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Categories: blog, casual, download, indie, mac, weekenddownload, windows

Games Featured:
  • • Play with Fire
  • • Sheeplings
  • • Mystery of Shark Island
  • • Grimm's Hatchery
  • • The Apprentice: Los Angeles
Weekend Download №4 It's the weekend, Mothers Day even, and everyone here at Casual Gameplay has taken the weekend off to spend with our families. But we also realize you may be looking for something new to play, and so we'll leave you with a few choice selections of the latest casual games making the rounds on the download circuit. Be sure to let us know which of them deserves a full review.


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Categories: blog, download, indie, mac, weekenddownload, windows

Games Featured:
  • • What Makes You Tick
  • • Loonyland 2: Winter Woods
  • • Acidbomb 2: Rearmed
  • • Sumotori Dreams
Weekend Download №3 Once again we've scoured the internet from top to bottom (you wouldn't believe the things we've seen...) to find the best casual games you can "download" onto your "computing machine" and play with an input device such as a "lettered slab with keys" and/or a "mouse".

Virtual Villagers 2: <br />The Lost Children It's here! The next chapter in the captivating virtual island village sim is available to download. The follow-up to the monumentally successful Virtual Villagers game keeps the same formula as the original but adds all new puzzles, events, collectibles and more. It's the perfect follow-up to one of the most amazing casual games ever released.


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Categories: demo, download, free, game, indie, rating-g, shooter, studiopixel, windows

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Guxt Guxt is an original shooter created by Pixel, author of Cave Story, This work-in-progress download doesn't attempt to be revolutionary or even particularly modern, but Pixel's original music, sound effects and pixel-perfect sprites come together beautifully in this difficult but fair shooter.


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Categories: blog, download, free, indie, mac, weekenddownload, windows

Games Featured:
  • • Thingavore
  • • Krank
  • • Penumbra: Overture
Weekend Download №2 It's the weekend. You can also download games. But you cannot download the weekend itself. Weekend Download contains less than 8% of the recommended daily allowance of niacin. Weekend Download knows what you did last summer. Do not taunt Weekend Download.


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Categories: blog, download, indie, linux, mac, weekenddownload, windows

Games Featured:
  • • Lyle in Cube Sector
  • • Ancient Empires Lux
  • • A Mini Falafel Adventure
  • • Acidbomb 2: Rearmed
  • • Mezzo: Winter Edition
Weekend Download №1 More than just a doughnut, the cruller is a symbol of mankind's struggle to evolve. Often topped with sugar or icing, crullers represent the twisted yet delicious journey that life as an upright mammal can be. We have to pay taxes, we have to stand in line at the DMV, sometimes we even have to watch American Idol. But at the end of the day, nothing says "good job existing" like a delicious cruller in hand. Let's join hands and thank the games in this week's Weekend Download for being just as delicious.


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Categories: blog, download, indie, linux, mac, weekenddownload, windows

Games Featured:
  • • Rail of War
  • • Kiki the Nano Bot
  • • Sam & Max Episode 3 - The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball
  • • La-Mulana
  • • Blocksum
Weekend Download Look ma, a new feature on Casual Gameplay! Gather the children, call the neighbors, wave to the government satellites spying on your home. It's time to settle down for a few downloadable games. Each weekend we'll show off a few of the latest must-try games from the internets, only the best of the best (of the best).

Virtual Villagers Virtual Villagers is a downloadable real-time simulation game developed by Last Day of Work, the creators of Fish Tycoon and a number of other casual sim games. Take charge of a village of crash survivors and help them carve out a living on a jungle island. Teach them to farm, help them research scientific advancements and expand their population. It's a remarkably addictive game that's easy to play but impossible to stay away from!

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