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trace7.png trace3.png

Colorbomb (Studio LOOK) released a new game and it's AMAZING! More than a year and a half ago we played - and enjoyed very much - his adventure from an unknown planet in alien solar system (Scope). Our hero is back and his adventure continues on sandy moon of another planet! Get ready for a long ride (YT walkthrough approx. 40 minutes)!

trace6.pngWe find ourselves on an alien planet but the bathroom where we start looks quite mundane and so do the objects you find here. Your first objective is to leave the bathroom - it takes almost as long to to get out as the current average escape - and at that point you're actually at the beginning of the game. Brilliant!

It must be said that Colorbomb's houses on other planets are very beautiful. Cosy, comfortable, color-coordinated and most of all, with loads of puzzles. You will soon find that in addition to a living room full of interesting objects, you can explore the surroundings of the house and also the tower you can see from the window! But at the moment, the door to the outside is locked - you have a lot to do in this room and you won't be done even when both doors are open. Clues for some of the puzzles can be found outside.

trace8.pngThanks to professional outsourcing services game art is again awesome on higly professional level, the gameplay is excellent and comfortable. The puzzles in the game are very well constructed, intuitive and also funny, just try not to overthing them (easy to do so). Remember, that sometimes the solution is surprising and very original, and hints subtle. The game has autosave.

It's undoubtly one of the best games of the year if not the best. Enjoy!

Colorbomb's games: Clay-Scape!, Scope, MS Paint Escapers 0 and Soup-a-Scape! in WE N°295, The Master of Puzzles in WE N°300, and visual novel South of South Mountain.



Chrpa, are you time-travelling? The post says October 5, but I've still got October 3 on my calendar… 😁


This is hard - stuck on the second room.

May have something to do with the red buttons in the room and pressing them in a specific order


This is lovely…and quite hard! I think the hearts/arrows puzzle might open up my next steps, but can't seem to determine the pattern. And is that puzzle possibly missing a piece?  🤔

jF October 3, 2022 5:18 AM replied to chrpa

Yeah, I just now figured that out! Once I realized that "second perspective" (and noticed that something hadn't disappeared from my inventory), a lot of things opened up. This game is tricky, but I'm loving it so far!  😄


LOL at the piano solution!  😁


Can someone check me on that second computer code?

Is that fourth character the pipe ( | ) character? I thought it would be the number 1, but when that didn't work I tried the pipe.

If that's the only thing which does work, that would be a really poor decision by the developer. Most people haven't a clue what a pipe is, nor how to find it on a keyboard!


And done! Two hours and nine minutes, and 5468 clicks. I feel like I just played a full-length point-and-click adventure game!

This one was truly impressive. Clever puzzles, lovely graphics and sound, ran quite smoothly. Rather unique ideas here and there, such as the genius clue inside the aquarium. Some of the nodes were a bit awkward, such as the one in the second room which suddenly positions you miles away from where you feel like you were standing. But once you get used to that and a few other odd movements, no big deal.

If Colorbomb/Studio LOOK happens by, some suggestions:

• The tower password (behind the metal plaque) possibly uses a character which most people aren't familiar with. It would probably be a good idea to replace that with something easier to use.

• Colors in certain spots (such as in the books and on the pyramid puzzle) are a bit difficult to make out. And I doubt someone with color blindness would be able to solve that puzzle at all. Larger lights on the pyramid might help those of us with normal vision, and an option to overlay color names (or something similar) would help color blind folks. Games should always be usable by people with disabilities!

• It's possible to partially brute-force the man puzzle:

The puzzle can be completed without the jagged chunk of metal (which shows the last two symbols). If you complete it first then find the chunk of metal, the chunk will forever remain in your inventory.

It doesn't break the game, but that inventory item should probably be cleared somehow if the puzzle no longer needs it. The idea that an inventory item disappears when it no longer has any use is good, and should be carried throughout.

• The door puzzle in the central tower room is a bit hard to decipher against the clue. Larger pegs and a simpler pattern might help that.

• The in-game camera is monstrously helpful, but the images are washed out to the point that they sometimes are hard to make out. Showing the scene as it appears normally (i.e., fully saturated) would be better.

But nitpicking aside, this was magnificent. I hope Colorbomb moves away from the cartoon/claymation of their earlier games and goes with this more photorealistic style. This game me serious flashbacks to those nineties point-and-clicks that I devoured. This ain't quite Myst, but it's mighty damned impressive.

Bravo!  👏👏👏

jF October 3, 2022 7:02 AM replied to chrpa

Ah—Colorbomb may have anticipated such, then. I think the pipe, the number 1, the lowercase L, and a capital I should all be valid for solving that.  😁


The giraffe made me laugh!


TVM to chrpa for the help. I'm sure I'll need more.


I cant finish this game.

I cant get beyond the dreaded switching on off light bulbs. Too bad. It looks like there is a lot more to do. Fun until the light bulbs. I'll find a video walk through and see how it ends before I get any more frustrated.


It never fails. I went back hours later and clicked randomly three times and the lights went out.

I sure do miss walk throughs. I remember when a game like this would have hundreds of comments. oh well




The lights and now obscure math that I have to get right 4 times on a timer?!?!?! and don't bother consulting a walk through it changes every time you lose. It takes multiple times to figure out what the operation symbols are too. It's not +-/ or x nope it's weird characters that you have to figure out while a covid looking monster is coming towards you with a number that you have to match.

I was so loving this game until the math.


Math game froze.

I was trying so hard pulling down numbers and I think I might have gotten 4 right with 0 lives left you only get 3. And I got the last one wrong but was still trying to pull 2 more numbers and it is stuck with lives 0 Score 4 High Score 4 at the bottom of the screen.

What does that mean? Did I win? Did I lose? What do I do now?


The Math Game.

You don't have to win.

The purpose is to

associate the symbol with the operation and apply this knowledge to another puzzle.

Ok. Rant over. Loving this game. And that was a very sneaky trick to throw in there.


Except for my troubles with the lights and the math, this was an exceptional game. It says that I took 2 hours 21 minutes and 10 seconds and 2538 clicks. Actually it has taken me 2 days to complete. I had to walk away multiple times because my brain got stuck.

This game is like an oasis in the desert that has consumed escape games. Thank you chrpa for finding and posting this game.

jF October 5, 2022 1:30 AM replied to 4red3s

Wow, nearly the same time as mine, but only about half as many clicks. I suddenly feel inadequate.  😄

4red3s October 5, 2022 9:26 AM replied to jF

I had so many pauses / interruptions so I walked away many times and when I would come back, somehow the solution seemed closer and clearer. That's why it took me two days to play. And I got lucky with the lights as I got frustrated too early and had to walk away. I came back a few hours later and clicked three times and it was solved.

What a lovely game. I look forward to more of this kind of game.

Patreon Donator operagypsy October 6, 2022 3:58 PM

What a satisfying, beautiful game! In my naiveté I wondered how you all were calculating time & clicks... & then I finished it & saw the reporting of my own time & clicks (longer & more, but that's ok; I always need help on these & had to resort to hints here & a video walkthrough when those weren't enough). I agree with JF's review above--the main challenge I found was differentiating the colours from the books' images but everything else was breathtaking.
I really hope there will be more of these games! Well done, Colorbomb/Studio LOOK!

kksl1der20 October 7, 2022 3:45 PM

Truly excellent. Just the right difficulty level, lovely to look at. Even the fish tank water rippled. Oh, and 1h 50min 39sec, 3088 clicks (most of them back and forth between the two buildings, and switching all the lights off!)

nelliel123 October 12, 2022 6:24 AM

I'm absolutely loving this game. I'm sure my hours and clicks will be double those quoted above! I have however hit a snag with the star puzzle.

I cannot seem to collect the star in the tube under the desk. I have watched walkthrough videos but am unable to recreate the actions. Also is there a hint as to why you use this object to collect?


Lemme see if I can provide some gentle hints for you:

Those stars are shiny for a reason.

Those stars are actually metal.

There's something in the drawers which might be of interest here.

There's actually something on the drawers which might be a clue!

The climbing robot gave you a clue to the drawers earlier when you piloted him from the computer.

That clue said:


That's a sequence for opening the drawers. Open the X drawer, then the O drawer, then X, then O, and finally open the U drawer. Inside, you find a magnet.

Hmmm—is there something metallic that magnet might be useful for?

Use the magnet on the glass tube under the desk. Those stars may look gold, but gold isn't magnetic—they're made of something else! The magnet will allow you to drag the star out of the tube and claim it.

If I recall correctly, you simply select an inventory item and click on the glass tube. The game shows a relevant animation, after which the star is yours.


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