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Vortex Point: Time of Your Life Carnival

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Vortex Point's premier and only supernatural detective agency pursues a mysterious statue to a traveling carnival... but where's it gone? Carmel Games delivers a break-sized dose of satisfying adventure in this point-and-click game.

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I had to consult a walkthrough at a couple of stages, but the end result was kind of disappointing. I thought that the last step would be

to use the red and green flashing lights from the ghost train ride to press the ferris wheel switches, not just press one button.

Or maybe something to do with Dannabelle

Some hints for when you're stuck

First of all, you don't actually need to find money, just coupons.

Fingerprint kit

Use it on two pretty similar objects to find fingerprints that aren't in the database, but do match each other

Getting into the carnival

There are two directions you can take from the ticket booth. One takes you back to the map, the other...

Cotton Candy

It might not be obvious to you - or at least it wasn't to me - but when you first enter the carnival, you can actually click on the tent in between the cotton candy stand and the trailer.

Hint: Somebody who isn't at the carnival, and may not be able to leave their place to get to the carnival, may be hungry.

Bolt Cutters

Use those on the chain in the scenery in the ghost ride. Hmmm, who might want to trade such a strange item?

That screw

That's what you put into the air conditioner. I'm sure by this point, you've probably tried other things with the hopes the air conditioner stops working and sweats that dodgy guy out, but nope.

Out of interest,

What happens if you press the other button on the ferris wheel? Do you get a slightly different ending?

Also, does this ferris wheel go at break-neck speed or something? Surely it would be slow enough that he could still shoot you- oh never mind, why would anything make sense in Vortex Point anyway?


The puzzle ENTIRELY escapes me. And the walk-through is no help because the puzzle changes each time. H!E!L!P!

concretefish September 11, 2015 4:32 PM replied to Maude Buttons

The arrows add or subtract a number (seems to be 2 usually) from the previous number. Follow the arrow pattern - add or subtract 2 (or whatever the number is in the pattern) to get your answer. E.g. the walkthrough example is 135 -> 133 (which is 135-2) -> 131 (which is 133-2).


Regarding the puzzle:

More specifically, the arrow indicates an operation that must be performed on THIS number to get the NEXT number. Right arrows mean +2, down means -2, and up means +3.

Regarding the final scene:

You can eliminate the threat with either button. It's not that exciting, but if you want to know:

Clockwise (right button) yields an infant (which seems wrong to me -- shouldn't you get a 10 year old kid the first time and a... nothing? Single cell? the second time?) and Counter-clockwise (left) yields a skeleton a la Last Crusade. (He chose poorly.)



(I know I have nothing but choice in these matters, and I am free to play or not play these games. THAT BEING SAID: I have never finished a Carmel game and thought, "That was well done.")


Thank you for that, ChairmanMUHC. I was too lazy to replay it to find out for myself.

And yeah, the maths doesn't work.

If the statue owning guy saw a 10 year old kid riding the ferris wheel, does that mean he had the machine set to just go back and forth a bit without ever completing a full turn?

If that's what the ferris wheel at this dodgy circus does, then maybe other weird things would be happening. I mean, maybe that cotton candy our colleague ate is going to make him grow an extra arm or something.

If I lived in Vortex Point, I would've just walked out of there with the statue and not asked any more questions, knowing the weird ish that occurs in the neighbourhood.

And ditto about Carmel games, Maude Buttons. Some are amusing, but even they know they're being silly with their gsmes. Otherwise, why did they even give you a wallet to start with?


I think I should elaborate on what Catherine was getting at regarding the math. I noticed the same plothole myself.

The carnival manager claims to be 174 years old chronologically; the precision of that number implies its accuracy. He also claims that the ferris wheel increments/decrements ages in 30-year intervals.

This means he could only use the statue to become 144 years old, then 114, 84, and so on. He couldn't possibly masquerade as a ten-year-old kid; he'd jump from 24 to negative six.


walkthrough, please.


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