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Grow CubeI was absolutely delighted today to wake up to an email waiting for me (from someone who goes by the name "Joe Cool") announcing that On of Eyezmaze has released another Grow game: Grow Cube.

The gameplay is similar to the previous games, Grow and Grow RPG, except in this one you need only click on the items along the sides of the play field one-by-one. The order in which you click the items determines the outcome of the game. Simple and delightful, these games are among the crown jewels of the Web.

If you are even remotely a fan of his games as I am, then it's likely that you won't get much done today other than beating On's latest casual amazement. Pure genius.

Play Grow Cube

Still want more Grow? Play the entire Grow series of games (in order of release)...

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Complete Walkthrough

  1. Man

  2. Water

  3. Forest

  4. Pot

  5. Pipe

  6. Fire

  7. Dish

  8. Bone

  9. Spring

  10. Ball


too hard cant do it, but still cool

funfunfun :)

Also it might be old, but I just found a bonus game on tips page:

Got it finally...

Ha! Tony, I just found that, too! Except that it's only one level.

The bonus game is given to anyone as a free gift for donating at least $5 to his cause. I've already given him $20, but now I'm considering giving again after receiving yet another Grow game, which are clearly among my favorite casual games ever—besides PixelField and ShoOot, of course ;)

can you do the game im really stuck

Yes I love all the grow games.

Wow this one's tough! I can't seem to figure out how to get the tube to advance further earlier on...

So far I've only been able to get the dish, the flowers, the people, and the fire to max out.

And I cant seem to get the springs or the ball to do anything!

I'm sure I'll get it eventually.

Nice! I beat it, took a while but i did it. It's really annoying to watch those smae animations after a while, but with some luck I beat it. If you need Help I'll try as best I can.

I sure wish that people wouldn't publish spoilers for games so early on. I have the unenviable position of having to review each and every comment that is posted to this site. =(

Kevin - I deleted your spoiler as your tags were not formatted correctly, and rather than fix it and spoil the game for myself, I simply deleted it (while trying hard not to read it at the same time).

Correction: the spoiler tags may have been formatted correctly. The comment actually revealed a bug in the spoiler code: spoilers that contain line breaks are displayed incorrectly. I am currently working on a fix for it.

Hey this is my first post and i finished!

done it done it hurrah

Hmm, I think I beat it, but the tube still says Lvl 5., not Max. Did anyone get all elements to max out?

FINALLY~!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this little gem. ^_^

I finished it too and now I want to post spoilers :)

Please, jay, may I post something?

Testing spoiler:

The man comes first

I *think* I beat it. It gives me a congratulations screen, but it says the tube is level 5, not max.

Yes, Tonypa, spoilers like that are fine. I'm presently having trouble with spoilers that contain line breaks. I may have to strip them before saving the comment. I'm working on a validation script right now.

I did everything max except for tube which was lvl 5 but it still said congratulations is this normal?

It says "CONGRATULATIONS" but my tube is only level 5.

It's a pretty dramatic end though, but now I'm all suspicious that I missed one little thing...

Blue, you can get everything to max. Did your picture look same as this?

so hard! my puny 10th grade brain can't handle it!

Will someone help? I can't get past the part where men make holes in side of cube.

Beat it. It's very easy, you don't need spoilers, really.

Nice game, I really love eyemaze games ....

And I love this spoiler tag thing

My food is spoiled :(

Wow, I maxed everything and won!
That must of been the quickest I've gotten one of these =D

Working on the weekend, huh Jay? Nice post. I love these games. :)

Great game, but it's driving me crazy. I can't get the bone past level 3. I would appreciate some hints - please!

tonypa: Hmm... when I beat it, the tube didn't connect to the tree. I'll try it again.

Can someone post the order? I want to see how it goes!

Still can't get it! I can get the man, trees, pot, observatory thing, and the flame to all max but nothing else

thanks, jay! eyezmaze games are teh best

haha this is fun!


the bone goes in one of the last three places.

hope it helps (=

Pleeeeease can we have a spoiler

how do you view spoilers, it does not workfor me :(

Khrisper - there was a problem with the spoiler tags earlier, and I have been fixing it all afternoon. I believe they should work flawlessly now, so try reloading the page and try again. If you are still experiencing trouble, please let me know.

well if i have to double click, it does not work, so hod do i acess them ? is it double left clik ?

ty khrisper

Hi Jay, im krispers sister and it doest work on my computer either, do you just click the poiler button or what?

the first thing is a manly yellow guy

Yay, I beat it, thanks for the hints, I had gotten 2 things switched, but one of hints helped me. Here is small hint:

The ball is last

Woot I beat it, That one was pretty awesome, Im a huge fan of all the grow games!

can anyone post the order that the items go in?

Now that i have the spoilers working ok, here is the order...


Sorry if you posted a spoiler before, but i had a problem with the spoilers and had to make some changes to all the comments.

Javascript must be enabled to view the spoilers. If you're having a problem viewing the spoilers, please send me an email and I will try to help you get them working.

I did a couple combinations that seemed to freeze up the game. It wouldn't let me add anything else, all I could do was reset.

Aha! Thanks, Jay.

I kept thinking that the pot/bucket and fire had to be next to each other in order, but I guess not.

Maybe someone should tell On that the puzzle goes to completion even if the tube is not maxed - he probably didn't intend it that way...

Yes, I have heard that from someone else, too. Apparently there is a bug that is reproducible with a certain sequence. Someone should email that to On. Reproducible bugs are the best kind from a programmers perspective.

i had the freeze up problem too, also i was astonished about how many replies the page got in 20 mins...

Hey great game this .. for everyone still at it and want to go to bed .. here's the solution

Human, Water, Forest, Pot, Pipe, Fire, BigHouseTree, Bone, Spring, Ball

Just so u know it's more fun to figure it out on ur own .. took me about 7 trys to do it ;P

For the first time EVER I finished this grow game on my own! I used the same forumula as QazzaQY2K. :D

Wow. Eyezmaze games rock my socks! I think my personal favorite is still Vanilla, although I think I'm going to need to buy one of those nice scrolling mice in order to get very far...Or steal one from school, I'm not sure yet... ;D

The ending's so cute...and I finally figured something out on my own. YAY!

I'd forgotten all about the Joe Cool thing. XD

I'm loving the Grow series, this one might just be my favourite so far. Not to mention it was the first one I got all by myself. The ending was very nice, too. :)

long time viewer first time poster

i cheated with jays spoiler, i had to no patience , i love these games

keep up the awesome picks jay


A question totally unrelated to this game:
Why can't you nest the spoiler tags?

Thanks for the awesomeness. I beat this one all by myself :D

The ball and spring seem to be interchangeable for last place as long as the earlier ones are correct. Has anyone noticed any other alternates?

That was fun! I figured this one out pretty fast, but more importantly I had the chance to try the other Grows, and they're all fun too. Better than expected! Thanks, Jay and Joe!

I love Grow games, they're so simple yet you have to do a bit of thinking to solve. This one isn't quite as good at the previous 2, there's not as much variety with the incorrect solutions. The ending is cute though :)

Not sure how the reptile thing puts the ball back in the tube...

For some reason the GROW games seem to be some of the only games that I can actually finish with no help whatsoever. (Not that they're particularly complex but still...) This one is certainly my most favourite so far. Did winning the game sneak up on anybody else. I had about 5 items on MAX, swapped two round and won. I also loved the ending. Obscure and quite cute.

I love these eyemazegames, it is so fun. Takes me a while to get it, but I got it...

Wanted to look at spoilers so much, but I couldn't :)

got it!!! Took me 14 times...
All by myself :D

hooray. my day has been made.

and cheers to the new spoiler tags. it's very considerate

I love these Grow games. They're a great way to pass a few minutes...or hours! :)

I looked in previous posts incase someone found this problem since I didn't want to double post but couldn't find it.

It keeps freezing on me, do I just keep trying different combinations or is there a way round it?

YAY. I think i broke the game. I DID.
Sweet. Wanna try breaking it? i'll put it under the spoiler tab.

I put man, water, tree's, pipe, fire, dish pot. the man went, and put down the ladder... then the game stopped, not letting me select any more

I cant believe i broke the game. fun. now, to tell the maker of this...

wow, I got that on my own! (but I liked the RPG one better, you knew what you had to do -- kill the demon thing -- instead of trying random things and, unknowing what you're trying to accomplish).
great game


i love the grow series. it is so much fun but I usually try it methodically (AKA 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 then 1,3,2,4,5,6,7,8 and so on) so it POs me then i look for spoilers

Complete Walkthrough

  1. Man

  2. Water

  3. Forest

  4. Pot

  5. Pipe

  6. Fire

  7. Dish

  8. Bone

  9. Spring

  10. Ball

Nice work, Jack. Works fine.

What does the lv.#'s stand for? I get the max part, but are the #'s how many more times something can grow?

Gincgoo - at the end of the game, each icon shows the level that item attained based on the sequence of your choices. If an icon doesn't have "max" as its value, then the item can 'grow' more.

"How much more?" you ask. One cannot tell by the information given. =)

Yay! I got it in something like ten attempts. Which was nice, seeing as how I accidentally solved Grow RPG in two or three tries. I like Cube better than RPG too. The ending is the most rewarding so far, I think.

I saw Grow RPG then I got hooked on playing the first two games. Then I found this, it's unbelievable! It makes me want to become a flash animator cum game designer. Cheers XP



Man I love it!!!! I hope Grow Cube 1 will be released soon!!!

wow this only took me 6 times- i started out in order, and looked at wut "maxed" at the last cycle- if something maxed at last cycle, then its coorect. just write down wut u do and that helps... reallly great series of games- i've beaten them all...

how do u compleat this game its so hard plzzzzzz help

hey jay, the game doesnt work when i try to load it:( do u no what is wrong?if u do then can u pls try and sort it out :)

Thank you, Chloe. The link is fixed and should work now. I think On moved some files around on his site, which broke the link I had to the game.


Thanks for getting it working jay and now i can play it i think it is a brill game and i cant wait for a new grow game to come out.Finished it in my second try witth no help for first or second level.

This is really a great game. After playing several days, today (16-Nov-05) I solved the game, and yes without any help. That is why I could enjoy the game everytime.

i beat it on my first try mwahahahaha the order is:

man water flowers pot tube fire dish bone spring ball

i am an 11 year old boy and i beat it on my first try mwahahahahahaha this is the answer

man water flowers bucket tube fire dish bone spring ball

p.s im only in the 6th grade and i beat it on my first try

hey jay thx for the solution ^_^

hee hee..

sorry for double posting but..

this game is soo cute! i love it.

wow, this is really an awesome game!

That is SO clever! Having now gone through the whole of the top 20 of 2005 I can safely say that this one deserves 1st!

WOW that was so cool C:

I've been playing this for the past couple of days, even though I beat it the day before yesterday. The Grow series rocks! and this one is the best in the series. Good call on Best of 2005!

Pretty cool game! Got to the end! Not something extremely difficult..hehe

this games is wicked. i made like a little world. its just mint man. if you dont think so your off your head.

What a game! I played it for like two days straight at work. The best i could get was five max's so i cheated! i know, shame on me. Thanks for the spoilers people!

this game is awesome...


man, water, trees (the 3 colourd things look a bit like dog toys), pot/bucket, tube, flame, dish/bowl, bone, spring, ball

how do you pass grow cube??

warning if you look below a very secret message about grow cube will be realised

are you sure?

very sure?

very very sure?

very very very sure?

it is fun

this game is awesome

lol! the game is so cute :P but i got frustrated after a day or so and looked up spoilers :P it was still fun!! :P thanks :P

Just wanted to try it :P

Heres the solutions for Grow Ornament, Grow Cube, Grow RPG and Grow V.3

Grow Cube= man,water,trees,pot,pipe,fire,dish,bone,spring,ball

GrowV.3= grey cube,ladder,orange orb,egg,blue hill,pipe,fan,twister,gear,dish,rocket thing,screen

GrowRPG= house,trees,castle,water,tower,rocks,treasure,


there hope they help

the grow ornament one is actually:



in case you didn't know it: I LOVE GROW STUFF!!!!!

news flash:

if you put the spring last ALL items say max people.

Here is the exact order it should go if you want to max out every element:


The Yellow Human


The Water


The Plants (3 colorful shapes together)


The Brown Can/Bucket


The Clear Tube


The Fire


The White Dish/Bowl


The Bone


The Ball


The Spring

the only part I got stuck on was the pipe part. Spoilers are fun, but they make me feel finda guilty, You know? lol :D

I love this game! jay is this how you use the spoilers?



this game rocks

OMG! IT WORKS if you put the water firstand the man second it still works

ploop up, no it does not. It gives you only 4 Lv. MAX, 1 Lv. 6, 1 Lv. 5, 1 Lv. 4, 1 Lv. 3, and 2 Lv. 1. Not all Lv. Max like the solution in the walkthrogh does.

@Bren, Yes, it does work. all you switch is the man and water, and it does work.

All Max! (The tube was on max thats weird cos isn't working for everybody...

I completed it YAY! here is the solution:

man water trees pot pipe fire dish bone spring ball

YES!!!!! i got all max

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