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4.6/5 (66 votes)

Escape from a cursed alien tomb, find your crewmate and — if you're particularly fortunate — come out of it all with the brand new, uh, old fabulous Idol of Tavor as your lovely planetary parting gift. Metroidvania-style action and adventure await you in this sci-fi platformer.

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I loooove this game!


Looking good, but is anyone else having trouble changing the key mappings. I can change them but then the key I have changed to does nothing.


Ah! I did not try to change the keys. I will try.


To save yourself a lot of grief,

in the last above ground area, don't try to go to the far northeast until you get the western item. You can make it to the northeast item with a lot of fancy jumping, but it will make you want to rage quit. This is confusing, because the western item is guarded by a stone gate that you don't have a key for, but you don't actually need a key - it opens right up when you touch it.

Here's why this hurts the game:

The western item is guarded by the miniboss, and makes you immune to ghosts, making it much easier to get to the final boss in the northeast area. However, the fact that you can get there without the item (after a lot of frustration) means that you can make it to the final boss and miss the miniboss, and some plot. This is a pretty major flaw.


I too am having problems with changing the keys. Nothing happens, it's infuriating as I'm currently missing a down button..

thomstel June 12, 2013 1:26 PM

Please note: Rolling boulders DO NOT care about room boundaries. That is all.


Same key remapping issue here. I'm using a German QWERTZ layout, but switching the jump button form "Z" to"Y" doesn't seem to do anything.

enhedning June 12, 2013 4:55 PM

Anyone beaten the game yet? I need some help with the final boss. Neither the gun or the bazooka seem to hurt it.

lbluething June 12, 2013 6:42 PM

Pretty disappointing end, not worth the effort of the game.


Your weapons pas right through the boss, so you'll have to find something else in there that causes damage. It's also a useful way of clearing the zombie guys if you can get things to line up.


Changing the keys won't work.
So another game that's hardly playable on all but QWERTY keyboards.


For those having issues with the key mapping...

After changing the key mapping try quitting to the main menu and the continuing your game.


I think I may have glitched out

In D11 I died at the same time as Caleb. When I go back he is not there, no item is there either, although it still shows an item is there on the map.

Have I missed something or should I have got something from Caleb?


Hello all,
We will upload soon a new version with the key mapping feature working.


Hi everyone!

Thanks for giving us your feedback. We appreciate it very much! We're very sorry that you still found many bugs / glitches. We will do our best to fix them ASAP.

@yaddab: Yeah, we just noticed the glitch. Sorry :( We will fix this very soon. At the moment, you can refresh the page to replay the mini boss battle.

Angril Studio


Thanks for the fix!

Username June 13, 2013 6:54 PM

I'm stuck, I have all but the lower right three items, and not sure where to find them. I'm assuming one is an air tank so I can swim further, but no joy finding it. There's a couple red gates I can pass due to shortness of breath....

Username June 13, 2013 6:55 PM

Can't pass, not can pass.


@Username: Have you check your map? If my guess is right, then you might find a tool for water breathing in A4 ;)


I was on the same boat as you, Username. But I just found out that Shift also works under water, even though no sparks come out of Lorraine to visually confirm it.
I was now possible to follow Angril's hint.


My map is showing and item on D2, but I can't see anything. There's a room with boxes on the top of the screen, but it's not accessible.

I remember getting one of the steroid pill thingies there. So, glitch?

Username June 14, 2013 12:42 PM

Thanks for the assist, I'll go try it out now.

Username June 14, 2013 2:30 PM

Finished the game. Here's a tip:

When you get to the final room, don't grab the statue yet, go back to the left and destroy all the crates to the left and you should find some rockets. Grab the rockets, hit the checkpoint, and go back to the room on the right. Repeat until you have 9 rockets, that's the max you can hold in inventory.



Same here, but I let it slide by because I got the life up

ljeaster June 14, 2013 7:17 PM

I finished this game yesterday, and was so pushed for time (outside of the game) that I almost gave up on the final boss. Took some jiggering and figuring to figure out how to get him. Fun game and satisfying to the twist ending!


@stemega: Ahh yes, another glitch. Sorry :(

I believe this happened because you skipped the first Steroid in B10, or the second Steroid in C14, or.. both :-|

We will fix this ASAP. Promise!


Ok so I am not great at this. simple ?
where do you find key cards I keep getting stuck


This is how you kill the final boss:

Give bazooka shots on those orange jelly-looking phantoms when they're near the boss, when they explode, they will hit the boss


Missing tag: Metroidvania


I stink at these games, but I just want to get past C4 on the map... can anyone help please?

Girl power. Moar female protagonists, yesh.

emita81 March 8, 2016 4:12 PM

I get a glitch every time I use the first key - the screen doesn't stop shaking and everything is frozen. I've tried up to this point in Safari, Chrome and Firefox and the same thing happens. Sorry! It's a real shame as I love this medtroidvania kind of game :-(


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