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RainsweptArceusKilling characters at the end of the story, in my opinion, is a cheap way out. Having them die at the beginning takes courage. As the culmination of two years of hard work by developer Armaan, the full version of Rainswept is fully out and available. You may remember a demo of the project that I reviewed nearly a year ago. The story and prospect were something that entranced me, but little did I know that what Armaan had in store would be even greater for the finished product. Perhaps it was just a stroke of luck that created the authentic experience of waiting so long to find the answers to all the cliffhangers. And in this full version, you might finally get to the bottom of all the strange events in the shell-shocked small town of Pineview.

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PenthosArceusI'd like to introduce you to Penthos, a game that somehow pulls of the feat of being endearing and heartbreaking in the same story. This game is a hybrid of a visual novel and exploration-driven genres, where you play as a narrator mostly in the scope of their home. As the game description itself hints, something feels off. You start to look around, entranced, trying to discover what exactly feels so wrong.

Weekday Escape RetroHi! It's time to travel to the past - the Retro Weekday Escape has arrived!

Weekday Escape starts slowly with simple Jan's Room's room, and after the successful escape you get trapped in another room of theirs. Well ballanced puzzles and eye-pleasing graphics guarantee good playability in both. Masa then locks you in botanical garden in tropical plants greenhouse. The gardener left in the middle of replanting succulents and the firm door slam shut behind him...and all you can find are small wooden blocks. What they are for isn't clear...will you figure out? The last pinkish, soft and fluffy game by Usawanhouse is truly relaxing.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi! The week is behind us and you can play again! The new Weekday Escape arrived!

Diligent Nicolet ported another cute cube for PC full of apples and codes, and after you escape it, you may connect with your inner pyromaniac in tomoLaSiDo's room and then unleash the passion for fire in KaboKabo's late Christmas game. Beautiful Rinnogogo's creation starts in perfectly equipped tree trunk apartment - who would expect a bathroom and a kitchenette inside a tree - and takes you for a flight at the end!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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We need youHello loyal, long-time users and readers of JiG,

We would like to see JiG more dynamic in 2019 with more reviews!

If you like games and if you think you have the skills to write about them, why not join the team?

As you know, our funds do not allow us to pay the reviewers, but you can write one or two reviews per week (or fewer if you don't have time).

If you are interested please send an email to: [email protected]

In your email, please mention categories of games you would be able to review. (for example: indie games, Steam games, mobile games, PC/Mac games only, etc.).

Obviously, all our old reviewers are still welcome to join again and to write whenever they can.

Thanks in advance.


Weekday Escape
Hello escapers! I'd like to inform you that the new WE is out!

Nicolet released the second game for PC, and it's very enjoyable indeed. And clever. Also good looking! After escaping their "cube", tomoLaSiDo locks you in the room with view on endless green field. Then you accept an invitation from Neat Escape's friend, again, and end up trapped in their house. Again. It's your fault, you should've known better. Now you must try hard to get out of here!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi! Let me welcome you to the new Weekday Escape!

Again you start in cosy Amajeto's room, and after you fight your way through all the codes you will find yourself in nice small room by Nicolet. Hopefully we'll see more from them, such a game with clean and polished graphics and clever puzzles is a pleasure to play. No1game tricks you (not for the first time) and what should have been a quick shopping trip turned into much more - into hunt for green sneaky guys. Bonus game by InkaGames is purebred adventure in nineties style.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeWelcome back after a week, welcome to the new Weekday Escape!

We are still deep in winter mode, but developers begin to feel spring in their hearts. Flowers, colors, green gardens and more flowers. Amajeto has decorated the room with flower pictures. Sarameya's lovely town bursts in colors at the end (if you do what you're supposed). Selfdefiant wants you to help to cute Marly the Mouse lost in lush green garden where everything grows a few inches every time you blink your eyes. And game by Rinnogogo is all about flowers, finding them or growing them by magical ways.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeWishing you peaceful Wednesday with the new Weekday escape!

Reliable Amajeto introduces another pleasant room you need to escape from. Then you can refresh with a beverage from tomoLaSiDo which strenghthens you for a jailbreak - you'll need much energy for this! One of Neat Escape's friends leaves you in his guest room to entertain yourself - so you try to escape from here, there isn't anything good on tv anyway.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape RetroHi! The Weekday Escape is here and this week we are going retro again!

From not-so-retro Funkyland's cute sweet shop and their Mr. Frog you escape to Miyabure's room. Watercolor art and music create pleasant atmosphere here, and the place is peaceful enough to concentrate on puzzles. Hottategoya's room is very peaceful too - seems you are imprisoned in solitary confinement. After successful prison break you get stuck in Naoki Nakashima's bathroom without any special equipment - toothbrushes and a soap are your tools!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi! Playful and colorful Wednesday is here with four new games!

You find yourself trapped in Kamonosoukutsu's room and again you meet few civilized animals here. With their help you escape to cosy Amajeto's room and no surprise here - nice game as always. No1game's isn't surprising too - find ten little escape-men (more and more cunnig during years of hiding) which can be anywhere in the room. Mummies in Dassyutu's room might seem a bit dangerous, so don't wait until they come back to life and escape!

Have a good time and enjoy!

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FallstreakArceusVasantJ has concocted another whodunnit for your exploration pleasure. Those of you who follow along with these series might not be surprised to learn that someone has been killed again, and there is a murder mystery to be solved. It entails an unlikely combination of archeology, a mummy, smuggled, powerful drugs gone wrong, and a professor driven to madness before finally succumbing to his final fate. Although the place is locked down, and it seems like just another investigation: the standard examination of clues, the interrogation of, I mean conversation with uncooperative witnesses, and the eureka moments upon finding clues, things are about to get darker before the cast sees the light. The only question is: is there something lurking in that darkness to get them? And what lethal weapon might Dregg have in his pocket to combat it?

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Monster Squad It's every kid's fear of the creepy neighbor -- the kind of secretive, mysterious shadow man that Mom and Dad usually brush off. But with Michael, is it unjustified? Or is there a real possibility of him meeting his demise if no help arrives?

Fortunately, our resolute protagonist doesn't see that as an option. In this point-and-click titled Monster Squad, Michael jump starts his journey as a paranormal investigator. This debut is possibly Carmel Games' reveal of a new series, one that is analogous to the well-loved Vortex Point.

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BLACKBart Bonte's is back with BLACK!

Bart Bonte has completed Belgian flag finally - after YELLOW and RED, fabulous BLACK has arrived! At the moment, the game is available only for Android or iOS devices - PC version will be later (last time it took several weeks).

Your goal is to turn the gamescreen pitch-black in each of fifty unique levels, so you need to solve fifty different puzzles to get congratulations for completing the game. The game covers broad range of puzzles as both predecessors, and you need all what's inside you, wits, intuition, logic, memory and quick fingers (luckily, not super quick). And patience and selfcontrol, new phones don't grow on trees, you know. Clean touch screen of your device helps too.

Note: BLACK is now available for Browsers

Weekday EscapeHi! Welcome in 2019 with new Weekday Escape!

Kamonosoukutsu locks you inside a room with Mr. and Mrs. Duck, and you goal is to find something for Mrs. Duck. MysteriousBox's games are getting better and better; the new one is smart, good-looking, and with relaxing music, pleasure to play. Short game by Carraka introduces Zoe, mythological enthusiast, and her night adventure with several gods. Neat Escape wants you to escape his friend's comfortable apartment.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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