Grow Ornament

Grow OrnamentJust in time for the holidays, On of Eyezmaze has done it again: a brand new X-mas mini-Grow game has just been released and, as the name implies, is a bit shorter and sweeter than the others.

Play Grow Ornament in the same way as the previous games in the series: Click on any one of the items along the sides of the game window. Select the items in the correct sequence to level-up all items to their maximum and see the gorgeous and delightful ending.

If you find you enjoy these games as much as I do, please consider giving a donation to On using his Tip system. A small expression of gratitude to help give him the inspiration to continue making wonderful and free games for everyone. I love his games so much that I donate a little something each time a new game is released.

On's Grow games are all elegantly simple, and accessible to people of all ages. A wonderful holiday gift from Eyezmaze.

Play Grow Ornament

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Wow, this is really cute. I love Christmas and this fills me with holiday cheer.


  1. Present

  2. Cloud

  3. Heart

  4. Lights

  5. Ribbon

  6. Star


yay! i love these games!

What a nice Grow! That was probably the easiest one, but it's definitely a good fun one! The ending was...interesting, considering the uh final sentence. But Thanks anyway, author :P

Grow games are always welcome

The little guy at the end was creepy

Great game, shorter then other grow games, but still fun.

Wow, this is really cute. I love Christmas and this fills me with holiday cheer.


  1. Present

  2. Cloud

  3. Heart

  4. Lights

  5. Ribbon

  6. Star

Awsome! I Love these Games, Ty Jay, Any Clues?

Hi Melissa - clues? hmm, this one actually took me several tries to get it right. Here's one clue that should not spoil it for anybody:

The star seems to be the only logical placement in the sequence

hahahaha... yeaaah agreed, that last sentence was a little... creepy... =p it was cute, like all the others. coolio! glad they made an xmas one.

"creepy"?! Oh come on people. ;)

I've heard that love is a many spendored thing, that love makes the world go round, and that love will keep us together... but love is "creepy"?

Come on and share the love. Tis the season. =D

I know I'm supposed to be studying, but how can you resist a new Grow game? I loved this new Christmas themed Grow. It was adorable and got me into the holiday spirit. I like how all his game characters made appearances, like the PelPet Santa, heehee.

Okay, I've never gotten this about the Grows ... how do I work out what order to put things in? Just keep trying different combinations? Or is there some kind of system I can use?

Very cute, love the background music! I think this is the only Grow that I've finished with a smile on my face the whole time!

easyest one yet .. took me 3 tries to get it right ;) happy xmas to everyone

Present, Cloud, Heart, Lights, Red Tape, Star

Eyebrows - you can glean bits of information from what items get maxed out when you finish, and what happens in-between while playing. ...but it is mostly trial and error, with a dash of luck thrown in for good measure. =)

First Present (Little Man)


Second Present (Gem)

GROW RPG (I think)

Third Present (Melon Truck)


Fourth Present (Blob)

Grow RPG

Fifth Present (Hammer)


Ending Bonus

Pelpet Santa, Flying Tontie



two tries. Not bad! Very logical choices this time around.

I gotta agree with Jay about the last sentance. I didn't find it creepy at all, instead it filled me with joy and happiness.

Happy/Merry Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice everybody! (I'm personally a Merry Christmas gal.)

This was a cute little game to bring me into the spirit of Christmas -- the GROW way. I love GROW games. Thanks for all you've done this year, Jay. Have a happy holida season.

Hi everyone! Wow....I haven't even played this Grow yet, but I bet it's good. My favorite games on this site are the Grow games, and this is just what I was waiting for. It's amazing, I was just thinking about how cool it would be for another Grow game to come out, but with a holiday theme and then.....BAM! I find one on the site. Thanks for finding this one Jay. :D

Oh this is great! It's got me all in the festive cheer already.

Cheers Jay, and a great big thanks to On for creating this masterpiece.

How cute is the lil' Santa. Aww he loves me.

For anyone who has read tgulden and QazzaQ's spoilers, the 2nd and 3rd position can be swapped around and will give the same results.

:D that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside . . .

this is great. i done it on my second go. Santa loves me how cute! its not creepy at all.
Thewolf, the melon truck is off of hatch :)

Let me preface this by saying i LOVE the grow games. I get excited every time I see one reviewed cuz i know i'm in for fun. When I did the vote for 2005 top 10, the first thing I clicked on were the grow games.

However, I think this was the worst of the bunch. Maybe because it was so short, but also because there wasn't much logic or strategy to the order, the only 'appropriate' thing (order wise) was the star, otherwise everything else was kinda random. I assume the shortness had a lot to do with that. Don't get me wrong I really liked the christmas theme and I'm really happy to have ANY grow game, but I was a bit disapointed.

Well, Joe, if you take a look at the Eyezmaze site, On refers to this one as a "Mini-Xmas Grow."

Take it for what it is: a warm fuzzy holiday present from Eyezmaze. No need for words like "worst" and "disappointed" here. ;)

With that said, I do agree with your assessment of things being kinda random and not very logical (except for the star). And yet I was not disappointed with the effort. =D

Ok, how about I change "worst" to "least amazing". Though I can't lie about my disapointment... I saw a grow game and was hoping for an hr or more of fun and I only got 5 mins. I guess if I knew it was a 'mini grow' at the start it would have helped.

Still, it was better to have Grow Ornament than no Grow at all.

Keep up the good work Jay

Cheers, Joe. It's all good. =D

PS - I've added "mini" to the post. ;)

aside from the random order, what i found out disappointing was the ending.. with the tree having horns, i expected something more to happen!

Erm... I SO wanna play this game, but for some reason, the Eyemaze site is going screwy for me. When I click on the link to play Grow Ornament, it redirects me to Grow Cube and keeps on refreshing until I right click. When I do, I can't even play Grow Ornament or Grow RPG D: I was able to play Grow Cube when it first came out, though. Is this just happening to me?

Charon - I don't get the same results as you. Try emptying out your browser's cache and try again.

Also, do you have the most recent Flash Player installed? Use the "Get Flash" link in the sidebar to update Flash if you haven't done so recently.

I've done both, but it still won't work. The rest of the grow games work, though. It might just be my computer D: I'll try playing it on another computer tomorrow.

Thanks anyway, Jay! Keep up the good work <3

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

Eyemaze for the holidays, YES.

Hehehe. That was a good little Mini-grow for the Crimm Sauce season. The little angelic Tontie and Santy Pelpet were cute, too. ^_^ Fun, but short.

I loved it, like all the earlier ones. And it took me at least an hour, not 5 min. On's so creative and positive. Thanks Jay, for all of it.

Yet another grow game :d. Nice.

Kawaii game. ^^

Happy Christmas to everyone!

I enjoyed this game! Particularly because I figured this one out on the first try, but I couldn't figure any of the other ones out. What a nice Christmas tree!

Presents, cloud, heart, lights, ribbon, star

shweet! i love the grow games! i loved the grow cube one especcialy! make more dude! please!!!!! p.s i have 3 words. best.


what i liked best of the game wasn't the last part when santa comes...
if you want solutions here they are
i better spoil them because if someone maybe doesnt want them i better spoil them.
and here they're:

present,cloud,hart,lights,red ribbon,star

one-eyed angel," congratilations!"

the solution is:

present heart cloud bulb ribbon star

another solution:

present cloud heart bulb ribbon star

so easy! yet, so fun :D

present, cloud, heart, lights, red string stuff, star.

when i play it (even away from december) (lol) jig goes to a page that says "false" ??????

Thanks for the note. It should be fixed now. =)

Wow! Such a cute game! I love all of the grow games! Just one thing, though: why does the tree have horns??

ty to all who gave order! ;)

so cute!!! Santa loves me!! ^^...i just can't finght the smile on my kind the little Santa...

The melon truck is a food from Hatch.

A solution:

1. Gift
2. Heart
3. Cloud
4. Lights
5. Ribbon
6. Star

i did it a diffeent way


This was short but fun. SPOILER

1.Gift 2. Heart 3. Cloud 4. Lights 5. Ribbon 6. Star


heh i rule

I don't understand how I'm supposed to play this game. I know it's more than guess and check.

This game was very cute. I loved the little Santa guy at the end and I thought it was not creepy. This was a cool Christmas Grow game to play.

It's supposed to be:

Present, HEART, cloud, Light, Ribbon, star

Very. Important. Information!


is there anybody here who thinks the little guy getting fried by the lights even a little disterbing???

i love santa....

the end was creppy but funny

why does the tree have horns???

He wasn't fried. The man was only a miracle, and went back to it's normal form. Or at least, He flew away in the cloud and left a gingy. Yum...

really cute! mouse over Santa at the end!

Omg This Is The Cutest Ever!!

I really enjoy these games. But at the end of this one...

What kind of angel is that? He's only got one eye!

OMG SO FUN ^^ Adorable.. brilliant!!! I got it on the 4th time >=D Not bad eh? But it is kinda simple for these games XD sooo yeah ^^ Love the game keep making them! Everyone knows we want you to >=D

wierd angle but cool tree.

you're right!!! the little santa is kinda creepy!!!

I <3 using the computer and I love games. I like this site :P

melon truck is from hatch v.0

aww... this is just so cute! <'33

is there a hidden ending?

this is so cute!!!

I love how they use the tontie as the angel!!

This is my first walk through, so here it is=


The two creepyest things were the creepy santa and the guy who got turned into a ginger bread man by the angel


Good but there are better
and it should have a secret ending like use the fact the tree has horns and turn it into the devil maybe?. kutgw

Yay for a cute christmas game

lolz grow games are so much fun!!!!!!!

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