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Tammy Jo knows she could do a better job than the hotel's in-house singer, Neel, who's been driving customers away for years, and her boss is finally giving her a chance to prove it in this quirky point-and-click adventure from Carmel Games.

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can't wait for the walkthrough :)


A nice ten minute diversion!

As much as I like Carmel Games (and I really do), sometimes less is more. I'm talking about the "This doesn't work" voice-over that's kind of their trademark in all their games. It just gets annoying after awhile, especially when you're just clicking on random objects to see what can be done with them. I don't really need to hear it every single time. Same goes for entering the stage room and hearing the singer sing on every entrance. At least you can click it away, though.

Otherwise, I do enjoy these little games.

merchantfan February 16, 2015 8:31 PM replied to argyblarg

It's often not quite funny enough for it to be worth it.


guess not huh? ok.


where are you stuck paul?


I just needed it for the whole game. I can neer get started without one.


Wondering if I should leave a walkthrough


please do bluemoons :)


moose video walkthroughs are hard to keep up weith. I prefer text ones.

lavamuffin February 23, 2015 2:16 AM

Huh. That was a little strange. Here's a few helping hints:


Mouse over everything to see if you can take it or not. You'll know when the arrow turns into a hand.

you really should pick up everything possible


You pretty much have to do three things:

clean up the cobweb in room 2

how would you clean it up?

maybe with a feather duster?

how could you make one with, say, random crap you'd find in a seedy motel?

make pecan candy

you'll need some pecans

and some chocolate goo

and something in which to wrap your concoction

get rid of Neel

maybe with something you receive from a happy guest

in conjunction with some juicy gossip that a grateful coworker spills


Another hint:

You need chocolate goo, but the hot chocolate machine dispenses chocolate goo AND hot water.
How can you get just goo?

I am having trouble finding

something to glue my bid feathers to my stick to make a feather duster.
I have tried using chocolate goo, but apparently that's not good enough.


Never mind, I figured it out.

The sticky substance you are looking for is not something horrible in a hotel room.

What's brown and sticky?

A stick. On a tree. You might have something in your inventory to help you get to the resin under the bark...

Alexandria March 2, 2016 9:15 AM


You need to do 3 things

Make the pecan candy

Go out into the hallway
Go left to the office
Talk to the receptionist to get the houskeeping keycard
Go back into the hallway
Use the housekeeping keycard on room #2
Pick up the wrench and candy wrapper
Go back out to the hallway
Use the keycard on the broom closet. You will obtain a broken broom
Go out to the pool area
Use the broken broom on the crown of the tree. You will obtain a pecan
Go back in the hallway
Use the wrench on the pipe beside the vending machine
Put the pecans in the vending machine
Use the keycard on the vending machine. You will obtain chocolate pecan
Combine the chocolate pecan with the candy wrapper
Go back into the office
Give the pecan candy to the receptionist

Clean the cobweb

Go in the office
Get a stick from the blue cup on the desk
Go in room #2
Pick up the knife on the bed
Go to the pool area
Talk to the lady in the pool
Use the knife on the trunk of the tree
Use the stick on the resin that comes out
Pick up the whistle on the chair by the pool
Use the whistle on the bird to get rid of it
Pick up the feathers left behind
Combine the feathers with the stick + glue to make a duster
Go back in room #2
Use the duster on the cobweb
Go back to the pool area and talk to the lady again

Get rid of Neel

You can only get rid of him after getting the code to the safe which you can get talking to the lady after cleaning the cobweb

The code is 418

Pick up the bell from inside the safe
Go to the office and into the nightclub
Use the bell on Neel


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