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Weekday EscapeHello again! It´s Wednesday and a new Weekday Escape is here! Three escape games for you to relax, all from Japanese developers this week. Thank you very much, Japan, for week dose of puzzles and fun.

Flatsan's game is a small room escape game with logic puzzles, not so easy as it seems.
In surreal Chokochai´s game is inspired by Indiana Jones´adventures and includes a whip, a hat (three hats for three cats) and a mine cart!
Cute game from Nekonote is an escape game with adorable creatures´ bonus.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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911 OperatorYou're in a city of thousands with a small cache of emergency professionals at your disposal. A call comes in, a report, another call, a few more reports, and suddenly all your units are busy responding to other emergencies. A car accident, a robbery, a kitchen fire, an altercation in the street, an unconscious man on the sidewalk. Another call comes in and it's something worse: a serious industrial accident, the victim barely holding it together over the line. You look to your map and see the nearest ambulance is miles away. What do you do? What can you do?

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Empty.When the stress of life sneaks up on you, as it does to us all, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the real world and check into the virtual one instead. But sometimes even our favorite games can be stressful themselves with their challenges to accomplish, achievements to unlock. Timers, metrics, collectibles, forgetting to save, running out of extra lives...

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ForgottenForgotten is a short, eerie game by Sophia Park. Made using Twine, but playing like a point-and-click adventure, Forgotten shows what the slowly disintegrating world looks like inside "Frgtn.exe" and old, forgotten game found on some long abandoned 80s era computer. Its inhabitants, boss monsters that acquired some level of sentience and awareness of their situation, have been slowly losing their minds and bodies as their files corrupt. You enter, some mysterious stranger or unwitting player, perhaps having stumbled across this file. At first the inhabitants confuse you for the game's hero, Hex, but as you converse with them, you begin to understand the tragedy of their situation.

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Mr.Y's room escape4Tesshi-e is back, hurrah! This time, lucky Tesshi-e got an invitation from Mr. Y´s to see his new apartment.

Mr. Y moved to a new place with amazing view and, as usual, prepared an escape game for his friend. The three floors´ apartment is great. There is enough place for concert grand piano, huge windows with beautiful view at some mountains´ tops and design furniture. We don´t get everywhere though, there must be some hidden area with bathroom and bedroom...maybe Mr. Y is waiting there until we finish pancakes. Yes, we are supposed to cook some pancakes and prepare coffee, not only to escape. To play, just click around to explore and interact with objects, and click everywhere, because the cursor is not changing. For navigation use the side bars. Don´t forget to change language to English at the beginning.

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D is for Dungeon

SatoriRole-playing game creator dinkledaberry puts the 'crawl' back into 'dungeon crawl' with D is for Dungeon. When a champion of the Light is needed a few decades earlier than anticipated we find our protagonist is still in his infancy, but duty calls! Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, level up and best the critters even as a pint-size tyke in this free indie puzzle-centric role-playing game. Letting an innocent little bundle of joy like this roam free through a dungeon filled with bad guys isn't something we'd advise as a safe idea... for the NPCs! Whatever else this kid grows up to do, he's not going to have any problems at all after having put down the most amped beasties this dungeon can offer before naptime.

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Home Story: 1971A sad story, turned into a relatively simple point and click game, or a choose your own emotion adventure, I'm still not entirely sure. Home Story: 1971 by Justwo Games doesn't sit easily in simple pigeonholes.

A great use of colour and excellent background music give this short game a relaxed, almost melancholy air. There are no bullets flying or monsters chasing you, allowing you to stroll through it, enjoying the view. While there is nothing ground breaking, and the puzzles won't tax any regular point n clicker, it is a solid, reliable game that deserves recognition for a job well done.

Theme warning from Bindie: Heavily focused on death and dealing with grief.
Play Home Story: 1971

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HaplandToday, we are going for a stroll back in time. Cast your mind back 12 years (yes, it's been 12 years) to 2005. What do you remember from this momentous year? Perhaps you recall the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, or maybe you are still thankful for the launch of video giant Youtube. Star Wars: Episode III and Batman Begins were both released, as was the sixth instalment of the Harry Potter book series. In amongst all of these worldwide hits, Robin Allen quietly dropped a ton of stick-figure dismemberment on us in his hit Flash game, Hapland. We can still hear the faint sounds of frustrated players hitting their foreheads on their keyboards as their 137th attempt to successfully finish the game crashes and burns before their eyes.

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Weekday EscapeFolks, it's Wednesday, and you know what that means - time to escape! The folks at Ichima have been clearing out their closet and have found lots of old-school goodies to include in one of their latest escapes. A random stranger challenges you to unlock a secret in MouseCity's arcade, and Esklavos send you into a robot-led future and leave you with the task of saving the world. No problem-o, right?

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Face the DilemmaChoices, choices, and more choices. Meet Alex, a middle class/lower middle class guy who works as a janitor, and YOU get to help make HIS life choices. Seems easy, right? Until some of those life choices yield consequences that you can't always predict, and may leave you in stickier situations than you anticipated...Some choices seem to have little to no effect in the story, while others WILL affect the ending and what happens to Alex. Are you ready to Face the Dilemma?

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Monkey GO Happy EscapeThe monkeys are back! In the latest instalment of PencilKids'' popular primate series, your little furry friends have gone walkabouts in the dungeon of a castle. This particular dungeon is infested with more goblins, ghouls and gargoyles than you can poke a stick at, and you must dispatch each one in order to save your ten tiny companions. As usual, this Monkey GO Happy episode is fairly simple point-and-click puzzle fare and won't keep you busy for longer than ten minutes. But can you resist a handful of cute little monkeys during your coffee break? I know I can't. Choose your monkey, give them a hat and get rescuing!

Play Monkey GO Happy Escape

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Kentucky Route Zero: Act IISpoilers ahead! Kentucky Route Zero is an episodic point-and-click game in five acts. Before you dig deep into Act II, please do consider enjoying Act I first.

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Frog FableYou thought it would be a simple errand. Just run along and get some milk for the King of the Village's Friday pancakes, right? The trouble for protagonist Zbylut (pronunciation unknown) begins when guards block the entrance to the town. Apparently, the town is to remain closed until a scary monster is disposed of. A wizard by the name of Bdzigost (pronunciation also unknown) is meant to be dealing with it, but...let's just say he is running into a problem with frogs. After enlisting you as his apprentice and resolving that problem, he ensnares you in an interesting catch-22: you now have the experience to dispatch the monster in the forest yourself!

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Greetings From Potato IslandTell me--do you believe? Believe in what, I hear you asking. Santa? The Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? All good guesses indeed, but the answer Carmel Games' Escape from Potato Island was looking for was actually potatoes! Eye couldn't believe it either at first when Anthony told me his father sent him to Potato Island while his house was being renovated. Reminiscing a story from his grandfather about a magical statue near the dock of the island, he goes off in search of a sacrifice for it

Weekday EscapeHi! It´s time for a break, three escape games are coming on Weekday Escape! You can escape from reality to a virtual world for a while! And then find your way out from three places and come back relaxed, and hopefuly happier a bit.

Amajeto is a classical room escape game with clean graphic and logical puzzles..
In surreal Sarameya´s game, you have to escape a forest and also make a magic potion!
And atmospheric Esklavos´ escape is a start of a long journey in post- apocalyptic world

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Good fortune (and fun!) will come to those who dig through the archives.
Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey

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