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Grow Clay

JohnBScience! And lots of clay! The enormously satisfying Grow series of puzzle games created by Eyezmaze is expanding to the world of squishy laboratory experiments and giant robots. Grow Clay puts you in charge of the little yellow clay folk as you work on inventing new materials that can be used to fashion more technologically advanced things. Eventually you'll meet more scientists, build up the town, and maybe, just maybe conquer the world with your fantastical machine.

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Grow Clay works in much the same way as other Grow games. There are four levels to complete, each with several icons representing different technologies you can place. The goal is to figure out the correct order to place them so each one levels up to the max at the end of the stage. Place the clay before the computer, for example, and nothing much happens. If the computer goes first, you're good to go! Trial and error is key, and Grow Clay is forgiving enough to let you repeat stages and skip the (admittedly charming) animations when you're in a hurry. There's even a secret ending to unlock!

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Basic Walkthrough
Stage 1

Clay duh

Stage 2



Stage 3


Fire (orange squiggles)


Stage 4





Tah Dah


I loved it, as I have the whole series, but I found it a bit disappointingly short.

I was willing to sign up for the site that's paying the bills to unlock the secret ending, but it looks like you actually have to *use* the site to unlock it, which is frustrating since many players won't be able to do so (it's a marketplace where you can list a technology you have, so what if you're not an inventor?) Am I missing something here?


Yeah that's really weird. I don't mind the idea of these advertising Grow games (two of the best ones were, after all - Grow Island and Grow Valley) because hey whatever helps pay the bills, but this is another level. It seems like it's advertising for a service that not only am I not interested in, I am incapable of utilizing, and locking off content if I don't. That's pretty annoying!


I agree with the above 2 posts

In addition

the last stage was disappointing. All of the growth and development was occurring offscreen, and then we see the end result, which runs contrary to what the appeal (at least for me) of this series is, namely see a giant chain of crazy interactions that finally all interact to yield an awesome final result.

I did like the overall structure of the game, with escalating challenges that you finish and move on,but they were individually underwhelming, and the overall growth between them was lackluster.


What little bit I got done in the game, I was eventually dumped onto an advertised site. I can understand On is looking for some monetary gain, that's normal. But it was kind of off-putting and destroyed his usual sense of gameplay. I was hoping for Grow Forest.

I can't believe someone with his talent is so ignored in his own country.


Although it would devastate me who has no smart phone, why the heck doesn't On sell his games on Android, iPhones, etc.?

Reply he Amish?


Love the idea. I'd happily pay to play that game fully, as a stand-alone game rather than paying money to his advertisers. It's cute and fun, and everything I'd expect from the Grow series.


This is a rather short and a bit disappointing Grow game. Sure, everything's charming and your environment evolves, but it seems rushed and uninspired. I even went through all the trouble of creating an account on that strange website (Submitted "my technology" as : "I want to play GROW").

All you get after signing up is a blue sky and access to some art/pictures...there is no real secret or special ending.


I've never really seen the appeal of the grow games. Yes the animations and "growth" is top notch, but the actual gameplay of trial and error isn't very fun. Wish they would put their skills into something with interesting gameplay like they did with Dwarf Complete.


Corona, because it wouldn't be worth it. He's an independant, working on his own and the majority of games and apps these days are made by companies who have the budgets necessary and are financially stable enough to offer their stuff for free or microtransaction.

It would take uo all of his time to set up microtransaction sites or whatever and monitor them and keep them from being hacked and it wouldn't be feasible economically to hire some people to help out, might as well burn all his money.


Games and apps are not typically made by larger companies - it is very normal for a one-man operation to produce mobile apps and distribute them through the app store for a dollar or for advertising revenue. It would be an excellent opportunity for On, and one he might consider.

I was under the impression that On may work in an engineering field, hence the reason he keeps making games promoting engineering (both Grow Clay and Grow Valley have similar themes). His games are infrequent enough that I don't believe this is his primary source of income.


I have a love/hate relationship with the Grow games.

I want very, very badly to enjoy playing them. I love puzzle games and games with personality. The Grow games are so adorable, charming, and well-animated that I WANT to love playing them...but their trial-and-error nature just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I consider myself to be pretty good with puzzle games, but I have never been able to suss out any type of strategy with figuring them out, other than "try different orders of things until something magically happens." I've tried writing down all the items and which other items they level up, but it just becomes too confusing for me to keep track of.

For me, the enjoyment of a puzzle game comes when I get that satisfying *click* in my brain where it all finally makes sense, and these just don't *click*. It's a shame, too, because they're so darn cute. Ah well. Best of luck to On in his endeavors.


Mystify, I agree with you, although I did like the



The Grow games do make sense, though. Everything has a set amount of time to grow. When you figure out how long it takes for a certain stage to mature, and you know Stage 1 + Stage 2 = Cool New Stage, then you have to figure out when to activate buttons 1 and 2. Logically you can then figure out the correct order.

It is not pure shot-in-the-dark trial and error, any more than setting up an experiment is trial and error. It's playing around until you find the pattern. If you don't like word problems like "if Joe is wearing a blue shirt and the green dressed person went to the market" puzzles, then you won't enjoy Grow. But it's simply not true that they're illogical games.


It feels like an advertising game by level 4... ick, will not recommend to others.


Loved it! Short or not, it's a new grow game. Thanks!


Cute, but it may just be the easiest Grow to date. Longest thing about it was watching the scientists and inventors interacting. The first stage is impossible to get wrong with only one item, the second and third weren't too hard to figure out either, and the last stage only actually took me three tries, probably would have only taken me one or two if I'd come here first and seen the hint, and it only had 24 possibilities.

I went to YouTube and found a video showing the "extras", which looked fairly uninteresting, and the interruption for the site to advertise itself between projects 3 and 4 was annoying.

While a few of On's sponsored/contracted games were fun, this one was mildly disappointing. Hopefully the next Grow game will be one he does on his own.


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