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World of Warcraft: Top 10 Locations For Beginners

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Picture2.jpg World of Warcraft is a legendary game. One of the reasons for its popularity is the depth and complexity of the gameplay. The game offers a huge world to explore, and many different quests and challenges.

Players can also choose from a variety of races and classes, each with their own unique abilities and play style. And this makes the game quite difficult not only for beginners but also for professionals. Therefore, many gamers turn to boosting companies for help, where highly qualified specialists help in leveling, completing raids and dungeons, and much more. One of the most popular services in WoW is the ability to buy wow classic gold because it is the most important resource in the game, without which it is almost impossible to quickly develop and conquer Azeroth.

In terms of beautiful locations in the game, World of Warcraft Classic is a vast, detailed world filled with stunning landscapes, from sprawling forests and snow-capped mountains to quiet lakes and bustling cities. And now, we'll discuss 12 of World of Warcraft Classic's most thrilling places.

Western Plaguelands
Of course, there are many more horrors that players have encountered in the eastern Plaguelands, while the western ones seem to be just an echo. However, it is here, in the western Plaguelands, that you first learn of the Scourge. Of course, to get to know all its history, you will have to make a long and adventurous journey to the east.

Loch Modan
Our first character was a dwarf. That is why we are a little more reverent about this location than others because many pleasant memories connect us with it. We love this view of the icy mountains that hide the cold valleys of Dun Morogh.

Tirisfal Glades
If you chose a Forsaken as your character, you would invariably end up in the Tirisfal Glades, teeming with rotting fields, abandoned homesteads, and bloody quests. The perfect starting zone with questionable morals, just right for one of the most morally ambiguous races of Warcraft.

Stonetalon Mountains
Here is another location that gained a really exciting storyline after the Cataclysm, however before that it was third-rate. But thanks to their breathtaking dawn landscapes, the Stonetalon Mountains are ranked 7th in our ranking.

Quite a strange and controversial location. Silithus has been completely abandoned - a completely unfinished zone right in the game! However, everything changed when players were introduced to the new Ahn'Qiraj raid and new quests, the storyline of which told about the Qiraji people and the Old Gods. You learned about all this by completing the most epic WoW quest in the history of the game.

Initially, Moonglade was a sacred area only for druids, and a lot of curiosity for everyone else. In the Legion expansion, the developers will once again rethink the concept of this place, and I hope that Moonglade will delight the players as before.

The rural landscapes in World of Warcraft are so amazing! Oh, those exhausted, resentful farmers who work day and night in the wind-blown fields of Westfall. One of the game's most iconic dungeons, the Dead Mines, is located in this location, for which Westfall earns itself 4th place in our ranking.

The magnificence of Teldrassil is unmatched. This purple and green contrast has helped to make World of Warcraft such a vivid and identifiable game. The music in this location is indescribably magical, but, unfortunately, Darnassus was then the most underestimated capital of the night elves.

Stranglethorn Vale
You haven't played the original World of Warcraft if you've never leveled in this hostile, never-ending jungle while coming under constant attack from high-level opponents. When the apostles open the book of our deeds at the heavenly gates, they will see that all day long we did nothing but run from the Pirate Bay cemetery to our corpse in order to rise again and continue to complete tasks.

But despite all these shortcomings, Stranglethorn is still a magnificent location, filled with the most bloody adventures that you can expect from the southern coast of Azeroth.

The Barrens
This place could appear to be an area that has never been settled if you don't look attentively. Making this location the main home for the three races (tauren, orcs, and trolls) was not the best idea, but in all this chaos - in the spam in the chat, in the attacks of the Alliance, in the whining of the noobs - we found some indescribable charm.

This location for all players is the most symbolic, the most amazing, and the most mysterious of all the locations on this list. It is with the Barrens that we are connected by an incredible amount of pleasant memories of early WoW.

There are many breathtaking panoramas in the World of Warcraft Classic environment: sweeping woods, majestic mountains covered in snow, peaceful waters, and busy towns. These landscapes, the longevity of World of Warcraft Classic, and the devoted community it has amassed over the years are three key factors in its appeal. Millions of people play World of Warcraft and has now become a global cultural phenomenon. In 2019, the game's classic version was published, allowing users to experience it as it was back then, and even now it has high ratings.

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This is terrible advice, and should be retracted before one of your users falls prey to it.


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