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Quidget the WonderwienerYou're Quidget the Wonderwiener, a genius dog and best friends with Peninja and it so happens to be that you need to deliver a present to him, but how...? Well, you are a genius, and you own a labratory, AND you have a lovely assistant named Beatrize, so it shouldn't be that hard to find a way to deliver a package, right?

Weekday Escape RetroThis week on Weekday Escape is Retro Edition time and that means three wonderful games from past!!

At the beginning Esklavos takes you to the North Pole to see Santa and to give some discipline to his little helpers. After you finish your task, it's time for short relax in pleasant Hottategoya's room and solving few puzzles there. And then comes Gatamari's game. It's something special. It's hidden gem. It's Mother of Ecape Games, maybe the longest escape game ever. Loads of puzzles, hours of gameplay, tough, but not discouraging. It's perfect!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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The AlchemistThe first early Christmas present has arrived - the new game by Mateusz Skutnik is here!

After the last Submachine (it's been TWO years since the release) we didn't hear from the creator much. We got traditional Where is 2016? and Where is 2017? and that's all. Until now!

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Sol705What do you get when you combine a point-and-click featuring retro graphics with UFO sightings and a club devoted to observing extraterrestrial phenomena? Well for lack of a better word, you get Sol705, the club's namesake, trying to entertain themselves during a (whole) week of vacation. Of course, part of the greatest mystery for this group of boys comes in the form of interaction with what might feel to some of them like an extraterrestrial race: the opposite sex!

Weekday EscapeStop thinking about Christmas, now! Take a break, the new Weekday Escape is here!

Playful game by Tototo Room is short, but sweet (literally) and clever. Riddle Escape takes you to beatiful temple at night, nobody's there, only you and puzzles and they give you a katana to play with! Who would resist? Sadly, you have to leave your katana behind...you would find use for it in Selfdefiant's asylum...well, you have to get something else for dealing with evil spirits there...

Have a good time and enjoy!

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OvercursedIt starts out as just another ordinary day for you, paranormal investigator extraordinaire, with your best canine friend Rocky in tow. You take the normal calls and head out to perform the typical jobs - putting in charms and other device to ward away the evil spirits, cleaning Satanic drawings off a bedroom wall, and the like.

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Short and SweetDo you remember how your parents always warned you about talking to strangers? And I'm pretty sure they've also warned you not to take any candy from them too. Well, some children do not listen to their parents, and they accept everything they are offered.

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The Vault of the Lost TyrantSpelunking for long-lost treasure in a cavern far beneath the sea in itself may seem no simple task, but when there are a few extra sentient beings down beneath, things quickly become even more complicated. You follow the journey of female protagonist Cassandra Nech, a member of the renowned Rogue's Guild, an organization devoted to (among other things) preserving treasures of generations past. Of course, there are generally other forces and characters in play with - shall we say - less noble ambitions, but we'll get to that shortly. Today she's come to recover the long-lost items from the legendary Sea Tyrant. The little background around him is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that he perished long ago, leaving nothing but the clicks of the machinery in the dark cave. If you enjoyed A Tale of Caos: Overture, you will surely love this spin-off adventure. (It should be noted though, this one is shorter - around a couple hours of gameplay.)

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Midnight Spooks: The Thing in the BasementAre you ready to help solve another mystery? In the previous episode of Midnight Spooks, some of the employees at Mr. Spooky's Museum of the Weird expressed their doubts about the mysteriously haunted nature of the basement down below. After some insistence and persistence, Noah was able to get inside and proudly toss back the basketball that had gone missing inside weeks past. Or at least, that's what he claimed he threw back out to them!

Weekday EscapeNew Weekday Escape is here and it's very healthy indeed! A piece of physical work, some art and tasty French food at the end! Yum!

As usual, MayMay lets you leave their room after you do something, and this time it's a bit of carpentry. Therefore playing their game is definitely not time-wasting, don't blame yourself, it's work! And after that is time for music in Amajeto's game - and music is very good for mental health, you know. With Funkyland you get opportunity to visit a French Restaurant. No need to talk about importance of quality and well prepared food, right?

Have a good time and enjoy!

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K's Villa Room EscapeYay! We got a present, new game by Tesshi-e is here!

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The AlchemistIf the name Raius sounds familiar, you might remember the pair of games Home and The Journey Home chronicling a life of adventure, friendships, and surprise backstabbings. Or you might remember Millika Village, another of their pieces built on preparing a village to survive a massive impending snowstorm. This time, your cast of characters includes a pair of siblings, Rook and Ashe, running a struggling alchemy shop in Crestfin city. Although their shop was successful for a while, they soon encountered competition from others setting up their own stores. Unfortunately, even though the siblings' medicines and recipes are far superior, others sold inferior potions at lower prices, threatening to force the shop to shutter its doors forever.

Monkey GO Happy RoundupWelcome to another installment of the Monkey GO Happy Roundup! On this fine day, we'll unlock the secret of an old tower, help a gnome find music, travel to a futuristic city, and help a boy gather marshmellows!

Weekday EscapeLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Step right up, come closer, the new Weekday Escape is here!

Juicy Weekday Escape brings lots of fun, three full length games; they're not just pleasant to your eyes, they're good exercise for your brain too. The first Shiesuta's game is classical escape from living room, with nice graphics and quality puzzles, Riddle Escape takes you to beautiful place in fantasy lands and Lutaru didn't let us wait too long, the game promised in August is already here!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Romance Detective 2Last year over at JIG, we reviewed a quirky little game known as Romance Detective, in which a dynamic duo team up to fight crime. But it's not just any kind of bad behavior that Chrys, a local cop, and her partner, the infamous Romance Detective seek out to investigate. It is crimes of passion, or ones committed in the name of love that piques their interest. After all, all's fair in love and war, so why not justice? Before reading further, I'd suggest playing the previous game (linked above) to avoid spoilers.

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