Azada: Ancient Magic

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Azada: Ancient Magic

JohnBWith just over a year in the making, Azada: Ancient Magic, the sequel to the enormously successful adventure/hidden object hybrid Azada, has finally arrived! Fusing a large variety of unique puzzles with an undeniably intriguing atmosphere, Azada: Ancient Magic puts you in the shoes of a puzzle solver helping the young Titus disarm a magical menace. As you sift through the library of classic literature you'll help legendary characters such as Rapunzel, King Arthur, Dracula and more escape from stories gone awry. Expect some great puzzles and a lot of interesting minigames to come your way in this spectacular sequel.

azadaancientmagic.jpgAzada: Ancient Magic is structured around solving self-contained puzzles within a series of almost two dozen storybooks. Crack open the book and the main character introduces his or her problem. Flip through the pages using the arrows at the bottom or by moving the cursor to the extreme edges of the screen. Each page contains a scene that could have items, clues, puzzles, and more, all of which fit together to solve the main riddle of the book. Gather what you can, use objects where appropriate, and flip back and forth as you try and free the trapped character. It plays a bit like a multi-level room escape game, actually.

After you solve a set of books and collect the corresponding character cards, you'll need to take them to the upper level of the library to the strange-looking machine. This contraption helps you sniff out the source of wickedness in the library by identifying possible suspects in the cards. You'll have to complete a few short mini-games to get things done, then it's back to the shelves to solve more puzzles!

Analysis: Azada: Ancient Magic is nothing but a big "wow" at every turn. Fresh, fun, just the right amount of challenge, and superbly crafted puzzles that require you to both think and experiment, as soon as you dive in you won't want to come out until you've reached the end. It's that good. It's worth noting that the same production team behind the original Azada returned for Ancient Magic (along with a few additional members). The soundtrack was recorded by Deutsche Film Orchestra who composed nearly 30 minutes of original music for the game.

azadaancientmagic2.jpgAzada: Ancient Magic is more focused on using items to solve puzzles rather than locating said objects. To that end, you'll often find yourself experimenting with your inventory's contents on various places throughout the game. Will that crowbar pry open that box? Does the trowel let you dig in that dirt? Your attempts don't always follow through, and unfortunately Azada does the unthinkable in these circumstances: it shaves off some of your time. Yes, you're punished for trying to explore. The penalty is minimal, however, and I never found myself wanting for more time at the end of each round, so it's no real setback. It does, however, feel wrong to be punished for simply playing the game.

Try the rest of the Azada series:

Another slight drawback is the game's length. Azada: Ancient Magic is rather short, and this is exacerbated by the fact that you'll be so engrossed in playing you probably won't stop until you've beaten the game.

Azada: Ancient Magic packs a huge (if a little brief) punch, just like the original game. It's a genre-bending title that soothes both the adventurer's and the puzzle-solver's soul and delivers an amazing experience from start to finish.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Azada 2: Ancient Magic Walkthrough can be found here:

We have just finished a massive walkthrough guide for
Azada 2: Ancient Magic. This guide will help you through any of the books should you get stuck while playing. Be warned: This guide does contain spoilers, so proceed with caution and use only as a last resort!


No fair. I have a mac.


I have a Mac, too, and I've been playing this game all day. ^_^

Rest assured, though, there WILL be a Mac version of this game coming soon!


I really liked this game. There were a couple things about the first Azada that underwhelmed me (namely, the repeating of the puzzles, and that the puzzles seemed to be all based on early-childhood games to begin with), and those quibbles were rectified here... and then some.

The scenery and atmosphere are just gorgeous! With classic fairy tales as the narrative cores, the game was delightful but also cozily familiar... like seeing old friends again.


NO! I can't play this game! I loved Azada and now I can't play this! And I have a PPC Mac so I can't use bootcamp! Why!?!

ThemePark August 29, 2008 8:04 PM

This game saddens me.

First of all, they blatantly copy several well known games for some of their puzzles without giving them any credit whatsoever. I wouldn't expect such behaviour from such a big company.

Second of all, they took in my opinion a winning formula and threw it in the trash. All the different puzzles, the storyline and the replay value were what made the first Azada so great. They've removed it all from this Azada. This reminds me more of a hidden items game than of a puzzle game. The storyline is by no means up to par to the first storyline (which I'm not saying was magnificent, but it was great I think), and where I wanted to replay the puzzles again and again after having finished the first Azada, here there's no particular replay value, no need to replay those books.

And finally, the thing that the code from the first Azada is used for, turns out to be rather disappointing, even compared to the rest of the game.

So this is a hit and miss to me. And 14 dollars wasted.


First of all, they blatantly copy several well known games for some of their puzzles without giving them any credit whatsoever. I wouldn't expect such behaviour from such a big company.

This, I have to agree I was disappointed with.

I also agree that the two games seem fairly different in structure. If I had loved Azada 1, and hoped to get more of the same in Azada 2, I would surely have been disappointed.

claire tate August 29, 2008 11:35 PM

I agree with the above comments. There is absolutly no replay factor with this game. Although once i had started the game i played through to the end, i would not consider doing it all over again. Shame really, as Azada was a great game. Big disappointment


I'll say one thing, the game looks great from a graphical standpoint.


Ancient Magic is alright, but it's waaaaaay too easy. There are far fewer actual puzzles to solve, the hint system is flawed (it tells you to go to other pages of the book if there's nothing to do on that page without any penalty whatsoever, so getting stuck is made even simpler) and you're given so much time on each level that it's almost ridiculous. The longest any book took me was 5 minutes, and I didn't use a single hint orb.

It's a good looking game, and it's a well realised experience, but as a game it's a bit disappointing.


Graphically lovely if you can be patient enough for it load. And I don't mean the download. It takes forever for the game to begin. To really make matters worse - it stunned (not killed) my graphics adapter.

So if your computer is a little old and doesn't have a robust graphics card.... don't bother with this game.

karstenmp August 30, 2008 12:20 PM

I love this game.
It's so much better than the first version.
But i could really use some hints on how to solve the cryptogram.


The cryptogram was rather annoying...It's too short to solve by anything but brute force really.

So, for those of you like me who are lazy and would rather skip the part where you try random combinations of letters:

Why might someone get a telegram? Perhaps because they have a package waiting?



I like the game a lot; it is fun and not too hard. Yes there are a few scenes that are slow. But it's worth it.
Thanks Jay! I went through your link to buy it.

I'm on the last book.

Question: The secret word in the main room says it's from Azada one - I played through that one but do not remember the word.

Anonymous August 30, 2008 5:13 PM

The extra bonus book

You can enter a code in the main room

Behind the painting

The code was given at the end of Azada:


The bonus book will run on the time you have left in the chapter.

And the final code upon completion of Azada 2 is:



Someone please help me with the invisble man book, what to do when you knock on the innkeper's door? Been stuck for hours!


when you knock on the inn keepers door turn the page to take you back inside the inn. Take the boiled egg from the table and the meat grinder (use to grind the bread into crumbs to put on the birdtable) The crow will fly down to get the breadcrumbs and will drop a feather pick this up.


Well, that settles it for me. I tried one more time to play this game. It loads (8 minutes the first time) and only about 3 minutes the second time. Then I click on play. The screen zooms in on the thing over the fireplace and it begins to swirl.... then it stops. The music is still playing but the game never goes beyond that point. There is nothing else to do but ctrl alt del to get my task manager up. As soon as I do this the game disappears and the video settings look like something from the 80's with 16 colors at 640 x 360. A error message window pops up then saying that the video graphics driver (can't recall name) is no longer working and that I have to restart my machine. When I restart all the settings are back to normal.

The game defaults to full screen. I have not tried it with that turned off and in windowed mode.

Has anyone else run into this??

I purchased the first Azada. Have gotten to chapter 5 and can't do the robot. I was able to skip the robot in an earler chapter. The graphics are great in both games, but there is too much diversity in the puzzles and not enough "orbs" to skip over the ones we find impossible.

I am very good at the slider puzzles where you have to get the piece of wood plank out of the door by moving other pieces of wood planks. Jig Saw type (Torn paper puzzels etc.) are also good. Oh and the find hidden objects and use them in the room games. Wonderful. That is where the graphics really shine in this game. I love moving the rings from on peg to the other. And the matches. I had not encountered those before in a computer game. Once I did one, it was fun. But the arcade type games like the robot will keep me from finishing the first Azada and will certainly keep me from buying the second Azada or third or fourth or....


I could not leave it alone. I finally was able to get windows to send the error to Microsoft. from there it was able to send me to Intel where I downloaded an updated driver for whatever graphics thing I have in my computer. Then I played! I played until my hour was up and then I bought it. This one is way better than the first. The puzzles are more in line with what I was expecting so far. I have made it just past the guy on the beach, Robinson Crusoe.

If I see that stupid robot in this game. I will be back to say something about it.

But so far --- I love it.


I love to read success stories. ^_^

(I'm glad you figured out the problem.)


Azada 2: Ancient Magic Walkthrough can be found here:

We have just finished a massive walkthrough guide for
Azada 2: Ancient Magic. This guide will help you through any of the books should you get stuck while playing. Be warned: This guide does contain spoilers, so proceed with caution and use only as a last resort!


I need help with the 6 rings on Azada. Can anyone help me.


I can't find the second shutter on the first book/game. HELP?


never mind...I found it. *doh*


JiGuest - don't feel bad - I couldn't find the "d'oh shutter" either. :)

Donna - do you mean the rings in Azada 1?


i can't get the diamonds right in the book the dive. i wish there was a way to skip something if you've really tried to solve it. there are so many more books to go and no way to get there.


I need some help. What is the solution of cryptogram in the detective episode?


I am so disappointed in this Azada game sequel. The 1st one was fun because of the different puzzles, now all you have basically is all the rooms and very very very little in the way of puzzles. I did manage to find the bonus book which was the highlight of the whole game. Hope next one is more like the 1st just with tougher and more intricate puzzles. I rate a C-.

sue pritchard September 9, 2008 6:17 AM

Help! On the last book - ie Genie and am stuck in the maze - have used the compass correctly but have no orbs left so can't skip.

Any hints gratefully received. It seems that my mouse and the little ball don't like each othr very much so control not great and I keep running out of time......


just place your cursor anywhere on the sphere showing the map, hold the mouse button down and run the dot through the maze - I didn't use the compass.


Hey, could anyone help me? I'm stuck in the dive book... I did everything, pressed on the symbols in the right order but then there's nothing... nothing happens axcept the last symbol turns pink... Please help, i've lost a lot af time thanks to that...

btw, sorry for the poorly used english...


I can't figure out how to pick a letter to enter into the cryptogram. I can click a grey box and get an underline but no alphabet letter goes in there. How do I get the letter down into the grey box?


In the vampire scene, I have placed him over by the window, but when I look closely at the book and take the knife to it, I can't cut the string. Dracula says it's his and to leave it alone! Any help please?


Please help me with the cube mini game,what's the best way to solve it? in the traveler.


I got the slippers with the Tin Man, but now he's stuck facing the hedge and no matter what I do I can't get him to move anywhere and I can't get him back to get the card. I'm wondering if it is because the boards are now going the opposite way from the direction he's walking? Is there any way to rotate the boards? Or am I just screwed because I didn't get him to pick up the card first?


Loved the game! Easy to save when you are called away. Relaxing, good challenge level, wish it was longer! Can't wait for the next one!


I am stuck on the book The Stange Case. I'm trying to get the presciption. I've traced over the signature and get to the end. There are little sparkles like you get around the clues, but when I click to pickup the paper nothing happens.


I can't get past the tile puzzle in the Vampire. There are 3 X's on the right side of the tiles and only one on the left. I can't match them up, and since I'm playing the timed version, it doesn't let me skip/solve the puzzle. I was able to solve the puzzle my last time through but it was the relaxed version.


Shannon: Unfortunately the puzzles are randomized each game so there is no set solution to any of them. Sorry.

sadie allen January 29, 2009 5:49 PM

In "The Legend" I can't get the pipes fitted together to run into vial. Can anyone help?

steve neal February 18, 2009 5:39 PM

what is the secret code for opening the safe in the room where all the books are in azada ancient magic

Anonymous March 1, 2009 9:43 PM

I am stuck..I played book 18 of Azada 2 and got all the way to the feeding the bird, but when the feather dropped, I didn't pick it up fast enough and now I can't get it. Is there anything I can do to get it other than replaying the book? Thanks so much...Bea

Anonymous April 14, 2009 3:39 PM

Help! I have the same problem as an earlier player. The tin-man is facing the hedge in the maze and I can't get him to move. This game needs a restart button!


Hello. I really like these kinds of games. Thanks a lot.


crow feather

...why must have catch the crow fearther when it dropped. It stayed on the ground though...

to move the Tinman of Oz

...find a magnet in other pages, and use it to direct the Tinman movement

It was worth the $3, but I wouldn't spend more September 16, 2009 2:39 AM

The game crashed my mac (10.5.8) numerous times, and is way too short. I beat it in 2 hours, with orbs left. By the end it just got annoying.


I completely enjoyed playing Azada 1 & 2. Some puzzles i had to redo a few times but i completed both books. soooo when do we get to play Azada 3??? if it is out already pls tell me where i can find it....

Great Game - thanks again!!!

wendy allen December 22, 2009 9:29 AM

I am having trouble playing the mini-game on Azada Magic on Chapter The Strange Case, you have 3 drops of color, red, green and blue. How do you play this game?


i need help on the baron book cant get the stupid puzzle can some one pls help me i really need it


How to do the cryptogram?


I have been stuck in "The Legend" for forever now. I can't get the vials lines up. I'm super confused!! Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!


vanessa -
Click the link above the comments for a walkthrough of this game.


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