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Weekday Escape N°295

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It's Wednesday - and that means the brand new Weekday Escape!

Again, we have Amajeto for a start, this time with their escape kitchen. Detarame Factory then wants you to do a big spring cleaning in a room which really needs it, and it's followed by two Colorbomb's quality and original escapes. Bonus mini-game by OneHundredYears.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Green Kitchen


Amajeto's stylish kitchen has one scene with enough puzzles for a full game. And they are cunning, the puzzles. Your target is to find eight tiles, as usual.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Messy Room4


The messy and dirty place where you find yourself is almost uninhabitable at the moment - the room is a health risk. The time for a proper cleaning came - and also the time for solving several clever and intuitive puzzles. You will definitely need rubber gloves and Detarame Factory provides one pair, though they really should have given them to you right at the beginning. They want you to find them by yourself, instead.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

MS Paint Escapers 0


Escape by Colorbomb is most of all very clever. The art may not be for everybody but under the playful surface you find very good game respecting the genre, with fresh and often surprizing puzzles and bringing much fun. Notice, that the game contains few puzzles based on colors.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.



The second game by Colorbomb wants you to get away from a strange place which smells like a soup... because you're stuck in a plate of soup. That's not important though. Escape starts like any other. You are locked in a small room and need to solve few nice puzzles and find few useful items like a screwdriver or a torch. The game contains one mini-game which is much easier than it seems at the first sight.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

mini1.pngBonus game: Escape Game Mini by OneHundredYears is short, cute, and fun. No language barrier.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


One Hundred Years does not load in Firefox or MS Edge. It's just a white screen.


It must be me. I can't play either of the color bomb games. It has a run game button, I click it, and nothing happens.

mearcstapa May 5, 2021 12:09 PM

Soup-a-scape Walkthrough:

So, what do we have here...

It's pretty...in a simple colour palette kind of way. So far, we see a Sofa with a Grey Panel on it, a Green Door, and a Blue Machine. Let's look at the Grey Panel for a minute. Locked with screws. Too bad.
And how typical: the door is locked.
Checking out the black display on the machine, we see a power button, but there seems to be no power. Let's look in the Blue Door beside it. Maybe there's a switch or something.
Blue Door (1)

No, no switch. But we're missing a cable or cord. We'll keep an eye out.
And what's that shape? A half circle with a star in the middle and a square in the top left corner. Better make a note of that.

Closing the door, we see the Machine,
A lovely view of...space? Night? Who knows.
A shelf with cans of Soup. Odd...on the top and bottom shelves, there are cans on thier sides. How untidy.
With nothing else to do, let's turn left.
Ohhh! A Hatch! Open it! Darn it. It seems to be closed tight with...what? 2 types of screws? What kind of person does that? Okay then. Luckily, there's a Toolbox. There's bound to be a screwdr...locked. Of course.
Now we have a full view of the Sofa, and there's something under it...

Looking under the Sofa, we get a X-DRIVER.

Now, let's examine this fine example of modern art on the wall. The line seems to weave itself over and under. Hmm. The painting doesn't move, so let's look at that Alcove.

Flip the on switch, obviously. An almost-ring appears, with a circle at one end and a square at the other, with Lines overtop?

The lines can go from over the ring to under the ring. Where have we seen that pattern?

The Painting! It goes Over-Under-Over-Under-Under-Over. Let's try that combination out. Bingo! A FLASHLIGHT!

Now that we have our FLASHLIGHT, we can...not do much. There must be something else, though. Right! The Grey Panel on the side of the Sofa!
Grey Panel

Let's use the X-DRIVER on the Panel, and boom! we've got a puzzle on our hands.

3 sets of numbers, from 0.0 to 5.5. Have we seen anything else with 3 levels to it? Oh! the shelf! But what do cans on a shelf have to do with numbers?

Perhaps upright cans count for 1, and laying down cans count for 0.5?

With that in mind, let's try 1.5 in the top, 3.0 in the middle, and 3.5 in the bottom. Boo-ya! GOLD KEY!

Let's try the key on the door! Wishful thinking. It won't open the door. But perhaps it will unlock the Toolbox?

Put the GOLD KEY in the lock, and boom! FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVER!

It seems pretty obvious what to do, now that we have 2 Screwdrivers: to the Hatch!

We'll just use the X-DRIVER on four screws, then the FLATHEAD on the other four, and pop the Hatch open. Voila!

Hmm. Looks dark down there. Maybe there's a light switch? Let's go down.
Nope. It's pitch black. Good thing we found that FLASHLIGHT! Let's just turn it on. Great. A bleak, grey, stone Corridor. It looks like to goes to the right. Let's go!

We went right, then left. Then left. Then right. Then right. WAIT!!! Another one of those Patterns, this time with a triangle in the top right. Mark that down.

Geez, this is a long Corridor. How much further?

Let's go right, then left, then left again, and left a third time. Now we go right. Excellent! We're out!

Up the stairs and....DAGNABBIT! A Gate. Well, there has to be a way to move it. Maybe that Picture on the wall downstairs can help.

We have the ladder on the left, the stairs on the right, and an arrow going from the ladder to the stairs. Also, a bunch of left and right arrows along the path. Hey! They move!

Perhaps if we put them in some kind of pattern. Like the way we came! Let's see...it was...

r l l r r r l l l r

Click and boom! The Gate is open! Look! A GREEN KEY on the wall! Grab it! There's a door, but let's look around. To the left we have a Lightbulb on the wall?

Maybe we should shine our light on it?

Bingo! 2 more pattern pieces - 2 circles near the bottom. Check.

And to left is the door we came through, and left again gives us a Box! Yes! More stuff!Awww. There's a combination lock, and we don't have all the combination yet. Let's head out the door.
Oh! A Pedestal, with eight directions marked by soup cans! And a red keyhole. And just past this we see an Arch in the distance?
Heading toward the Arch, we see that it is just an Arch. For now.
Going back and turning right, we see a Green Door on a small shack.
Turning right again we see...SOUP!!!! Wow. That's huge. But, as we can't do anything with it, let's check out the Shack.
Hey! On the door is the missing piece of our combination lock! Let's head back and open the Box.

So, if we use the clues we've found, we'll change the shapes to. starting in the top left, Square Circle Triangle Circle Triangle. Press the Star, and Pop! It opens. And we get a CABLE!

Let's head back to the Green Door on the Shack.
Green Door

If we put the GREEN KEY in the lock, the door opens! Not so surprising, but it is nice.

As we go through the door, we find ourselves back in the starting room! But now we have a CABLE to fix that Machine.
Blue Panel

Open the Blue Panel, and put the CABLE in the opening.

Now, let's see if the Machine has power...

Let's press the power button. Oooh! A video game, with a high score to beat! 99. Seems pretty high, all right.

The left and right arrow keys move the Aliens around the outside. Don't get hit. Getting hit 3 times on any one of your aliens will have the DEFEAT! screen appear, and you'll have to start again. Beat 100, and get a RED KEY!

Let's find a use for the RED KEY...perhaps where the Red Keyhole was?

There are 8 directions, and 4 symbols - 5 if you count No Symbol as a symbol, but we won't get into Bertrand's Paradox here.

There are four major structures - an Arch, A Shack, A Soup Can, and a Bowl.

Given the Pedestal is facing North, the Shack is to the East, the Can is to the South, the Bowl is to the West, and the Arch is to the NorthEast.

Set the directions to, starting at North and going clockwise: Blank, Arch, Shack, Blank, Soup, Blank, Bowl, Blank.
Put the RED KEY in the Keyhole. The Arch should light up.

Head to the Arch in the distance, and launch yourself through!

Enjoy your soup!

mearcstapa May 5, 2021 12:11 PM

Sorry!!!!!!! I forgot the start and end Spoiler Tags!!! My bad!!

4red3s May 5, 2021 5:31 PM replied to chrpa

Ok Thanks! I'll try again later. :)

paulmashtv May 5, 2021 9:11 PM

I didn't understand how to play the

Video game on soup escape. I kepy losing. how do i do this part?


mearcstapa May 6, 2021 9:20 AM

For the video game in Soup Escape:

By using the left and right arrow keys, you can rotate the two circles around the outside of the game. You need to avoid the bullets being fired by the ship in the middle. If either of your circles gets hit by 3 bullets, it is game over. You need to score 100 or more to win.

Good luck!

mearcstapa May 6, 2021 9:22 AM replied to chrpa

If you could it would be appreciated. More for the aesthetics of the comment section than for any other reason.

paulmashtv May 6, 2021 10:14 AM

Mearcstapa, i know how that is played but it;s hard to play. that's why i said i didn't understand. but oh well.

Pulsaris May 9, 2021 4:58 AM

MS Paint Escapers 0 is very excellent so here's a short walkthrough:

Four digit lock

Inspect the broken pot. (_ _ 7 _)
Inspect the window. (_ 2 _ _)
Inspect the poster. (1 _ _ _)
Inspect the right hand side of the sink and pick up the rock. (_ _ _ 6)

The combination to the four digit lock is 1276. Take the slingshot.

Tree box

Combine the rock and the slingshot. Then, break the pot with the slingshot. Pick up the key and unlock the tree box.

The puzzle inside corresponds to the height of the trees shown in the window. Hence, height 3, height 1, height 0, height 2. Take the scissors. Also take the battery from the lid of the tree box.

Pick up the orange key inside the sink

Pick up the magnet on the floor, near the tree box. Cut the slingshot with the scissors and you get rope. Use the rope on the magnet. Use this cliched device to pick up the orange key inside the sink.

Color lamp puzzle

Use the orange key to unlock the desk drawer. There is a color puzzle. The clue is on the dart board.

Look at the darts. The dart with one stripe is the first clue. Two stripes is the second clue, and so on.

So the answer is:
1. red
2. blue
3. green (blue+yellow)
4. white (blue+yellow+red)
5. purple (blue+red)

If you do this correctly, the sundial should be activated.

Six digit puzzle

Insert the battery into the alarm clock, which shows 02:00.

The analog clock shows five o'clock.

The sundial shows 12.

So, enter 12-05-02 into the six-digit lock, and it shows a person looking into a mirror.

Face puzzle

Look at the face on the poster and mirror it.

Both eyebrows and the left side of the mouth should point to the top left corner. Eye colors are blue and orange. Take the tape.

Final puzzle

Use the tape to fix the electric wire.

The puzzle is about colors you see when you look at the game's setting top down.

The background is green. The lake is cyan. The circular hall, from outside to inside, is orange, cyan, blue, and yellow. The corridor is yellow, the rectangular room is pink, and the connection between them is blue. On the right, the three large circles are the trees so they are green, and the tree stump is brown.

Now take the key and escape!


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