PsychotronicKoi2Koi2 is another score-based shooter from the bright colors and unusual minds at Party-Tencho. If you're still recovering from their last mix-up of smoochies and shoot-em-ups, Kissma, this will bring the nightmares back. Prepare yourself for falsetto sound effects and visual logic from the planet Eyestab.

You play a man with blow-dried hair and a terrible sweater, sitting across from a woman who can best be described as "tolerant". The object of the game, as you both slide up and down on hydraulic lifts, is to poke her in the forehead with your finger as many times as you can in one minute. You don't have to lean over — your disembodied hand will just fly over there whenever you click the mouse button.

Periodically, a gift will fall from the ceiling and transform you briefly into a powered-up version of yourself with special abilities. You really have to see these to believe them, but if you play enough times, you will hit every B-movie character archetype you've ever loved, plus a couple more you didn't know you needed in your life. If you get lucky, you might even receive a combination of power-ups that allow you onto the high-score list.

Analysis: To me, this is a story about a real relationship between two people, taken to surreal extremes. The guy is trying to poke the girl in the forehead, which seems to be an expression of affectionate dominance (unless there's some special cultural significance I'm missing). She counters, playfully, by disguising herself, making sudden marriage proposals, winking at the player, generally being seductive and coy. The guy, in return, powers up by indulging extravagantly in his own geeky passions. For that brief period, he truly knows himself, and she is overwhelmed. But then they return to the status quo, where she's largely in control again. At the end, the girl applauds your efforts and invites you to try again. Like Kissma, it's a flirtatious game.

It is also very, very silly.

Play Koi2


That was the most confusing game I have ever played.

Imagine this with custom graphics.

All I can say is wow. Just wow. I thought the first one was strange and confusing, but this one's even more so!

How totally bizarre.

I love these games. I hope these people make more! It's so crazy! XD

Well, I got up to 76 before my finger felt like it was gonna fall off. I love the bonuses/gifts. Plus, some of the masks the woman wears are just awesome.

The number of powerups in this game is staggering

Wow. Just wow.

I barely made it to 54.. Oo; going to have to try on the other computer later.

great game, got 83 on my second try, pretty easy, i think its more fun to watch than to play

81 my friends.

Haha 135! 1st in the rank :D

this is one of the many woes of the japanese language's lack of a character for "tu"
of course the closest thing is "tsu", so if a japanese person tries to count in english, they say "wan, tsu, tsuri". this provides much engrish humor.
also, a jason mask is not complete without a chainsaw, silly girl.

ouch, my clicking finger!

81.. This is so fun! It's so crazy and just out there! I <3 these games!

102! Rank in! lol I'll keep playing

Like Kissma: weird. Interesting.

I only got 35. :(

oh my GOD the singing is hilarious

haha great analysis!
it's so hard to poke her forehead.
i keep poking her chest which looks totally inappropriate


Wow. It must be physically impossible for me to get past 88. I've played about 10 times in a row with a score of EXACTLY 88.

These guys' games are hilariously infectious. I almost went through Kissma Withdrawal during finals week; I couldn't live without it.

I LOVE when she gets a Horse head; an animal without a reachable forehead! Brilliant!

well, the music made my day :)

powerups are just amazing.


I have enough ADD issues, I ended up playing that silly Kissma for about an hour before I realized it was well past midnight and I was supposed to be up at 6am for an appointment the day *that* one came out!

Now, on a Saturday, I stumble upon Koi2, and I'm supposed to be up early for Mass tomorrow! How dare you stick something so OCD-inducing on your site when I'm supposed to be sleeping!

Oh well. If anybody needs me, I'll be staring at the computer screen until 2am, trying to poke a chick in the head.

This.... is so strangely fun...

I did a little research. A Dekopin is a poke in the forehead that is usually punishment for losing a game.. so maybe the woman lost a game.. OF LOVE

Powerups ive seen:
lightning cloud (always hits)
boxing ring
auto firing hand thingy
mega hands
knuckle gun
homing fingers
mega finger robot
gift wrapped fingers
homing darts
bubble blower
finger staff
finger laser hero
bat hands
hands in hair
hand priest
What does the hand preist do? (the powerup with the blue flags and te turban boy)

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