Grow ver.2

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grow2.jpgIf you have been a visitor here for a while now, then you are no doubt familiar with and have played the original Grow game. But did you know that its full name is Grow ver.3? So what ever happened to Grow ver.2? Well, On just made it available to play on his Eyezmaze website.

Grow ver.2 is completely different than what Grow ver.3 turned out to be, and yet the basic premise is the same as it is for all of the Grow games: Just click on the various items, one-by-one, and try to make them all reach their maximum level. Hint: order matters.

While not as colorful as his other Grow games, this one features similar charming and deliciously strange characters and animation as all the others. Bite-size and delightful as usual.

Play Grow ver.2

A big cheer to Kogita for alerting me to this new development at Eyezmaze. =)

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...


sure, it's not as colourful, but it's still a grow game, nonetheless!

i loved it. and the characters just made it that much better.

Brandon's absolutely right. Although it's not quite as "spiffy" as the others, it's still a cool little game. Nice find, Jay!

my cube wont grow more than lvl 4

wow nice, finished it in like the third try though

whooo i did it

this is the whole solution so you are warned

are you sure?

reaaalyy sure?

okay here it is

cone block paper cilinder hole ball

for anyone who want's the order of items it's

Triangle, Cube, Page, Cylinder, Oval (hole), Ball

Great! The grow games are some of my favorite. This one didn't take too long to figure out, though.

Spoilers below


really nice. I think this one better than any of the other grow games. And it isn't so frustrating.

it is always cool to see something new from eyemaze! is there a version 1 somewhere?

Yes, Ruka, On promised he would release both versions 1 and 2, with 2 being the first and released just today.

I'll post something about ver.1 when it becomes available. =)

This is a spoiler if you wanna know the answer.

cone cube paper cylinder hole ball.

i love the animation at the end when you win so creative

YES! finally, an eyemaze game i can beat without help :P (p.s. this is my first post)

Heh heh heh. If you do it wrong in a right way (hmmm . . .) then you can get the cone to accidently kill the cute little block children. Then the momma block gets angry and squishes the cone. Doesn't actually get you anywhere, but it's worth seeing!

I think to do that it's

block, ball, cone, paper, cylinder, hole

but I'm not sure.

Heather - Yes, I loved that. Came upon that one myself while trying to solve it.

Another funny one is when the cone and the cylinder fight and get all tangled up...

cone, cylinder, then anything, anything

Is this a newer version than ver.3? It feels much more polished.

grumbles - think of it as a concept design iteration. It helped lead On to what is now Ver.3, the game we know of as the first in the Grow series.

What is the purpose of this lv. 0, lv.max thing it show at the end?

Woohoo, I did it!

cone cube paper cylinder hole sphere

Hey, I actually finished this one without help! Go me!

I noticed there's a lot of spoilers, but it seems stupid that they're all at's a step by step one so you can check your solution.

By order:







Based on part:












Yay! Every day that another of these games is released, the world gets a little brighter. :D

Starfish: think of those as growth levels. Each shape starts out at Lv.0 as it's placed on the field. Depending on the order in which you choose the shapes, certain ones might "level up" and others might remain as they are. In order to get the "best" ending, each shape has reach Lv.MAX (the maximum level of growth).

Actually, I think it starts at level 1 and goes up (to level max), and level 0 is when the item is 'destroyed' (like when the cone is squished by the square)

Whoops...I think you're right about that, KoolKow. My mistake. :)

aww. how cute :)
i love all the grow games!
love your site btw :D

Other cute animations I found are the cylinder falling in the hole and the claw stealing the ball. Lots of fun.

HI JAY!!! Just wanted to say hello! It's been a long time!!! Hope all is well with you my friend!!! I'm still reading, and playing! hehe!

great, but part of the fun of the older games was the difficulty, this one wasnt as hard

Well, technically, this game is older than any of the others so far. It was a design concept iteration that didn't make it to a final release.

Not until the others became so popular and fans of the Grow series asked him about versions 1 and 2 did On agree to post them for people to play.

The very first version of Grow has been promised to be released soon, and I will be sure to post something about it when it is.

The world according to Grow is very good world, indeed.

lol got 5 max on the first try by fluke.

The thing I really like about these Grow games is that, even if you mess up, you can see the cute animations that you wouldn't see otherwise. :D

I did it! I have passed all the grow games, I really like them cause they finish with an animation that you can't imagin when you begin. Here is the solution, but try to pass it without it first!

cone, cube, paper, cylinder, hole, ball


Okay, that was really easy, but boy was it cool!

I definately didn't see the ending coming.

personal opinion

I personally think these games are garbage... I completely understand that for some reason alot of you feel differn't but these grow games suck there not entertaining last like a minute and have poor animation

I got the cone and cilinder to get to a fight! Can't remember which order it is though...wait i think it's coming back to me....

oh no it isn't. Oh well

if you have nothing nice to say that keep it to yourself

This is the first grow game I figured out on my own! it's sooo cute, and I love the music.

I love these types of games. I played all the GROW and such. Anyone got some different ones?

Hello! I'm new here. This is personally my favourite (other than Grow Cube). I'll see you around!

GOT IT ON SECOND GO!!!!!!ah ha oh yeah

i have beaten every single grow game so if you want answers respond to this comment thank you and good night folks.

LoL I love the outcome of certain 'wrong' orders like when the cone fights the cylinder or gets squashed by mommy block more than the actual finished product! Very cute.

I just made the cylinder walk around by itself and fall into the hole too lol!
And another time the arm from the hole took the ball into the hole and... ate it!
I love these alternate endings :D

I got the cone and cylinder to fight, but how do you get the mommy block to squish the cone like everyone's talking about?

Veggie: You DON'T want to do those things. you want the cone to break the cylinder, and the mommy block to lay her cubes.

hah....this one was quite easy
some items will destroy one another, which is not good.

hey these games are cool you no you sgould make new ones thanx
luv you:)

Hey peeps,
this game is so totaly cool i personaly love how the blocks spell out congraulations.
Here is the order that the objects go in:


hey man, ur site's really great. Anyway i've just solved grow v.3

Hiya does anyone know how to do that weird little game where u hav 2 free a little man i think it called chronon, could anyone help me on this????

hiya :P

Check on the Chronon page for help with that game.

HAHAHA!!! I finally figured one of these out with no help!!! OK, it was only 6 ingredients, but still...

/pops open a Cold One.

yahoo! I got it finally! nice


at the end!

cone -> cube -> paper -> cylinder -> hole ->
ball of course!

it took me ages to figure it out but i got it wahoo

hill tube cube ball egg ladder fan tornado gear plate booster tv

heres one!


p.s. it's the one where the hand-in-the-hole eats the sphere

^_^ Its a giant robot!

To destroyboy,

I think your solution is to grow version 3 but that is the correct solution good luck gaming everyone

Grow games are awsome!!

ok look people this is the order it took me the first try


there there you go people

Here is a complete walkthrough.

First the cone.
Second the cube.
Third the papaer.
Fourth the cylinder.
Fifth the hole.
Then the shpere.

haha, its so funny when you do it wrong and the cone thing accidently kills the baby cubes and the mummy cube kills the cone.

if you wanna know how to do that its

are you sure you wanna know??? if yes, keep clickin

i promise its the next one

cone (seeee!!! i keep promises






i think !!!


thanks very much guys

No, that is wrong

It is

cone, cube, paper, cylinder, hole and ball

To make the Cube get angry and evil do this:
Cone, cube, hole, ball, paper and cylinder!
She has red eyes!!!!

i found out how to kill the triangle squid and see his flattened body

Sphere, cube, cone, hole, paper and Cylinder

Me + my buddy have completed all of the grow games except ornament with your help THANKS GUYS

i love the games

hey jessie loo, that is a good one, but it makes the cube kill the drill thingy.

I did it!! Took me ages though! :) and i can proudly say i DIDNT use the cheats--if you want some help click on the spolier.

Cone Cube Paper Cylinder Hole Ball

finally I got it! That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

The Walkthrough for GROW Ornament is

Present, Heart, Cloud, Light
Ribbon, Star

i found a way to make the cylinder fall in the hole all you have to do is

are you sure?

ok its the next one


anything but hole and cone

anything but hole

hole and its in the hole

by the way this is like my first time here so im not sure how the spoiler work

it is cube paper cone

I solved it in the first try.

Cone, cube, paper, cylinder, hole, sphere.


awwww, how cute!

Probably not one of my favorite games from eyemaze but it was fun

DIDN'T WORK!!! Let me try the spoiler again.


[Emzerz, click on spoiler help in the instructions right above where you leave comments. It will explain how to use spoiler tags. -Pam]

Grow island is my favourite but they are all awesome!

haha, first I didnt get it, but if you complete it , it is very funny:)

i got the triangle and cylinder in a fight!







[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

I did it no thanks to the spoilers. Here is the REAL order:

cone cube paper cylinder hole ball

if you want to know the order here it is:

cone cube paper cylinder hole ball

Thats so awesome how it ends up!

pretty tansformer ending but its ok i guess

1. Cone
2. Cube
3. Paper
4. Cylinder
5. Hole
6. Sphere

it does work!!!!!!!

Well, i use the solutions you people said, but i got everything max, except the cone, it stays at 2.

Here is the walkthrough


here is the anwser in order

Cone,Cube,Paper,Cylinder,Hole and Ball

1. Cone
2. Cube
3. Paper
4. Cylinder
5. Hole
6. Ball

Yay! I got it on my first try! XD (Without looking at the spoilers.) I always eventually get it without the walkthrough, but it usually takes me 3-5 turns to figure it out. I'm really not that good at Grow games. I just click random stuff cause I'm not really that logical. I just click on whatever my eyes see first. =3 But these are still really fun! Grow games are sorta cute... 8D I really liked the ending for that one. Oh, and I tried it again to see if there was another way, I ended up killing one of my shape people. The cube sat on him. XP It was kinda sad!

So cute. Needed a little help, but I got it. These grow games are the best!

the real order is

cone cube paper clinder hole ball

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

Here is the way:


Hope this helps!

Family Girl

I really liked this game, although nothing (for me) is as good as Cube...

I found a secret ending!

Cube, page, cylinder, hole, ball, cone. This may not work on your computer.

i like all of the other ones better, this one was too.... simple and boring.?

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