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Weekday EscapeAnother week is over and another Weekday Escape is here. Three cute games are waiting for you!

You start with "not so simple as it seems" game by Flatsan followed by "longer, and more complicated than it seems" game by Yonashi. Finally comes time for some rest in kids room, but Neat Escape doesn't let you play there; locks you inside and puzzles you have to solve are definitely not childish, even though you use toys!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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UnalignedIf a picture can be worth a thousand words, the graphics and charm highlighted in Unaligned may well be worth a million. Built with a custom graphics engine, a team for the Videogame Creation Master of the Barcelona School of Management put together a thrilling adventure where action carries the day more than dialogue. Your faithful companion by your side, you leap through vividly colored areas and solve puzzles, each becoming more intricate than the last and building on previous mechanics. In the end your guide is to escape the mysterious temple in which you wake, with no particular rhyme or reason other than being trapped... "again."

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Zombie Society Dead Detective vs Nine Deaths CatIt's time for a new case in the land of Zombie Society, and this one promises to be a doozy! If you haven't heard of the series, this and similar episodes chronicle the adventures of Detective Margh and his insatiably hungry assistant, Ghvnn, as they solve cases in the strange zombie world in which they live. Or should I say, un-live?

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SIGNYay! And once again, yay! Neutral released a new game!

This year starts really great for escapers, good games are coming one after another. Neutral returns after two years pause and it's a pleasure, indeed!

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The Escape Hotel - Hot SpringAfter hard work, it's time for relax with Tesshi-e in Escape Hotel!

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupHappy New Year! And with this new year comes new monkey adventures. Read on below for more information and links.

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The Lost Strawberry There's moment when you just... crave something. It can be a drink, it can be a fruit. In this particular case you're after strawberries, which is not a very odd request. It is when you need to platform yourself through different kinds of levels. It get even harder when the background visuals start to interfere more and more with the actual game assets.

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Knights of GaiaThe world of Gaia is certainly a strange one, but also one where there are few dull moments. The story begins introducing us to Jhet, a lonely farmer who is but a boy, yet has inherited the massive responsibility of his father's farm after his father's death. We're not given much information about the untimely nature of these circumstances, but instead jump straight in to try and help Jhet find his footing in a world where he has big shoes to fill.

Weekday EscapeThe new Weekday Escape is here to brighten year 2018 from its start!

Vitamin Hana usually brings colors and joy to your gaming life. This time takes you to a basketball gym under maintenance and succeeds again. Reliable Riddle Escape stand up to their quality standards and delivers another great game. The last one is from a newcomer - I'm happy to introduce Daikokuya Soft! Very cute, clever and amusing game they've created and I hope we meet again soon!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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The Sky HouseWhat if you wake up some day and you just want to go outside to get some fresh air. Oh, did I forget to mention that you're also some kind of flying creature that lives in a flying house that's filled with lethal spikes and such? Yes, it's not easy to go outside as this little metroidvania game proves.

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Tsure Game 10Welcome back in Lutaru's world and prepare for good escape adventure!

From excellent, more or less standard escape Tsure Game 7 via Tsure Game 8 (WE N°152) and Tsure Game 9 (WE N°162), with growing feeling of alienness, we get to a very Myst like world to explore ruins of lost civilisation! Alien or not, luckily for us these ancient builders knew achievements of mankind like Roman and Arabic numerals and used them so we players are not completely lost.

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PalettaOnce upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a King who wore a crown of many different colors, who ruled over the land and its people. The King was benevolent, prosperity abounded, and everyone loved him. But one day someone got a little too jealous for their own good of his crown, an artifact passed down to him by the gods and only befit for one true ruler of the people. A would-be thief intended to steal the crown and use its powers for their own nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, the robber-to-be dropped it in the ensuing chaos and it shattered into a number of pieces that become scattered across the kingdom, ultimately coming into possession by different people. Without its magical powers, the King withered away, along with the color and joy of the land. The princess fled after his death, leaving the kingdom in shambles and no leader. The shards were bartered and grabbed by different humans, harnessed individually for their still great power, but with far less benevolence than the previous wielder of the crown. This leaves one question...who will save these dying lands now?

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupDid you have good holidays? Unfortunately it's over, but do not despair, manic (monkey) Thursday is here!

Weekday EscapeStill feeling Christmassy ? The new Weekday Escape is here with more holiday games!

You find yourself in Riddle Escape's room, pleasant music plays and everywhere around you are locked cupboards, tables with coded drawers and closed boxes. Only Christmas tree is missing...no, it isn't, you can see it outside, huge and beautifully decorated, but the door is locked. Well, time to start with escaping! White Christmas turn into Green then, no1game wants you to catch ten green escape-men. They don't want to be captured and do they best to hide or run away. No wonder, they are escape-men after all. But you are bigger and smarter and catch them all®! The last Amajeto's game is traditional, peaceful and relaxing. Can you escape?

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Where is 2018?Excellent (and traditional) start to the New Year is here, a new game by Mateusz Skutnik!

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