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Weekday Escape N°272

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Weekday EscapeHi and welcome, the new Weekday Escape is here!

The Amajeto's bar where you find yourself locked feels familiar and no wonder - you were trapped in a similar one several times. You always easily escaped it so far, and this week isn't an exception! Then you get into interesting Akatsuki no Yado's room full of good puzzles and even more puzzles contains the ship (literally) in a remarkable game by Aurel Bílý and Eido Volta. In Rinnogogo's game each solved problem reveals the next piece of melancholic story from the past which may help in understanding the present.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Happy Hour
Happy Hour

That's not for the first time when Amajeto locked you in a coctail bar, right? This bar seems a bit strange as after you enter the place you need to overcome two doors to be able to buy a drink. Not many customers are prepared for such a quest...but we, escapers, we are! You are supposed to find eight tiles as usual to get the key from exit door...the bar is cosy and inviting though...

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Rotation <br />

We met Akatsuki no Yado twice this year, and their new game, the third one, is clever and intuitive again. You can safely ignore any text in Japanese language and concentrate on solving puzzles only. Hints and clues are clear, the graphics as well, no pixel hunting and no overcomplicated puzzles. If you stay in the room, don't blame the game.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending. No language barrier.

H.M.S. Relentless Puzzler


H.M.S. Relentless Puzzler</p>


The ship-themed puzzle game by Aurel Bílý and Eido Volta (music) was made for Alakajam! and though it's one scene game only, getting through keeps you entertained for a good while. The ship peacefully sailing not very peaceful ocean is a whole set of puzzles! Watch the cursor closely as it indicates where and what can be done, and notice that you can turn the ship by clicking the the cursor at the edges of the screen (left, right, top and bottom). Haunting music and retro pixel-art graphics make the game unique and very enjoyable!

The cursor is changing, no save, one ending.

Great Burnet
Great Burnet

One day you get a letter from your own past. Let's not question how it comes that you don't remember writing it - I thought that such letters usually send future selfs - and look at it. Ten years ago you wrote to yourself to go to grandma's (really nice) house and find something very important. Yes, it's Rinnogogo's latest game and besides beautiful art, clever and interesting puzzles, and a pleasant tune, you get an emotional story, too, as usual.

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv October 14, 2020 10:51 PM

looking forward to these. i hope someone can write some walkthroughs for the past few weeks of games.


I'm working on it, but I'm stuck on Great Burnet

with a book, a key, and a door that the key won't open.

The hint system also seems to be broken.

Also, the picture for Rotation is actually from Wildflower Quest two weeks ago.



Almost everything is just out in the open, so I'll go straight to solving puzzles. (The sign behind the slot machine doesn't tell you anything you can't guess, but it shows off the owner's awesome tape collection.)
Combination Safe

The buttons are (left to right) red, green, and blue and control matching dials (going out from the center). The clue isn't far away.

The clock has a blue hand on 3, a green hand on 7, and a red hand on 10. So put the dials (starting at the left button and center dial) should be 10:00, 7:00, 3:00. Get a plus driver (a phillips head screwdriver).


The locker with a die on the front needs a combination of die faces. The clue is the word "DICE" and the die one scene to the left.

The arrows at the bottom let you turn the die and the side button flips it over, and as you move it, the lettered die in the corner changes, too.

Manipulate it until you find the sides that correspond to the letters: D=5, I=6, C=4, E=2. Enter the code to get a red panel.

Pie Charts

Clearly the locker with the pie chart needs the clue from the computer (zoom in).

[yellow down] [yellow up]
[blue up] [magenta down]
Get an orange panel.


The clue is a rainbow gradient going from red to purple.

The painting looks like that. Enter EOLE and get a blue panel.


Remove the panel from the wall with the gold-framed painting and push the button.

The painting rotates and the coin falls behind the sofa. Grab it, obviously.

No-Armed Bandit

Put the coin in the coin slot (more of a button that says COIN on it), then use the three buttons to stop the reels. If you get the combination wrong, it spits the coin back out at the bottom so you can try again and again with the same coin. If only real slot machines worked that way.

The sign behind the machine tells you you want to get all 7's, but you probably guessed that from the "777" right above the reels. When you get it right, a key comes out.


We're clearly not done, so that key can't be for the door.

Open the chest to get a green panel.

Four Panels

You need the panels from the lockers, briefcase, and chest. What can you do with four colored squares?

Put them in the rotating color thingie by the door and the wall screen turns on. It needs a four-digit password and the clue is a math problem with a lot of pictures.

Last Code

If you've done everything else, you should be able to decode the whole clue and math your way out of the room.

The four panels of the square are:
blue red
yellow green
Rotate the 4-color panel to match.


two rectangles

The rectangles are [green/red] and [yellow/blue]. If you turn the 4-color panel the right way, these happen to right next to each other, but the clue says you should interpret them separately.

X and 15


The clue on the briefcase went red to purple, but this one goes purple to red.

Make sure the painting is rotated that way; now it says 3703.


This one threw me for a bit. Where are the letters J and P?

They're both in the word JACKPOT, but they're not matched to numbers there. But somewhere there was a clue that matched letters to numbers.

The die on top of the safe.

J=3 and P=1, so JP=31.

Math and Out

So now the clue reads:
SIX X 15 + 3703 - 31

Obviously, SIX is just the number 6. X could be 10, but we don't really need another number there, so it must be a times sign. Well-placed zeroes make the mental math pretty straightforward, if you're into doing your own math.

6 x 15 + 3703 - 31 = 90 + 3703 - 31 = 3793 - 31 = 3762

And the only thing left to do is walk out the door.


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