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Scary Scavenger Hunt 2

Garfield.com has another charming haunted house adventure up featuring Garfield as the main character, of course. The object of Scary Scavenger Hunt II: Donuts of Doom is very similar to the first one: escape the haunted house without getting too scared. To escape, simply find and collect all seven (7) packages of donuts.

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I just reached the end of the second scavenger hunt, but there is something that seems to be a combination lock that I don't know what to do with. Help.

You have to click on the clowns to get the code

how do i get past the dog?

hehehehe nvm found out + beat game^^

this game has some glitches. several times i will be far along and garfield will slide off the screen and disappear never to return. i think that it is caused when some spooky thing is playing and i am walking at the same time.

how to pass the dog?

find a bone beside the boiler :)

can one of you guys tell me how to beat this whole game?????

what is the code for the spiders??????

I think you get past the spiders by-

using the red dots in the painting as musical key notes but I can't actally get the last note to work

I liked this game.

hey guys... this game was so funn... i havent beat it yet though... so ya... can someone help me?

how do u open the broken sliding door in the library?

if you want a walkthrough here is one but only click the spoiler if you want to cheat and not use your brain to do the game :P

1. You begin in the basement. It is dark, and you need to see (no surprises
there…) so move left one screen and pick up the matches. While you're there, get
the empty box too
2. Move right twice and light the furnace
3. Pick up the bone by the furnace
4. Go left again and click the crooked candles on the wall
5. Head to the next cell and collect the key from the wall
6. Use the key to open the cell and head up the ladder
7. Give the bone to the dog and go inside
8. Get the remote from behind the cushion in the couch
9. Head all the way along to the left and go past the staircase. Before you get
to the room at the end, pick up the chocolate donut from by the door. Keep an
eye out for these as you go
10. In the next room, use the remote on the tv and get the donuts. Make sure you
pick up the chocolate one too
11. Go up into the hallway. Here you can get some hints
12. Head right one screen and grab the donut
13. Go left and up into the next room. Get the donut and take careful note of
the wall. WRITE IT DOWN. Be sure you know where each of the dots are on the
14. Make your way back to the staircase and go through to the dining room
15. Click on the tray on the table and you'll find some donuts. You need to play
the skeleton first to get them. Keep playing him if you want to, but you only
need to beat him in a best of three to get the donuts
16. Make sure you get all of the chocolate donuts from the dining room
17. Now head upstairs and into the room on the left
18. Smash the mirror and then complete the puzzle to get more donuts
19. Go through to the master bedroom and get the hairpin from the head on the
20. Move right into the bathroom, picking up the chocolate donut as you go, and
get the newspaper from the floor
21. Go back to the landing and into the room on the right. Here is where you
need the music that you copied down earlier. Hit the spiders with the newspaper
to play the notes. If you get the order right you will get some more donuts
22. Go upstairs into the attic and play a game with the bats. If you catch all
of the muffins you get to keep them
23. Head down to the kitchen. You can unpick the lock on the fridge with the
hairpin. When you hear the noise, make your way back upstairs into the master
24. The dresser has moved and you can go through the wall. Play a game with the
mice to get more muffins. Make sure you catch the muffins and not the mice
25. Now that you have everything, you can go down to the library and out through
the bookcase
26. Find your way out of the maze, which is easy enough as it doesn't have many
wrong turns
27. When you come to the end, hit the clowns to get the code
28. Go up one screen to the gate and enter the code you have been given
You are out!

To get passed the dog, pick up the Bone close to the heater. It must be full. Then, give it to the dog.

Where is the News paper in the hunt number 2 i cannot find it??

How do you open the jammed slide door in da libary?????? I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING

OMG, where are the clowns? in the attic? where?????? Plz help me!!

i can't seem to get the spider notes right everytime i think i have it down i'm wrong

hey for that spider game which spiders do you press like in what order because i need to know because im almost done and im nearly scared to death dead

Look at the picture in the hallway.

Why isn't the game letting me pick up the matches? I got the empty box OK and all...

I finished the game!!

if you need help ask me..

OMG, the painting in the hallway shocked me...
If you are easily shocked dont look when it says "Look for details carefully" or something along those lines...
Blah, you'd think Exmortis would prepare me for this kinda thing! Guess I wasnt expecting it in a Garfield game.

Hey hayden the clowns are outside that sliding library bookcase. But to do that you have to pick the fridge lock with the bobby pick which you find in the master bedroom and after you pick the lock you have to go back to wear you found the pick and go through the hole in the wall, you'll have to shoot the muffins in the game the mice give you. Then you have to go to the library click on the book case at the right and go through the fairly easy maze. The first turn is left.;)

here's a map for the maze: Forward, left, down, left, forward 3 screens, right, forward, right 3 screens, down, right, forward. See ya!

Where is the newspaper

OMG! where are the chocolate covered donuts!!! thats ALL i need. omg, someone plz help me =] fanx

How do I beat the music room? I don't know which instruments to click on. I figured out to click on the same instrument twice, but then what?

To anyone that has a scare o meter dangerously high, keep taking muffins and giving them to Lyman in the basement. It brings the scare o meter down.

P. S. Don't email me. Just post a comment here. I'll keep checking this site.

I'm at the end with the clowns, and he said "44589". I am looking at the combination I typed in, but it isn't doing anything... why not?

I beat hunt II, but still not the music room. Sorry about the P.S., I thought people'd ne able to see my E-mail adress.

With the maze exit, you have to click on the door handle to enter the code.

hey, where is the empty box to put the choc donuts in? i can't find it and i cant pick any of them up until i find it. HELP!

There is only one Chocolate Donut I am missing!!! ONE!! WHERE IS IT!! lol please help me

i completed this game, and i'll give you a few pointers right for the spider code all you need to do is write the code down carefully and get the lines right.
to open the book shelf you have to collect all the assorted doughnuts and muffins ect then to get out there is a maze just follow the path and then theres 2 clowns click on one of them 4 times or so and get the code then type it in where it says exit and press the latch and you're out!!! to get past the dog you just have to click on the dog thats all

I dont know the combination.
I wouldve tried the clowns, but I would be afrid they would SCARE me. Can any of ya guys tell me the combination please?

Where is the mini sugar powdered donuts?!

i cant get the spiders can someone tell me what order to do it because even with the picture i still cant het it

This game is easy!! i like it! for the spiders you should get the code and write it down! and then go through the mouse hole and hit the speders with the newspaper(in main Bathroom)then u get donuts!!!

I love the Scary Scavenger games, but I now can't find the chocolate covered donuts in the second game. Any tips?

how do you open the broken door to the library ????

To open the stuck door in the library you'll have to

collect all the donuts and muffins.

Also, the chocolate donuts are hidden randomly around the house.

Please help! How do you get all the chocolate covered donuts? How many of them are there?

I need help finding the donuts, please

URR!! where to get chocolate covered donuts!!!!!!

and also the chocolate fallen donuts on the way??

im close to winning darn it...

well .how do i pass the spider thing like where u like do the music thing i do not how to pass this .. plz helpo mee =(

this game rocks i love it, it is so scary. the scary house game, too. Peace out yo

how do I get the pin from the head?

How to go to the maze in the library?

@niczz: if you look at Shoji's post above, they give you the answer you're looking for.

@Rachel: it seemed tricky to me too, but just hover your mouse in the area until it's highlighted.

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