VanillaThe tree of Vanilla grows rapidly and becomes difficult to manage and balance if not cared for properly.

Like the tree it's named after, Vanilla is a deliciously refreshing and original game from ON, Japanese creator of Grow and Tontie, and exists with the others on his Eyezmaze website.

Gameplay is quite simple: just click each node of the tree with the mouse when highlighted, beginning with the base and moving up sequentially to the top of the tree. Each node will stay highlighted for only a short time before dropping back down towards the ground, so timing is important. Clicking in the center of each node will keep the tree balanced and growing straight up, while clicking to the right or left of center will cause the tree to lean in the opposite direction. The objective is to see how high you can make the tree grow before it tips too far towards either edge of the play field.

What is most unusual about Vanilla is its very narrow play field and a potential height that stretches well beyond the height of any browser window. As the tree of Vanilla becomes very tall, it becomes necessary to scroll the browser window in-between clicks, and timing becomes a factor that increases the difficulty.

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Where's my base? I scrolled the whole field, and I don't see anything that I can click.

Dale - it was due to the way I was linking to the game. It should be fixed now. Thank you kindly for alerting me to the problem. =)

i know how to make the trees move left and right. you just have to click the left part of the tree when the tree is flashing to make it move right click the right part of the tree when its flashing to make it go left. this game is all about where you click.

PS Jay what hapens if you get all the way to the top i almost made it

Hmmm..cute artwork. I did not make it past the third It was okay. :)

i got 26.2 feet, it was getting to the point where it took like 20 seconds just to get to the top

cool game, i got 36.1 feet on the 1st try, gonna try again now :)

24.1 ft YAY that sucks dont it... -MANAX

22.4 ft! lol, that sux :P

42.5 feet

Very original game!

45.2ft w00t

you should not have to scroll to see the entire game, other than that it was good.

this game is very cool but when you get up to about 22 feet you have to scroll up,and since you only have a few seconds to do each one,i usually have to start over which causes me to touch the edges,any way to fix this?

oh yes! 91.6 foot!

One of the best ways I've found of getting past the browser height limit is to scroll up just a bit at a time, using the mouse wheel, if you have one. This way, you keep pace with the highlighting. I find Vanilla near-impossible to play past about 20 feet without a mouse wheel, which is frustrating.

I've found if you kinda focus and click on the bamboo stalk thing it helps. And Yes it impossible without a whell mouse!

36.9 feet with a touchpad and arrowkeys

im going to find a mouse a try again, im sure 100 ft (the top) would be no problem, also, an idea for a cheating mouse

find a ball mouse, digital wont work, and remove the x axis control bar from the bottom, now the mouse will only move along the y axis (strait up and down) whil would allow you to click the tree perfectly in the middle every time provided you lined it up correctly to begin with. just an idea

I've done better.


mw-hahahahaha! beat you all 120ft.20!

I guarantee that this is the best anyone's ever done... and I don't feel like ">anchor tagging.

Tell me what you think, Jay. -MANAX

Why do I keep coming back to this Vanilla page?

yay my best is 4.4ft

Hey, did you know when you click the arrow pointing down, it shows a padlock. put in 6438, and the growing tree turns into a head(got code from a new grow game)(the head figure is from the same grow game)!!!


17.2 oh yeah lol

one word fore this game hard it is vary hard

265.2. beat that.

This game is seems that if you push F11 and line the bottom of the page with the base, it gets you a lot higher...


♥ Fall

quite creative :)
funny head - after

using the 6438 padlock code on the down arrow

very hard game..
i'm only 11.2

My highest score is "26.2 ft".


Got to the top! WH00T!!! (joy ^_^)

sounds sucky but my best is.... *whispers* 19.3 ft.... hehe.i'll keep practicing though 0.0

I got 10.8 on my first try (not that it matters anyway because it's so big).

35 feet!

try not moving the base, move JUST the top, even if it is very near one side. If it is near one side, correct the wrong trees, even if they are on the top.

I just got my new high score 56.8!!!!

Omg can anyone help me? I've been trying to click that "DOWN" arrow, but it won't WORK! Gah!!
*pulling hair out of my head*
Darn it how do you click that arrow??

how in the world are you supposed to click on the arrow?
you can't that's how.
also if you click F11 it makes the page full screen and you dont have to scroll very far.

where do u put in the code

You can't enter the code anymore in the new B version. Don't know why, though.

There is a new code!

the newest hatch today reveals 8610


What's the password??? D:

how do you play this game

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