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Weekday Escape N°372

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Hi! Weekday Escape is here!

We'll start with the tomoLaSiDo's new cans and we've accumulated quite a few, five in total. Then we got a cute and funny game from devextreme, followed by an interesting and creative escape from Gumishi. The last one is an escape from isotronic, this time without time limit and bugs (as far as I know).

Have a good time and enjoy!

No puzzle games in this WE. Tommorow will be posted one bigger puzzle game.

I'll Open It Up

plech5.png plech1.png plech2.png plech3.png plech4.png

TomoLaSiDo added five new cans to open over the holidays. There are three puzzles on each can, and one of them can be solved in two ways - you have plenty to do!
The cursor isn't changing, autosave (the game saves already opened cans), one ending.

Escape Game Prototype

prototype.pngThe funny game from devextreme is not long, but offers some enjoyable puzzles and original art. Hopefully more games will follow the prototype...
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.


door.pngGumishi's game is a cross between an escape game and a puzzle game. Your goal is to get out of the labyrinth of doors, but you also need to figure out what can be done in which scene. Interesting graphics.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, two endings.

Bathroom Escape


We've encountered games from isotronic before, and most of them had a time limit and not quite polished gameplay. This time we don't have a time limit and I didn't encounter any bugs. So, you're locked in the bathroom, can you escape? Be sure to explore the bathroom carefully, look in every corner and also under the furniture.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


I think I'm done with isotronic games. I honestly don't know what's worse—the illogical nature of the games or the terrible grammar/spelling used within. I mean, really:

“Turn the red trash cover according to the image below the sink, look trough (sic) the shower glass to see the password, press the buttons in order, the first one is & 7 Circle pointing down”

Like, what?

For those of you stuck on the trash can next to the toilet:

You must have three sets of clues first:

Look under the sink for the sequence of geometric shapes. Unless the game is randomized, it should be diamond at top, square at left, triangle at right, and octagon at bottom.

Open the window blind to see the sequence of typographic characters. These should be at symbol (@) at top, percent (%) at left, dollar sign ($) at right, and ampersand (%) at bottom.

Turn on the hot water and steam up the shower to see the numbers. (Look at the bathroom's window while in the steamy shower to see them.) They should be 9 at top, 8 at left, 5 at right, and 7 at bottom.

If you've already opened the blind, you'll note that they overlay something else:

The steamy numbers overlay the typographic characters on the window itself. This gives you 9 and @ at top, 8 and % at left, 5 and $ at right, and 7 and & at bottom.

And there are arrows which indicate an order to things: bottom, left, right, and top.

Now that you have all that, you'll need one inventory item:

Check the laundry hamper to the left of the sink.

There's a Metal Circle hidden away in the upper-right corner of the hamper.

Now you can solve the trash can:

Use the Metal Circle on the can lid. It creates a series of three rings which can be turned independently.

To begin, position the red circle according to the diagram under the sink. Again, this is diamond at top, square at left, triangle at right, and octagon at bottom. You won't need to turn this ring again.

While it isn't at all obvious, you now need to rotate the white and green rings to match the combinations shown by looking at the window through the steamy shower glass. Each combination must be entered according to the sequence shown by the arrows.

First, rotate the white inner ring so that the ampersand (&) is at the bottom. Then rotate the green ring so that 7 is also at bottom. This is our first entry, so now press the octagon button at bottom.

Next, rotate the white ring so that percent (%) is at left. Rotate the green ring so that 8 is also at left. Press the square button to enter this.

Third, rotate the white ring so that the dollar sign ($) is at right. Rotate the green ring to put 5 on the right as well. Press the triangle button to enter this.

Lastly, rotate the white ring so that the at symbol (@) is at top, and rotate the green ring so 9 joins it. Press the diamond button, and the can should open.

Noting comments on various video walkthroughs on this game, people were apparently quite confused by this puzzle. It didn't help that…

…the original clue for the geometric figures (found under the sink) was the figures presented in a straight line, with no way of knowing how they were to be positioned. The dev appears to have fixed that within the past couple of weeks, thankfully.

Good thing I tackled this one first and saved others for last. This really left an unpleasant taste.

And that thing that bugged me most—"USB Chord"?  🤨


Escape Game Prototype was enjoyable. Liked the pencil-drawn aesthetic. Hope to see something more from the dev!


I like Door. But questioning if I reached the end or not…

Do the fireworks indicate you've completed the game? Or is there more?


Escape Game Prototype



'Escape Game Prototype' is fun and incredibly player-friendly. No frustrating head scratches which is most enjoyable. Keep up the good work, devextreme!


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