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All of your nightmares pales in comparison to space leviathans who eat whole planets! But, of course, this is what you're forced to face in 8Bit Skull's action adventure title, Zos. It's been thousands of years, and the great monster, X'o'chthu,is back for another round of celestial chomping. It is up to you to gather the lost essences of heroes-past and use their powers to fight it off once again.

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Cool game! Not too long, not too short, nice to finish in a few hours. One thing I noticed, I just guessed one of the potions which messed up the order of things. Might leave you frustrated, but the game works out anyway, just keep following Master Movo's lead :-)

Oh, one question remains for me:

On your home planet Rhisla there are some faint signs on the far left of the dig site. You can show these signs with a Reveal potion. What are these for? Are these the ones used to unlock the first temple? Can't remember ;-)


Found a bug: When I

drink the health potion, my fire potion disappears, so I cannot finish the first boss.

Firefox, latest update of flash, etc. Ideas? I'd rather not have to clear the cache and start over if I can avoid it. Thanks!


I did try that, but I no longer have the fire potion to use. I tried to equip it from my inventory as well.

vulpisfoxfire December 29, 2013 3:25 PM

Found another bug...

After learning the fortify jump potion I went back to my starting place and picked up the health upgrade there...and got the achievement for gathering all health upgrades, instead of the one for picking up *a* health upgrade.


Great game :D

What are those secret characters that apear :D Only found the one that slayed Murmur and the one the Heals you :o Is it from previous games meybe ?



There is one red demon that claims he has killed MurMur and gives you MurMur's blood(3 health potions) . He is on the planet in war, On the Far Left side of the map.

There is One guy that heals you :D And claims to be a doctor. He is where the old man dies inside the beast mouth, top of the room. Just go up with the flying potion


@Kyh, thanks, thought so indeed, although I was silently hoping those were for a secret yet to be uncovered by me ;)


Good game! Does anyone know how to get the achievement "Fourth Wall" (visit the developers)?

silent george December 30, 2013 12:43 PM

Hmm. I'm missing something on Aeryl, though I'm not sure what. I've gotten the

zero G and jump potions, but Movo keeps telling me to improve my jump. He's told me to try to mix in sparkberries or something, but I can't find those. I haven't found the elixer there yet...


Any tips?


I have emailed an updated game file to JayIsGames which should fix the achievement bugs highlighted in the comments.


Elaris, as far right as you can go, gravity potion over the wall.

silent george:
Movo is telling you about the Fortify Speed potion. It is a non-essential potion, i.e. not required to complete the game.

What you need to do is return to the beginning of Aeryl and use a gravity potion to float up into the temple.

silent george December 30, 2013 1:42 PM

Thanks, Alex. I got the Fortify Speed potion, but previously I was just

floating around the sides of the temple, hadn't tried to go through the middle.


Thank you, Alex! I haven't even got that far, I just thought I had to visit the developer's website and was wondering why it didn't work.

silent george December 30, 2013 5:41 PM

OK, what am I missing? I've gotten six of the essences, visited my friend Movo in the belly of the beast, but I can't find any X'o'cthu to fight, just some minor league baddies. Where is the world-eater?

silent george December 31, 2013 12:55 PM

Thanks, Kyh, a perfect clue.

I think this game deserves the "metroidvania" tag, one of my favorite tags.


I believe I found an exploit. Relatively useful:

After creating and drinking two Fortify Health potions (at the station where the recipe is) I picked the last heart at the tech planet. If memory serves one of the potions ended midway, but the other was still in effect at the pick up time.

It seems as if my maximum health is frozen, which is interesting, to say the least.


Great game but

I want to find all the health upgrades. I got the onee on Rhisla, Mezlta, and Elaris. I found Mormax on Potal too. How many upgrades am I looking for? Is it one for each planet?



Indeed - one per planet, 7 upgrades to make a total of 10 health points.


I'm trying to find the

health upgrades on the last 3 worlds but i can't find them


found a glitch.

you can knock the flying sentinel orb robot guard out of the level in the tower on Elaris, on all floors in the tower. use a fire potion when he is in the first left upper corner of the room (where it hibernates, actually), you can lure him there because he does not get low enough for the next chamber to follow you. Slap him with a potion that will not instantly kill it. you see it in the black region surrounding the level now - the space which you can not access.


@ m.woloch -

Here are the locations of each of the health upgrades (more fun if you find these on your own though!):

1. Rhisla

On the level above the doorway inside your house (next to where your ship lands whenever you return to Rhisla). To get it you need to use:

The Fortify Jump potion from Aeryl (or the Zero Gravity potion).

2. Ro'gor

In the second screen of the world (the first screen to the left after you land in your ship), you must go up. You will require:

The Zero Gravity potion from Aeryl (Fortify Jump is not enough).

3. Elaris

When going through the factory portion of the level, you will come to a room with four teleportation pads (in addition to the one you zapped in from). One of these pads takes you to a room with poisonous gas; on the other side is the health upgrade. There are two ways to reach the upgrade:

The conventional path is to get the Oxygenation potion Potal and use this to clear the poisonous gas. Then you can walk over and pick up the health upgrade at your leisure.

The trickier, unconventional path (which you can perform without having visited Potal yet) is to get near to the gas and then walk in when there's enough of an opening as the gas bubbles shift about that you can walk into the middle of the gas. Then wait for an opening to open up that you can walk or jump through to reach the other side. Even if you "die" as you hit the health upgrade, you will still receive the upgrade (+ full health). You can then walk back into the gas and die, and you will respawn at the checkpoint with your new health upgrade.

4. Aeryl

From the starting (landing) screen, ride the moving platform up, then go left (past the man who compliments you on your jump). In the next screen on the left, you will meet another man who tells you "Trust in Aeo".

Walk immediately left from where this man is, out across the invisible platform. You will reach the health upgrade.

5. Meztla

The health upgrade is in the barred temple located to the left of the starting (landing) screen.

The combination for the temple is located on Rhisla - use a Reveal potion on the far left of the lower side of the dig site in Rhisla, where the resting digger says there is something written on the wall there but he can't quite make it out. Return to the barred temple on Meztla and input the combination to unlock the barred temple. Use a Zero Gravity potion to fly up and to the right inside the main room of the temple and locate the health upgrade.

If you'd rather skip the return trip to Rhisla, you can simply run through all the possible combinations. Set all three wheels to rest on the same symbol, then turn the rightmost wheel 4 times. Next, turn the middle wheel once, then turn the rightmost wheel 4 more times. Turn the middle wheel again and repeat, until the middle wheel has returned to the original starting symbol you selected. Then rotate the leftmost symbol once, then rotate the middle symbol once, then rotate the rightmost symbol 4 times. Then rotate the middle symbol once, and the rightmost symbol four times again. You can turn the wheels as quickly as you like; as soon as you hit the right combination, the barrier will be removed, and will not come back even if you change the combination.

6. Potal

The empty tent just to the left of the ladder leading down into the underground oxygen station in Vanni (on the far right side of the world) is not as empty as it appears.

To find the health upgrade, walk right inside the empty tent - into the wall and keep going. You will enter a secret passage that leads you shortly to the upgrade.

7. X'o'chthu / Lynaii

In the house floating above the first house you encounter after landing on planet Lynaii.

Use a Jump or Zero Gravity potion to reach the house containing the health upgrade.


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