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The Magic Numbers: Unveiling the Secrets of Luck and Fortune in Games

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Most people believe numbers don't mean anything.

But for someone trying to roll dice in craps or score the perfect hand of cards in blackjack, numbers are everything. It's what stands between them and certain fortune or utter bad luck. Expectedly, many casino-goers as well as regular people associate numbers with luck and fortunes.

Many superstitions are embedded in numbers. Across various cultures and religions, certain numbers are considered lucky, while other numbers bring bad luck. In this post, we'll explore the magic of numbers to understand which ones are linked to good luck and fortune.

Lucky Numbers
Every avid gambler knows that you need more than skills or casino bonus codes to win a fortune in casino games. You need luck on your side too. For people who believe in superstitions, certain numbers open the gateway to fortunes when they show up. This is why some gamblers hope for or intentionally pick certain numbers.
For instance, many people consider even numbers to be unlucky, while odd numbers are associated with luck. This makes odd numbers a smart pick for gamblers in games where they have to guess numbers. Here are a few of such numbers that are considered lucky across different cultures.

Number 3
Ever heard the saying "third time lucky" or "third time's a charm"? These are examples that illustrate how much people associate the number 3 with good luck. Associating luck with the number three spans across different cultures and religions.

In Christianity for instance, three is considered a lucky number because of the concept of the Trinity. The same applies to Hinduism which has its concept of "holy trinity". Islam also has three holy sites and several other religions celebrate some sort of triune concept. So if you've tried something twice and it's not working out, you can just give it a shot a third time. Who knows?

Number 7
There's arguably no bigger lucky number (especially in the world of gambling) than the number 7. It's the universally recognised symbol for slot machines (one of the biggest chance-based games) in the casino world.
It's hard to tell how or when the number 7 became associated with good luck. Some say it has its roots in Christianity, where it is believed that God created the world in 7 days. Other concepts that point to 7 being lucky include:

-People in the ancient world believed the universe had seven planet
-There are seven seas
-Seven days of the week
-Seven wonders of the world

Number 8
Although not as popular as many of the other lucky numbers, one could call the number 8 the ultimate lucky number for different reasons. First, it is one of the few numbers that is generally accepted as a lucky number across both Western and Asian cultures. In China, 8 is associated with luck because it sounds similar to the Cantonese word for prosperity.
In the West, people consider 8 a lucky number because of its association with the number 7. Since the creation of the world was completed in 7 days, the 8 days signifies renewal and the start of good things.

Based on this, people generally look out for the number 8 in whatever they do. For instance, number plates with this number often sell faster and at a higher price because people associate it with good luck.

Number 4
Most even numbers are associated with bad luck. But there are a few exceptions, like numbers 4 and 8 above. It is a common belief across many cultures that good things happen in groups of four. This is well demonstrated in nature too. We have things like the four seasons and four cardinal directions. Even a four-leaf clover is one of the most recognisable symbols of luck.

Interestingly, unlike the number 8, 4 is not accepted as a symbol of luck in Asian cultures. The word for four in the Chinese language sounds very similar to the word for death. Consequently, people refuse to be associated with this number.

Number 9
Nine is another well-known lucky number, but many people believe it is only considered lucky because of its association with the number three. Nine is what you get when you multiply the number 3 by 3.

The lucky nature of the number nine can be seen in expressions like "cloud nine" which refers to someone enjoying an exhilarating experience. Also the saying "dressed to nines" is used to describe someone dressed really well. Even cats are said to have nine lives, describing how resilient they are.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks nine is a lucky number. In Japan, for instance, the word for nine sounds similar to the word for torture or suffering, so nine is seen as a sign of bad luck instead of good.

Number 12
The number 12 is another even number that is mostly associated with luck. Many people consider 12 to be such a complete number, so much so that the number that comes after it (number 13) is almost generally accepted to be the unluckiest number of all. A likely reason for number 12's good reputation is because it is nicely divisible by numbers 2, 3,4 and 6.
There are many examples of good number 12s across different religions and cultures. They include examples like the 12 hours of the day, 12 months of the Western calendar, 12 disciples, 12 days of Christmas and so on.

The Meaning of Good and Bad Luck Numbers
The table below shows the different superstitious beliefs about lucky numbers and their likely origin. Such a conclusion will help you better understand the significance and historical roots of these beliefs.

Number Origin
3 Associated with perfection and stability
4 Good things happen in fours (e.g four-leaf clover)
7 Completion/seven days of creation
8 Renewal/sounds like prosperity in some cultures
9 Represents completeness and fulfilment
12 Completeness

Although there is no scientific basis for the concept of lucky numbers, many superstitions about these numbers are based on real-life experiences and long-term observations. Consequently, you might want to pay attention to these numbers the next time you need luck on your side.

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