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October 2020 Archives

Weekday EscapeHi everybody, this is Halloween Special Weekday Escape 4!

BOO! Yep, it's this time of a year again and yep, the whole year is almost over, already! This is the fourth Halloween Edition and as in previous specials, all games are more or less focused on Halloween theme. The first comes Amajeto with their luxurious hotel with non-functional lift. Then you find yourself in Detarame Factory's apartment locked up together with several cats and from some reasons, cats are prominent feature of this WE. In retro Esklavos's you need to get rid of the spell casted on your cat, and in Chizu's game you deal with the whole pack of cats. Inconspicuous game by Springman Haruoroom turns out to be quite long and funny, and the last comes Nicolet. Yay! No escapist needs to introduce their games, right? We got another awesome game from them. At the end you find two bonus games, by Yuri and by Minoto. Happy playing and happy Halloween!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi, another week is over and time for playing here!

Amajeto's apartment is cosy indeed but you just want out of there and spend some time on fresh air - and that's easily realizable wish. With Pixel Kobo, on the journey around the world, you get to a nice park this time. With Gatamari (they're back!) you need to open ten doors and on top of that manage to pull a sword from a rock. And Neat Escape delivered satisfying and classical escape with two endings and an edible reward at the end.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday EscapeHi and welcome, the new Weekday Escape is here!

The Amajeto's bar where you find yourself locked feels familiar and no wonder - you were trapped in a similar one several times. You always easily escaped it so far, and this week isn't an exception! Then you get into interesting Akatsuki no Yado's room full of good puzzles and even more puzzles contains the ship (literally) in a remarkable game by Aurel Bílý and Eido Volta. In Rinnogogo's game each solved problem reveals the next piece of melancholic story from the past which may help in understanding the present.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape RetroHi, it's time for retro games!

From very sweet Fuwayura escape house you get to equally sweet Yuri's house full of chirping chicken. The next game by No1game in collaboration with Cogito Ergo Sum rides on the same wave, but not Dassyutu. Not them. Their escape is something completely different. Post apocalyptic word, no humans, abandoned cars and zombies hunting you! Are you clever enough to survive?

Have a good time and enjoy!

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