Alyssa's Quest

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Elven heroine Alyssa might not have as amazing a name as her nemesis, Doctor Secret Nightowl, but she's still going to find a way to save the day when the king is frozen solid in this point-and-click adventure from Carmel Games.

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Billy-o May 12, 2015 4:47 PM

Hmmm. Occasionally, a game on this website comes up in a window in which the game doesn't fit in the usual Flash frame. This is one of those games. The right and bottom of the game is beyond the visible area of the frame.

Expanding the page using ctrl+ makes the whole page larger, but doesn't alter the amount of the game that's visible in the frame.

Anyone encounter a similar phenomenon? If so, how do you fix it? I'm using Firefox, if that's any help.


Hmmm, I didn't have that issue. Then again, I'm using Chrome.

This game was a little easier to play than the usual Carmel Games offering. I don't mind having to combine weird items together, but get frustrated if I'm pixel-hunting for the perfect hotspot to reach something (or when the hotspot is too close to the interaction spot for a long dialogue).

I'm kind of disappointed that

you didn't get to ride the mine cart/move further into the crystal mine.

Or that you couldn't defrost the king directly by dragon

But that's just me waiting for another Detarou escape, I guess.

josephine17 May 15, 2015 10:55 PM replied to Billy-o

Sometimes when my game doesn't fit in the window, it's because I've changed the zoom on the browser to something other than 100%. Changing it back usually fixes the problem for me.

MusicLady1724 May 19, 2015 8:33 PM


King Nathaniel's Castle

Take curtains

Take gem from the crest above the fireplace (1/5)

Go to the Forest's altar

Forest's altar

Take logs

Take gem near the left part of the screen (2/5)

Go to the magical pond

Magical Pond

Take stick

Take gem near bottom left corner in the grass (3/5)

Take gem in front of the blue mushroom (4/5)

Combine stick with curtains

Go to the Crystal Mine

Crystal Mine

Cover the stick+curtain in gasoline (black shiny area on the ground by the cart)

Take gem near the top right corner by the big hole in the wall (5/5)

Go to the King’s advisor

King's Advisor

Use the gasoline soaked curtain on the dragon to light it on fire

Go to King Nathaniel’s Castle

King Nathaniel's Castle

Put the logs in the fireplace

Use the fire on the logs to set them ablaze

Talk to the unfrozen king to get a letter

Go to the King’s advisor

King's Advisor

Give the letter to the advisor to get the oil can

Go to the Crystal Mine

Crystal Mine

Use the oil can on the cart to loosen it

Take the crank handle after the cart moves

Go to the magical pond

Magical Pond

Use the crank on the box next to you

Click on the bucket to get dust

Go to the Forest’s altar

Forest's Altar

Place the dust on the altar

Give the fairie your 5 gems

Read the note she gives you. You’ll see that each mushroom has a different number of white spots. This is the key to opening the chest at the magical pond, so head there now.

Magical Pond

The trick to figuring out the combination is in the notes. Take the number of spots on the red mushroom and subtract it from the amount on the green mushroom for each Roman numeral.

I – 6-4=2
II – 7-3=4
III – 5-4=1
IV – 5-4=1
V – 6-3=3

So, the combination is 24113. Enter this and click the lock to open the chest and get a wand.

Go to Secret Nightowl's evil lair.

Secret Nightowl's Evil Lair

Use the wand on Nightowl to obliterate him

Take the Good-luck charm

Go to King Nathaniel’s Castle

King Nathaniel's Castle

Give the king the Good-luck charm

Congratulations! You beat the game.


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