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How to Succeed In CS2? Guide For Beginners

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cs22.png CS2 is very easy to learn at a basic level, but truly mastering the game will take a lifetime. While developing in the game, many players make mistakes and in this article written by Volodymyr Huda, you will learn about them.

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Set The Right Settings

First of all, you need to make sure that the installed settings do not interfere with your game. Before you dive into a competitive shooter, you need to tweak the settings so that the game works correctly and in your favor.

Learn to Counterattack And Freeze When Shooting

One of the biggest differences between CS2 and regular shooters is the fact that your weapon won't hit the target perfectly if you're running and shooting at the same time. In CS2, the player needs to be able to stand still while shooting, so the chances of hitting the enemy increase.

When meeting an enemy, you need to completely stop moving, and only then start shooting. Since stopping movement takes a certain amount of time when pressing the movement keys, experienced players will focus on counter-strafing. This allows you to stop instantly.

How to do it? You just need to press the opposite movement key. For example, if you are looking around a corner, hold down the D key, release D, press A (the opposite movement key) very quickly, and immediately release it. This forces the character to resist the movement, which causes you to stop much faster.

Due to the nature of movement in CS2, you should never move diagonally when expecting to collide with an enemy. For a correct counterattack, you will have to simultaneously press two opposite keys. It's much more difficult than pressing one key.

You can practice this by going to a training server or simply playing deathmatch.

Study The Recoil Pattern of The Main Guns

All weapons in CS2 have their own recoil characteristics. Once you start shooting, you will get kickback from the weapon and your bullets will not hit exactly where your X is. If you want your bullets to stay centered, you need to match your mouse movements with the bullet path of the weapon you're using.

It is very important to learn the dispersion pattern of bullets from at least basic rifles, and ideally other weapons, otherwise you will be at a disadvantage when a close-range fight occurs.

How to do it? The nature of scatter in CS2 is not random. There are slight variations in exactly where the bullets will land, but normal dispersion trajectories can be learned.

Chat With Teammates

Communication in CS2 is critical. This is a game where one bullet to the head can derail the entire round and send the team down a path of misfortune, losses, and strategically bad decisions, so it's vital that you communicate. Playing in a serious match without a microphone is a big mistake since no one from the team will hear you if necessary to voice important comments.

When using a microphone, speak clearly and loudly. The most important thing in communication is to voice the enemy's positions and weapons. It is also worth taking part in developing a strategy with the team, suggesting ideas, especially if you are confident in their success.

Study Maps

As mentioned above, communication and teamwork are crucial in CS2. If you don't know where to go on a particular map, then you probably shouldn't play it in serious competitive matches. It is important to know at least the basic map callouts to be able to communicate effectively with your teammates.

How to do it? Open the image of the callouts on one of the maps and visually walk through it to understand its general layout. Evaluate the card every time you play and practice. As you master one map, move on to another.

Buy And Use Equipment

Many novice players underestimate the power of grenades in CS 2. At the lowest levels, many players do not buy grenades at all, and this is a big mistake. A properly launched Molotov can completely destroy the enemy's onslaught, and a small Popflash can bring you an easy kill. If you have money, always buy gear.

Also don't forget the old proverb: "Don't be a loser, buy a defuser." This means the importance of purchasing a decontamination kit. If you don't have money, you don't have to buy it, you can pick it up if a teammate who has it dies. But remember that too many rounds were lost because none of the counter-terrorist team players bought the kit.

Don't Stand In The Open, Play in Corners And at Angles

A common mistake beginners make is not playing in the corners. For example, if you want to check the middle on the Inferno map, you can just look behind the wall a little and then back away. There is no need to reach the middle of the opening. The same thing happens in duels. If you're engaging an enemy, you generally don't want to run so far that you don't have a reliable way to get back to cover.

Warm Up Before Matches

Esports matches may not be as taxing on the body as real sports, but that doesn't mean the same principles don't apply. If you intend to team up with successful players in serious matches, you should definitely start practicing on different maps. CS2 fortunately has a lot of maps.


CS2 is an active game that requires a large investment of time and effort. It is sometimes difficult for beginners to understand how to rise higher in rank. The tips discussed in the article, if applied correctly, will allow you to improve your productivity and achieve the desired results. You can also use the Profiler service to analyze player settings, it is available 24 hours a day, no matter where you are - Toronto or Los Angeles.

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