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Weekday Escape N°281 - Christmas Special 4

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Weekday Escape

Hi everybody, this is Christmas Special Weekday Escape!

Prepare for a big fat Weekday Escape! Three new big games from top developers arrived and two excellent retro games. Plus bonuses. The first is Esklavos at their best - atmospheric and calming too. Then the latest Rinnogogo wants you to decorate a tall spruce - you need to find some helpers for that task. In their newest remake, Ichima Coffeedo imprisons you in a mountain cabin and promises nice ride in a cable car if you find a ticket. Gotmail tells us a Christmas escape story with criminal overtones, and with Nicolet, in their rodent's universe, you may take part in Christmas Eve events and help to save Christmas. And one good news - Neutral's new game is planned for the beginning of 2021! This is the last Weekday Escape in this year - see you in January 2021. Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a good time and enjoy!

Magic New Year Escape 2

Magic New Year Escape 2

This is a farewell with magical, poetical and very very atmospheric Esklavos. The last trip to their dreamland which you can escape through the magic portal only and where sound always the same tune and chirping birds. Where you often meet various magical creatures - like elves, talking trees and evil witches - and this time, apart from standard though a bit overgrown dwarfs a zombie one! He's quite friendly but definitely doesn't seem so. You need to fulfill ten wishes in order to open the portal - and yes, zombie dwarfs have wishes too. The cursor is changing, no save, one ending. P.S. Here is one retro from Amajeto: Gold and Brown.

Holy Night 3

Holy Night 3

Rinnogogo's solitary house where you are locked in is far in the mountains...and its tennant worries whether Santa will find it. Nicely decorated tree would certainly draw his attention and there's a beautiful full-grown one in front of the house, not decorated yet, but which door leads out? Where did you put the key? Or, if it's the other door, where did you leave the memo for the code? So many questions...well you should look around the room and be observant since some hotspots are sneakily hidden at the edges of the game screen. Also, there are nineteen fairies hiding in the house and you are supposed to discover them...can you? The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending. The game is available for Android too. P.S. About catching fairies...here is Hitonchi by Detarou where you need to find ten little blue...hmmm not exactly fairies...sort of...to a certain extent, that's it. If you like it you may want to visit their other games fot the last time, probably. You know why.

Room 30 Heart & Xmas

Room 30 Heart & Xmas</p>

<br />

You find yourself trapped in Ichima Coffeedo's cosy mountain cabin and your goal is to find a ticket for a gondola lift. Ticket or not, you can't get to the lift anyway and don't even know which way leads to the station. It's time for thoroughtful exploration and I mean it as this time (untypically for Ichima) there are items and spots which can be overlooked. Though it doesn't seem so the game is quite long - and very enjoyable too! The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending. The game is available for Android too.



Very nice Gotmail's retro game has a background story and it's a good one! A girl working as a maid really looks forward to today's end of her contract - it's the day before Christmas and the job isn't the best one indeed - when her landlord drastically changes her plans. Without asking decides not to observe the contract and extend it. The situation seems hopeless for the maid until a collegue whispers to her to go to the cellar and find out what had happened there - it may help her he says...what mystery does the cellar hide? Will you discover it? The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

Christmas by Nicholet

Christmas by Nicholet

It's Christmas Eve and Nicolet's mice went obediently to their bed. Christmas stockings are ready to be stuffed, mice peacefully sleeping, Father Christmas has arrived already, however, without presents. Poor mice. You need to help him to find the presents since they're hidden somewhere around this house, and of course, you need to figure out many codes to open all drawers and get into other rooms - it may take some time but making five little mice happy worth the effort! The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending. Bonus games are two Minoto's lovely and nonsensical games, Present of Santa and Present of Santa 2. Previous specials: Weekday Escape N°241, Weekday Escape N°205, Weekday Escape N°165 and Weekday Escape N°105.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


FYI, the link from the Weekday Escape banner points to last week's page (#280)


Yay! I always look forward to Christmas escape games from about the start of September.

I know this place isn't what it once was, but massive thanks to those of you who've kept it going. JayIsGames remains one of may favourite corners of the web, and I can't wait to crack into these ones.

Happy holidays all!

paulmashtv December 23, 2020 2:47 PM

can't wait for these.

paulmashtv December 23, 2020 5:59 PM

would like to wish chrpa, kktkkr, and everyone else in here a merry christmas.


There's some hope for playing old Flash content after 2020: the Internet Archive has been collecting it (see http://blog.archive.org/2020/11/19/flash-animations-live-forever-at-the-internet-archive/ ), and work on Ruffle is proceeding. We'll see how it goes...

Patreon Crew Jeff December 24, 2020 2:43 AM replied to Thorzdad

Thank you for pointing it out: it's fixed.
I wish to everyone too a Merry Christmas.


Ruffle is pretty cool: if you don't feel like downloading an extension or executable to test it out, you can simply load the swf file into their demo page to play it in your browser.

(There's also the older software swf2js, but their demo page didn't work for me.)

Some of the escape games I tested last month didn't work well on Ruffle: text clues and labels became unreadable, which is very bad for an escape game. Hopefully they can work out the rendering compatibility.

Merry Christmas to everybody!


@chrpa @kktkkr

Thank you for keeping this alive. I have been coming here for many years. This site has helped me keep my sanity! My heart aches when I see so many game sites closed or games that won't play anymore because of some windows or browser update.

I don't know what the future holds. No one does. But you give me something to look forward to every Wednesday. What ever holiday you celebrate, have a happy one.

Thank you for this place of refuge.

Patreon Donator operagypsy December 25, 2020 11:42 AM replied to 4red3s

I echo 4red3s sentiments completely; thanks to all who keep this site going, both by finding & posting games (& walkthroughs), and by accessing this site & playing the games. Merry Christmas & happy holidays to all, & may 2021 bring health & happiness--& more wonderful games!

bankroller December 25, 2020 2:20 PM replied to chrpa

Thank you all for what you do. I also absolutely love coming here toes what's new. I can't get most games to open anymore and I'm not techy enough to know how to make them work on my MacBook.
But I Love that you are putting so much effort into this site. Thanks you and Merry Christmas


Gotmail's games always have rage-inducing pixel hunting and questionable logic, but Employer is even worse, maybe because it's an old game.

In one place, you either have to understand a Japanese pun, or make a gigantic leap in logic.


Thank you chrpa & kktkkr, and everyone else who has worked hard to keep JayisGames alive and running. Over time, so many game sites have been shut down which truly is sad when all we want to do is have a place of respite, where we can spend a little time away from the madness of our world. Regain our sanity. Relax and have fun. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled to the brim with engaging fun & games!


Happy New Year to all. We wish you all the best in 2021!

paulmashtv January 19, 2021 12:33 PM

hope walkthroughs for these are coming soon.


I'm skipping walkthroughs for the Flash games, you know why.

Holy Night 3


You start off facing a fireplace with buttons on it, and a weird framed picture with colored stripes. The shelf on the right has a red box you can pick up.

Turn right to find a door with a screw panel. To the left, there's a green shelf with some colored buttons, and what looks like a handle attached to the wood beside.

Click the arrow to go into the side corridor, which has a locked wall panel.

Turn right to find a dining area. The table has a candle among more candles in triangular trays. You can also pick up the metal pitcher leaning on the table. On the wall behind, there's a green-and-red card hidden behind the tapestry. The cupboard has locked doors below, and you can click the top of the screen to find plates and cups, as well as a hanging cane.

Click the kitchen area to take a closer look. Something is sparkling in the sink, and you notice the drain below covered with some white strings. You can also

move the cabbage to find a pair of pliers.

Turn right to find a locked door with colored buttons on its lock, and a black rock with a keypad lock. You can't do anything with the triangular frame, but you can

click the floor beside to find it covered with a heavy wooden plank with a tiny handle.


🎄 Entrance button, fairy

Use the clue from the bowls on the cupboard to unlock the door.

In the stacks of bowls, pink is on top, green in the middle and blue below.
(3, 1, 2 clicks)

A surprisingly large fairy floats down and offers you tree decorating advice, but you have to find her 19 friends first. You can click her at any time to learn how many are left.

Beside the tree, you see a fairy above a curved branch.


🎄 redbox

Use the clue from the tapestry to unlock the red box:

The tapestry has five rows. Reading them in the order shown on the box, the red squares appear on the

You find four rows of pinecones, which is a clue for the

drawer on the green shelf.

The yellow, blue, green, white rows have
3 6 4 1 cones.

Take a piece of snowman paper with colored stripes on it.


Use the branch to pry up the hidden cover on the floor, revealing a fairy in a pool of water.

That water isn't just for show! Scoop it up with the jug.

🎄 sink

Pour the water in the sink, which washes the shiny thing away.

Use the pliers to open up the drain, then use the branch to pull out the key in it.

Unlock the cupboard to find some metal bars and a fairy hiding behind a pot.


Use the bars beside the green shelf, where they form the rungs of a ladder.

After you climb up, you see a fairy near the roof, a fairy under a party hat, and a stocking tied to the railing. Click the railing to find the way down.

(You might see something else here. We'll get to it later.)

Four colors

🎄 button on the fireplace

Use the clue from the cupboard plates to unlock the fireplace:

The tree (cutout on the green shelf) is white.
The stocking (on the railings) is red.
The bells (above the fireplace) are green.
The star (on the party hat) is pink.

(4 3 1 2 clicks)

It's hard to notice, but a drawer opens up on the right side of the fireplace and you can take a key and find a fairy under a book.

Use the key to unlock the panel behind the green shelf, or as the hints call it:

🎄 Door under the loft

You'll need a clue that's only visible

if you leave the green shelf drawer open, and descend from the loft.

The candles on the table indicate a sequence of triangles, from 1 candle to 6.

As the other clue indicates, up and down triangles are yellow while left and right triangles are pink, so you need to push the
LRRLRL buttons

The door slides up and a fairy flies into the room. Let's worry about that later!

Exploration 2: Attic

At the top of the stairs is a narrow room. You can't do anything in it, so turn around. You can zoom in on three candles on the table.

As you leave the room, you notice something in the ceiling above the stairs.

Light the candle in the fireplace, and then use it on the attic candles.

Finally, some light! Pick up the fairy hiding behind the candles, and look at the opposite wall to find a grid of colored squares.

Turn around again. There's a three-letter box on the table, and a fairy beside the picture on the wall.

The picture has another fairy behind it.


🎄 Desk on the second floor

Use the clue from the grid to unlock the safe on the desk.

If you ignore the columns with no black squares, the remaining pattern of black squares forms an E. Do the same for green and red to get the code

The inside of the safe has a sunny picture. You can't take it, but you can find a fairy hiding further inside.

Ceiling and wall

Use the cane to open up the ceiling above the stairs. Out pops a floating fairy and a screwdriver.

Use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel on the door beside the ladder.

🎄 ladder side door

Use the weather clues to unlock the panel you just found.

As a reminder, you picked up one clue from the green shelf, and there's one above the fireplace and two upstairs.

Putting them in sequence so the color stripes match:
red MOON green SUN blue SNOW pink RAIN black

(0 3 1 2 clicks)

Exploration 3: Bedroom

You've found the bedroom! There's a locked box under the pillow and some berries on the tree.

Turn around to find a chest of drawers and a snowglobe with a keypad.

Bedroom puzzles

🎄 Drawer next to the bedroom door

Unlock the drawers using the clue from the plant:

Click them in the order shown, from fewest berries to most.
Middle-bottom, Top, Middle-top, Bottom

Take a key and picture from the drawer that remains open.

Unlock the box on the bed to find a red button, and push it!

🎄 Snow globe

A code appears on the window for you to unlock the snowglobe.


You find a stencil in the lid, and a fairy beside the snowman.

Five digits

🎄 Two plates

Use the clue from the green and red plates to unlock the "black box" beside the entrance.

Placing the green stencil on the red card gives you the code:

In it, there's a fairy and red snowman.


Place the snowman in the snowglobe, and shut it.

Another fairy appears to thank you.


That's all the puzzles done, now you have to look for the remaining fairies. Since the first fairy appeared after you searched the starting room, you should check back there.

There's a fairy in the potted plant beside the green shelf.
There's a fairy under the cupboard, and a fairy on the colored bowls.
There's a fairy in the vegetables beside the sink.

And finally, there's a fairy behind the picture you're holding.

You now have all the fairies!

  1. Beside tree

  2. In water

  3. In cupboard

  4. Near roof

  5. Under hat

  6. In fireplace drawer

  7. Behind attic candles

  8. In attic potted plant

  9. Behind attic stripe picture

  10. In attic safe

  11. Above stairs

  12. In snowglobe

  13. In black rock beside entrance

  14. Beside snowglobe

  15. In potted plant beside green shelf

  16. Under cupboard

  17. On colored bowls

  18. In vegetables

  19. Behind snowman picture

Accept their offer to decorate, and enjoy the end screen!

room30 Heart and Christmas

None of those weird plotlines about waking up in a cold locked room or getting trapped in a friend's house. This time, we're actually here to have a festive escape!


You start off facing a bed with some hooks above it. Above the warm radiator, there's another window with rods in the wall and a small reindeer cart on a shelf.

Turn right. A desk has two unlocked drawers containing a handle with screws and a diamond-shaped milk chocolate, but it also has a locked drawer with 9 pairs of buttons, and a blue box with four buttons. You can zoom in on the bell above to view its colorful pattern.

You also see a clock on the wall that's too high to reach, but it has a loop on its bottom. The locked door here has a bell on it.

Turn right to face a table and four framed pictures. The bottom-left picture is slightly tilted, and you can shift it to reveal a clue.

The table has a mountain picture linked to a pink box with three holes. There's a locked box on the left, some markings beside the lamp on the right, and some rings hanging from a bar.

Turn right to find a locked door, a window and a small wall panel with color buttons. There's a floor panel and the game doesn't leave you guessing about how to open it.

First puzzles

❄️ [1] 4 square buttons
❄️ [2] 6 buttons (3 colors)

The clues are the pictures and the bells.

For the box on the table:

The word CHEESE (behind the Swiss picture) tells you what order to push the buttons.

The letters of CHEESE are the initials of the words on the four pictures.
⌝⌟ ⌜⌜⌞⌜

You find a round chocolate and a shape card.

For the small wall panel:

There are three bells in the room, but only one of them gives the correct code.

Paying attention to the size of the rivets, you find that the bell above the table is correct.

Blue(3) Red(2)
Yellow(1) Blue(3)
Red(2) Yellow(1)

You find a chocolate and a box with shape buttons.

Shapes / Long

❄️ [3] 3 shape buttons

Place the shape card beside the figures near the lamp (under the mountain picture). Use that clue to unlock the shape box in the wall panel.

Rearrange the shapes in the order LCR, for Left Center Right.
1 6 5 clicks

Take the screwdriver.

❄️ [4] 9 buttons on the drawer

Attach the handle to the trapdoor, and fix it with the screwdriver.

Inside is a plank that "cannot be used as it is", but

there's also a pattern in tints of pink.

Use the clue from the inside of the trapdoor to unlock the long desk drawer.

To form the same pattern, you need to flip the
1st 3rd 4th 6th 9th

Take a key and nails.

Exploration 2

Unlock the door beside the clock.

Inside, you see a locked door and something that looks like a ladder, but it has only a few rungs and some hooks on the middle rung.

The bottom rung of the ladder is a backscratcher.

Turn right to find an old-looking computer monitor missing a power switch. The box beside has many letter buttons.

Turn right to face the way back.

Before you go, close the door to find two small planks.

Reach / Letters / Math

❄️ [5] Alphabet red box

Use the scratcher on the bottom of the clock, which seems to throw out a four-digit code, but you recognize that it's for the box in the back room.

The green bar indicates that the third and fourth digits are inverted.

Take a saucepan and a power switch.

❄️ [6] PC monitor

Put the switch into the monitor and turn it on to get a math problem. Where do you get all those letters?

Count the hooks of each shape.

Z (over bed) = 5
D (under mountain picture) = 8
S (in back room) = 3 2

(As the hint mentions, you have to include the space when counting S or you won't get a four-digit number.)

Multiply 5×8×32 = 1280.

You get a hammer.

Rider / Reshape

❄️ [7] How to take an elk doll

You can't just swipe the moose off the high shelf! It needs a gentle descent.

The plank will do just fine, but physics (and the game) won't allow it.

So you'll need to

upgrade the long plank by using the short planks, nails and then the hammer on it.

and then you can

use the scratcher to release it off the shelf.

The elk holds a key!

Use the key to unlock the box above the D hooks. Inside, there's a heart-shaped mold.

❄️ [8] Heart chocolate

Of the three pieces of chocolate you're holding, only one doesn't match the oval pink box. We can fix that!

Place the pan on the radiator and then the square chocolate in it.

Back out, zoom in again, pick up the pan, and pour the melted chocolate into the heart mold.

Pull the finished heart chocolate out of the mold.

Fill up the pink box. The mountain picture shifts so you can take a key.

Exploration 3

Unlock the door in the back room to find some stairs.

At the top, you find a window with a word decoration. There's a snowflake tile under the O. The long box beneath is locked. On the table, there's a box of doughnuts you can't eat, a present with a weird marking, and a slider box. The wall panel here combines pictures and symbols.

Turn right to face a brick wall with a locked box beside, as well as the corridor back.

Turn right to find a long wooden noticeboard next to a wall box with square holes. Zooming in on the wood stove, you find that one of the pink tiles is misplaced. Take the tile hidden beneath to fix it.

Upstairs puzzles

❄️ [9] 4 slide passes

Use the clue from the fireplace wood to unlock the slider box on the table.

Match the positions of the curved pieces of wood by dragging/clicking the sliders to the
3rd 4th 2nd 5th
positions from the bottom.

Take a snowflake tile, and read the clue in the box.

❄️ [10] 3 tiles

Use the clue you just found to place the 3 tiles into the wall box beside the stove.

The rows are numbered from top down. Place the tiles in the top and bottom spots of the left column, and the 3rd spot in the right column.

The board rises to reveal wine, cake and a bunch of snowmen hiding a yellow bauble.

❄️ [11] Vertical buttons

Use the clue from the snowmen to unlock the long box.

Calling the buttons Top, Middle, Bottom, the sequence on the snowmen is

Take a snow shovel. The ribbon on the left side of the box is tied to a key.

❄️ [12] Donut button

Unlock the other wall box, and use the clue from the donut box to push the buttons there.

Following the arrow path through the donuts, you find that they match the
LRLLLRRLL buttons.

Finally, an escape path! But you can't pass the turnstile to the gondola without a ticket. Check out the candle and red bauble on the side table, and flip the lever to do something.

❄️ [13] Holly picture frame

The picture frame now has four letter buttons. Use the letter clues from

the candle, cake and present box

to unlock it.

Each clue contains two half letters. Including the wedges above the letter buttons, they form the code

(As hinted above the picture, you can click and hold on each button as a form of autoclick, replacing dozens of boring clicks with just four tedious and precise waits.)

Take a key.

Exploration 4

Use the key to unlock the main door downstairs, and step outside.

It's almost all snow and trees with few leaves. On the left, something wooden is buried in the snow piles. In front, there's a sign pointing out places you don't need to visit. The restaurant icon has been replaced by a blue bauble.

Turn right to find a tree. You can zoom in to find a small cart hanging from a wire, and look up to find nothing special.

Chill and Grill

Shovel up the buried chest, which has a latch frozen shut.

Also place the elk in the cart, which weighs it down just enough to make the tree light up.

❄️ [14] Frozen box

We can't be waiting for the radiator to do its work. Find an even stronger heat source.

Go upstairs and place the chest on the rug facing the stove.

Back out, zoom in again and open the chest to find three holes labeled with colors.

Place all three baubles in the holes (of the matching colors), and now the colored labels become buttons that change the symbols on the baubles. The clue for this is

the view outside the upstairs window.

The yellow, red, blue ornaments are covered in
Diamond, Circle, 6-pointed Star shapes.
(3 5 1 clicks)

Inside, you find the gondola ticket!


Walk up to the gondola turnstile, use the ticket on the green sensor, and walk your way to victory!

Christmas (Nicolet)

Santa has it tough tonight.


Around the fireplace, you see some dark bricks, a locked box, a photo, and a trapdoor secured with bolts.

Turn right to find a tree missing some decorations, surrounded by presents all of which are locked.

Turn right to find a locked door, a wall box screwed shut, and a chest of locked drawers with mouse figurines on top.

Turn right to find five sleeping mice and a locked green safe. The stockings each have a note showing a gift, and the fourth one also has a red lightbulb in it.

Getting lightbulbs

Use the brick clue to unlock the fireplace safe:

Match the missing brick corners by clicking the buttons
1 1 0
2 3
3 2

Take a blue lightbulb.

And use the clue from the stockings to unlock the top drawer:

Small, Large, Large, Small, Medium

Take a spanner, and open up the trapdoor near the fireplace to find some bells.

Give the bells to the drawer mice, and use their clue to unlock the right present:

Push the
4th 1st 5th 2nd 3rd 6th bells from the left.

Take a pair of gloves, and place them in the first stocking.

Use the clue from the photo to unlock the green safe:

Match the icicle sizes by clicking the buttons
0 1 2 0 2 0 times.

Take a gray lightbulb.

Place the lightbulbs on the tree.

As the mice platforms show you, the red, blue, gray lightbulbs fit on the yellow, pink, red sockets.

Use the light show to unlock the second-right present.

1 5 3
2 6 7 4

And place that in the last stocking. The mouse shifts a little and you can take a key from its hand.

Use that key to unlock the door!

Exploration 2

The table is set with five plates but only one cup. Also there's cake.

Turn right to find a cupboard, all of its compartments locked.

Turn right to find the doorway back, and two drawers with trees on them. The left drawer is locked and the right contains a battery.

Turn right to find a door without a handle and a bookshelf that holds a nutcracker attached to a battery case, some books with weird spines, a bowl with a key in it, and a red box with four buttons.

Unlock the cupboard to find blue cups and a bottle of festive drink.

Three drawers and a box

You'll need the clues from

the cake, the books, the cups and the drawer trees.

For the drawer beside the door:

The rims of the cups are decorated with sideways digits:
0 1 0
8 3

Take a screwdriver.

For the upper drawer of the cupboard:

The images on the spines of the books can be put together to form a mouse.

If you (mentally) do so, you'll find that the hats point
(0 1 2 3 clicks)

Take a bottle opener.

For the bottom drawer:

The slices of cake have three different lengths. Click the buttons
1 1
0 0 times.

Take a silver key.

For the bookshelf box:

The white trees on the drawers near the doors have red stars at the
Bottom Top Middle Bottom

Take another battery.

Use the bottle opener

to open the bottle and pour the drink out into the glass. It's bubbly.

Use the batteries

to power the nutcracker on the bookshelf.

The shell is empty, but that's not such a bad thing!

Use the screwdriver

to unlock the wall box in the first room. It has a big button…

that makes a ladder pop out of the ground beside the tree.

Present time

Use the key to unlock the huge present beside the tree.

There's two presents inside! But both are locked.

Use the clues you just saw.

For the left present:

Match the nutcracker buttons by clicking
0 0
1 2
2 2 times.

It's a scooter.

For the right present:

The bubbles in the drink are
Large Large Small Large Small Small

It's a trumpet.

Give the presents to the 2nd and 4th mice. They all shift a little.

Use that clue to unlock the bottom drawer in the first room (under the bell mice).

(1 2 0 3 2 clicks)

Take a handle from it.

Attach the handle to the door in the second room, and head outside.

Exploration 3

Not so surprising by now, being outside doesn't mean you've won.

You see a tree with seven ornaments and an even larger locked present beneath.

The tree stump beside has a stone block with reindeer antlers carved above a mouse face.

The fence has some colored lights, and beneath that is a hammer.


Use the clue from the fence to unlock the huge present.

The blue, green, yellow, red lights form the shapes
Triangle Pentagon Hexagon Square

Take an antler.


Back in the first room, use the hammer

to smash the bricks by the fireplace.

Hmm, the symbols on the panel look familiar.

Use the clues from the two trees to unlock the panel:

The bulbs in the same positions as the ornaments are
Gray Yellow Pink Red Blue
(0 2 4 3 1)

Take another antler.


Place both antlers in the stone block, which opens up to reveal a star.

Climb up the tree in the first room, and place the star there.

Down the chimney comes a reindeer to bring you a violin.

Place it in the middle stocking, and a small gift descends from the ceiling.

It's locked too, but this one is easy.

The presents shown on the buttons are already in the same order as the stockings.

So all you have to do is enter the colors of the mouse trousers:
Pink Dark-green Light-green Brown Blue
(1 3 2 0 4)

Yes, it's a gift for you! Congratulations!

paulmashtv January 28, 2021 3:00 PM

Thanks again KK. Great job as always.


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chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to Mobile Monday! We have another beautiful game from Nicolet and it's a winter game as it should be. Tasuku Yahiro have released another of their...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details We've got a new game from Rinnogogo's magical world and this time it really is magical.. Not only do you get to meet cute animals that express themselves...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details After a few weeks of patient waiting, we have been rewarded - the new game from Ichima Coffeedo is here. We got a wonderful new game - it's...  ...

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