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DoraGrow ValleyLadies and gentlemen, start the engines of your teeny-tiny civilizations. Grow Valley is the latest in the Grow series of puzzle games. You should be excited because not only is this an Eyezmaze game, but it's also the sequel to Grow Island, which came out roughly three years ago. That's almost forever! Have your puny pastel people puzzle proficiencies deteriorated since then? Only one way to find out!

In the beginning, there was a valley, and lo, it was pretty big and empty. Fortunately, you've got seven buttons that will each trigger the development of a different sort of system you'll need in place to succeed. Best of Casual Gameplay 2010Unfortunately, you can only use each button once, and since they all depend on each other, you'll have to figure out the correct order to use them to get the best results. Each time you click a button, the world will grow a little more complex, and if one system is linked to another that's already in place, they'll both evolve a little further. The goal is to have everything fully upgraded at the end, so presumably your little faceless subjects will have sustainable energy and high tech equipment. The better to worship you as their gracious overlord. Look, don't try and tell me you don't want your own tiny civilization of industrious workers! Think of the tiny statuary they'd build in honour of you!

Like all Eyezmaze games, Grow Valley can be a bit odd to suss out. There's logic to it, sort of, but there's also a lot of trial-and-error involved in figuring out when to use what, and that can be frustrating. Or, rather, it would be if the animations and visuals in this latest installment weren't so ridiculously elaborate and charming. There's a remarkable amount of detail and love in the design here that makes this a delight to watch. And, ultimately, isn't that half the fun of a Grow game? Seeing the tiny fruits of your labour trundle about their business? While not very long, Grow Valley is still incredibly charming and entertaining, and easily worth ten minutes of your time. After all, can't we all use another smile in our day?

Can you find two endings? There's a normal one and a secret (underground) one (maybe even a ufo ending, too?). If you get stuck or need a hint, we have a walkthrough available for each one. [With thanks to JIGuest and wonder64 for being the first to find them!]

Play Grow Valley

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Woop got it, Normal ending:

  1. Compass - Design

  2. Pickaxe - Architect

  3. Microchip - Technology

  4. Cog - Mechanical

  5. Magnifying Glass - Mathematical Chemistry

  6. Vial - Matter/Chemical

  7. Heart - Life Sciences

Secret ending. Finally. This is a first for me.

  1. magnifying glass

  2. cog

  3. heart

  4. microchip

  5. design

  6. pickaxe

  7. vial

    Yay! Underground!!


lol, first try I got a "booooo" in general, and man, did I piss the design guy off! XD

Here's a hint for people:

Use the design team first or second, and the constructors third or fourth.

Woop got it, Normal ending:

  1. Compass - Design

  2. Pickaxe - Architect

  3. Microchip - Technology

  4. Cog - Mechanical

  5. Magnifying Glass - Mathematical Chemistry

  6. Vial - Matter/Chemical

  7. Heart - Life Sciences

Got it on the third try. I love the grow series they are awesome, and I bet there is a secret ending on this one too. If anyone get the secret ending please share :D

this IS a secret ending to find too! :D

My absolute favorite in the grow series! I love the design system guy (white one)!

I declare this to be the best grow game yet.

Now to track down the secret ending.

So I finished it, but I simply cant get the secret...

I love the

Little alien guys

Did anyone else drive their designer to drink?

There's a secret and I can't find it!

Wow... this is so much more complex even than previous Grow games. I figured I had to be pretty close, but then got to the end and 4 of the 7 attributes were still at level 1. Back to the drawing board.

I discovered something secret

  1. "life sciences system"

  2. "matters / chemical system"

  3. "mathematical chemistry system"

  4. "mechanical system"

  5. "electricity and electronic information system"

  6. "architectural systems"

  7. "design system"

i found train, not car


How did you get the aliens??

I made a train instead of a car!

Try putting out the mechanical systems, architectural and electricity guys out in that order. Rather than building a road for the car, they will build a train! This could be part of the steps towards the secret ending.

Man, the town went crazy with progress and I still didn't max everything out!

I would love to see a cartoon show animated by On.

To see aliens:
1.Complete it.
2.Look up^^

I got the designer to flip out.

You hire the mechanical, then the architect, then the designer, then the electrical. Then whatever. He goes ballistic on them.

I completed it, what's the "secret ending"?

Did anybody else find Waldo?

for some odd reason i get the wrong link

when you beat it hes in the bottem left corner

actually, every link i tried -even from other sites- has lead me to grow island

Finding the secret ending could take like FOREVER.

With 7 items there are 5040 possible permutations of the order you can put them in.

what is taking so long in finding that secret ending there are only 5040 different ways you can do it X3

I found Waldo and the aliens. Those little guys are so lovable... *sniff*

i am serious, i cannot access the game, is this the right link?

if not please give me it

I found Waldo!

no it directs me to grow island, is it because i'm in israel

Are you, by chance, actually clicking on the Grow Island link in the review?

only if the grow island link is the picture, the big bar that says play grow valley, and the words grow valley that is blue

seriously, are you assuming that i'm an idiot?

whenever i click it the link leads me to which is apparently grow island for me

[No need to get upset with my question, I was just trying to eliminate a possible misunderstanding. The URL you are being directed to is Grow Valley. Enjoy. :) -Jay]

Definitely my new favorite of the series. What I wouldn't give to live in a place like that...

The link is not working for me also. I went to the eyemaze website and their link leads to some advertisement using the grow island game. : (

wow! both of those solutions worked. why would that be though?

did anyone notice the house that looks like a head? or am i just crazy?

Due to frustration at not finding the secret ending, I have started working systematically. I have tried all combinations where the first three choices are Architectural, Matters/Chemical, and Mechanical (in that order), with no luck. That's it for me at the moment. Good luck

I'm in the process of checking chip,pick, cog in that order for the first 3 choices.

Eyezmaze has amazed me once again. It's insane how he can dish out another grow game, and yet not make it redundant. The whole "communication" between the characters was really cool.

Eeeeeee! A new Grow game and a new Dismantlement game practically on the same day! I am so there!

OH MY GOD, this game is incredible. The grow series continues to impress.

@HARDY no I also noticed that, sorry, you are not crazy xD



I got the normal ending on the third try, but I've been trying to get the secret ending for over an hour now!

I wonder if its possible to get the mole WITHOUT the architect...

I just finished watching a miracle of mass building and development... then the score screen pops up and I think, "It could be better? This is already Utopia!"

oh my god... this game was AMAZING. all i can say.

Secret ending. Finally. This is a first for me.

  1. magnifying glass

  2. cog

  3. heart

  4. microchip

  5. design

  6. pickaxe

  7. vial

    Yay! Underground!!

Well done, wonder64! (jason) :)

jason's solution makes me think that there's a secret ending that has civilization in space, but i may just be looking into it too far...

I laughed my head off when the little white design guy melted. He's my favorite.
Did anyone notice at the end there is a little house that resembles Einstein?

Life Sciences makes sense where it is. I thought it would be first, but last just...fits.

Too cute for words and without some of the WTF elements of other GROW games.

Okay, design guy is still my favorite.

Caution, next is my description of my favorite in-game event.

When all his ideas hit the ground and then his head falls off...
Then he yells at Mechanical and Architect...and they do nothing so he falls underground and mutates. Ah, memories of old grow games.

I found myself pitying the poor guy. He suffers SO much in both "success" endings...

Was there anything else "odd" that happened besides the secret ending? Grow V2 had some REALLY strange events if you put things in the wrong order...

I'm going to repeat the success ending. Why? It's cute. Do I really need to explain more?

And why is this a 4.9? Did some people give it a lower rating? Shame!

An absolutely great game, love the little Waldo. I have to agree with tedweird, though, in Grow Island you could get "Congratu-aliens" why shouldn't you be able to get it here where the aliens are also visibly seen?

Must attempt to find this possible ending.

That was sooooo cute! Loved it! Got to the end and I keep playing it just to watch all the little men working.

Wow what a heartbreaker... I was one off on my first try.

But I always know that when there is a new Grow game, it is amazing and fun and awesome. So awesome.


Waldo is also in the underground bottom left corner!!!1

Might be my favorite grow yet!

The first time I made the designer angry, when his head popped off I was like "oh no! I killed the designer!" but then I saw that he just lost his head for a second.

@Jay, Thanks!
@SkylerF, there are some other slight variations on the path i took for the secret ending.

If you play with the order of the cog, designer, and electricity a bit, you can get 3 different versions of the car and a train.

You can also get one where the architect gets mad and yells, but just hops back into the panel.

The tip-offs for the secret for me and a great place to start for a big hint on figuring out the secret on your own...

was a couple of differences that i saw with a)the train, b)The woods growning on the back left and right, and c)getting people to shrug by blocking their actions.

^I'm Jason btw. got an account to make posting easier. Love this game and really love the site Jay!

The icon JIG is using for this seems to be a sort of generic little On character going "yay". I think it should be the designer scribbling away at his desk instead.

Thanks, wonder64! I'll change your walkthrough comment so its owned by your JIG account.

Evergreen: It's actually the electronics meep when he jumps back into his little icon at the bottom of the screen.

I like your idea, though. I'll give it a try. :)

According to my friend playing there should be also an UFO ending. Yes. Three endings!
He doesn't know how to unlock UFO ending yet, though :-(


Great animation, very extensive. It's clear that lots of hard work was poured into this.

I managed to find the normal ending the second time I played. Yay! Gonna watch the secret ending now.

Yay! He looks so good. Very iconic.

I agree, thanks for the suggestion. ^_^

Getting the right icon for a game requires a good eye, and a bit of patience, too. I feel having good ones is a very important element to the site.

The best I got was ( in numerical order)
2173546 Try it out

This is the best Grow game for me! For once, I actually figured out the combination without a walk through hint once!
Loving the way they all phone each other for help and an argument. And the heated swimming pool!

My favorite character is definitely the architect (or whatever he is). I kinda feel sorry for him though...




like repairmanman, I also can't access Grow Valley and the link directs me to Grow Island. I've tried all my browsers (IE, Firefox, google chrome) and cleared my cache as you guys have suggested, but it still directs me to Grow Island. Is there another link or something?

Finally! I was actually thinking about Grow a few days ago and wondering whether there would ever be a new game.

I can always tell when there's a new Grow game, because it immediately rockets to the #1 spot on the top rated sidebar on the left. And it always irritates me slightly that this site has such a knee-jerk reaction of ZOMG NEW GROW!

But this is quite possibly the best thing I've ever played.

Just found the secret ending, and there is Waldo in both endings. I love it when the guys innocently pick up their phones and the designer comes screaming out of it at them... :P

Wasn't there a game a while back that wasn't part of the grow series but also focused on different evolutionary developments like civil and mechanical engineering?

I think it was on some school/university site but I can't seem to find it.

[Yes, it's called Grow Island and it was created for Shibaura Institute of Technology. -Jay]

Hold on, so the


WAS the secret?... well then I need to find the normal ending....

I loveeee grow games! So original and cute and freaky! This one is really interestingly elaborated. I love the white design guy, he's crazy :D
Now to the point, I completed normal and secret (deep underground) ending, but once I did something and...

the microchip guy jumped into the yellow mole thing, moved the electric tower, dug a hole, went underground and built those black power thingies there. And below the valley centre was an unfinished kinda underground laboratory. lol

But now I can't repeat that! And don't remember the combination to that point.Has anyone got to that point? Could it be another secret ending? :)

Lol. Did anyone else notice

there is a door in the dragon's tail (in the underground ending). Just above the pool with the manatees. And also:

another waldo in the underground ending

i found a character that looks like waldo.

check the subway

Aww, I would've liked it more if you actually saw the little one-eyed things build instead of there being a black screen. :/ But awesome job, very stimulating. I haven't seen a game from Eyezmaze in a long while.

This game made my day. And by "made my day" I mean "had me sitting in front of my computer for hours trying to find the right sequence of events". Took me 14 tries, but I eventually got it!

RPG is still my favorite, that one was just plain awesome.

This game is driving me nuts. I've been sitting here for an hour and a half trying over and over again and getting nothing. Then I come here and everyone's all "Got it on my third try" I an idiot or something? :)

For some reason the game logic just doesn't make much sense to me. I got close once, but still didn't have ANYTHING maxed out. My heart and Chemistry beaker always seem to be stuck at one no matter where I plop them in.

I like the game, but man...I really just don't get it all. It makes me a little sad. And I hate walkthroughs for this sort of thing because it completely ruins the experience of figuring it out...or not, as the case would be for me I guess.


Most of the people who got it on the third try have a strong familiarity with the previous Grow games. It definitely helps in solving them faster, both having a sense of how things are likely to interact and understanding the "grow" mechanic (which was much less present in this one, actually).

I don't think it's possible in this one for anything to reach MAX unless they all have and you've reached the solution, so you may not be as far as you think.

Just so you know, thos "aliens" or "one-eyed things" are called Tonties.

There is a logic to the Grow games. if anything, this one is easier because it clearly tells you which steps are needed for the previous steps.

So if (not a spoiler) pink guy and purple guy are needed to build something for green guy, then they should be chosen before the green guy. Otherwise, green guy goes without his step.

Also, if there is a time delay on developments, that time delay will be the same every try. So if red guy gets his thingy ready in two steps, and his thingy needs blue guy, then his thingy won't work if blue guy comes in too late.

After years of not understanding the Grow series but still enjoying them I think I've made a break through.

This is just a really lovely game/animation. I love it!

Ahhh... definitely my new favourite Grow, moving Cube to second and Island to third. It's just so adorable when they phone each other - especially when the designer is sleeping at his desk and gets embarrassed when the caller wakes him up. Plus a lot of sweet little secrets hidden around the place. Definitely worth it, and I'm so glad there was a walkthrough up. I NEVER get Grow games. Unlike Minoto games, we're just not on the same wavelength. I only keep coming back for the adorable animations.

Oh. My. God. This is the stuff THE AWESOME is made of, seriously.

Also, I couldn't help but think that the white design dude and the yellow architect guy are a buddy movie waiting to happen. =D

I know I'm late here, but...
Fezzes off to Eyezmaze, everyone! It's true that there's a minimum of logic in this game (to me, anyway), but it's crazily fun anyway. Sometimes it seems a bit more like an interactive movie than a game, though. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Just trying something... thinking about what could have been used later and what probably should have been used earlier, and after a few tries you are done :D But this DOES require some logical thinking, and it's so damn fun =) I love how the guys really interact with eachother in this game... I think I finished on my 6th try. Now it's time to find the secret ending :3 5/5

ta millionth answer is Q!
lol its actually W!
or is it MOO!
maybe K!
or B!
also it could be X or Y!

I really like the Grow series and I try to check the eyezmaze websites for updates; they are so occasional.
I think this is one of the easiest, with only seven panels. To solve this game, I noted which characters developed the most- especially

The computer chip guy, who consistently levels up five times (so he must be third), and the fact that the architect, engineer, and mechanical guys all needed the most time to develop.

There's a large imbalance in the characterization of the guys - the designer guy gets the most, and therefore is why most people say that he is the favorite character. On the other hand, the heart-life science guy gets the least characterization, since

he is placed last and even only gets about two levels up as the maximum. I really think he should have led the "heart energy" final scene, instead of the purple guy.

Wow! This more than makes up for not having a grow game for awhile!

The normal ending alone was amazing, and I loved to see the underground factor come into play again!

Thanks On, and thank you JIG, for bringing me this game. :D

I hate to double post but:




Tho I did prefer the original ending. ;)

(Look for Waldooo~)


To answer your question on how to get that scenario again:

To get the shallow underground lab (Not the Tonties), use this order:

Compass - Design
Pickaxe - Architect
Cog - Mechanical
Microchip - Technology
Vial - Matter/Chemical
Magnifying Glass - Mathematical Chemistry
Heart - Life Sciences

Hope that helps. I'm thinking there might be a second secret/alternate ending, but I'm not quite there yet...

(This is my first time posting. Apparently capitalization matters on the spoiler tag. Who knew!?)

I just couldn't find the secret ending... so I decided to look it up. Very funny :D And I don't have to be ashamed I couldnt find it, it wasn't logical at all xD <3

Loved the game!! XD It is REALLY cute!!!! And interesting too.! Managed to get the designer to flip out several times... :P

My favourite one has to be the designer. It works its ass off almost every other turn... LOL!!! SO CUTE!!! *squeals like a fangirl*

this is the BEST friggin grow game EVER!!! ^x^

Though it provided some distractions, it's not too difficult (at least I figured the original ending out with less than 10 tries -- no spoiler, I swear) and some patterns could actually be figured out with the sense of Grow Island....

I found the "waldo" in the congradu underground

Wait, guys. Let's stop and think about this. I believe that there's a back story between Grow Island and Grow Valley. So, what could've happened after Grow Island that led to Grow Valley? Any ideas? Anyone? I'll be waiting.

Has anyone made an underground train and a garden with the electricity box thingy's stored underground too? Theres actually three.

lol loved the game! the secret ending is strange though. by the way i found waldo :D

i found waldo on both endings

they are both on the bottom right

i believe that there could possibly be some connection of grow island and grow valley. if you were to look at the three "people" from grow island, they all happen to be different colours. maybe the "people" in grow valley are descendants or something from the original "people"?? just a guess

also, there's a third ending?! i tries hard to find an alien ending, but it seems it does not exist...what would this third ending be?

10 Points if you found walldo, and on that note i really hated the secret ending apart from the engineer going metal at every one :P

Thanks- I got the secret ending as well as the normal ending! :D

in the walkthrough,it dosn't look like a looks like i donno what it looks like

anon: Do a Google Image search for "drafting compass".

in secret ending i found waldo hes by the hammer

i worked it out that if you tried different combos. there are 5040 different combinations

Small bits of the animation and sound have been updated. Not much, but more On is always good!

best game ever did it first go here is the normal walkthourgh





Mathematical Chemistry


Life Sciences

BEST FREE GAME EVER ON COMPUTER (except maybe super Mario bros crossover, but they might be tied for first place in my strange brain.)

The normal ending already has aliens! Scroll up to the top part to see!

who the heck is waldo???

hey has any one else noticed

that if you mouse over the actions at the end of the normal version you get different types of subway train?

I found an ending I liked:






Life Sciences

Matters and Chemical

Not sure if that's something else though.

IF there is a second secret ending (UFO ending), then it has something to do with the train (on surface), the stages through the hospital (try 'heart' first) and the designer having the idea about 'up' and the guy who sees the dragonfly :S

hope this helps

Pretty awesome game. I beat it eventually (normal ending, anyway...), but my third try or so, I came SOOOO close to the ending. When I saw it wasn't the complete ending, I was thinking, "Hmm... no 'congrats' on the top yet... hmm... maybe my laptop's slow... wait... what...?! CRAP!!!" lol, that was so funny.

can ANYONE list the 7 steps to complete or the "secret" ending ? i'm to stupid apparently.

[Follow our walkthrough in the walkthrough guide section above for both endings. :) -Jay]

If you don't know who makes thes game, well i do. Go to EYEZMAZE.COM for the true creator of all of the grow series. P.S. this guy's my hero!


Some ways that grow island ties into grow valley are that when the battery is being made for the subway train, the rainbow chem set was from grow island, also the train is similar as well as the satellite battery.


I found waldo! He's to the left of the subway system at the end of the game.

Microchip Guy has a reeeeally vivid imagination.
"Hmm, these computers are hot."
"Hey, let's build a hot tub using the radiant heat! You know, instead of something that makes sense. On never ceases to amaze me.

where's waldo

left side of subway after you beat the game

i saw a tree at the end with a funny face is that waldo and if you wait for an hour or so mario ( as a stick figure wich is a stick figure with morios hat and cloths on will come out) but he only comes out ones so dont leve

OK, I'm new here and I don't know much. I want to ask a question: WHAT / WHO IS WALDO??


It's not some epic JIG secret cult Easter Egg, it's based off the books Where's Waldo where you have to find some dude in red and white in a bunch of people.

Hope that helped.

Waldo is called Wally in England, don't know if that makes a difference in people knowing or not.

awesome game Eyezmaze is awesome

i think when people say "aliens" they meant the wee dudes with one eye? :L
they are soo funny!
I pissed one of the guys off too it was too funny likes, he ended up kicking the board down and screaming at other workers soo funny PML!


Don't you mean left?

Heey I got all things at max level:

Try the following order:

Design System
Architectual System
Electricity and electronic System
Mechanical System
Mathematical Chemistry System
Matters/Chemical System
Life Science System

Good lucK! ;D

I found wally! there's one in the congratulations ending and one in congratu-underground

Hey, I found Waldo!!

The links in the review don't seem to work anymore (I just get a page in Japanese, so I don't know what the message is). The link from Eyezmaze goes to

so I guess they just changed some of the numbers in the address.

WALDO is at the wayyyy bottom left corner (after you max everything) you can only see have of him cuz he's hiding :) he's wearing a striped shirt... its the only way u can tell lol.

Wow, just so much emotion in this one! I love how much not only detail but personalization and work that On-san puts into it. Definitely one of my new favorites.

The architect blowing up in the secret ending was HILARIOUS

OMG i got the boos then i use the spoilers normal and underground
on the underground 1 i think i just piss the design guy off O_o
the normal one was good i mean thats how people live they have a pool and they elderly

I have to say, this is my favorite of all the Grow games. I love the little design guy. I feel your pain, little white buddy! 5/5. No question. It's EPIC!!!

How'd you do THAT, Selina? Sorry, don't mean to be rude, but it's kind of funny. Love the little white design guy! Awesome game.

I wish there is a city like this, the world will be a better place

I love how when you're doing the secret ending the White one gets pissed off and knocks everything down. I think it's cute when he goes all Ninja, too. XD

Did anyone else find Waldo? IN the secret ending if you look in the far corner next to the mushrooms there's a little man in a red and white shirt and hat and little blue pants. I think i found Waldo...

Haha I found Waldo!

Secret ending hint:

be useless

Once upon a time Ivana asked if anyone else could re-create the version with microchip guy drilling underground.

I got that too -- it's a fun variation even though it doesn't max anything out.

Aaand my notes are wrong, so I can't re-create it either.


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