaps, as in AppGoya's game you have to escape a classroom, which they call mysterious but seems quite ordinary (except for all those riddles). The last comes Riddle Escape and their escape from strange, but beautiful place built for unknown purpose on the sea.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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I Woke Up Next to You AgainIt was only supposed to be a one-time thing. And yet here you are, waking up next to the same half-stranger in your bed once more. Let's keep this to a two-night stand, they'll tell you, half-asleep on their side, propped up with a mixture of sleepiness and sheepish grin. And after a bit of a struggle, they'll find their pants and shuffle out into the hazy, moonlight-streaked sky. Lightning may have struck twice, but surely that's it? You stare into the melancholy dawn before getting going, to do "this and that" as you head through the hustle and bustle, yet you cannot shake the thoughts from your mind.

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Medieval Cop 8 - Deathwish - Part IIIn the previous part of this episode, our slightly sadistic hero Dregg Moriss found out that he was, well, dead. And not only that, but he was stuck between a melted rock and a very hot place - it turns out he has gone to hell. However, Dregg is not happy to resign himself to this conclusion, and demands a way out. He was consequently awarded a Court Case, a type of trial, set up by the Devil, but before they can really get going, they were rudely interrupted.

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Medieval Cop 8 - Deathwish - Part IWhen the author kills off a main character (spoiler alert!), it is typically not a move endorsed or adored by their fans. But despite VasantJ's Medieval Cop series being constructed from RPGMaker's layout, typically is the one adjective that this very series defies, the latest installment making no exception. But before I delve further into the world of these very odd kingdoms, a slightly obvious disclaimer: this game has many parts, and if you've never heard of it or it has been a while, you may wish to play the previous ones first. We reviewed the previous game in the series, Medieval Cop 7 - Adam and Eva here on JiG, and you can find more details and links to play the other games on VasantJ's Patreon page here.

Weekday Escape RetroThis week the Weekday Escape presents three games from the past. It's Retro Edition time!

Magical Esklavos takes you to the blue foggy forest where wild calla flowers grow and shining gemstones can be found in the grass. With Petithima you get into some forgotten and abandoned garden - well, forgotten by mankind, nature is doing fine here, everything is green and birds are chirping merrily. Finally, Gatamari gives you a chance to get one step closer to the Holy Grail!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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