Death in Sakkara

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Death in SakkaraJust launched over at the BBC's history website is this gorgeous, interactive narrative and detective drama set in the late 1920's and produced by the award-winning creative team at Preloaded in the UK.

Death in Sakkara is an Egyptian adventure game, created in Flash, that offers a rich immersing narrative experience peppered with historical content, puzzles, mini-games, mystery and intrigue. Selectable dialog transports you right into the unfolding drama as you help journalist Charles Fox unearth clues that may help explain the mysterious disappearance of one Elizabeth Armstrong. Granddaughter of Dr. Mortimer Armstrong—the man whom sends Charles to Egypt to look for her—Elizabeth has evidently uncovered something to do with an ancient Egyptian mystical text, the Book of Thoth, dating back to Khaemwese, the 4th Son of Ramesses II.

Death in Sakkara: The CurseThe Curse, the first of four (4) episodes, has just been released today with the others to follow November 7th, 14th, and 21st. By giving the BBC your email, you will be sent a code with which to resume a game previously saved. You will have the opportunity to save your progress only at the end of each chapter (episode).

The style of the game is reminiscent of an old detective comic, and combines techniques such as panning stills and simulating traditional cel-animation to provide an authentic in-period look and feel. Quite an extraordinary production, though it's not surprising considering the talent behind it.

The entire adventure is based on an original idea by the BBC's history team, and includes comic and character illustration by Joe Berger, and an original musical score composed by Pendle Poucher.

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I just started, but this seems very interesting
I also like the music : D

actually, the whole talking thing is a bit boring, I mean, there's really no point to it, as I think it anyway.

Hello! For a long time I've been visiting Jay is Games, and finally I'm commenting. Fantastic site, Jay! Truly AMAZING!
I'm stuck at the safe code, though... Is there anything in the journal that could help me?

I've tried all the dates...

Once again, great site. And nice halloween touch to it, too. Do you do this around all major holidays?

Thanks, Joseph! =)

Combination spoiler:

The combination can be deciphered from the telegram Elizabeth sent.

Need a better hint?

Try reading it aloud to yourself

I do like to post Halloween games at this time of year. It is one of few holidays that I can find games that fit with its theme.

Hi Guys

Just would like to say that Jay I love your games and have been playing them for the last couple of months now but this is my first post too...
Can anybody give me an even better hint for the safe code please coz I have read the telegram over and over and am still stumped..LOL

No, they weren't enough of a hint :/.

I read it, got 0 from c/o, then 2 from "too", then 1 from "one", then 2 from "to". And I tried that backwards. Neither worked :/.

Role -

"c/o" doesn't sound like a number to me when read aloud

Thanks, Jay! That one had me puzzled for a good 20 minutes. Now, I'm off to explore Cairo! Great game, the journal runs a little slow though. Keep up the fantastic reviews, and please, for all our sakes, never stop giving us great games to play! :)

Thanks for the fast reply but,

I was just trying to look for something, anything, and c/o was the closest. I don't see much other then 212, I have tried various other things, such as number of words in sentences, number of letters, seeing if any 4 letter words use only the first 10 letters, etc. Lets just leave it at that the only point-and-click adventure I have solved on my own is Jinx.

Now I feel silly, I just got it. For those like me who need a huge spoiler:

Start with zero, and say it in between each word, then go through with each number.

I need help with the safe! I tried reading it out loud and the numbers I came up with were:

2(to) 0(c/o) 2(too) 1(one) 2(to)

but that's one number too many and it's not working. Any help?

Great game though. Yay for point-and-click!

That was helpful, it was, but

I'm stuck at 3 of four combination numbers - and I can't seem to get the last one no matter which way I read the telegram.

Help? I feel right silly not being able to move past this point.

Combination spoiler:

"c/o" does not figure into the combination. Look for 4 words in the telegram that sound like numbers. There are only 4

Man, I feel stupid. Thanks, Jay.

Umm... where'd you guys get the telegram, because I haven't gotten one. :/

oh, nevermind, didn't turn the page in the diary. *kicks self*

I've tried to use the hints of the previous spoilers and everything i am still really stuck on the stupid safe in her hotel room!! PLEASE help! Love your work jay!

help! i can't get the combination!! but i got this

2212 but it didn't work!!!


Be sure to click all the way to the end of the journal to see your score and some other info.

If that info is given somewhere I missed it. I just found that out by accident.

Combination hint

DO NOT skip ANY words. There isn't ONLY twos and ones.

i really dont kno the combo, thats all i get is 2s and 1s

Jess - this spoiler is jess 4 you:

What number does the word "for" sound like?


well if i dont feel like a dummy now, thanks jay

my best scores so far are as follows:
chase- 00:09 100%
Total game 25%
total knowledge 33%
missing photo 1/6
aten symbol 1/4

Total 27%

Anyone improved on that?

I like this one, got thru 1st episode with only a lil help for the safe!

Zengief - I have about the same, but 36% total knowledge and no aten symbol. Where did you get that thing?

The symbol is in the hotel room

I got total knowledge score of 39% :)

Argh! I can't catch the darn thief!! How lame am I?

I have 38% knowledege and 29% total
here are some ways to get more knowledge:

in page 2 of the diary there is a newspaper clipping, there is a small arrow pointing down allowing you to scroll and read more.
same thing for the letter on page 15.
also, i think that getting 100% in the chase gives more knowledege (although i don't know why...)

mad game! i'm not very good at these things and always come back to check the hints.. so.. i was chasing the theif and the bugger kept running and i got stuck on those flag things that go over the street.. ???

i get it now.. you just gotta trap him.

my score:
chase 0:40
total game 25%
knowledge 34%
no missing photos :(
1/4 Aten symbols

Ah.. thank you Don. I now have 40% knowledge 30% total. Has anybody checked to see if different conversation routes have different consequences?

HMM..39% knowledge 29% total, wonder where you got the extra 1%? I tried going back through the adventure part, changing the conversation routes does not seem to change the answers you receive. Interesting game so far, has me wanting more.

Where is the missing photo?

perhaps the conversation route doesn't change the answers you get but does change the knowledege...
i went over all the diary again and i still have 38% knowledge while others have more...

superman, here is the photo:

i just ran around the chase game and i found it somewhere, dont remember where, maybe someone else does

I think you can get knowledge point by talking to the hotel guy in correct way so he reveals some information. Might be from other dialogues too, but I cant confirm this.

Wow, this game is amazing. It's been a while since I played a game that had such a feel. It's as if I was reading a Tintin comic; only, it is I who seems to chose the way the story goes.

Jay, do you plan on showing us the next episodes too? :P

Woohoo! I love this game. Thanks for posting it Jay. I will admit that the safe took a little bit of time, but it was great! For those having helps if you really do read the telegram out loud. The only problem with it is how short it is. I'm dying for the next chapter. I need more.

heres the combination with out any strings attached


This is my first time posting even though I've been visiting your site daily for about 8 months. (even read all the archives) Truely an awesome site and I got everyone in my office hooked on it. You lead us to TonyPa's site. (Shoot is a big hit in my office)
Sgt Superman, the photo is in the chase and it appears as a piece of paper on the ground. You can replay the chase until you get it. Once you get it, if you replay the game again, you don't have to find it in the chase to have it in your book.

here's something y'all can use

the combination is 2142 and in order to catch ther thief, you have to go another way so you can meet him. it took me a while to catch him 'cause i went BEHIND him!!!

I've found another photo! Just after the plane journey on the screen where Charles is stretching his back about to enter the hotel...

look infront of the horse and two people walking.

Good find, Marc :)
I had no idea there was another piece of photo to be found.

I cant figure out how to go on to the next episode, i finished episode one and saved the game and i went back to the main menu....i have 18% of the adventure complete and i went through the journal a few do i go on to the next episode?


Did anyone ask what Mr. Baldwin does for a living?

Charlie - He said "Egypt is my calling. A vocation to which I have dedicated my life. I travel to the end of the line."

Paras - The next three episodes' release dates are indicated in my review above.

Lol i just found a bug in the game .. in the journal flip to the page with the "Four dig site photographs" the written line just under that you can select and delete it or write something on your own.. ;P guess they were a little sloppy hehe..

How do I chatch that gosh darn theif? It's been driving me bonkers!!!
(Pssst, madly in love with your site Jay. :)

Thanks, Kat! =)

As for the thief, wait for an opportunity to cut him off by going the opposite way around one of the buildings. But choose wisely! ;)

As short as this game is on the replay, it took quite a bit of time on the first play through. All that reading gives a lot of depth to the game with out adding animated content. I think when I design my game I will employ a similar tactic. I think that this could easily be one of the better games on the site.

ya im kinda stuck at the first episode. i have found two pictures. i have like 32% done. what do i do now?

Seriously, does *anyone* actually LIKE combination puzzles? Every single flash game has to have one, and I gag every time I encounter one and run straight to the forums. I can't think of anything more boring than figuring out what numbers make up a combination from ridiculous little illogical hints throughout the game. Tell flash authors to stop putting goddamn safes in their games.
Um, </rant>

steph- wait until episode 2 comes out. really.

i hate combos- I do like combo locks where I can figure them out, like this game. The fun part of games for me is the exploring part and finding the right combo is worth it. I almost feel cheated when I resort to using a walkthrough. I must admit though, it is much more fun working through a puzzle in a group.

hey only started game yesterday evening the missing photo on the chase is to the left!i only found it cause i went i ave to get 100% on the chase before i can go to episode 2?

Amanda, episode2 is not released yet, but I dont think you need 100% on chase. I dont know this for sure, but for the story to continue you only need to catch the thief once so it would make sense to go on even if your chase score was lower then 100%.

We know for sure when they release next episode.

Wow, this is such a great game! I love Egypt, so exotic and mysterious. I can't wait for the next episode! So far, I'm my score is 27%. I got 0:33 for the chase (100%) and 25% total game score + 30% knowledge score and 1 each of hidden photo and aten symbol pieces.
Should I have any more than that for this episode?

I got the hidden photo in the chase, by going left once instead of straight. I think it was the 2nd left, but I'm not positive...

If I've missed a photo piece, do you think I can get it later?
Anyway, great game Jay!

cool game it took time for me to figure out the code but finally did ... then i caught the robber what is after that

Yes, Carolyn, if you have missed something then you can replay the episode again as many times as you like to improve your score.

I know it's rubbish to ask for help this early, but can someone please help me with the safe code in Elizabeth's hotel room?

Huge fan, Jay!

If my game scores are:
chase 76%
total game score 19%
knowledge 34%
photos 2/4
aten symbols 1/4
Total Score: 26%

Am I missing something?? It would seem the game score should reach 25%?? I went through twice, changing conversation ... not sure what I'm missing.

Aly, total game score can reach 25% and knowledge score can reach 40%. You might want to get 100% from the chase and also read/explore everything in your journal.

Huzzah for chap. 2!
I have the dates marked down for when the next chapters come out. Is that sad?
The Aten symbol interests me. I wonder if it has anything to do with Ahkenaten, the pharaoh who introduced monotheism to Egypt. Does that have anything to do with the puzzle? I have a deep interest in Ancient Egypt, so I find this all facinating!
Is there only one peice of the photograph to find in this chapter? I thought there might be two, like in chapter one. Does anyone know or have they found another?
Thanks for the great game, Jay! Your site is a daily check for me.

Well, after finishing Episode2 I got:

game score - 25%
knowledge - 84%
photos - 3
aten symbols 2

Total score 48%

today is the 7th and the game is not realesed yet i cant wait

Shima - the 2nd episode has indeed been released and is available on the BBC website linked to in the review.

Well, I got the same as tonypa at the end of episode 2. But I thought it should go to 50% the total game score. Anyone get higher than 47%?

Got episode 2 done within 10 minutes. Did it twice to get max knowledge (although i still seem to need 10%).
I'm now at:
game score - 25%
knowledge - 90%
photos - 3
aten symbols 2
Total score 50%

Since my total game score is 50% i didnt want to look for the last 10% knowledge
cant wait till episode 3 :)

Btw, the missing picture in episode 2 can be found when

he enter's the trashed hotel room

My wife and I got game 25 knowledge 98 pics 3 aten 2 and total score 52 whereas our daughter got 25, 100%! 3, 2 and 53% after the second chapter came out on 7 November. Dave

fun game, just finished #2, and here are my stats....

Game score: 25%
Knowledge score: 98%
Photos: 3/6
Aten symbols: 2/4

Total Game score 52%

Wonder what the last 2% of the knowledge is...

ok i've gotten:

Game score 22%

Knowledge 84%

photos 3

symbols 2

total 46%

i think i need to go through the journal again

fun game :-D

In case you haven't noticed, there's another piece of photograph when you enter the hotel room and find it ransacked in the 2nd episode. It's at the bottom-left.

So where is all of that extra knowledge from? Does it depend on what conversation paths you take??

I've got the photos, the aten symbols and have done my best with the chase and cups games. I went back through both episodes to change dialogue options (though answers seem mostly the same) and I've tried to read every page and click through the page links in the journal and still only 84% knowledge! What's the secret?!

Ok guys - an update - we have equalled our daughters score! It can be done - game 25%; knowledge 100%; 3 pics; 2 aten and score 53% - best of luck!

Total game 16%, Knowledge 85%, 3 photos, 2 symbols, total score only 43%. Sigh. I've gone through each episode now like 5 times. I did try

following the map in order of the photos in the book: C, then A, then B

which seems maybe to have improved my knowledge score by 1%?? Dying to know what I'm missing here. (Does 100% in the chase and cups make a big difference? I am ony at 64% on the chase)

I do not think it is fair to advise you. In any event we got as far as we did by hard slog. And that's the truth - Keep working at it!

I too was able to get 25% total game, 100% knowledge, 3 photos, 2 symbols and a total of 53%. It is possible, but I don't really know what I did.

Go back to the journal a few times and click on all links to other pages, no matter if you have been to that page before. Click the links on the 2nd to the last page too, and follow the path on the map exactly as shown from the pictures in the journal (C, A, B). This should get you up there. And of course go through the game a few times and try choosing all choices for the conversations. I also tried losing the first three games for the cups and winning the last one. Hope this helps.

I can't get the cup game!!! I keep losing my map and that ends the game. Any tricks to it or do I just have to keep trying?

Never mind. I finally got through the cup game. I do have one question though.... Where are you guys getting the percentages on your knowledge etc.?

The percentages are found on the absolute back of teh journal. Just keep clicking the corner til you see the back cover. Have fun!

Total game: 25%
Knowledge: 80%
Photographs: 3/6
Aten symbols: 2/4
Total game: 47%

Where are you getting the rest of the knowledge?

Does anyone know the code for the safe because ive tried everything. PLease reply

HI! does anyone know what stars you gotta mark on game three? From the sky.. I have looked the map and stuff but i don't understand..

Ooh, third episode is out! I totally have no idea what to do for the first puzzle, I must be missing something. Died three times already. But I have class and work and class, so hopefully when I check back, y'all have it all worked out! Jay, I love this site and (most of) your games!

Ah, I got the stars. Can't wait the fourth part to come now! And then i just hope i have all 100% or i have to go thrue all 4 periods!:) I love this game! Most because nice drawins.

Episode 3:
In first game, you must click 6 correct buttons. I solved this in a few mins using bruteforce and simple logic from the note.
The starmap is sovled by clues from map and notes.

Total game: 50%
Knowledge: 100%
Photographs: 4/6
Aten symbols: 2/4
Total game: 67%
I guess 75% total is possible

I ended up after episode 3 with:
Total game: 50%
Knowledge: 100%
Photographs: 4/6
Aten symbols: 3/4
Total game: 70%

Got the Escape the Underworld game figured out. You just need to look at the symbol and the God figure that pops up (same everytime). Then go to your journal and look up what matches with the God. If you are still having trouble, here are the answers.







i'm totally stuck on the star constellation puzzle any help...?
BTW: you only need to work out the 1st 5-6 tiles on 1st puzzle.

i need hlp on the telescope thing any ideas eraser??

Thanks for the link to this Jay - I actually had to restart the whole game because after I completed the first one, it didn't save my progress properly. I then gave up on it briefly because I didn't want to do the souk chase again, hehe.

And eraser, blimey, how did you get 100% on knowledge? I'm on 96% and it's driving me mad that I haven't got a clue how to get the remaining 4%! What's more, I've clicked EVERYWHERE in episode 3 - where did you find the 4th photo and 3rd Aten symbol?

If you'd like to help me I'd be very appreciative :)

I only have 1 missing picture and 1 Aten symbol. Where do I find the others???

What do you do with the telescope cos I looked at the thing the person left when I got ransacked and it doesn't make any sense to me....... Looked in my journal and nothing makes any sense to me. Please reply and have some answears of what I do.

Please does anyone know what to do with the stars???????

Photo and aten symbol for episode 3:

Both are at the campsite. Look around there.

Meanwhile I'm at about 40% knowledge. Not sure if this hurts me or not. Otherwise I have everything, and I'm just not interested in clicking on everything in the journal just for a few more %!!!

can you hlp me with the star thing??

The star thing is driving me CRAZY. Anyone have any landmarks I could use? I understnad what I'm supposed to do, but figuring out which star is which drives me crazy in real life too.

The star thing's quite tricky, but basically what you need to do is:

Look at the star map and click on the link 'My notes could shed some light on this'. You'll basically need to be in the centre of the sky and click the stars in the order on the notes. It's quite tricky and it took me a while, but it's a lot smaller than you expect it to be.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the hint about the third Aten and photo :)

Both my wife and I and our daughter on her own equalled Eraser - that is to say:-

Total game: 50%
Knowledge: 100%
Photographs: 4/6
Aten symbols: 3/4
Total game: 70%

Wow, episode three sure put a twist on things! I have managed to find 3 Atec Symbols, but only 2 pictures. I have the one from the chase, and the one from outside of the hotel, but where is the other one? Please help!

THE CODE IS 2124!!! 2124!!!GOD!!

do anyone know how to do the star map thingy? Please, I really need help.....thx

How do u complete level 1? i've got 100% on the chase ,25% total game score,42% knowledge ,2 missing photos,1 aten thing and 31% total score. What do i do?

okay i cant beat episode one

i have:
100% on chase
25% game score
41% knowledge
2/6 photos
1/4 atem symbols
total game score 31%

HELP ME PLEASE. ive played it over and over and i really need help :)

Kattie to beat level one you have to have 40% i can't get it im stuck at 25% with 2 missing photos and 1 aten thing I really need help!

knowledge 40%
missing photos 2/6
aten symbols 1/4
souq challenge 00:09
total game score 31%

how do i finish level 1???

plaese help!


To gain some extra knowledge points, click open all the links on pages 64 & 65 in the journal. I did it several times and gained an extra 8%.

code is 2142

its not 2142 i tried it so many times

Guys, Death in Sakkara is pretty hard. If any of you wanna know the safe code for Elizabeth's room, it's 2142. I'm only on the second episode which i'm stuck on.

I'm stuck on the part where you have to join the stars together when your place is recked..


Well the graphics are great and the storyline looks good...IF i could open the safe! Every time I put a number it just puts a 0! Help please?

i cant pass level 1!!
I have: the chase 100%
game score 25%
knowledge 44%
photos 2/6
aten 1/4
and 32% total score!!
:( help

Hello,I've tried 2142 and it does'nt work.Help!(Unless I'm doing something else wrong,turn the knob click the numbers in right?)

HELP!! I have 100% in the souq chase, 25% game score, 78% knowledge score, 2 bits of photo, 1 aten symbol and 42% total score. How do i get to level 2?

The real safe code is



Love this game, don't know how I missed it before! If anyone could give me a hand, I'm only missing ONE of the photo pieces. If anyone knows where they're all found, I'm not sure which one I'm missing. Thanks!

can anyone tell me how to finish episode 3's star map

the safe combo is 2124

I've played this game before! It was really fun! I just wanted to say that the BBC website changed their technical infrastructure and it does not support Death in Sakkara anymore. :(

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