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Weekday Escape N°370 - Christmas Special 6

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Hello and welcome to the Christmas Special...

which is quite modest. You all know the reason. So to start off we have two games from RoomEscapeMaker that even have the same name, followed by tomoLaSiDo. You're supposed to find five trays in their apartment with a decorated Christmas tree. Finally comes Rinnogogo with the fifth game set on Christmas night. As we are used to, it's a longer game that deserves a post of its own, but due to the lack of other games it is published in this WE. Links to the previous Holy Nights can be found below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

I fear that as in years past we will get a few Christmas games but after Christmas. If my guess is correct there will be one more Christmas WE - may be sooner than next Wednesday, but it depends on the situation. If not, and unless an exceptional game comes along, this WE is the last post of the year. See you in 2023!

Edit: A new Christmas game by Esklavos has been added. Enjoy!

Christmas Escape


The RoomEscapeMaker's short game does have a time limit, but you can stop the timer at any time and the thirty minute limit is generous for a short game. Your job is to escape the room, of course.
The cursor is changing, no save option, one ending.

Christmas Escape

christmas2 .png

From RoomEscapeMaker we have one more game, and it even has the same name...and the same goal, namely to escape the room. It means solving a few puzzles and figuring out how to open the door without the key. It's not exactly a peaceful Christmas game - destruction is allowed and even desirable.
The cursor is changing, no save option, one ending.

Escape Challenge 177: Room with Silver Trays

trays1.png trays.png

TomoLaSiDo already has a Christmas tree up in their apartment - it's not lit yet, but that will be sorted out in a moment. Your mission is to find the five silver trays and if you succeed, you'll get a Christmas present at the end of the game.
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

Holy Night 5

Holy5 - 1.png Holy5 - 2.png

Rinnogogo gave us a Christmas present for the fifth time and it is again a story from the Holy Night. At the start of the game it turns out that you have qualified as this year's Santa, but what they don't tell you is that you have to find the presents. You're given wishes from several creatures and it's up to you how you deal with the presents. And once you have all the gifts you need in your inventory, you still have a big part of the game ahead of you - the gifts need to be delivered too!
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

Google PlayHoly5 - 4.pngHolyNight5 (Android, Android Tablet)

Play Holy Night

Play Holy Night 2

Play Holy Night 3

Play Holy Night 4

Play Holy Night 5

Leonor & Raúl: Christmas


In the latest Esklavos' game are Leonor and Raúl, along with Alice and Rupert, locked in Alice's parents' house, where eight presents are hidden. Your job is to find them, of course, and solve a few puzzles in the process.

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending (the game has multiple endings because you can unwrap different presents, but the endings don't differ).


Got 3:53 on the first Christmas Escape, and 16:08 on the second. What's everyone else getting?


That last ball in Escape Challenge 177: Room With Silver Trays is tricky. The clues are a bit unclear:

The arrows on the fireplace show a path to take.

Follow the arrows across the front of the fireplace, and go up to the chimney to continue (step back to see the chimney). Follow the arrows back to the fireplace itself, and you end on the arrow in the lower-right corner.

The arrow points not to the fire in the hearth, but back to a spot just below the Start point.

Click the brick just below the Start to reveal a hidden ball.

That gift at the end—a maid costume and free weights? tomoLaSiDo must have intended that gift for this guy.  😁

vadasz December 21, 2022 2:20 PM replied to jF

My times for the two Christmas Escape games were 5.40 / 13.48.


over an hour on christmas escape 1. don't know if i am going to attempt 2.

found hammer

and that is it.


it feels like an hour because i've had to walk away so much but i'm runnning out of time less than 14 minutes and i guess it's just over.

i don't like this game.

jF December 23, 2022 4:37 PM replied to 4red3s

4red3s, have you used that item yet?

The hammer can break open the wall in the first scene—look for the cracks!

Once you do that, note what you see:

The three gemstones have specific shapes.

Those shapes can be entered elsewhere.

Be sure to check the whiteboard with the Christmas stockings.

Removing the stockings reveals three black symbols. They can be clicked on!

Enter circle (●), heart (♥), square (■). As the sticky note on the whiteboard instructs, return to the hole in the wall and click all three gems. When you return to the whiteboard, the symbols have been replaced by characters, offering a clue to something elsewhere.

Going back to this game, I notice that it seems to have some bugs. The hammer disappeared more than once after picking it up but before using it, requiring me to restart the game. Weird…

The second one is trickier, as use of some of the inventory items is a bit farfetched. But at least there are no slider puzzles.  😉

jF December 23, 2022 5:02 PM replied to vadasz

Good job on that second one! I got hung up on that stuck door handle.

Took me forever to figure out where that darned safe was supposed to go!  😣


There's a puzzle in Leonor & Raúl: Christmas which might have a detail wrong:

Raúl comments in the bedroom about Leonor's old photo with her looking to the left. For the correct solution to that puzzle, you'll need to have her looking to the right. Isn't that always determined by the person themselves, like how your heart is positioned in the body on the (on your) left side?


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