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Starlight Xmas is so sweet and uncomplicated. It offers us a moment to relax and unwind, gently reminding us of the meaning of Christmas while indulging our senses. So take a break from the everyday, immerse yourself in a simple yet magical game and maybe you'll emerge singing "Fa La La" like that happy little, sheep-herding Christmas pig.

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I love the concept of these games, but they are WAY too easy. In classic mode, the longest any level took me was 8 seconds, and I had over half of them in 3 seconds or less. I'd appreciate the game more if it were more challenging.


It's more like interactive art than a puzzle game, IMO. The disappointing part of the puzzles section is that the majority were the same as the classic game. Loved the music and it was very relaxing to play the classic version.


This is probably a strange issue to have with a Christmas game, but I found this a bit too religious for my taste. I was expecting (and at the beginning got) candy-canes, reindeer, trees. I was not expecting crosses or churches.

Those of us who are either non-Christian or entirely non-religious might celebrate the Christmas holiday as a secular festival of gift-giving and family togetherness. That this game didn't fit that is, of course, up to the game designers, but I found it disappointing and a little surprising.


I think it would have been much better had the connecting lines stayed in view at all times. As it is, rotate till the lines show up, then move in whichever direction makes them get shorter till it clicks.


I love the mechanic of this game, but it's a shame it's so easy. I'm not trying to brag, but I solved every puzzle in 5 seconds or less. There's no challenge at all. Even as "interactive art" it doesn't hold much interest.


Well I thought it was enchanting, especially for people who didn't play the other Starlight games. It's serene and cute, and even if it isn't really challenging, it works very well as a Christmas interactive art project, and that's quite enough. Also, there's a grand total of two religious images, so I can't really believe anyone would mind them.


It's taking waaay too long to load. I've been waiting 10ish minutes while the bar slowly creeps along.

Windows Vista, Firefox 3.6.12, not downloading anything or loading any other pages, and my machine is clear of viruses yesterday according to AVG.

[Try refreshing the page now. It should be a lot better. We're having some server issues at the moment. -Jay]


I don't understand why anyone would complain about the religious imagery (what little there is). It's a CHRISTMAS game, not a "winter holiday" game, and while there are a lot of secular traditions revolving around the holiday, it IS a religious holiday. If I were to play a Hanukkah game, I certainly wouldn't be surprised or disappointed to find a Star of David or a picture of a synagogue.


@Craig -

Because this is the first Christmas game I've seen here that has anything at all to do with religion. The rest were all about a man in a red fur coat, reindeer, snowmen, and evergreen trees. In other words, exactly what one would expect from a religion originating in the Middle East.

I found it jarring and not to my taste, and commented because I was curious as to whether or not others felt the same way. It is only a game, and a slight one at that. This isn't something about which I care passionately, but just an opinion I wanted to share.


I can't even get pass the first level of puzzle mode :((


Turns out there was a slight bug in the game. It didn't respond to mu cursor until I reload.


I knew what it was though, but the game đidn't let me continue.


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