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The SearchA letter, sitting alone on a pedestal on the landing of a spiraling marble staircase. There is nothing around you but darkness and you sense that you are somewhere else, someplace unreal and unknowable. Let the art guide you where it wants to go, the letter reads. Listen...

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Rain in the Month of JanuarySometimes there's nothing more relaxing or refreshing than a rainy day. There's a zen-like sort of peace found in listening to the droplets pattering against the ground and taking in the clear and wonderful fresh air. Unfortunately, we can't always take the time to enjoy the rain when it rolls through which is what makes a game like Rain in the Month of January such a delight.

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In SpaceWhat do you do when you find out courtesy of a note that your girlfriend has been accepted into the Hero Institute and broken up with you? Move heaven and Earth to try and impress her? Try to get into the Hero Institute yourself to win her heart back? It turns out the answer is far less chivalrous - the answer involves V not for Vendetta but Villain! Becoming a regular villain isn't enough though - your ambition is to be a Super Villain. Turns out, though, there is a little more to the process than meets the eye. Even the bad guys are no match for the bureaucratic red tape, and well, things are off to a bad start when you are robbed of your money before you can even submit your villain application. But never fear, the bad guys are here, and you soon make your way through and team up to serve as backup for a robbery. But beware, the job may not be as easy as it sounds.

Weekday EscapeHi! Do you miss something? Are you bored? Or tired? Or....just needing a break? Well, a new Weekday Escape is here!

This week are games holidays themed. Ichima invites you to an airy weekend house in deep pine woods, Aries escape to a lovely hotel by the sea and with a bit of imagination, the faucet you are dealing with in Bianco-Bianco´s game, may be placed in some historical city centre you are wandering around.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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In SpaceIt's the year 2274, and facing the depletion of natural resources back on Planet Earth, the human population badly needs a new world to colonize. As part of the preparation, you and a number of crew members have been placed in cryogenic sleep for your long journey. Now though, it seems you are awake, and you must find the rest of the S.E.S. Valkyrie's crew, figure out your surroundings, and deal with the sometimes unstable reality of human emotions. If you are expecting a fully trained, professional working crew in this point-and-click, interactive fiction game by RunningZombie, prepare to be disappointed! Things will go wrong, and people will completely flip out when a few plants die. You will be saddled with life-and-death decisions in the later part of the game that affect the ending you ultimately receive.

Weekday EscapeIt's Wednesday! Let's get down to business! To escape... some rooooooms. Did they send me toothbrushes when I asked for keeeeeeys?

This week, Vitamin Hana are asking us to release our inner artist-e. Amajeto have set us up in a beautifully decorated hotel room covered in the sweet aroma of spring bouquets, and TomoLaSiDo want us to work on our oral hygiene. Mister I'll... make an escaper... out of yooooooooou!

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Sherlock Has a ClueDo you like playing detective and solving a good murder mystery packaged up in a lunchbreak sized, lively point and click game? In the first installment, you found the unfortunate tea shop owner, Mr. T., suspiciously steeped in his own murder. Sherlock returned again for a whodunnit stint with a five-alarm framed suspect.

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Famous Paintings Parodies 9Almost as long as a subjective subject like art has been around, there have been subtle (and less subtle) ways to poke fun at it. Munguia's Famous Paintings Parodies 9 challenges your knowledge of paintings along with tickling your sense of humor, falling squarely on the not subtle side of things. If you ever read the "Getting to Know..." series as a kid, you might recall the cartoonish portrayals of famous artists and their careers. Munguia this a step further, parodying the artwork itself with colorful drawings based (loosely!) on the original paintings. Your task is to reverse-engineer the colorful drawings and figure out the name and artist.

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Rogue Quest - Episode 2In the previous Rogue Quest, ExperaGameStudio led us through the expeditious adventures of Konrad Meridian as he stole the treasure from under the very Leech King's eyes! This time, you take over as Jheed, a novice adventurer looking to make a name for himself and join the Rogue's Guild. To do so, you'll have to help him explore and plunder the Tower of the Weeping Queen. Legend has it that the spirit of the Queen is trapped in the tower. By day she cries for her lost lover, and by night she is forced to kill any human life in her path!

Discover Jheed's kindhearted side as he offers to help finally put the Queen's spirit to rest and help end her suffering. Along the way you'll meet characters like a talking mouse, a gnome who won't give his name, and a cannonball with a will of its own. This episode plays much like the previous one, with much smoother graphics, abandoning the pixel style of the first episode. Use your backpack in the top-left to access inventory and use objects on the environment. The binoculars icon nearby shows any interactive elements on the current screen. If you succeed, the Queen has promised you a hefty amount of treasure she has no need for in her next life. If you fail, well...the Rogue's Guild isn't exactly sending out a search party for you!

Play Rogue Quest - Episode 2

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Dusk 2Today we bring you back five years to 2012 and submerge you in the ephemeral, haunting world of Dusk in its sequel, plainly named Dusk 2. And really, what genre could fit the bill better than a platformer combined with time travel? In case you don't remember the original, you lead a lonely square character through an empty world. The intentionally vague and short slivers of story superimposed on the background and through signage masterfully impose the aura of mystery, yet leave the details malleable to interpretation by the mind of the viewer. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we can safely conclude NTFusion was very flattered by the original - it takes a discerning eye to see that these games were crafted by two different authors.

Controls are explained further in the game, but left and right arrow keys (or [A] and [D]) navigate through this side-scroller, up (or [W]) jumps, [CTRL] switches levers, and holding [S] reverses time. The game consists of sequential levels and is short, so take time to explore and smell the roses. There is nothing here should challenge seasoned players of platform games, especially as erasing a mistake is as simple as reversing time a little while - hold [S] if you get stuck. You may have to be in the mood to fully enjoy leading your square character through this mysterious world, but sit back and surrender yourself to the wistfully enchanting music. I'm sure the goosebumps on your skin are telling you something.

Play Dusk 2

Weekday Escape RetroHi! Let me introduce the first Weekday Escape Retro Edition! Once upon a time, in The Golden Ages Of Escape Games (about 4 years ago) were so many games released that not all good ones did it to JIG. Nowadays, when the ages are not so golden, is right time to go back for a while and appreciate them.

The first game, a true little gem from Amanita design, is more about looking for friends than escaping, followed by Sanpoman´s game, where you escape an island and finally, the longest one, is a full lenght escape from Kuroneko.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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ClickPlayTime 6I don't know about you, but the mere mention of NinjaDoodle's ClickPlay series is enough to send my pulse racing. The countdown timer is flashing, the play button remains out of reach, I can't get it Ican'tgetitI'mrunningoutoftimeSOMEONEHELPME!

Okay, okay, take a breath. A deep breath. NinjaDoodle are back for a sixth instalment of their popular point and click minigame series, but unlike some of the previous instalments, you aren't going to be punished by a countdown clock for every second you take to finish each puzzle. This instalment has a calm atmosphere that encourages you to take your time, right down to the funky lounge music that accompanies your puzzling. You can take your time figuring out each mini-game, which require a combination of pushing, pulling, twisting, and mathletics to solve.

The series isn't known for its complexity, but that's not really the point. Grab a coffee or tea, sit down and enjoy a few minutes of puzzly goodness!

Play ClickPlayTime 6

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Tsure Game 7 EscapeYou wake up in an unknown room, a room without windows, locked door and blocked exit. Are you a prisoner? A special guest? Or both?

In the new Tsure game you find yourself locked in a building lost somewhere in endless desert, and getting out of the room is only a beginning. Soon you find, that escape on foot is not possible, the end of the desert is a hopeless cliff. But there are some puzzles around, so start collect clues and items, and at the end you find your way! And meet your friend, the penguin (this part is not very clear to me but there is definitely a friendly penguin at the end)!

A map of the strange place in bottom right corner teleports you to the spot which you click (only if it´s discovered already). The game is fair, the clues are clear and sometimes you even get a small hint. The cursor is not changing, but you don´t need it. Developers really though about us, players, and made the playing comfortable and fluent. Near the end you must make a choice. In case you are wrong, game returns you to the moment before action and you just simply play in another way. Design is polished and clean, and the sounds of opened boxes and locks satisfying.

Have a good time with another great escape game!

Play Tsure Game 7 Escape

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SelectoriumHave you ever wanted to dash through midair, flip gravity, or deploy a portable bubble shield around you? If so, equal parts platformer and puzzle game Selectorium might float your boat. In this game by Stuffedwombat, begin each level by surveying the obstacles in your wake on the way to a white portal somewhere on the screen. Choose three abilities (order counts!) to help accomplish your task, then use the arrow keys to navigate around the screen and the space bar to consume each power-up. If you run out of power-ups and find yourself stuck with no way to complete the level, you may hit space bar a fourth time to terminate the level and try again. You may then repeat with your same selected sequence of abilities or select new ones.

Some levels in Selectorium demand precision timing even with a certain set of chosen abilities. It can garner some level of aggravation as you try to deconstruct the intended solution. Then again, at least the respawn time is fast, so as you slam into a set of spikes for the umpteenth time, you can rest assured your death will be quick, even if not painless.

Play Selectorium

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BirdsongOnly by completing the seven trials will you earn your wings in Daniel Linssen's Birdsong. You are a young bird leaving the nest for the first time. As you leave, the world seems to stretch out before you, so that it's all in view but just out of your reach.

You can move your character with [A] and [D] or the arrow keys, and jump with either [W], the [Up] key or [Spacebar]. Pressing [Enter] at certain pedestals builds a nest, which functions as a save point, and [R] resets you to your last save point. The entire game is one large area which you'll explore in order to collect twigs to build nests with, find medallions to bring you closer to your wings, and activate pedestals to grant you abilities like higher jumps or wall-jumping. Certain parts of the world won't be accessible until you gain certain abilities, and you'll spend the game exploring until every part of the world is within reach.

With its simple but evocative pixel-art style, Birdsong creates a moody and mysterious world, whose puzzles are both satisfying and fiendishly difficult. Don't be surprised if you find yourself plunging to your death more than a few times, it's all part of the journey.

Play Birdsong

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