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MaquisardIanAnyone who has worked in hospitality or seen a certain Wes Anderson film knows that being a lobby boy just isn't easy. The hotel has to be kept in tip top shape, the guests are always in need of a room service delivery, and foreign government agents are smuggling secrets across the border! All in a day's work for our petite protagonist. It's your first shift at the extravagant Maquisard Hotel and you hardly have time to get acquainted with your duties before a masked revolutionary tunnels through your bedroom floor and tasks you with identifying a government agent hiding among the hotel's five valued guests. The catch? You have only three days to catch the spy, so act quickly!

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Zombie Society Dead Detective: Brain DrainAlthough this time of year we are hanging Christmas rather than Halloween decorations, zombie society goes on (un)-living all year around! And if you're in that kind of mood, a belated adventure awaits you in the tale of Zombie Society Dead Detective: Brain Drain. It seems that a certain brain has been stolen from a brain farm. It's not just any ordinary brain though, but an inedible brain! Who would want to steal a brain they couldn't possibly eat? Naturally, the zombies called the zombie police, but after a sluggish response, decided that the zombies in blue would be no help, as it's technically not even a crime to steal an inedible brain. That's when they considered a second option and you come in - Detective Margh to the rescue. You've built up quite a reputation by now, after all, for solving a number of famous cases.

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Curse of GreedPoofyWho recalls the story of King Midas? He who turned everything to gold when he touched it. The Curse of Greed has a thing like that in common, as you jump over platforms in a world filled with traps like spikes and lasers. All around this place are scattered coins, coins you can pick up, coins you want to pick up, because that's what you do in platform style games like this. Coins give you a higher score, right? Well, not this time. In this game your health bar fills up with gold, every time you pick up a coin and that means two things, one your health depletes and two once your health bar is filled to the brim with gold, you'll turn into gold and it's game over.

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Echoed WorldWake up! You've been asleep too long. Now your world is dying at your own feet, and you're the only one who can fix it. So begins the premise in the beautifully rendered platformer slash narrative that is Echoed World.

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Weekday EscapeHow are you? Good? Good! There's something to make you feel even better: the new Weekday Escape!

In Amajeto's game are hearts everywhere, according to its title; and to tell the truth, the place is overdecorated a bit...simple tomoLasiDo's room with amazing window may be a relief for some of us. It's seeming relief only. Little do brave escapists know, that another battle in the war between good and evil takes place in this cosy apartment! After you win it - and you will - you have to escape from Neat Escape's friend's house and short game by Minoto at the end brings a piece of nonsense poetry into your life.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Submachine UniverseSuspended from time and space as we know it, will you be able to make sense of it all? Welcome to Submachine Universe, an innovative Mateusz Skutnik endeavor joining a new gaming experience with the well-known, well-loved series. Set in iconic Submachine style, players are led on a scavenger hunt-esque adventure spanning various dimensions - some old, some new, and some with a twist.

At the time of its initial launch in 2010, Submachine Universe's distinction was being one of the only massively singleplayer online (MSO) games available. And despite its conversion in late 2017 to "free HD downloadable," Skutnik successfully maintained the aura of vastness and exploration that comes with MSOs.


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REDRED is Bart Bonte's latest game and red is the color of Valentine's Day...we have excellent timing!

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I Want Out!A little boy has somehow gotten himself trapped in an underground room, with no clear way of escape readily apparent. The room - a large one, if you want to call it that - looks like a discombobulated entanglement of a subway station, the Sistine chapel, gothic architecture, and of course, scattered rubbish taunting laying in wake of several would-be escape route. Despite your attempts to question the boy as to his surrealistic surroundings, how he might have gotten there, or whether he has any ideas on how he can exit, the boy seems to know but one thing for certain - he wants out!

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Rusty Lake ParadiseIan[Note: This game contains mild gore as well as themes of death and violence that some players might find upsetting.]

Rusty Lake has become one of the gaming community's favorite vacation destinations and the developers are responding to this with a string of projects that seem to only increase in scope. With yet another game already in the works and a short film planned for future release, Rusty Lake shows no signs of slowing down. Rusty Lake Paradise (available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS) is the latest addition to the already extensive series, and is the third premium game to be released along with Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake Roots.

Weekday Escape RetroAfter a long pause, Retro Weekday Escape is here for your retro fun!

Sweet game by Sanpoman locks you in a room with dangerous looking flower. Don't be afraid of it, it can't bite you and not being a triffid, it stays in its flowerpot. With Hottategoya you get lost in a maze for a while and after you leave it, there is a labyrinth by Gatamari where awaits you a battle with evil spirit. Very late Christmas present waits for you at the end!

For those who hate mazes and labyrinths - try Robamimi's Kumakinoko or Fake, perfect one room escapes!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Piko Piko PoofyPiko Piko is a game about girls with hammers. That's seriously what this is about. You're a little red haired girl, with a humongous hammer and it's your job to.. to.. I haven't really figured that out yet. The game is in DEMO state, and while the audio is amazing, the controls are doing what they're supposed to do, and the visuals are looking very good already (tho, that one boss wielding a red trident isn't really done yet) there is no clue to what the plot is about in the amount of time I've played the game. My school got exploded, Nyankamoto (apparently a friend) has a tiny crush on me and I've seen my teacher getting kidnapped by robots. Are they evil robots? I can't tell.

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupIt's about time for some more monkeys! Explore the latest batch of PencilKids' puzzles, especially featuring labyrinth castles/mazes below.

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Dear EdwinRetro platformers and other genres seem to be in vogue these days, but the title Dear Edwin moves the goalpost a notch further. Take a step back to the height of the industrial revolution and into the life of Edwin Vayne. Once a prominent detective, he has long since retired, until one day a strange letter pops into his life. Helplessly intrigued, Edwin decides he must follow the story himself and get to the bottom of a peculiar and very complicated tale.

Weekday EscapeIt's Wednesday and week's dose of fun is here, the new Weekday Escape has arrived!

Spring is far ahead, spring cleanup too, but Detarame Factory locked you in extremely dirty room and you have to deal with it, willingly or not. Oh well. Luckily, cleaning virtual room is much easier than the real one, and you have more rooms to tidy up! Amajeto's bedroom is pleasant, or precisely, would be if there weren't pesky green creatures with red eyes flying around and disturbing. You must do something about them otherwise you won't fall asleep. With Funkyland you get to luxury Beauty Salon and it's a unique chance to see such a place - normally they won't let you in unless you're movie star!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Weekday EscapeHello loyal, long-time users and readers of JiG, (Yes I like to begin my posts with the same good words!)

Since my last post 'We need you!', 4 months have passed.

We heard you - if you look at our recent reviews, we're covering more indie games and will continue.

We want to see JiG more dynamic in 2018 with more reviews!

If you like games and if you think you have the skills to write about them, why not join the team?

As you know, our funds do not allow us to pay the reviewers, but you can write one or two reviews per week (or fewer if you don't have time).

If you are interested please send an email to: [email protected]

In your email, please mention categories of games you would be able to review. (for example: indie games, Steam games, mobile games, PC/Mac games only, etc.).

Obviously, all our old reviewers are still welcome to join again and to write whenever they can.

Thanks in advance.

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