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Song For a BirdA little birdie told me that one of our favorite developers, Bart Bonte, has recently celebrated ten years of blogging and crafting puzzles. He's released Song For a Bird to celebrate, during which you help form sentences describing the small purple bird that happily flits around between different perching spots on a tree. This game combines point-and-click, puzzle, and typography in the form of giving cryptic hints forming a word or phrase that you need to spell out using different "leaves" on the tree, each associated with a letter. As you click each leaf, it flips over and the writing on it withers away, meaning that each can be used but once, slightly simplifying your task.

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PumpkingYour orange, round, have a green stalk, you're a pumpkin. No, wait.. you're a Pumpking! On your way through a perilous world inhabited by bats, skeletons, ghosts, slimes, witches and your arch-enemy PewKing...

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Midnight Spooks: The Thing in the BasementI'm sure that you investigated a mystery or two when you were a kid. Perhaps that thing that went bump in the night was something as innocuous as a shadow cast across the room or a tree branch rapping against the window. So now as a grown-up, you naturally show no fear of these spooky, almost superstitious happenings. As employees in the Museum of the Weird, owned by none other than the aptly named Mr. Spooky himself, you begin to have your doubts about a deep secret that may be laying in wait underneath.

Weekday Escape RetroIt's time to slow down and look back - it's Retro Editon Weekday Escape time!

This week you visit for the last time two Maroya's kittens making their new home homely. From cosy house you fall deep down into Tateita's jail cell like room; you are not imprisoned though, only locked to prove your escaping skills. Finally comes another Gatamari's game and prepare for the long ride and many, many puzzles! Corridors, mazes (they'll give you a map, don't worry), lift, ancient statues, chasms and magic pentagram!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Monkey GO Happy RoundupDear reader, I'm afraid it's time to stop what you're doing and start monkeying around! That's right, today we're bringing you the second edition of our Monkey Go Happy Roundup! Today we'll explore a bizarre old temple, a cool mountain scene illuminated by a bright sun and colorful sky, a house that looks suspiciously like gingerbread, and finally in a strange maze.

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Monkey GO Happy - MazeJust in case you haven't had enough beloved monkey in your life recently, now is a prime-(ate) time for more! This time, the adorable monkey's tears spill for it is lost in a complicated maze. A map hangs on the wall of your starting point, indicating several rooms marked with letters like "S" and "Q." As you start to trek through the rooms, wondering what those strange markings on some of the walls in seemingly random places are all about, it's hard not to notice that the place has a few screws loose - quite literally! You'll have to track down all the missing parts that PencilKids has hidden - quite cleverly at times! - throughout the scenery and attempt some repairs to make the monkey GO happy!

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To do list What do you make when you don't want to forget the things you have to do? Exactly! You make a To do list, where you write down all the tasks you have to do that day. So did the protagonist of this game. There are 7 days for you to live through, and each day has it's own To do list. Some tasks you need to do are; fixing the roof, cleaning the garden, digging up your old friend, wait..

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Medieval Cop 8 - Deathwish - Part IIINote: Before playing this game, you may wish to check out the previous episodes in the series, or at least Parts I and II of Episode 8. Some spoilers lie ahead!

The previous two parts of Episode 8 - Deathwish - have chronicled the adventures of hero Dregg Moriss in a very hot place. After eagerly bargaining with the Devil to try and have another chance to find (un?)happiness back in the real world, he has been granted his wish and allowed back to the land of the living to try and complete a dangerous mission. After seeing his friends trapped in some hybrid of fantasy and reality and helping to break them out of their respective trances, he is quite hopeful that it is finally the end.

Weekday EscapeAnd now for something completely positive! New Weekday escape is here!

Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere. Days are shorter, darker and colder, and Mother Nature's voice from deep inside of us whispers: "Get energy supplies, now! Winter is treacherous and you, humans, fragile and vulnerable! Eat, eat as much possible!" Okay then. Here we go!
With Vitamin Hana you have to find all ingredients for preparation of good noodle dish. Then you find yourself locked in Detarame Factory's house with Mr. Penguin, who vehemently insists you make a dessert for him. Only after that you can leave, but somehow you end up in a kitchen again! There is no food (yet), you just have to figure out how to open the door and Neat Escape lets you go shopping for dinner then.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Boo!Boo! A bit late, huh? Well, Bart Bonte isn't late, it's me. Brand new BB's game was released a week before Halloween but sometimes things are not going as planned...oh well. You can put a memo somewhere and leave the game to the next Halloween, but it would be a pity as this is awesome game, based on unique and original Factory Balls series.

Monkey GO Happy RoundupHello, I have a riddle for you: what's orange, adorable, and comes every fortnight? Why, the brand-new biweekly feature known as Monkey Go Happy Roundup! In our debut installment we visit a junkyard dog, a cold cabin, a strange site with a robot looking for fuel, and a cold wintry landscape.

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Souls in Stone You're a little guy with bright blue hair, does that have anything to do with the game? Not really, well unless that means that you've lost your soul. Four of them to be exact, and it's your job to collect them. With each soul you collect, you will unlock a power that can bring you further in the game.

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Forgotten Hill Memento: PlaygroundIt's no secret from the view counts that JiG visitors are big fans of the Forgotten Hill games, which are a classic mix of horror and point-and-click. This series presents the story of some very odd and scary happenings in a house from the late 1800s. In chapters of the "main" story arc you explore the progression of the story - for example, the puppet show in The Puppeteer or the unforgettable nurse for whom beside demeanor is only the very first of issues?

Forgotten Hill Mementos supplement the breath of the narrative with shorter, focused episodes telling specific subplots. If you've played the previous installments such as the ones mentioned above, this may not strike you as too much of a surprise, but "playground" here turns out to be a metaphor. The game takes place inside the family home, where you play as the father and interact on several occasions with his (your) son.

Weekday EscapeHi everybody, this is Halloween Special Weekday Escape!

Some games in this Weekday Escape are old, some games are new. All are good and enjoyable; and all are Halloween themed. The newest game by Ichima takes you to a nice living room room with a bit disturbing atmosphere. Then you have to escape another little scary room in Amajeto's game and after you are out, Funkyland takes you to a candy shop, regrettably not for shopping. Atmospheric Esklavos wants you to fight Evil and finally you have to find many puzzle pieces in cute Yuri's game.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Trapped 2: PiratesSo, I ask you, landlubbers, arrrre you ready to walk the plank - I mean, be locked in an escape room? Recently, we reviewed Trapped: Wayne's Chamber, a one-room escape theme where you must find incriminating evidence on a serial killer. Now there's already a sequel - Trapped 2: Pirates is the second in this series, revolving this time around a swashbuckling theme. Supposedly, Captain Morgan's chamber is full of treasure, and it's your chance to escape and make off with it! Somehow Mike has survived from that first encounter with Wayne and is enthusiastically prepared for a second dose. You're going to need all your intuition and wits about you, though, to solve the puzzles and make off with the pirate loot. Oh, and did I mention, the treasure's cursed? Not that you would believe that, mind you...

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