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Forgotten Hill: SurgeryBOO! Did I scare you? No? Well not to worry, FMStudio is here with a new chapter of their Forgotten Hill saga that will fill you with proper terror. But before we go further, you might want to get in the mood by playing the first two games in this haunting series: Forgotten Hill: Fall where you had the brilliant idea to invite yourself into a house with the lights turned off and its continuation, Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer.

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Night in the WoodsIt's a familiar story for many of us old enough to have lived it. Mae Borowski, 20 years old and newly a college dropout, returns to her hometown of the formerly prosperous mining town of Possum Springs in Western Pennsylvania, only to find that the train station is closed and her parents have forgotten to come pick her up.

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The Ritual - Part 1Have you ever had the experience of an impending feeling of dread after taking an exam? That lead weight in your stomach telling you that you probably flunked? One course of action might be to study better for the next exam. But if you're Gideon, you have a friend Joe with a far more radical solution: summon a demon to do your bidding and make your teacher, Ms. Rage, give you an A+++ on your exams!

Carmel Games delivers their usual mix of colorful graphics, wit, and puzzles in The Ritual - Part 1. You'll need to think outside the box, pillow, whatever, to track down the three needed ingredients and summon the demon. And if this just isn't enough for you, well, stay tuned - rumor has it there is a part 2 along the way!

Play The Ritual - Part 1

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SatoriIf being a cuddly adorable creature just isn't enough for you, how about being several? Aladar presents Eatvolve, an indie action game about augmenting yourself with the biological characteristics of the creatures around you — and which may or may not be intended as a depiction of how we become like the people we socialize with. Thwomp the creatures around you and you'll get a particule effect which imbues you with their particular form and abilities: nab that butterfly to gain some colorful wings, or that beetle for some nifty chitinous headgear that can help you get through stone. As you take on the qualities of the local fauna your form gradually shifts, and it's done on such an authentic piecemeal basis that the transitions are smooth and seem viable, and pretty cute too! We've included a few examples of what you can become in the main graphic for this review; they don't all appear in Eatvolve at once, but you can also come up with plenty of other possibilities through trial and error. This game is available in Pay What You Want format, including free. If you enjoy the game, show your support for the developer who made it by paying what you think is fair!

Weekday EscapeWe've climbed the mountain of Monday and torn through the terror of Tuesday - now it's Wonderful Wednesday, and it's time to escape!

This week, MayMay wants you to locate that elusive USB that always seems to go missing at the bottom of your junk drawer. TomoLaSiDo has stolen a couple of key components of your bicycle. And Amajeto thinks your culinary skills could use some work, so they've sent you off to cooking classes.

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CausalityRemember that cringe-worthy thing you said to that really important person that one time? How about the time you took a tumble in front of your entire school? Or when you slept through your alarm and were late to a job interview?

Wouldn't it be great if you could manipulate time and make those moments disappear?

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Rogue Quest - Episode 1Are you ready for a treasure hunt? I sure hope so, because ExperaGameS has prepared a pixel adventure game for you. After less than ideal navigation of messy swamps and barely escaping savage cannibals, you arrive at the crypt of the leech king to claim your prize! But before adventurer Konrad Meridian can even finish his string of bravado about his exploits, a metal gate slams shut trapping you, the player, inside. Take on the puzzles inside to look for the legendary treasure - and just maybe make an even more daring escape!

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Vortex Point 8

Here we are, another paranormal crime investigation! Vortex Point 8: The Rock is another installment of this spooktastic point-and-click adventure series by Carmel Games. So what's the newest creepy crime you've been called to resolve?

Weekday EscapeHi! Another week is over and a new Weekday Escape is here! Three escape games for a break from responsibilities or just for fun. It´s time to dive into the world of cupboards with highly secured drawers and the world, where the most valuable commodity is a screwdriver. Go ahead!

Tototoroom´s Button Escape is an escape from a hotel suite, probably 5 or more stars hotel, considering a jacuzzi.

Appgoya´s Mystery Meeting Room Escape is an escape from a dull place, where you surely want to escape from.

The last game, Spiritual Escape´s Orbit Escape, is almost full size escape game. Definitely not 10 minutes, you need more time to get through this one!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Nunu Kid EscapeHow long you haven´t played proper escape game? Well, yes, there was a new Tesshi-e recently, but except for this one? It was the Christmas Tesshi-e, right? Not many big escapes these days, really. I´m not complaining, I´m just a little sad as a big escape games fan. Luckily, some designers still do them and KamotoKamotoKamo is one of them.

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Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid EscapeWhat kind of a predicament have the monkeys gotten themselves into this time? You find your monkey friend crying outside an ancient tomb, having lost its friends. A camel is tied up to a pole, but in order to free it, you will need to give the greedy man holding it hostage twenty coins. Finding all this wealth is going to require quite the effort and spelunking expedition! Enter the pyramid, if you dare, solving a series of increasingly intricate puzzles and uncovering mini monkeys in the oddest possible places.

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Realm GrinderIn Realm Grinder, you're the ruler of a kingdom, and you can choose to align yourself with the forces of good, or the forces of evil. As you click, you accumulate gold and faction coins. Your accumulation of faction coins lets you align with Fairy, Angel, or Elf factions while aligned with the forces of good, or Goblin, Undead, or Demon while aligned with evil. Your choice of alignments also chooses which types of buildings you are able to build.

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One Of YouWake up. You're in a dark room. In some sort of cabin. The power's off. It's bolted shut. You search yourself in vain yet find no memory of who you are, how you got here. Did I mention the cabin is haunted by a strange creature? Is your heart beating faster and the adrenaline coursing through your veins preparing you for a fight, or have your fight-or-flight reflexes also poured out of your paralyzed mind into the darkness?

Weekday EscapeWelcome back to Wednesday! Congratulations on surviving another turbulent week in style. You rock. As a reward, you have a choice of three fantastic getaways in this week's Weekday Escape.

Ichima's beautiful cabin in the snow, Funkyland's decadent European hotel and... Vitamin Hana's dingy old playroom/attic. I know, I know. It seems like an obvious choice, right? But even the more pleasing options come with a flood of locks and codes that will make you second-guess your choice of vacation spot.

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HomeHunting monsters and criminals, escorting merchants, serving as a bodyguard...they all conjure up vivid images. Raius, however, puts a much different and welcome twist on the everyday medieval hero in a pair of interactive fiction games, the first of which is entitled simply Home. Your escapades are described entirely through text, merged with prompts of which actions to take or simply to examine the omnipresent fire burning brightly in the game's namesake.

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