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Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°36

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Weekday Escape RetroHi, it's time for retro games!

From very sweet Fuwayura escape house you get to equally sweet Yuri's house full of chirping chicken. The next game by No1game in collaboration with Cogito Ergo Sum rides on the same wave, but not Dassyutu. Not them. Their escape is something completely different. Post apocalyptic word, no humans, abandoned cars and zombies hunting you! Are you clever enough to survive?

Have a good time and enjoy!

Brother's House Escape
Brother's House Escape

Fuwayura locks you in a small house and wants you to get out of there. Everything si pinkish and naive, except the puzzles which are cleverer and more interesting than one would say. Can you escape?

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

Puzzle Room 6
Puzzle Room 6

Sadly, most of cute and sweet Yuri's games can't be played anymore but this one is still accessible - so let's go! There are only few simple puzzles to solve, more time consuming part is finding 20 pieces of a jigsaw cunningly hidden at any place you can imagine and even at places you can't. They are transparent and sometimes only partly visible, and also numbered, luckily, thus you can name the one you miss and ask for help. In the upper right corner of the gamescreen you can check which you have found already.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Find the Escape-Men 3: with Wan the Dog & Nyan the Cat
Find the Escape-Men 3: with Wan the Dog & Nyan the Cat

No1game, this time in collaboration with Cogito Ergo Sum, have the usual approach "solve the puzzles in few minutes and then spend an hour looking for the last little green guy", but thanks to Wan and Nyan, playing is more interesting. They need to learn some special skills at the stands designated for this purpose and to get the stands work, you need to figure out the correct codes and enter them. Can you take care of Wan and Nyan, and let them out?

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. Their other collaboration you find in WE N°104.

The Zombie Escape 9
The Zombie Escape 9

And now for some excitement. With Dassyutu, you find yourself at a place full of attacking zombies! They are slow but steady, and very bloodthirsty (or brainthirsty)... and since you're the only one around having some blood (and a brain), you need to be very carefull not to meet them face to face. Sometimes you have to use the try and error method and therefore the save button comes really handy. The site which you're trying to escape is quite large but remember that somewhere there's a helicopter waiting for you. Just find it.

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one good ending and several bad ones.

P.S. Here is one interesting game which many have never played and others forgot: Mayan Escape.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Yuuri's Puzzle Room 6 is adorable.

I can't figure out the 4 digit puzzle.

I feel like the

colors of the books and the color of the knobs on the cabinets should work together but they don't. Not for me.

Any help will be appreciated. I would like to solve this before my lunch break is over. :)


Yuuri's Puzzle Room 6

I was on the right track with

Just in case you click by accident.

The books and the knobs are a clue to the 4 digit puzzle.


Pooh -- I'm stuck on Yuri's Puzzle Room 6. I think I've solved all the puzzles except the three-digit code to leave the room, and I'm missing two puzzle pieces: #6 and #15. Can't find them anywhere!


Whoops! Found #6 -- #15 is still at large, though.

paulmashtv October 7, 2020 4:07 PM

can't wait for the walkthroughs.

Patreon Donator Krizpy October 8, 2020 4:09 AM replied to Billy-o

having the same issue!

ValuesHere October 8, 2020 9:32 AM replied to Billy-o

15 was the last one for me to.

Its in one of the scenes with the colored knobs - look closely

Click on the green/pink(red) knobs and you should find it

kekepania October 8, 2020 3:37 PM

I feel like I'm an idiot because I don't have #3 hahaha


Wan & Nyan

How do you get the green man that is running around the portrait of Wan? I finally resorted to a video walk through. That person just clicked and the green man went into inventory. I love Wan & Nyan games but this is impossible. I can't finish unless I get this.

Anyone else having the same trouble.


Wan & Nyan

I have continued to try and catch the green man in Wan's portrait but nothing works. I give up. I have 7 men and can go no further.

I have noticed lately that some of the older games seem to be broken. The Flash player doesn't work as well anymore. I'm using FireFox and Windows 10. Sigh, this is happening more and more.

yargough October 9, 2020 11:18 PM replied to 4red3s

At first I had a hard time then

clicked close to the tail of the dog...and caught him!

yargough October 9, 2020 11:23 PM replied to 4red3s

I can't get Yuri's to open at all on Safari. :(


I can't get Yuri's to open at all on Safari. Any clues?

paulmashtv October 15, 2020 9:23 PM



In Yuri's I'm missing piece #6. Billy-o?
And I'm missing 2 Escape-Men. There's one thing left in my inventory.

The last postcard, but I got the EM from the back. It does look like there's a hint on the front, but I'm lost.

I don't have Safari, but Flash games have gotten a little more iffy lately; I'd try a different browser. Yes, I have spare browsers for problems like this. :-/


Brother's House Escape
There is one spot where you need to click on small buttons. If precision clicking is hard for you, you've been warned.

My Japanese isn't good enough to give you the story, but apparently you're in a duck costume "flying" to your big brother's house when you fall down a cliff and roll into his house, where he's wearing a polar bear costume and now you're both stuck inside. Yeah, I don't know. The intro's cute without understanding it, though.


There's a bed, a giant black beanstalk, a colored flower clue and a place to enter it, but not yet.

There's something under the bed, but it's too dark to see. If you stick your hand there, it's likely to be eaten by a grue.

Turn right. OFF and ON are written on the wall next to a desk with four drawers. One needs a three-digit code, one has two buttons that turn red when you click them.

They look like the leaves on the beanstalk, but those leaves were black.

The other two open revealing

the number 972 with a box around it and a green box that needs a four-digit code.

Turn right. There's an oven on top of a fridge. You can open both, but only the fridge has anything in it.

Take the knife and the lever. Also notice the two clues: the flower shape with "small --> big" and the circled 6.

Turn right. There's the door (locked, obviously) and a safe that needs a key.


Put the lever in the wall next to the desk and switch it to ON. Look around to find what's changed.

On the bed scene, the beanstalk is now green, you can take the apple from under the bed, and you can now enter the flower code.

The clue said small to big, so enter purple (2), cyan (0), pink (4). (The click order is cyan, yellow, purple, red, pink.)

Push the button to see a sequence of leaves light up red. This is the next clue we need.


Enter the code from the beanstalk into the drawer.

You only need to know if the leaves are on the right or left. So click LRLRRL. Take the paper.


Open up the paper. Your're going to need something else to use that clue. What else can you use?

Check out the apple. Cut it open with a knife to get a key.

You know what to do with the key: open the safe to get loaf of bread.

The knife is still available, so cut that, too.


You can't eat the bread, so what else could you do with it?

Put it in the toaster oven. You don't even need to wait.


The bread has a three-digit number (839), so use it on the last desk drawer.

You get a piece of paper with boxes on it.


The boxes on the greenish paper are holes.

Put it on top of the other paper in your inventory.


Now you have an equation: [square] x 9 x 4 / [circle].

So you need the numbers to replace the square and circle. You should already have seen both.

The square (rectangle) was in the shallow desk drawer, and the circle was in the fridge.

972 x 9 x 4 / 6 = 5832


Use that code to open the green box (in your inventory) to get a house key. Escape!


The Zombie 9 aka The Zpmbie 9

Click once to select an item, then click the red bar at the side to look at it. There are many ways to die in this game, so save often. You need to see a clue before you can use it, but I've included the codes in case you don't want to write them down. I've also included all 10 coins, which aren't in the video walkthrough.

Most of the coins I didn't actually see before I clicked on them, but the clickable areas in this game are large, so you shouldn't have a problem finding them.

You're in a house with a door, a window, and a table. You can look out the window to see zombies. You can open the door to let them in and die.

Click on the left side of the screen to see a pile of rubble. Click it to get a CD and coin #1. Click on the table to see a stereo. Put in the CD. A spooky but mellow musical sting plays that somehow makes the zombies back off. Go outside.


The zombies are still in the way, but you can go left to see a bunch of damaged cars. The nearest car has a crowbar. Behind the van is a ladder. The farthest car has coin #2. The truck in the back is locked. Break the window to get a smoke bomb.

Go back to the zombies and use the smoke bomb on them. Zoom in on the shell on the ground for a clue. Put the ladder against the wall on the right and go up. You need a combination to get in, and you just saw it.


Inside again

By the pile of garbage bags is a radio. Under the pillow on the couch is a green key. The shelf has a fuse on the top and coin #3 on the bottom. The next door is unlocked, but on your way out, get a piece of paper from the trash.


There's a zombie on the floor but it's dead. There's another one that comes and goes but ignores you. Don't go near that one. But do go near the dead one. There are batteries on the other side of him.

The door at the end of the hall needs a color combination, which you don't have. But you can put the fuse in the fuse box. The radio has a clue, but there's no reception in this concrete building. Go back outside (or into the house where you started) and use the radio for a color clue. (It's spoken and captioned.)

red, blue, yellow, green

Storage room

Go back inside and use that code to open the door. If you haven't put the fuse in the fusebox, it'll be dark, so go back and do that. Click the thing in the middle of the room to get an ink cartridge. As it happens, there's a printer in the back of the room. Put in the ink cartridge and the paper to get a map. Go toward the lockers. There are three hotspots here. Click the removed door to find coin #4. Check the bottom of the doorless locker to get a wrench. Open the locked one to get a flashlight. In the other corner is a manhole cover bolted down. Open it with the wrench.

Underground... Catacombs? (This is a bad idea.)

Go down, but it's dark. As usual, the flashlight has no batteries, so put them in. You don't need to use the flashlight, you just need to have it on. The passageway branches, and if you go the wrong way or don't have the map, you'll be killed.

You're coming from the X a the bottom, so go right, left, right, left.

So follow the map and pay attention to the shapes at the bottom of the screen. You'll need that code to get through the door at the end. If you forgot the sequence, backing up from the buttons on the door will take you to the beginning of the catacombs. Backing up from that room, however, just takes you back one step.

circle, triangle, square, star

Graveyard (This is a worse idea.)

Now you're in a graveyard with zombie arms reaching out of the ground. If you try to go forward from here (click on the highlighted box), a whole zombie will come out of the ground and kill you. Click on the right side of the graveyard to get firewood. You'll also notice a dirty tombstone. You can also go to the left to some sort of hut. Grab the broom and get coin #5 from the door.

Back in the graveyard, sweep off that dirty tombstone for a clue. (Click and hold the tombstone to read it.) The way forward isn't obvious, but isn't too hard to stumble upon.

Put firewood in the zombie hands.

Better idea

Now you can get to a gate that requires you to type in a password, which you should have just seen. You can also get coin #6 from the ground on the right. (The password isn't case-sensitive.)


Bus depot?

Now there's a white building. The front door needs an arrow code, but if you click to the left you can get coin #7 and to the right you can find a table that you could stand on. To the left of the building is a parking lot. Get coin #8 from the cars on the right. Then put the table next to the bus to take the binoculars. To the right of the building is a fence with a lit pillar behind it. Use the binoculars to get the arrow code and use it to get in the building.

right, down, left, left


I guess you went through the building, because you're outside again. There are more zombies ahead, but you can go to the left and right. On the right, you can get a red key from the fire truck and coin #9 from the forklift. The tables at the right side of the garage hold a screwdriver and coin #10. On the left you can use the screwdriver to access a red button. Push it and an alarm goes off. The zombies go toward the alarm, and this time, you can't go towards them and die. But you can approach the helicopter.


The code you need to get in is on the tail.


Then you use the key to fly to safety.

paulmashtv October 16, 2020 11:11 PM

chrpa, you have to give us where we can find things to use in the game as well as the green men.


Thanks, chrpa. Doing the walkthroughs today.


Puzzle Room 6

It's not particularly obvious when you've entered a correct code; if you have the sound off, there's no indication at all.
Door Scene

Looks like we need a 3-digit code to get out.

Zoom in on the chick and take piece 14. Then click its right wing to find piece 3.


Push the round button and watch the pattern on the top grid, then repeat it on the bottom grid.

1 X 2
X 5 X
4 X 3

Get piece 11.

Book Scene

The chick here has a piece but won't give it to us. We're going to need to trade for it.

On the left stack is piece 5. The green book on the second stack has a clue and piece 6 (on the bottom arrow). Get piece 2 from the third stack under two books and piece 18 from the fourth stack under one book. Also take note of the colors of the books.

Left Cupboards

On the bottom left is piece 15. Piece 13 is behind the green door.

Right Cupboards

Open the blue door to get the star.

Cauldron Scene

Instead of a chick, there's a frog. A frog witch?

Piece 16 is on the bottom left corner of the box and piece 4 is at the base of the teakettle. The box needs a 4-digit number.


Click the left side to zoom in. Piece 20 on the left is obvious; piece 7 on the right at where the wall meets the floor is subtle.

Palm Scene

There's nowhere to zoom in on this scene.

Piece 19 is at the bottom of the screen. Piece 1 is in the patch of grass in the corner. Piece 17 is under the second-farthest rock.

Four-Digit Box

The clue for this is one scene to the left.

The colors of the books match the knobs.

The order (from the knobs) is red, green, yellow, blue. Count the number of books of each color: 4344.

It doesn't open when you press the button, so back out once and click the box.

Get piece 12 from the right side and whatever that green thing is.

I guess it's a trampoline?


Give the trampoline to the chick by the palm tree. It jumps into the tree and knocks off a coconut.

Click the chick again and it kicks piece 9 out of the tree.


The clue was in a green book. You should have both of those things.

To get the coconut, open the 4-digit box and give the green thing to the chick by the palm tree. The star is in the cupboard with the blue knob.

We can't put them directly into the cauldron; give them to the frog instead. Get a flower and piece 8.

Last One

There's only one left, and the chick by the books has it.

We have a flower, so trade that for piece 10.


Take a look at the completed puzzle and the exit code appears.


Enter the number, press the button, back out, and click on the door.

Incidentally, you can leave with the code at any time; you don't actually need to finish the game. But where's the fun in that?

locations of all the pieces


Hidden in the patch of grass behind the palm tree.


Third book stack, under 2 books.


The chick in the door scene has it under its right wing (your left).


At the bottom of the teakettle on the shelf.


Zoomed in on the books, on the leftmost stack.


Inside the only book you can open (green, second pile), in the bottom middle.


To the right of the cauldron (click the left side of it to zoom in), at the intersection of the wall and floor.


In the cauldron after you take the flower out.


After getting the coconut, click the palm tree chick again; it falls to the floor.


The chick by the books has it and will give it to you for a flower.


Behind the button panel in the door scene.


Inside the 3-digit-code box, on the right.


Behind the green-knobbed door.


On the chick in the door scene.


Zoomed in on the red and green cupboards, at the bottom left of the screen.


In front of the box on the shelf, at the bottom left.


Under the second rock from the back left in the palm tree scene.


Fourth book stack, under a book.


The bottom middle of the palm tree scene.


To the left of the cauldron (click the left side to zoom in).


Find the Escape-Men 3: with Wan the Dog & Nyan the Cat
Accessibility note:

I'm going to leave off the exploration phase because most of the stuff can be done as you go, but I'll start by circling the room to the right.
Dog Skill

Clues are on the huge crystal ball and its base.

The ball has green 5, red 7, yellow 3, blue 2. The base gives the order: red-green-blue-yellow. 7523

3 Escape-Men, Green Side

picture (you have to catch it), plant leaf, crystal ball after the clue finishes

Cat Skill

Use Wan (the dog) to pull the ring and get 6 blocks. Put them in the shelf. I don't anticipate anybody having trouble, but here are the answers for completeness:

dog with cat, yang with yin, moon with sun, teapot with teacup, red apple with green apple, [ESCAPE] with [GAME]

This gives you the code for the skill stand:


1 Escape-Man, Pink Side

after you get the code

Item, Pink Side

Grab the lazy tong above the picture (zoomed in).

Item, Blue Side

Use Nyan (the cat) to punch the diamond-shaped window in the corner, then use the lazy tongs to get a pink postcard.

1 Escape-Man, Blue Side

on the painting

hiding in the table; all you can see is a green dot

Mail, Exit Side

Use Wan on the ring and a postbox comes down. Give it the pink postcard and it disappears. Use Wan to get it back and Nyan to get the blue postcard out.

2 Escape-Men

bottom of the calendar, back of the blue postcard

Mixed Skill

Use the clue on the back of the blue postcard and the calendar (or just your knowledge of calendars).

The numbers of the months ending in "ber" and "ary" give you:
9 x 10 x 11 x 12 / ( 1 + 2 ) = 3960

Last 3 and Exit

Use Wan and Nyan together to get the EM from the exit sign. When you have 8 EM's, click where the door should be (under the exit sign) and it appears. Try to open the door to get one from Nyan's back. The last EM is by the EM counter by the inventory. Now you can get out the door.


Apparently, I forgot to actually write out the accessibility note. Wish I remembered what it was.


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