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Weekday Escape N°332

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Welcome to the latest Weekday Escape!

Selfdefiant wants you to escape from two more U.S. states and this time it's a brief visit indeed. In mental hospital, where you find yourself then, you spend much more time. It's not easy to escape it, and do it forty times is much to do. The sixth chapter of 3D Laqueus series by Smart Code has an interesting looks (though a bit too dark) and many difficult tasks - trying to get to work an industrial crane is surely hard but you need to solve complicated puzzles, too.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Hooda Escape Massachusetts 2022


Hooda Escape Michigan 2022


Welcome to Massachusetts! You'll spend there about one minute, maybe two or three - hints to puzzles are clear and easy to find, and the puzzles only few. Your goal is to get a car key and head for Michigan where you won't stay much longer. Both Selfdefiant's escapes are joyful, colorful, and very short.
The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.

Mental Hospital Escape

mental.pngYou woudn't believe how many ways are to escape a mental hospital. According to devs, at least forty! From the obvious ones, like getting the key from your cell and escaping it (the game doesn't say what then, walking around the hospital in your pyjamas may be a bit suspicious) to rather unusual ways...but you'll find out by yourself. It´s fun.
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, two chapters, each chapter has twenty levels. To use an item, click it and drag.

Laqueus Escape - Chapter 6


We've got another chapter of Smart Code's series and it's a long game with intricate puzzles, and really really hard. After you escaped a laboratory and broke through a gate, you find yourself in a huge factory hall with an industrial crane. Not surprisingly are devices you find not functioning because of missing parts and an electricity is down, too. Your goal is obvious but how to reach it not so much - the only way how to figure out what to do is thorough exploration of the area and the fact that the game is very dark doesn't make it easier. Every detail is important and few items and clues are well hidden indeed - and figuring out a solution requires a lot of patience and thinking. It's definitely the most difficult chapter so far.
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending. Playing in full screen is highly recommended.

laqueus2.pngHere are the previous chapters:

Laqueus series are available for mobile devices too:

Google PlayLaqueus Escape (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the Appstore

Laqueus Escape (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Cyberjar88 March 8, 2022 9:13 PM

After completing chapter 6, I find it to be unlikely that chapter 7 will be available online as you need to have collected all of the cards in each of the previous chapters.


I had to switch to Firefox because of the constant ad interruptions. Also the tips function does not work.

I'm stuck at the level with the

green card


Also the claim health points doesn't work either. When you get to 0 you cannot continue - game over.


I have tried several browsers and each has different issues. I am at a different machine now and tried two different browsers:
* The unrelenting 30 second ads kill it for me.
* I can't pick up items anymore.
* I have no follow / ad removers in Firefox. The game loads fine but I still can't pick up items.

This seems to be a really cute game but with many issues that make it virtually unplayable. It may just be on my end. I am curious to see if anyone else had problems.


Um, am I missing something on Hooda Escape Massachusetts 2022?

After unlocking the napkin holder in the first scene, it tells me "You unlocked the box!". But nothing goes into inventory, and I don't see any apparent change in the game.

I reloaded the game page thinking there was a glitch, but it was the same on the second play. The game was playable to completion, though…  🤨

jF March 9, 2022 3:42 PM replied to 4red3s

Same problems as 4red3s with Mental Hospital Escape. Tips weren't working, claim health button wasn't working. What a shame—I was quite enjoying that game! Had a bit of a Rusty Lake vibe going at points, and I love their games.

Permadeath never a good thing in my book.


I must be me.
I used the reset flag on the plinko machine and now it doesn't

let me put one of the pegs in the correct hole. I should have just kept trying. I was so close.

I'm going to start over since I have been taking my cryptic notes.
EDIT before submitting:
It is me. I did start over.

I have gotten to the fuse box and managed to get two fuses in and my mouse stopped responding to clicking the correct spot again. I can insert it in the wrong spot but not the right one.


Anyone else having issues with the Drop A Coin puzzle in Laqueus Escape: Chapter VI? After trying combinations of pegs a few times, it becomes unresponsive and won't let you place pegs in certain holes (for me, third down in the very center). Resetting the game or moving to a different node and back doesn't fix the problem.

Quite unexpected—the Laqueus Escape games have been quite solid and bug-free thus far.


Okay, it never fails, a solution happens, AFTER I SUBMIT!!

I found that I have to be very precise WHERE I click.

In the case of the fuse box, don't click on the holes. Click in between the holes in the position you want.




There is like 5 of them! One after the other. AHRRRRRRG



I am done. I'm just going to watch a video walk through to see how it ends and call it a day.





I'm not even going to finish watching the walk through. I'm not in the mood to see someone else's pain.

jF March 9, 2022 5:48 PM replied to 4red3s

LOL! I'm on the slidey puzzles myself—was doing okay until I hit the ninth one. Tricky on that one!

And it was feeling almost like a Myst game for a few there…

Did I miss a clue somewhere, or is the positioning of the shipping container just a matter of trial and error?


4red3s, your sore spot is slidey puzzles. Mine is freakin' math. On the five switches near the red door now, and it's driving me nuts. Why can't they all be as easy as the spiral solution?  😬


When you get to the lower floor of Laqueus Escape: Chapter VI, you might want to write down the clues you find there before touching anything!

The locker doors have cutouts at the tops which correspond to numbers. Once you open the locker doors, you may have a hard time seeing what those symbols are.

Thought maybe things would reset after I went back up to the top floor, but nope. Needs to be a way to put things back the way they were initially!


Well, crap. Laqueus Escape: Chapter VI ended quite abruptly, and I only found one of the three cards. I know one was…

…on the inside of the crane control room door.

Where did I miss the other two?

And while I'm asking, was there any significance to the yellow caution sign? Seemed odd that you could zoom in on it, but couldn't rotate the view any and I didn't find any closer view to click on.

kksl1der20 March 10, 2022 2:32 PM

I've really enjoyed the Laqueus chapters so far, but this one went off the rails about halfway through. The fuse puzzle was a bit obscure, and some of the final five numbers didn't make any sense.

#1 seems to be arbitrary which hands on which photos count. #4, one symbol was the wrong way round from the key, and I don't know how

26/35 makes 18

For #5

why the red line?

There is a clue for positioning the container

if you destroy the wood in front of 'D' at the top level and zoom in, you can see '14'

I managed to close the locker doors again after opening them, no problems

one of the secret cards is at the bottom of one locker

and I think the yellow caution sign (and the "container loading bay" on one wall) was supposed to be a clue that

you can also position the container at D13 and open it


The fuse puzzle was actually one of the easier ones for me. I guess my brain is just wired that way. (Pun intended as you wish.)

For that #5, I think you had to note…

…the colored lines on the poster with the hexagon and two missing numbers. The different colors indicate how the numbers are linked together.

Maybe someone who hasn't already forgotten can elaborate a bit on how that works.

Regarding the locker doors:

Maybe it was just being flaky for me, then. The Drop A Coin puzzle eventually started working again (I had walked away to get a drink and got delayed, and it was working when I came back), but I never could get those doors to close. Thankfully, I had already written down the symbols—yay me!  😁  Did get quite confused by the clue image, however, as the stripes seemed to indicate one position left of the correct solution.

And now that you mention it, I do recall seeing that card sticking out of the bottom of the locker. But that also was not clickable.

And I guess the yellow caution sign was just too vague for me. I trialed-and-errored that, with surprisingly little effort. Completely forgot about the wood I destroyed…  🙄

I'm with you—this one started out quite fun for me, but it derailed with the sliders puzzle(s) and that math-driven final puzzle. And we clearly know where it derailed for 4red3s.  🤭

4red3s March 11, 2022 12:23 PM replied to jF

Laqueus, has until this one, always been a fun challenge even if I got frustrated and had to walk away. I don't think I will be playing anymore of them. Especially if the next one depends on all of the cards being found in previous games. Not sure if that is the case though.

I did watch a walk through since I knew I would not be completing number 6. The slidey puzzles took up about 20 - 25 minutes of game play and this was someone who was good a slidey puzzles. I have never been so glad to have given up on a game before.

At the end, the game moves to a preview of number 7. It appears that there may not be a restriction on previous cards being found. Again not sure.

But this game really soured me. In previous games, I have gone back and played the ones before because they are so beautifully designed. I love the navigation and the puzzles until this one.

Anyway, thanks for the support and hints. :)

Cyberjar88 March 12, 2022 8:49 AM replied to 4red3s

I guess I should have said this in my original comment: I have been playing the mobile version of Laqueus Escape. At the start of chapter 7, there is a device that counts the number of cards you have. I believe it then unlocks the rest of the level. I say this because I do not have all of the cards yet.


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