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Weekday Escape N°241 - Christmas Special 3

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Weekday EscapeHi everybody, this is Christmas Special Weekday Escape 3!

All escapists must have been very good this year as the Christmas games which arrived are awesome. The first is Suzunari's game which I thought was gone but luckily not. Neat Escape invites you to a party and then locks you in a house until you find your way out. Esklavos takes a bit different approach to Christmas, a bit dark, though there is the decorated tree and gifts. Ichima Coffeedo transferred their older (pleasant) game and made very atmospheric and relaxing one. Rinnogogo's creation is simply beautiful.

Have a good time and enjoy! This is the last WE in 2019. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everybody! See you next year!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

You're locked in a clean and tidy room on Christmas day and you're supposed to escape it. Also bake a chicken. Not a big deal (none of it). The chicken is already in the oven, hints and codes everywhere around you, some straightforward, some not so much but don't underestimate Suzunari! To figure out the correct solution requires some thinking and also attentiveness to details. Even if it takes a while to realise connections between clues, they're always logic and fair. Can you escape?

The cursor is not changing, save button, one ending.

P.S. The first game in WE should be by Amajeto, shouldn't it? It's here: Amajeto Christmas Time.

Christmas 2

Christmas 2

One of many Neat Escape's friends invited you to a Christmas party in his house...and yes you're guessing right, suddenly you find yourself locked up, alone, unnoticed. That's sad but look at the bright side - you have a chance to explore a beautiful house and escape completely all by yourself. Clean and polished design, relaxing tune, nice puzzles and two endings which both worth playing - that's what we are used to in these games - and we get it. Just be observant. Will your find your Christmas gift?

The cursor is not changing, save button, two endings.

Magic Christmas Escape 3

Magic Christmas Escape 3

This Esklavos' game is magical, no doubt about it, but the magic is kind of twisted and have a slight horror feeling. Well, dark magic is a magic too, afterall. At the beginning you stand in front of nicely decorated and perfectly normal Christmas tree. Then events take a strange turn and you need to act immediately to save the house and yourself, too. This game may change you opinion about plush animals...

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. Magic Christmas Escape and Magic Christmas Escape 2 you find in previous Specials (links below), and Magic Escape 4 here in Weekday Escape N°107.

Room 27: Snowy Day Christmas

Snowy Day Christmas

Lovely Ichima Coffeedo's game is a remake of their older escape (Room 18) which isn't accessible anymore...but never mind. The remake is more than just transferred game, some puzzles are changed and the result is excellent - perfect escape game about perfect Christmas - white, peaceful and full of magical atmosphere. Very enjoyable.

The cursor is not changing, autosave, one ending.



Rinnogogo gave us a gift for Christmas - a bittersweet poetic game about ends, beginnings and Christmas magic (the true one - looking at you, Esklavos). You are offered a deal with retiring owner of a toyshop advantageous for both parties - he gets ingredients for a tasty dinner and you all presents at once without chasing them elsewhere. Instead you need to chase seven foodstuffs which is surely more entertaining especially in Rinnogogo's word. Explore the street, its surroundings, other shops, solve several clever and intuitive puzzles and the deal is done!

The cursor is not changing, autosave, one ending.

P.S. The fullstop in WE specials should be by Minoto, right? So, here's Sent Santa.

P.P.S. Here is Christmas Special 2 Weekday Escape N°205 and Christmas Special Weekday Escape N°165. And here older Christmas themed WEs: Weekday Escape N°105 and Weekday Escape N°55.

For more try tag Christmas or Xmas or Holiday or Seasonal!

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv December 18, 2019 2:49 PM

these games look cool. can;t wait for these. Especially Neat Escape.


I was so looking forward to playing Neat's Magic Christmas. I was fine until the Ball Game. I just not good enough with the mouse to get the lever and the two balls to get to the "you win" line.


Esklavos? Missing one?

Patreon Crew Jeff December 19, 2019 4:48 AM replied to Sadie

It's good now :)

EclecticPlatypus December 19, 2019 3:12 PM

In Suzunari's I need help with using the 4 digit number.

It doesn't work entered straight into the keypad by the door and I can't figure out how it needs to be changed.


Leave it for later. The clue you found is

for a different puzzle, and the clue you really need is

a hidden object near the keypad.

EclecticPlatypus December 20, 2019 9:54 AM replied to kktkkr

Thank you. It's weird that the

keypad unlocked after getting the steam numbers

, that really threw me.

EclecticPlatypus December 20, 2019 10:18 AM replied to kktkkr

Now I can't find the clue in suzunari for how to place

the bell snowman present and champagne cards


For Suzunari's final puzzle

The letters on the steam align with the position of that letter in the tiles.

So the tile with O in the 3rd position is first tile.

Snowman (3) - Champagne (5) - Bell (2) - Present (6)

EclecticPlatypus December 20, 2019 3:08 PM replied to AceBates

Thank you!! Ugh it's so obvious now.

paulmashtv December 20, 2019 3:25 PM

no hurry. these games will rule though hehe :)

EclecticPlatypus December 20, 2019 3:43 PM

For Ichicoffee, was anyone else slightly disappointed that

there weren't any actual snow monkeys?

Patreon Contributor kktkkr December 21, 2019 2:03 AM replied to paulmashtv

Merry Christmas

In the intro (accessible after the countdown), a rookie elf (which is you) introduces the art of helping Santa make presents, first entering the dreams of children to get pieces of their dreams, then using Santa's magic to transform those pieces into presents.

In his first year, this elf entered a girl's dream and found it a cold dark empty place, so a colleague found for the dream pieces instead. This time, he/you started after all the other elves, but the dream key is missing so you can't get in!


You're stuck in a Christmas-themed room, and the door seems to be locked (or at least, you'll need to find a key to leave). You can click the wreath to tilt it, and after enough clicks a note floats out and falls to the floor. The cupboard on the left has a locked door with four buttons and a locked door with two buttons (the game tells you you don't have a hint for the right one). In between the cupboard and door, there's a pink candle on a shelf you can't reach, a keypad with a seven-segment display controlled by six buttons (and vice versa), and a three-digit locked panel.

Turn right. This chest of drawers has a toy train with presents on top, and all three drawers are unlocked. The middle drawer has yellow arrow markings and contains colorful towels, while the bottom drawer contains some earth-toned sweaters. Next to that, the bed has a pattern of shapes at its foot, and you can move the left pillow for some reason. There's also a green candle on a side table, and the panel above the bed has four square slots (but as the game tells you, you have no hint for it yet).

Turn right to face the Christmas tree. One of the ornaments differs from the others because it's a square Present tile. The table here has a plate of macarons next to a blue candle, and the shelf above holds four colorful bottles.

Turn right. The sink here doesn't work. The drawers beneath have a four-letter lock (no clue), a three-button lock, and no lock (but that one's empty). The compartment under the sink contains a smaller panel held shut with a screw. Above the sink, there's another cupboard you can't reach. On the right, there's a stove without any fuel in it, as well as an uncooked turkey in the yellow compartment. Without any pots or pans, there's not much else you can do with it, but you can pick up the firewood from the pile under the window.


The shapes carved into the bed match those on the tree. What is that a clue for? (You only need to consider locks that the game lets you interact with, of course.)

The arrows on the bed tell you to read the shapes from left to right, and those shapes appear at the bottom, bottom, top, middle, top, middle, bottom of the tree.

Push those buttons on the middle drawer under the sink to unlock it and find a Bell tile.


Use clues from the middle drawer beside the bed and the dining table (beside the tree) to unlock the left cupboard door (near the room door).

The arrows on the front of the drawer tell you to read the colors inside from right to left.

Those colors appear on the UR LL UL LR UR UL LR LL macarons, so click the
⌝ ⌞⌜⌟⌝ ⌜⌟ ⌞
buttons to unlock the cupboard, which contains a single Christmas shoe.

Examine the shoe and click it to make a matchbox drop out.


Place the firewood in the fireplace and use the matches to light it.

Turn right and then left, then open the fireplace compartment and take the cooked turkey, which you can examine to find a clue.

Two buttons

Following the clue on the cooked turkey, push the XOOXOXXO buttons on the right cupboard door near the front door to open it and find a stepladder.


Placing the ladder in front of the sink, you find that the cupboards above contain a wooden box with four digit buttons and a red kettle.

Pick the stepladder back up.

Flame 2

Place the ladder under the pink candle to make it accessible, then use the matches to light all four candles, making letters appear on them.

Then use that clue (and another clue elsewhere) to unlock the top drawer under the sink.

The wine bottles are green, pink, yellow, blue, and the candles with those colors have letters that spell out TREY.

Enter that into the lock and open the drawer to find a screwdriver.


Use the screwdriver to remove the panel under the sink.

Turn the valve inside (once is enough), and the sink is now working!


Fill the kettle in the sink, then place it on the stove directly above the fire.

After you change screens, the steam from the kettle forms a clue on the window.


The wooden box you're holding has a train drawing, so use clues from the toy train and elsewhere in the room to unlock it.

The train cars are separated by shapes, and those shapes appear on the shirts in the drawer beneath, but on the shirts they're divided/covered by lines.

Since we're looking for a four-digit number, those lines should be interpreted as mathematical symbols, and each train car (except for the engine) represents the number of presents it holds.

Work out 999×7+2−4 to get 6991, then enter that into the box and open it to find a Snowman tile.


Use clues from the keypad (near the door) and the note (from the door) to unlock the three-digit panel near the door.

As the keypad shows you, each numbered button from 1 to 6 lights up a segment on the display.

So, for example, the numbers in the left column of the note (4 5 6 2) light up segments that, together with the permanently-on middle segment, form the digit 5, and similarly the other columns represent 4 and 2.

Enter 542 into the panel and open it to find a Champagne tile.


Now that you have all four Christmas-themed tiles (and if you still have the ladder your inventory should only have one space left) use the clue from the window to place them into the panel above the bed.

Hint 1: Which number goes with which tile?

Hint 2: OPEN is part of the clue too.

Looking for the letters of OPEN on the tiles, you find that SNOWMAN is the only tile with O (as its 3rd letter). Similarly, BELL only contains the letter E (as its 2nd letter).

This means that each letter-number pair on the clue refers to a specific letter and position in its word. The word with P in the 5th position is CHAMPAGNE, and the word with N in the 6th position is PRESENT.

Place the snowman, champagne, bell, present tiles into the panel (from left to right), and open its compartment to find a key. Use it to unlock the door and escape!


Santa appears and smiles when you tell him about finding the key after not giving up, then tells you that children's dreams are the same: they're always present even when they've been lost sight of, and finding them is an elf's job.

That year, you made a lot of dream pieces into fragments. With those shining dreams, everybody's smiling at Christmas.


Fewer decorations, same great Christmas spirit!


You start off facing the fireplace, which is already lit this time. The couch on the left has cushions that you can lift up, and there's a battery hidden under the right one. On the right, there's a TV showing flowers and clouds, and the drawer(s) under it have a three-digit lock.

Turn left. You can't look at the dining table, but you can zoom in on the Christmas tree and then on its pot which has a star marking. There's also a game machine with two balls in tubes and a lever connected to a trough, and you can click the side of the machine to find that it's unplugged.

Turn left to face the kitchen area. You can't examine any of the big appliances, but you do notice a locked cupboard with six long numbered color buttons over the ovens, a locked drawer next to it (under and left of the pot), and a six-digit cupboard above. The right half of the kitchen has a working sink, a clock with no batteries that seems to be upside-down, and another lock with four star buttons above the oranges. (This star lock has something weird going on with it, but perhaps you can treat that as a hint later.)

Turn left to find two doorways and stairs leading up. The left door is locked and the right is open.

Follow the stairs up to a corridor ending in a door with a four-letter lock. The bright orange noticeboard on the right has a piece of paper with a digit clue and a sun symbol.

Back out to the bottom of the stairs, then zoom in on the right door. Before you go through, close the door and look at the plant pot behind to find a screwdriver.

Reopen the door and go through to reach the main entrance (locked of course). On the left, there's some firewood in a pile (arranged in a neat repeating pattern somehow) and some in a bucket. Well-hidden between them is a metal stick leaning against the wall.


Place the battery into the clock, which now shows a different time (but is still stopped).

Then use that clue to unlock the cupboard above the cooking pot.

Paying attention to where the numbers are (or just rotating the image), you find that the fixed clock shows the time 11:35:28.

Enter that into the cupboard and open it to find a power cord.

(Even though the analog clock doesn't specify AM or PM, you can see through the windows that it's daytime.)


The digits on the paper look like they can be filled in, but how?

Wet the paper in the sink to darken some segments.

Then use that clue to unlock the drawer under the TV.

Paying attention to the sun symbol, you find that the paper clue needs to be read upside-down, giving the code 589.

Enter that in the drawer and open it to find a claw bar (or if you prefer, it's just a crowbar).


Next, you need to find a hidden object.

Hint: you'll need to use the right item or nothing will happen.

The Christmas tree pot is kind of an optical illusion, as it's actually balanced on shiny metal pieces at its corners rather than a single wooden support.

This means you can use the claw bar to retrieve a red key from under it.

Unlock (red)

Use the red key to unlock the drawer, which contains an air pump.

Ball Game

Plug in the game machine (with the power cord) and place the air pump in front of the lever. You're now ready to play!

Clicking the pump makes the ball on one side rise, and clicking the lever switches the side that it controls.

The (whole) game pauses when you click out of it, although this is of questionable benefit.

One strategy is to click the pumps and lever at a steady rhythm: pump, pump, lever, pump, pump, lever… At speeds faster than about 0.75 seconds per click, the gap of four clicks (3 seconds) between pumps on a single ball is shorter than the time it takes to fall back to where it started, so both balls eventually rise over the winning line.

Alternatively, you might notice that the ball's movement depends only on where it is when you click the pump, so you get the longest flight time over the win line (~1.8s) by pumping the ball when it's barely touching the bottom of the line.

So a second method is to pump either ball to the top, wait for it to fall just below the line, then pump once, flip the lever and pump repeatedly as fast as you can.

Whichever it is, you eventually win the game (which you need to do in order to proceed) and the machine drops a remote control.


Use the remote on the TV to make it show some numbered colored stripes.

Use that clue to unlock the cupboard above the ovens.

The stripes numbered 4 1 6 3 2 5 on TV are green, white, blue, purple, yellow, red.

Click the buttons 5 7 2 6 1 3 times, then open the cupboard to find a bucket.


Fill the bucket in the sink.

Then pour the water onto the fire and take a closer look. Somehow, you're able to move the wood aside to find a small box with a screw.

Use the screwdriver to open the box, which contains a yellow key.

Unlock (yellow) / Exploration 2

Use the yellow key to unlock the door to the left of the stairs.

This large bathroom has a single toilet cubicle next to a washing machine on the right. Searching the sinks on the left side, you find a silver key in the right one.

Click on the bath area to walk there. There's a duck in the tub (click it!) and another television screen on the left, this one turned off.

Back out and click the shower area just to the right of the tub. You can zoom in closer on the towel and remove it to find a padlocked wall panel.

Unlock (silver)

Use the key to unlock the padlock, and open the panel to find a locked safe.

Screen 2

Use the remote control to turn on the TV in the bathroom, which shows you a view of something.

Look under the bathroom door to find the same view, and then use the stick to retrieve the remote on the left side. This one has a tree design, two buttons, and a connection port on the bottom.


Use the tree remote (tree-mote!) on the Christmas tree, making it light up in different colors.

Then use that clue to unlock the kitchen cupboard above the oranges.

The tree turns green, red, yellow, red, blue, green.

So click the ⌞⌜⌟ ⌜⌝ ⌞ buttons to open the cupboard and find a blue key.

Save your game!

Normal End

Use the blue key to unlock the main door and leave.

A snowman wishes you a merry Christmas, and you walk home.

Unlock (blue)

Load the game, and use the blue key to unlock the safe in the hidden compartment near the shower.

Inside, you find some kind of electronic part.

Tree 2

Attach the part to the tree remote, and use it on the tree to light it up again.

Then use that clue to unlock the cupboard above the oranges again.

The tree turns red, blue, red, yellow, green, red.

So click the ⌜⌝ ⌜⌟ ⌞⌜ buttons to open the cupboard (this time, the panel opens the other door!) and find another box containing a neatly wrapped present.

Hidden 2

Checking the second box again, you find a narrow hole in its bottom (at the far side).

Use the claw bar there to remove the false bottom, revealing a picture with letters.

Happy End

Use the picture-letter clue to unlock the upstairs door.

As the picture suggests, the letters on it rearrange to form FIRE.

Enter that into the door and unlock it to leave.

You finally meet your friend, and get to enjoy the present you brought out: a Christmas cake!


i'm stuck on the

air pump game. no matter what the strategy is i can;t win. oh well :(

guess i'm finished with that game.


Magic Christmas Escape 3

After disobeying a warning posted on the door (the game gave you no choice!) four toys show up at your door with a Christmas carol.


The door/"ancient portal" won't open again, and the four blue gift boxes remain open and empty. The tree's also burning a little bit, and you can take a carrot from it.

Turn right to enter the kitchen, where the dog guards a roast turkey. You can pick up the rope on the floor, the carrot and knife on the counter, a carrot in the clear cupboard door above the fire, and surprisingly (for me) even the net curtain on the window. There are also bells hanging from the cupboards, and the changing cursor draws your attention to the power socket beside the window.

Turn left twice to reach the study, which is already on fire in three places thanks to the monkey holding a torch and the rabbit holding an axe. Pick up a carrot in between the top two flames, and take a closer look at the note on the table and the panel on the front of it.

Turn left to find the cat swimming in the bath tub. The thing above is screwed to the wall, but you can pick up a long cane, a hair dryer and a fire extinguisher, and look at the squarish cup picture beside the window.


Use the extinguisher on all of the fires.


Use the clue from the note on the table to ring the bells in the kitchen.

As indicated, you need to ring the bells in the 2343451234 positions. You'll know that it's correct (or you can figure it out otherwise) by seeing a row of stars appear outside the kitchen window.

Once done, a banana falls from above.


Use the clue from the picture above the tub to unlock the front of the table.

Hint: there should be no space above or below.

I'm not going to copy the clue here, but paying attention to the shortest edges (1 unit long), you can identify which edges are second-shortest (2 units) and then pin down the positions of each square and line.

Once you push the correct buttons, a screwdriver falls out.

Use the screwdriver to remove the ornament from above the bathtub.


Combine the ornament and net curtain to complete a net, then use it to fish out the wet cat plush.

(The bathtub automatically drains out!)


Connect the dryer to the socket in the kitchen and use the cat on it.


Combine the knife and cane to make an untied spear. As the name suggests, you need to then combine that with the rope to make a spear.

Use the spear to pick up the turkey, and then you can safely pick up the dog plush.


Give the banana to the monkey plush (getting its torch) and the carrots to the rabbit plush.


Place all four animal plushies into the gift boxes, then open the door.

Snowy Day Christmas

Ichima claims that the game should be easy and fun even for beginners, which is probably true since it now has a hint system. Feel free to try it out yourself!

Since this game (room27) is a remake of room18 (Snowy Day Room), I'll try to bring back the long spoiler heading style from the old walkthrough.


The room has four walls but only three screens! It may seem huge with lots of stuff along the walls, but remember that the spotlights in the room literally highlight the important spots.

In front of the window, there's a table with an unlit candle on it, and you can examine the chairs on the sides to find a man-shaped ornament cookie on the left chair. You can move the right chair for some reason. On the other wall, the wardrobe is locked and has a keyhole.

Turn right. The bed is neatly made with a Santa figurine hanging over the pillow, and the storage drawer beneath can only be temporarily pushed inwards rather than being pulled out, even if you try from the other side of the bed. The painting on the wall beside is held in place with screws.

The side table is decorated with a picture of a bell, and its drawer has a three-digit lock with a different symbol above each button. Above it, a framed gingerbread cookie has two drop-shaped buttons on its case. The alcove beside that has a snowglobe on a platform with three round buttons. And the door to the right is locked.

Turn right to face the desk, but first you'll notice a pink box on the left side which seems to contain a button but is locked. On the desk, there's a box with a yellow star, but it's actually an indentation in the lid. The phone beside has only three marked buttons and holding them causes the markings on some other buttons to show up. You can also lift the phone receiver to dial a number. Further to the right of the phone, there's a shutter in the wall that you can't open. The top desk drawer contains a heart-shaped ornament cookie, while the bottom drawer has a lock with four colored buttons that change patterns when clicked.

You can zoom in on the heater to the right. Turn the knob, and nothing happens. Turn it back. Turn it again- oh, the knob is loose. Turn it… down, and then you can remove it. It's a screwdriver!

The not-so-fancy wreath on the right wall has four shaped indentations around a rectangular outline.

We need three digits for * 0 #.

Those symbols are precisely the marked buttons on the phone, and holding down each button makes different sets of digits appear. But you only need one digit for each button!

The buttons that remain blank when you push */0/# form the shapes of the digits 7, 4, 0.

Enter that into the side table to unlock its drawer and find a lighter.

Light the candle on the round table, which now drips wax down its side.

The shapes of those wax drops look familiar.

The melted wax descends in two lines (that you can zoom in to take a closer look on), and in case the order isn't clear enough, the animated snow reminds you to read the clue from top to bottom.

Since the drops are on the LRLRRRLL sides, push those buttons on the frame above the side table to free its woman-shaped ornament cookie.

Winter scenes are nice but this one hides something.

Unscrew the painting beside the bed (using the screwdriver you got from the heater).

It slides aside to reveal a plate with a leaf-shaped ornament cookie, as well as a compartment with some costume parts.

It's time to use all four cookies.

Place them into the wreath, and the middle compartment opens up to reveal a golden key.

This key unlocks the wardrobe, which contains a long stick and a pile of snow in front of a door to the outside! You can open that door to see even more snow, way too deep for you to just leave.

This rod looks like it can support some weight.

Stand between the bed and the wall (by clicking under the lamp on the far side), then use the stick to push and hold the drawer away from the wall.

This means the (same) drawer is open on the other side, so look there and take a snow shovel from it.

You can't go out in the snow, but you can still have fun with it!

Use the snow shovel on the snow reachable through the wardrobe to build a snowman.

Place the "parts" on the snowman to complete it, making a clue appear. Where can you use that clue?

The buttons on the snowman (from top to bottom, as the shovel indicates) appear in the LRCCCRRL columns.

Push those buttons on the snowglobe and press the ENTER button to make it dispense a bronze key.

Use this key to unlock the pink wall box near the desk, then push the button there.

The wall to the left of the wardrobe rotates, so now it's a brick wall with a tree in front! The tree (in a red brick pot) is bare except for a wooden house ornament labeled MON, but beside it on the floor are colorful present boxes and a pedestal with an unusual indentation on the top.

These gifts are so good you don't even need to open them.

The colors of the presents are exactly the same (and in the same positions) as those of the bottom drawer buttons.

So you just need to reproduce the same stripe/cross patterns by clicking the buttons
4 3
0 5
times. Open the drawer to find a Christmas card with instructions for ordering cakes.

Let's place an order, and hope the cake isn't a lie!

(Okay, that reference is getting old in 2020.)

There's no puzzle here, just pick up the phone and dial the number on the card (without the dashes).

A voice tells you the cake will be delivered immediately. Indeed, your Christmas cake appears from the shutter, with a huge wooden Alces alces on it. Yes, it's definitely a moose.

Let's put the ornament where it belongs.

Place the moose into the pedestal to the right of the tree, which lights the tree up.

It's beautiful, but you may remember that you need something from this tree…

The top of the tree is out of reach, so turn the right chair nearby to make the star reachable.

Place it into the red box on the table, which opens up to reveal a letter keypad inside (actually a green box) and a sequence of pictures on the lid.

And the rest is just a matter of spelling.

The words on Santa, the house ornament and the bell decoration are S, MON and KEY.

But the left house picture in the red box is upside-down, and MON upside-down is NOW.

So the rebus in the box gives the code SNOWMONKEY. Click those buttons to unlock the green box, which contains the end key.

Use the end key to unlock the main door and leave!

(You don't get any snow monkeys for your efforts, but you do get a beautiful Christmas tree made out of snowflakes on the end screen.)

paulmashtv December 23, 2019 11:14 PM replied to chrpa

i just tried kk's first advice and it worked fine. Anyway, thanks again kk for the walkthroughs. i'm looking forward to the last one "holy night 2". that should be cool too.


One more comment about the Ball Game:

Still assuming a constant rhythm between clicks, I think chrpa's alternating solution can be executed at a slightly slower pace.

However, I chose that particular strategy based on the assumption that minimizing mouse movement makes it easier to execute.

The official video walkthrough uses the same sequence: pump twice, lever, pump twice, lever, pump. (But it seems edited, as if several attempts were needed to get a good recording.)

Holy Night 2

The toy store is closing down, and the owner isn't even charging you money for the remaining toys! Just get him the items he wants so he can have a nice Christmas.


You start off in a narrow street surrounded by buildings. The toy store is just ahead, so let's go there first. Before you step in, read the Closing Sale sign to find a mouse holding flowers.

Inside the store, you can zoom in on a total of seven toys, each with their own trade listed: onion, carrot, milk, potatoes, bread, mushrooms, chicken.

Back out and click the gray door on the right. Five unlabeled buttons are lined up vertically.

Back out, turn right, and enter the bakery. All the bread's sold out, leaving just a mouse holding flowers.

Turn right to face a black door. On the left, a glass cabinet contains milk and a crowbar, but it has three colored stripe buttons that rotate when clicked. Above that, two wooden planks have colored clues drawn on them. As for the right side, under the shelf of colored files there's a cupboard you can't interact with other than to ring the three small bells on it. (No response.) Take the red screwdriver from the potted plant.

Leave the bakery and turn right to face a yellow house with a boarded window, then go in. The inside is completely lined with wood making it quite dark. Three colored unlit candles are placed on a round table.

You can turn right to face a locked door, but that's all there is on that screen.

Back out of the house. As you reach for the right edge of the screen, a rectangular hotspot appears as you hover it. This takes you to a tree planted in a bunch of snow (that also gets highlighted on hover) but you can't do anything with it.

Back out and finally turn right to face a pink house. Next to its non-triangular tree, the door of the house is locked, the panel at the bottom is screwed shut, and there's a narrow slot above that's covered up. The window on the right has something interesting going on with its bars, so I'll just let that clue speak for itself.


Use the screwdriver on the door you just saw. That panel is not a pet door, it just hides five sliders!


Use the clue from the window nearby to unlock the sliders.

Just like on the sliders, the horizontal window bars divide it vertically into four sections. The middle horizontal bar is a right-pointing arrow, and the vertical bars (from left to right) have squarish bits on their top, lower-middle, lower-middle, bottom, top sections.

Click the sliders 3, 1, 1, 0, 3 times, then push the ENTER button. The cover on the top slot flies off, but you still can't reach the slot.

Five buttons / Exploration 2

Use the clue from the outside of the yellow house to unlock the gray door.

Each board has a different number of screws:


Click the buttons in that order (from 1 to 5) to open the door.

This warehouse is also quite dark, which makes a shiny spot stand out. Unfortunately, it's a key that hangs out of your reach. You see a shelf with a password box, a box with eight colored buttons, and a mouse with flowers hiding underneath. There's also a chair beside and a button on the wall that you can make glow red or yellow.

As you back out, you actually end up turning around to see some miniature Christmas trees on the ground. The stocking on the wall has a rolled note with colored numbers.


You might notice that some of the mini trees are glowing. If they're not, push the button beside the shelves.

What is that a clue for?

The trees that glow when the button is red/yellow are
R - Y

On the eight-button box, push the buttons to make them show those colors (once for red, twice for yellow), then open the box to find some potatoes.


The chair is too short to be used here, but you can place it in front of the door of the pink house, and climb up to look through the slot.

This room also seems empty, but it has three Christmas trees that light up in different colors.


Use the clue from the three trees to ring the bells in the bakery.

(The trees are yellow, red, green and the bells are red, green, yellow.)

Matching the colors of the trees and bells, the sequence of lights tells you to ring the LRLCRL bells.

This opens the door forward.

Exploration 3

Other than the wooden plank clues all over the room, it's not actually so messy. The nearby table has an unusual ornament with three colored squares, and the shelf behind has some leftover bread. (Don't worry, it's not stale.)

Zooming in on the huge brick oven, you find that the middle section is a keypad with digit buttons. There's something unusual about the clue there…

Click the top of the screen to get a better look at the yellow lines marked between the bricks, as well as an empty compartment.


Use the clues from the yellow lines and the shelf of files to unlock the brick oven.

Each letter of COOL represents a compartment of the shelf surrounded by lines forming those shapes.

The bottom-right, bottom-middle, bottom-middle, top-right compartments contain 3, 4, 4, 2 files, so enter that into the oven and open it to find a matchbox.


In the bakery, use clues from the note and ornament to unlock the glass cabinet beside the door.

(The colors on the note are blue, red, green, those on the ornament are green, blue, red and those on the buttons are blue, green, red.)

Set the striped buttons up according to the Start position by clicking them (from top to bottom) 2, 1, 3 times.

Then adjust them according to the note by clicking them 2, 5, 3 times.

At the end of all that, the top button should show horizontal stripes and the others should show vertical stripes. Open the cabinet and take the milk and crowbar.


Use the crowbar to remove the nails from the boards on the yellow house, which contains a ladder.

(The boards remain on the floor just in case you want to revisit that clue.)

Climb 2

Place the ladder along the right wall of the warehouse, which lets you reach the golden key.

Unlock / Exploration 4

In the yellow house, use the key to unlock the door.

A mouse (wearing lots of flowers) sits in a chair watching over a variety of potted plants. A panel in the middle has four buttons with a rather unexpected design.

While looking at that panel, click the bottom-right corner of the screen to find a carrot buried in the white pot.


Still in the yellow house, use the matchbox to light the candles. A compartment opens on the left side to reveal a shovel and another mouse with flowers.


Use the shovel to remove the snow from the base of the tree (between the yellow and pink houses), revealing some mushrooms.


Use the clue from the lit candles to unlock the password box in the warehouse.

The colors of the candles and flames match those of the planks in the bakery.

Combining the symbols on those planks in pairs according to the candles (yellow over green, white over red, pink over blue) gives the code TOY.

Type that into the box in the warehouse and open it to find an onion.


Use the clue from the mice to unlock the panel in the potted plant room.

The buttons are shaped like computer mice!

And the normal mice throughout the game hold/wear different numbers of flowers:

  1. Under shelf in warehouse

  2. Under Closing Sale sign

  3. In bakery

  4. In yellow house (near candles)

  5. In yellow house (near plants)

Those mice face the LRUDD directions, so push those buttons. A freezer descends from the ceiling, and you find a pack of chicken meat inside!


Hand in the food items to the toy store owner. You'll need to select the required food item and then press the Get button on each screen.

Click the final button that appears, and the store finally closes.


Bonus stages!

Amajeto Christmas Time

We're going back to the not-so-distant past, when Amajeto games weren't so mobile-friendly. Will all that extra space help or hinder?


You start off facing a scrambled picture under a shelf of colored bells. The only other thing of note on this screen (according to the changing cursor) is the red square tile on the left chair.

Turn right to face a locked door (that looks like it leads to the balcony). Some presents are stacked up by the tree, and the small cupboard on the right has four buttons on its lock.

Turn right to face another locked door (that looks like it leads outside). Colorful stars surround a television that's turned off, and the grid device under it on the left can't be used yet.

Turn right to face two rows of cupboard doors. The top row is entirely unlocked except for the middle compartment which you can't interact with, and each of those has a colored picture on both the outside and inside, along with some gray dots on the inside. The bottom row has locks with

  • a green and a red button,

  • a grid of squares that turn black when clicked,

  • (no interaction)

  • a four-digit lock,

  • and four white squares that grow in size when clicked.

In between the two rows, there's a large picture of bells that tilts when you click its corners.


Let's start with the (randomized) picture puzzle on the first screen, which you can solve by rotating its pieces until they align.

Once done, the picture beside slides aside to reveal a square tile.


Use the clue from the present boxes to unlock the right cupboard on the bottom row.

From bottom up (because of the shape of the tree or the sequence of lights on it), the presents are largest, second-smallest, second-largest, smallest.

Click the buttons 3, 1, 2, 0 times and open the cupboard to find a square tile.

Two buttons

Use the clue from the shelf of bells to unlock the left cupboard on the bottom row.

Push the red, green, green, green, red (RLLLR) buttons and open the cupboard to find a remote control.


Use the remote to turn on the TV, which shows the word STAR separated by little stars.

Use the remote on the TV again to view a clue with a white rectangle above colored circles.

Use the remote on the TV again to view four colored drawings of presents.

Four colors

Use the last clue from the TV to do something with the top row of cupboards.

The green, blue, yellow, red present drawings are on the 2nd, 5th, 4th, 1st cupboard doors from the left.

Open them in that order. The middle cupboard automatically opens, and it contains a square tile.

Five spots

Use the second clue from the TV to unlock the tilty picture between the cupboards.

(The rectangular outline matches the frame of the picture.)

The cupboards in the top row with the red, blue, red, yellow, green drawings have gray spots on their upper-left, lower-right, upper-left, bottom-left, upper-right corners.

Click the ⌜⌟ ⌜⌞⌝ corners of the picture, which opens up the middle cupboard on the bottom row. It contains a silver key.

Unlock / Exploration 2

Use the silver key to unlock the balcony door.

This balcony has an assortment of items, but the only ones you need to look at are the green present on the left which you can move aside to find a square tile, and the calendar next to it. In the background, street lamps flash in sequence.

Four buttons

Use the clue from the street lamps to unlock the cupboard beside the balcony door.

There are a total of four street lamps that flash, and the order is 1st, 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 1st from the left.

Push the matching buttons on the cupboard and open it to find a square tile.


Use a clue from the calendar to unlock the second cupboard door on the bottom row.

Follow the pattern of crosses from the square under 26, starting at the top left and alternating rightward and downward steps. Don't forget the bottom-left corner.

Open the cupboard to find a square tile.


Use the remaining clues from the TV and calendar to unlock the fourth cupboard door on the bottom row.

Looking out for the red-colored letters along the top of the calendar, you find that red S, T, A, R appear above the circled numbers 17, 5, 9, 8.

The asterisks represent multiplication, so you need to multiply all those numbers, getting 6120.

Enter that into the cupboard and open it to find the last square tile.


Place all eight square tiles into the grid device under the TV to activate its randomized puzzle, where you have to swap the tiles to complete the picture.

Hint: you can distinguish the red tiles by the direction of their stripes.

Once the picture is complete, the compartment under the device opens up so you can take a gold key. Use it to unlock the room door and escape!

Sent Santa

We've helped Santa with his beard and hair, but now he has a reindeer? Oh right, we skipped one of the games in the series. But you're not at any disadvantage since it's Minoto.


Santa, the reindeer, and a sack of presents stand beside a Christmas tree with a cat and some sort of strap stuck on top. You can pick up a dark glass bottle of mysterious restorative liquid.

Go right to find a cave with a green-furred miner in front. Pick up the ancient fossil from the ground on the right.

Go right to find a pond covered in green plants. A monkey watches it while a cat conducts a (stationary) train on a bridge.

Go right to find two building rooftops connected by a steel cable(?) with something draped over it that looks like a lamp and power cord. A penguin seems stranded on the left rooftop.


Pour the liquid on the fossil to release a shrimp who looks like it hasn't eaten in a hundred million years.

As the game hints, you can use the shrimp to consume all the plants in the pond, leaving something that the game describes as a parallel bar.


Still reading the item descriptions, you realize that the bar is actually used to improve balance.

Give it to the penguin, who walks to the other rooftop where you can retrieve the water tank heater.

Use the heater to heat up the pond. The monkey hops in for a bath, leaving behind its blue towel.

When you pick the towel up you find that it's a soft net!


Place the net under the Christmas tree. As the cat jumps off, you can pick up the headlight that was on the tree.


Give the headlight to the miner, who walks into the cave. It can't do anything without any tools.

But the miner isn't empty-handed, because it holds a doorknob!

Use the doorknob on the door under where the penguin is now standing, then open it to find a mining pick.


Give the pick to the miner, who extracts some coal for you.

Use the coal to power the train, which drags a sled out of the tunnel.

Give the sled to Santa to end the game!

Patreon Contributor kktkkr December 26, 2019 6:10 AM replied to chrpa

That one was certainly well-hidden among the sea of links. Bonus bonus stage!

Reindeer of Santa

Santa's all cleaned up but now he's missing a reindeer. Wait, where's Santa?


A black-haired boy in orange clothes stands next to a pile of bird's food. There's a large rock in the background and a fountain with a stone statue.

Go right. A bird on the tree holds something that looks like a hammer, while its empty nest is on the floor. A cat seems to be watching its bowl, but clicking it makes it climb up the shelf towards a bottle on the windowsill. The shelf tips over before the cat can get there.

Go right. A monkey tosses a blue mouse towards the hole at the other corner of the screen, but the mouse only gets halfway across before boomeranging back into its hand. You also see a switch connected to a room with an unlocked door. You can enter that room and find it almost too dark to see anything.

Go right. An elephant artist has messed up its painting of Sunflowers, and a truck in the background has something on top of its pile of soil.

Click the truck door and enter. Something seems missing in the middle of the cabin.


Place the bird food into the bowl, and the bird leaves its lever behind.

Picking it up makes the bird lay an impossibly huge egg before hopping off the screen.

Machine movement operation tool

Enter the truck, place the lever in the hole and pull it.

When you leave the truck, all the soil is dumped out along with the LED lamp that was there.

In the dark room, place the LED lamp into the socket. If you've flipped the switch (the left side should be down) the room should now be lit up.

A mouse sits by a sewing machine, and there's a handheld heating pad on the floor.


Use the heating pad on the egg, which pops open to reveal a bottle of hair dye liquid.

Use the hair dye on the boy to turn his hair golden.

This transformation unleashes his power, allowing him to kick the huge boulder to bits. Pick up the purple container of wax.


As described, the wax is meant for the floor.

Use it in front of the entrance to the (previously) dark room, then click the monkey to bowl the mouse into the hole, where it comes back with a fall prevention mat.

Since the mat prevents furniture from toppling, use it on the shelf beside the cat, who climbs in the window and knocks over the bottle of acrylic solvent.


Use the solvent on the painting, then click the blank canvas to pull the cloth off.

Give the cloth to the mouse in the room, who sews it into a pair of underwear pants.


Use the pants on the statue in the fountain. It clears out all the rock, leaving the reindeer!

Since I haven't actually said it this week: thanks to chrpa for finding the Christmas games! And see you in the next decade.


where are these games of Amejeto Christmas Time Sent Santa and Reindeer Santa? > can;t play them if i don;t find the links. js. Anyway thanks for the walkthroughs as always KK.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr December 26, 2019 12:22 PM replied to paulmashtv

The first two links are included in the post, ending the descriptions of the first and last game, while the last one is hidden in the previous Christmas special chrpa mentioned.

All those links together:
Amajeto Christmas Time, Reindeer of Santa, Sent Santa


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