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Monkey GO Happy - WitchcraftPencilKids is out with another stage of the beloved Monkey GO Happy games, and you won't believe witch predicament the monkeys have gotten themselves into this time! Our orange, pint-sized hero must gather cards for a witchcraft ritual. Along the way, you'll need to crack several codes and help a few characters to find them all. And as usual, there are ten mini-monkeys scattered throughout the game that you will need to keep your eyes peeled for.

The controls are simple - use your mouse to click objects and interact with the scenery - but some of the puzzles are far from it and quite tricky, which is all part of the series' charm. Click on the yellow arrows to move from room to room, and access your backpack in the top-right corner to use objects you have collected to unlock others and advance the story. Help the monkey find all 24 cards and see if the witch has a spell that will successfully make the monkey GO happy!

Play Monkey GO Happy - Witchcraft

Weekday Escape RetroIt's Retro Weekday Escape time and four atmospheric and magic games are waiting for you!

We start in enchanting and tidy room by 10 Color Dots, full of lavender smell. After we leave it, Kiterescu takes us first to the laboratory apparently researching teddy bears and also a cactus, and then to Japanese style room. Our journey continues with Gatamari in another room full of strange devices, one of them shooting ninja stars, threatening innocent escapists!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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YellowThe new game from Bart Bonte is sharp yellow and black. The first-signal system activates! Wasps! Hornets! Caution Bio-Hazard! Caution Wet Floor! Slow Down! The last one is correct, no need to hurry anywhere, we've got awesome relaxing game with 25 levels (PC) or 50 levels (Android/iOS), with beautiful graphics, vivid music and great puzzles. Well, you may played the game already as Bart Bonte on his blog says that it passed one million downloads on Google Play recently...
The goal of each level is make your screen yellow without a trace of black. Use your mouse or finger to move with objects. Some puzzles require tilting of your device and that's probably why PC version is shorter.

So, in case you are not one from the million of happy players, there is an awesome game waiting for you! And in case you played the game earlier, why not replay it? Have a good time and enjoy!

Also, a big congratulations to Bart Bonte on his success!

Google PlayYellow (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstoreYellow (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Play Yellow

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The Basement EscapeHuzzah! Tesshi-e is back with another excellent game!

First, don't panic after you notice the intro screen you've seen before. Yes, it's from The Escape Hotel 3: Remake released last summer. Tesshi-e just revisited his favourite hotel, lost his way and ended up locked in hotel basement. No wooden or brick rooms this time, but grey concrete floor and walls, shining metal pipes and cables, strip lights and some lockers. Typical technical floor. Boring. But wait, jazzy music from hotel lobby reaches your ears here in basement too and if you take a closer look at the lockers, they seem quite interesting on second sight...yes, puzzles and codes, hints and clues, it is Tesshi-e's game as we know it!

Quality puzzles and three Mr. Birdies are waiting for you. And Happy Coin too, at the end. Just switch the language button from Japanese to English and go! Cursor isn't changing, the game can be saved.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Google PlayThe Basement Escape (Android, Android Tablet)

Play The Basement Escape

Weekday EscapeHi! The new Weekday Escape is here bringing three fantastic games!

Lutaru gives us a box for playing, with a small button here and a tiny hole there and waits until we figure out what to do with it. After they release us, we find ourselves in Shiesuta's cosy room with greenish walls and variety of challenging puzzles. And after we escape again, with or without help, the last Riddle Escape´s game is waiting for us! Without cicadas, promised.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Weekday EscapeMaybe you are on holiday, maybe you are planning it and maybe you don't have any. Anyway, Weekday Escape is here as a short break for everybody! Well, not so short, in fact.

The first game is from Detarame Factory and consists of six small games which are not exactly small. What do I mean. Each of them could be easily introduced separately (and as far as I know at least two of them were) as "short cute game"...so really a lot of content today on Weekday Escape! From Amajeto we get what we expect, solid escape game with good puzzles and pleasant graphics. Finally comes Riddle Escape´s room, or I should say escape garden, with full moon magic atmosphere.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeForget your troubles, it's time to play, new Weekday Escape's here to brighten your day!

Today we start with cute (and a bit strange) Twinkle' s game. After we escape from warm summer rain with a little help from a frog and a snail, Vitamin Hana takes us fishing. One fish is enough and catching it doesn't take long. So much for brain warm-up, our minds are ready and prepared for more puzzles in Riddle Escape´s room.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape RetroHow about a short excursion back in time? Are you ready? Good, four games from past are waiting for you this Wednesday on JIG!

With Hottategoya, we are escaping from a functionalist architect's dream, concrete tower with complicated system of staircases and corridors. Kiteretsu takes us into simply furnished cute rooms (two!), and with Gatamari we continue the journey we've already started three weeks ago.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeAnother week is over, another seven days behind us, we all are smarter and wiser and a new Weekday Escape is waiting. What a nice Wednesday!

Genuinely positive Denofthekamo lets us out of Ramen Shop only after we get a drink for big rooster (yes, poultry everywhere, again). Neat Escape lets us in to play after we solve some sophisticated puzzles. And Miyabure takes us to another awesome magic place!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Phantom Reverse After strange events force you into a couple weeks' absence from New Heart High School in Toyko, you decide it is time to head back to school and try to get life back in order. But when you haven't gone so far as just outside of your house and your best friend Melanie since middle school seems to be shyly hiding a dark secret from you, you start to wonder if something has gone horribly astray. It doesn't help matters when a shape with glaring red eyes suddenly appears in the gloomy dark sky behind her, then vanishes just as quickly. At first you dismiss it as an artefact of your sleep-deprived consciousness, but upon a second encounter you begin to wonder if it might be a harbinger of things to come.

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Monkey GO Happy -Cabin EscapeWhat has two arms, two legs, and a face that's both adorably cute and heartbreakingly sad at the same time? Why, the monkey character in PencilKids' Monkey GO Happy series of course! This time, you find your orange friend trapped within some sort of log cabin. As usual, there are other people around, but they are more obstacles rather than friends. The characters that you will need to placate include a grumpy old man missing something for his nap, a woman demanding a large stash of candy, and a man very anxious about some missing parts from his hunting trophy.

PencilKids incorporates the usual atmosphere making another hybrid between point-and-click and collecting items. If at first it seems easy, do not fret - some of the later puzzles are quite a bit more involved, so there is something to satisfy the puzzle solver in everyone! To play you will need only your mouse to point and click, and of course a good sense of visual acumen. As an extra bonus, you can seek out the ten mini-monkeys scattered throughout the stage to make sure none are left behind. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the adventure and make the money GO happy!

Play Monkey GO Happy -Cabin Escape

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Tree House QuestDid you remember ever having a treehouse when you were younger? In Tree House Quest, you play as the little boy , evicted from his treehouse by his bigger brother. In order to redeem yourself, you must retrieve a mysterious object, the "Golden Pog." Not having any other apparent choice to reclaim your pride, you set off into the heart of your backyard to explore further, accompanied only by your weapon of choice, your trusty yo-yo. As you traverse several areas, you'll encounter fierce foes, from evil vegetables (of the garden variety, of course) to peculiar gnomes.

Colorful graphics and animations make Tree House Quest the epitome of childlike imagination in visual form. What makes the game even more noteworthy is that it was made in a mere 72 hours for Ludum Dare 37. Arrow keys or [WASD] can be used to move around and select choices during battle, while [Spacebar] is used to advance dialog or confirm selections. As a curious mixture between exploration and rpg fighting, Angry Squirrels' game may be just the ticket to revitalize your childhood fantasies and sense of wonder.

Play Tree House Quest

Weekday EscapeWednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday! Down to escaping, that is. No time to waste!

This week, Funkyland have flown us to the Big Apple and put us up in a very fancy hotel - from which, of course, there is NO ESCAPE. The friendly folks at Riddle Escape have locked us in a room that takes rustic cabin décor to a whole new level, and Vitamin Hana needs a little bit of help with their takeaway order.

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Pizza QuestDespite sporting an outfit more suitable to a court jester than a chef, when the Queen wants a mushroom pizza and wants it now, you're not going to be the one to raise objections. After all, let's just say all the previous chefs have been forced into permanent retirement, leaving you as her personal cook. But if you were hoping to find all the required ingredients neatly stacked up in a cabinet and ready for cooking, well...it won't be that easy!

In this point and click from CarmelGames, you will have to hunt down or even grow your own ingredients. Often you will have to pursue more creative solutions. Is there a can opener for that tomato sauce? I don't think so! This game is played solely with the mouse to point and click. The cursor changes when moved over an interactive element, and items in the inventory can be used on each other or on the elements in the scenes. Rumor has it that the Queen will pay you will for a pizza well made, but I wouldn't taste her patience, lest it be off with your head instead!

Play Pizza Quest

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The Puppet MasterMirror mirror on the wall, who's the doll-est of them all? Could it be YOU? Have you ever played with dolls as a kid, or maybe as an adult too? When you wake up in The Puppet Master, it turns out that it's time for a bit of role reversal! Your reflection in the mirror confirms your suspicion that your soul has been trapped in doll form, and you are soon accompanied by a voice of a woman. Simply solve a few puzzles and try not to cringe too badly at inaptly timed puns, and you will have your body returned to you. Fair enough, right?

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