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Weekday Escape N°385

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Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

We'll start with new cans in the tomoLaSiDo's machine and right after that there's a cute game by Yurika H. about a dog and a cat and their relationship. Isotronic has released the second part of their escape from small isometric rooms and then we have another game from Neko Donut, which you can master in a minute but can spend much more time with - depending on how it catches your attention. The last one is a simple puzzle game by Gumishi.

Have a good time and enjoy!

I'll Open It Up

tom1.png tom2.png tom4.png tom3.png

We have four new cans in tomoLaSiDo's vending machine this week and they will keep you entertained for a long time, especially as each has one puzzle with two solutions. Enjoy!
The cursor isn't changing, autosave (the game saves already opened cans), one ending.

A Ruff Day

ruff2.png ruff1.png

In this short game by Yurika H. you are a dog who needs to get out of the house. It must be said that a very smart dog. No one is home except the cat, so your only task is to lure the cat away from the door in front of which he is sleeping and the best attraction is something good to eat...
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one end.

Isometric Escape 2

izometric1.png izometric2.png

Quite recently we played escape by Isotronic which consisted of two mini-games to which a third was added. Now we got the second part which contains only two games. Maybe it'll get bigger, but who knows. Your task is clear - escape!.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one end.



This is not a new game from Neko Donut - we played that one last week - but somehow I missed it at the time of release, so here it is now. The objective is really simple - you need to provide your hamster with supplies for the winter within the allotted time - but if you're interested you'll soon find that the game can keep you entertained for quite some time. There are many items to find in the vicinity of the hamster's home (the list of items you can find is in the upper right corner of the gamescreen) and what matters is the scoring. The surroundings also change depending on the time of day and what can't be found in the morning can be found in the evening.
The controls are AD/arrow keys and space bar. Autosave.

Turn the cogwheel! Convey electricity!


This short puzzle game by Gumishi is not challenging but flows nicely and the overall design is very good. Your only task is to activate the electric circuit.

Mouse control, ten levels.

We recently played their game Door (WE N°372).

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


chief_grief April 19, 2023 8:05 PM

Tamerisu Guide!
General tips:
Interact with bushes, trees, etc. to shake food (or other things!) out of them. Most can be shaken several times.
Some items might only appear during one time of day. There are four periods of the day: Morning, midday, evening, night.
Items still in your mouth at the end of the day won't count towards your points or discoveries, only items in your home stump. Get them back to your stump before the end of day, or lose them!
You run slower the more you have in your mouth, but this only depends on how many things, not how big they are.

Item guide, arranged by the order they appear in your discovery book:


10 points. All over. Some hide in trees or bushes.

Pine cone:

30 points. Shake the trees north of home.


10 points. Shake the bushes west of the pond, sometimes you'll get a peanut instead of an acorn.


30 points. Shake the leaf pile next to home for an acorn. Take the acorn back to your stump. Shake the leaf pile again, you'll get a hazelnut instead.


30 points. Sitting in the basket trap. You can grab it after you free yourself from the trap, this takes four shakes.


30 points. Falls behind the tree closest to home around the start of midday.


100 points. Shake the tree closest to home a lot, and keep taking away the acorns and pinecones. Eventually, you'll shake out an egg.


10 points. Shake the small mushroom closest to the cave in the northwest. You can also go into the cave a few times to bring one out.

Bundle of mushrooms:

10 points. Shake the small mushroom south of the cave entrance. You can also go into the cave a few times to bring one out.

Purple mushroom:

10 points. Shake the big mushroom east of the cave entrance.

Red mushroom:

10 points. Shake the big mushroom south of the cave entrance. A little red mushroom will fall on your head. It'll come off if you go into the cave, your home, or if you just wait long enough, and you can pick it up then.


30 points. Go into the cave in the northwest five times. Maybe not the best eating for winter.


50 points. Wait until night, and one of the tall mushrooms in the west will be glowing brightly. Shake it to turn it off and take its battery.


10 points. Pull it out of the garden in the southwest.

Sunflower seed:

10 points. Can't be collected until evening, when the sunflowers in the garden droop. Shake one for a seed.

Pumpkin seed:

10 points. Shake the pumpkin in the garden for a seed.


50 points. Shake five seeds out of the pumpkin, and you can take the pumpkin instead.

Sweet potato:

50 points. Pull on the vine in the garden. Can only be pulled out when your mouth is full of 5 things. Don't forget to come back for the sweet potato!

Half-eaten biscuit:

50 points. Pick it up near the garden in the early morning. It slowly leaves the screen by midday. Maybe ants are taking it?


10 points. Shake the bush south of the pond.


50 points. Shows up at the pond at noon, halfway through midday. Not easy to catch!

Puzzle piece:

100 points. On the island in the pond. Lilypads appear in the pond in the evening and make a bridge. Hurry and run to the island! Don't worry, you can't get trapped.


10 points. East of the pond. In the evening, the ones you don't eat turn white and blow away when you get close. Make a wish!

Red berries:

10 points. In the obvious bushes east of the dandelions.

Blue berries:

10 points. In the obvious bush in the far southeast. Get them in the morning!


10 points. In the blue berry bush in the southeast, but only during midday or later.


50 points. Hangs around the berry bushes once night falls. I didn't know squirrels could eat ghosts!


100 points. A secret. I haven't found if it unlocks anything!

After night falls, check near the mushrooms.

Some glowing mushroom gunk on the ground says 31213.

Is there anything around that looks like 1, 2, or 3?

The red berry bushes have 2, 1, and 3 berries on them from north to south.

Shake the red berry bushes in the order given by the glowing gunk: The bush with 3 berries, then 1, then 2, then 1, then 3. A key will pop out.


10 points. Washes up on shore all day long.


10 points. Shake the rock near the beach.

Message in a bottle:

50 points. Floating in the water in the early morning. Get it before it washes out to sea.

Hand brush:

50 points. Floating in the water in the evening. Get it before it washes out to sea.

Shooting star:

100 points. Falls on the beach halfway through the night. A delicious midnight snack!

jcfclark April 22, 2023 7:35 PM

Cute game Tamerisu! It would be helpful if it were a minute or so longer, especially nighttime (which really whizzes by), since I spend too dang much time skipping back home once I've figured out I can't pack anymore in my cheek pouches.


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