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For a game that focuses so strongly on photography, Life is Strange sure lets you miss a lot of interesting opportunities for a picture. Each episode has ten optional photos you can take. You'll unlock an achievement after every photo you take, but there's no bigger in-game reward. Still, why pass up the chance to fill out Max's portfolio and play this wonderful game even just a moment longer? So here's where you'll find the locations of the ten optional photos in Life is Strange: Episode 1.

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Crush Crush starts fast and with severe injury.

If that statement gave you mental whiplash, then it sets you up surprisingly well for the remainder of this review, as well as the game itself.

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Welcome to Mobile Monday!

One of the funniest games for mobiles, escape puzzler by itach lab (Usami Kenzo), is back and as good as its prequel. K3 arts's (Kaori Uemura) escape is quite short but very good, too. Unique Hidehiro Nakamura's work takes you to a miniature forest and lets you wander through it, and Ultrateam presents a physics game, as users friendly as possible and real relax.

All games are free and available in Google Play and in Apple Store except the second and the bonus game, they are for Android only. Hopefully the second game would be available in Apple store soon.

The first game is medium-sized and has 30 standard levels plus five extra, the second game is relatively short, the third game medium-sized on a longer side and the bonus game has 60 levels.

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The world has changed and large gatherings have been avoided for quite some time now. It is understood that people are cautious about physical meetups due to the hazard of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus, even with the mass vaccination drives around the world. In these times, online gaming has taken up quite a huge popularity amongst youngsters and teenagers and the theme of post-apocalyptic survival games is quite appealing in the current setting as well.
apocolyptic game 1.jpg

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Welcome to Part 2 of Hidden Object: Detective Holmes - Heirloom Walkthrough! Today, we continue our Hidden Object: Detective Holmes - Heirloom Walkthrough from part one. If you haven't already, definitely check that out. This guide lists all of the possible hidden objects at each level. Since the previous guide covers up to Level 3, we'll start at Level 4. You won't need to find all the objects listed below, so use this guide only to find what you're looking for.

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capsule_616x353 (3).jpg

Hourglass: Prologue is a good taste of what's to come in the full game, but you might not be prepared for what it's bringing to the table. Traveling through time isn't easy, even when you're as motivated as Aywa McConnor searching for her missing dad. So here's a little guide for her (and you!) to get you through this tricky prologue and ready for the full game.

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Splitgate is a first-person shooter that tries to answer the question, "What if the classic PC game Portal was turned into a multiplayer shooting game?" Let's take a look at how the game is really played. We'll cover the types of modes and features available, along with how to get the most out of this game.

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If you have not read Fire Tonight Walkthrough, stop what you are doing, and read that first! You don't want to miss the valuable content there.
Let's continue the journey of Maya and Devin as they struggle to meet each other through the literal fire surrounding the city.

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capsule_616x353.jpg Fire tonight is a charming and wholesome game following the adventure of two lovers trying to find a way to get back to each other. Prepare for a contemplative but playful journey with a touch of abnormality.

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If you've been looking for a new game to help you relax at the end of your workday or to get your mind off the daily tasks that seem to take over, look no further! Legends of Snooker: One Shot will transport you to a quiet evening of cue balls clinking together.

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batik1.png batik2.png

The escape by DamZakk - apart from being imaginative, original and quality game - educates you in traditional Indonesian batik patterns. It's just a side theme, though, the most important are puzzles and they are pretty good!

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Weekday Puzzle (1).jpeg

Welcome to Weekday Puzzle!

This week WP presents two puzzlers, one platformer and one reaction game as a bonus. Both puzzlers - by havana24 and Kultisti are excellent - not 'just' the content, but they also have outstanding looks and good soundtrack. The platformer by Harmony Honey is a fun to play, well done controls minimalize frustration. Bonus game by hypermom is very simple and strangely catching.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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capsule_616x353 (4).jpg

In video games, you almost always play as one of the 'good guys.' Heroes are fantastic but, sometimes, it would be nice to play as a villain and see what it feels like to have no goal but to destroy humanity. Swarm the City: Prologue may just deliver the bad guy experience you are looking for.

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capsule_616x353 (1).jpg In the game The Frosts: First Ones developed by Ivan Sukhanov, you're playing as a hunter named Berak. While searching for a missing man, Berak will get caught up in a strange alien world. To reach your goal, you will delve into a snowy and cold environment while scaling cliffs, combatting wild animals, and watching out for rockfalls.

weekday_escape_banner (1) (1).jpg

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Hi! The week is over, the Weekday Escape here!!

First two games - by New Generation Sustanable Energy Poltergeist and by midori are short but good and clever escapes from Japanese site Dasshutsu. Then comes robots' adventure by Neko Donut where you need to help a small robot to recharge his suddenly collapsed friend, and then you find yourself in Migilua's living room. The bonus is the latest tomoLaSiDo challenge, this time a room with objective lenses.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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