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Weekday Escape N°257

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Weekday EscapeHello escapists! The week is over and new games here!

We start with a small game from Dasshutsu site. It's just an appetizer. Then Team Beam Loop wants you to release twelve cats from closed apartment; there is a obstacle though. You're a ghost and immaterial entities can't handle items...you need to figure out how to help to your suddenly orphaned cats. With Smart Code we continue in escape from secret underground and it's not over yet, another chapter is to come. Wish it was soon! Classical escape by Springman Haruoroom is, well, classical. Nice and pleasant room with good and quality puzzles.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Easy Escape 1
Easy Escape 1

To start, click the first button under the image. The name of new game from Dasshutsu site is fitting, the escape doesn't take much time but it's charming and cute. Can you escape?

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Six Cats Under

Six Cats Under</p>


At the beginning of Team Beam's game you die. You were kind cat lady and unfortunately, your bookshelf wasn't as stable as it should be...well, it's over now but what about your kitties? They mustn't stay closed in the apartment and so you need to find out how to open the door with your poltergeist powers, sadly too weak to manipulate with heavy objects. Maybe it's possible to influence the cats somehow? You know them best, after all...

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Laqueus Escape - Chapter 2
Laqueus Escape - Chapter 2

The first chapter of Smart Code's 3D game was featured in February (WE N°248); now you can continue in the escape from strange underground. Authors created (again) very atmospheric and dark game, with beautiful graphics and eerie soundtrack.

You are supposed do get out of the lift - the first chapter's goal was to get in it - and then open the door at the end of a short corridor, which leads to the dark - we'll see in the next chapter what the dark hides! Thorough exploration is important, but pleasant too, thanks to an attractive execution.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

The game is available for Android and iOS.

Escape from Atelier
Escape from Atelier

Springman Haruoroom's atelier is locked (naturally) and your only chance to get out is to find a key. The game is almost perfect example of the genre - almost, since misses wobbly picture (definitely expendable though). It has nice and detailed graphics, and many intuitive and pleasant puzzles. The only possible improvement would be bigger gamescreen.
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

P.S. Here is interesting short adventure from dystopic future, very atmospheric with good looking graphics: In Search of Light by Andriy Bychkovskyi.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv May 28, 2020 2:42 PM

These look cool. Can;t wait for these.


Oh my goodness! Six Cats Under was absolutely sweet. The Rube Goldberg of cats.


Easy Escape 1

Statistics under the game show that the average clear time is under 13 minutes. Short, but not completely trivial!


To the left of the locked door is an armchair with a white cushion that hides a key.

Turn right. The wall calendar hides a clue with two digits. Under it, the left safe is locked but you can't zoom in on it, while the right, smaller safe has a three-digit lock.

Turn right. You can't do anything with the wall clock and vacuum cleaner, but the black box on the table has a three-color lock.

Turn right to face a kitchen sink, where the game tells you that you can't unlock the window to leave through it, and that the tap is faulty so no water flows out.

Left safe

Use the key you picked up to unlock the left safe, which contains an orange note.

Right safe

Use clues from the

orange note and behind the calendar

to unlock the right safe:

Enter the left, left, right digits from the wall:

After clicking the handle, you find a green notebook which comes with some picture clues.

Black box

Use clues from the

notebook and other objects in the room.

For the black box:

The first three pages of the book indicate the white cushion, green leaves and blue vacuum cleaner.

Click the buttons 3, 1, 2 times.

Inside, you find another key. Use it to unlock the door and escape!

Six Cats Under

This game may bring cat lovers and cat lover lovers to tears. Rest assured, the cats prevail in the end.


After the short intro, you find a lovely old cat lady crushed by her bookshelf… and you're her ghost! As you explore from right to left:

You can't open the door. Its handle just won't budge under your otherworldly influence.

Fredrick (sleepy boy, likes food) sits next to a tin of beans on a fridge.

Some decorations hang over a shelf of fish food and cat food over Goldie's fish bowl, some cutlery, and a fan plugged into a wall switch. You can turn on the stove but the frying pan is empty at the moment. The sink works, the bird towel shifts a bit, and the squeaky toy squeaks.

(Move your mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll, or drag the screen, or use the arrow keys.)

Baroness (huge fan of baking TV) sits on an armchair which is very scratched on the side where Mr. Spock (catnip makes him destructive) hides.

You can turn on the TV to view a cartoon with yellow and purple characters. Above it is a shelf with more books and catnip!

Under hanging "family photos", you see a lamp you can turn on next to a basket of yarn. Beneath that, cat magazines.

Pumpkin (a quarrelsome type) sits on the bed under the window, where you see a fly outside. Ponyo and Clancy (hammock kitties) rest near the ceiling.

A cuckoo clock is mounted above Geoffrey (clever boy, easily spooked) on a cat tree with Pickle (fussy eater) and Edgar (super sleeper) inside.

The bathroom door is too heavy to open.

Kitty litter and shampoo are placed on a mirrored medicine cabinet over the toilet bowl. You have just enough strength to wave the end of the toilet paper roll back and forth.

In a tall pile of litter boxes, you see Sniffles (bathroom chiller), Rufus (soft fur), and Deborah (treat seeker).

Geoffrey starts a journey

Click the clock to wake Geoffrey on the floor, where he gets driven back by Pumpkin.

From here, you can

flush the toilet

to open the bathroom door.

Inside, you can

ruffle the toilet paper

to lure him in, and then

flush the toilet again

to scare him past Pumpkin.

Powered by light

In this section, you'll need help from the fly outside.

Let it in by

opening the window

and then click on the

lamp, turning it on

to attract the fly.

Geoffrey's reaction makes a ball of yarn roll across the floor.

The armchair guardian

Pulling the ball of yarn attracts Geoffrey to it, but Baroness quickly denies.

To solve this puzzle, you'll need to start at the


which you can release by

turning the fan around and then turning it on.

Oh, there's the remote control! Use it to

tune the TV after turning it on.

You'll need to click twice to reach the baking show.

While Baroness is distracted, click the blue ball of yarn to bring Geoffrey over.

The climb

While Geoffrey is playing with the yarn, the only thing you can do to get his attention is

squeak the mouse

to bring him onto the sink counter, and then

click the towel, which he quickly bats into the sink.

Even though you don't see it, that change is important because you can now

turn the tap on to flood the sink.

Once again, the only thing you can do with Geoffrey is

squeak the mouse

but this time it's different:

Geoffrey slips into the sink and hastily escapes back to the bathroom.

That wasn't the best move!


Now that you're back at the start, you have to do Geoffrey's parts all over again:

Click the toilet paper, the toilet bowl, and then the yarn.

The situation is the same as before, which means you need to change something in the room to avoid being reset.

It's something along his return path, something that faces the right side to stop him.

Click the remote control two more times to put a big cat on TV.

Now that's intimidating! Once more, you need to

squeak the mouse

but instead of running all the way, Geoffrey gets driven back and up onto the shelf with the fishbowl!

Food chain

You can't open the fish food by yourself, but you can

click the heart above, hanging on a frayed thread

to open it, then

click the open bag to feed the fish.

(If for some reason you have the fan blowing towards the fishbowl, you'll need to turn it off/around to let the food reach the fish.)

Since Geoffrey is there, this does not end well for Goldie.

But now that the pan is no longer empty, you can

turn on the stove to fry some fish.

Geoffrey isn't interested in the fish, but you know who is:

Fredrick, who's sitting on the fridge just out of range of the aroma.

To get his help,

turn the fan around so it wafts the smell at him.

This sets off a chain reaction that ends the game!

(Click twice on the credits screen to end it properly. The game will automatically restart.)


Laqueus Escape - Chapter 2

In the Unity/WebGL version, the menu options are invisible. If you accidentally open it, start from the top left corner and slowly click downwards until you hit the resume button.

Note that a lot of clues/items in this game are hidden in darkness. Turning up your screen brightness might help, or it might not.

Starting off

As before, drag to look around. You start off with a screwdriver in your inventory.

A thin green line runs across the wall, ending just below a pair of elevator buttons. You can't make the elevator go up, but you can open the doors a tiny bit.

It seems the elevator has stopped in an awkward position, with a bright red button just visible under the gap. Use the screwdriver to press it, and now you can open the doors and climb out!

Exploration: main room

The door slams shut in front of you. To its left is a map of a mountain with a long name, where several points are marked and you can zoom in on the photo at its bottom left. To the right of the door, a box has five buttons under five pairs of sliders.

While zoomed in on the box, click under it to find an instruction that doesn't work yet.

Moving on clockwise (turn right) you see some lockers through a doorway. Let's save it for later.

Further right, you see a box that's unlocked and contains a key labeled 2.

Opposite it is some empty shelves with a namecard on top. You also see

a card hidden in the top-right section.

Further right is a purple gas cylinder which is apparently great for a balloon party, and a doorway through which you can see some sort of large cylinder. Click it to enter.

Exploration: boiler room

When you enter the room, the game faces you towards a large boiler. (A big boy boiler, even.) You can stick your head in it and look up to find a key balanced on the chimney grate.

Turn around to face the opposite corner of the room. You can't zoom in on the grate there, but a shelf holds a cassette player and five different-colored tapes.

Leave the room and walk across the corridor to the other room.

Exploration: locker room

In the corner to the left of the lockers is a blue balloon with a yellow skull printed on it. The left two lockers are locked, while the right one has a reel of thick string.

To the right is a locker room bench, complete with the top shelf and hooks. Looking very closely, you find

a card under the left edge of the bench

and some litter at the right corner. You can find this more easily by dragging your viewpoint as close to the floor as possible and all the way to the left or right.

To get to it, click the bottom of the near-right leg of the bench, where you can pick it up to find that it's a pair of batteries.

Also, there's a glowing dot in the corner above the bench.

Turn right. Next to the door, you find a pin-up calendar with two large burn holes. Take the card behind it.

Check that you have the following items:

Batteries, string, balloon, key #2
(and 3 cards)


Attach the balloon to the purple gas can, click to inflate it, and use the string to tie it.

This lets you

release the balloon in the boiler chimney

to get a key numbered 1.


Use both numbered keys to unlock the remaining lockers.

Inside the first, you see a postcard where the game lets you zoom in very close on the stamp.

Inside the second, you see a camera remote controller with lots of graffiti suggesting what you should do.


For the remote control, you need to

insert the batteries

before powering it on. You can use the buttons on it to look around, and zoom in and out.

The only new info this gives you that you couldn't see before is

the chalk mark on the top of the bench.


The only remaining puzzle is the slider box, and its clues are all over the room:

The blue and orange cassettes have marker numbers 4 and 9.
The mountain sticker with the marking (rightmost one) says 83.
The postage stamp on the postcard is 24 cents.
The hidden number on top of the bench is 37.

and the last number puzzle has clues from

the small photo on the mountain picture, and the calendar.

To solve it:

Each shaded box on the photo represents a red number on the calendar.

Matching them up, you find that the cross represents 16.

That gives you the code

49 83 24 37 16

Once you enter the correct code, the game shifts your viewpoint down. But to complete the box, you need to use the clue from

the namecard


reading the symbols along the bottom, which appear in groups of 5 with crosses appearing in the
3, 1, 4, 3, 5, 2, 2, 4

Pushing those buttons (slowly) turns on all the lights on the box. Turn the key under the box to end the game!


Can anyone explain the smartphone and paper-code clue? I know the answer, I found a video walkthrough, but I still don't get it.

Also, I have been meaning to mention that the "games tagged with escape" page has not updated in a long time, it's still pointing to Weekday Escape number 215, and we are on 257 now.

Reid May 31, 2020 10:03 AM replied to kktkkr

Forgot to mention, this is for the Escape from Atelier game.

Reid May 31, 2020 10:05 AM replied to Reid

OK, having problems navigating the comment system, obviously. The smartphone-and-code-paper question is from the Escape from Atelier game. Forgot to mention that, and then accidentally replied to a prior comment to try to fix it.


Thanks both!

paulmashtv May 31, 2020 6:27 PM

Having a problem in Laqueus

i got to the slider box and the code doesnlt work as it won;t let me proceed and i have everything done at this point.

Please help.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr May 31, 2020 8:03 PM replied to paulmashtv

First note that

if you're restarting the game you only need to solve the first puzzle (screwdriver) and enter two codes for the last puzzle (slider box).

There are three phases to the slider box:

  1. Sliders. You can move sliders. You can't use buttons. The key doesn't work.

    When you complete sliders, camera shifts under the box which lights up in yellow and red.

  2. Buttons. You can't move sliders. You can push buttons. The key doesn't work.

    When you complete buttons, button lights all turn green and music changes.

  3. Key. You can't move sliders. You can't push buttons. Using the key ends the game.

In particular, if the game still lets you move the sliders then you haven't entered the number code correctly.

For specific parts:

  1. There are a total of 10 sliders, you need to zoom in 5 times to set all 10.

  2. You need to press buttons a total of 8 times. If you mess up any button press, simply reenter the code.

  3. The key is on the bottom of the slider box!

paulmashtv May 31, 2020 10:50 PM replied to kktkkr

kk, i figured out the problem

i didn;t look at all the clues in the picture abd cassettes. once i did that it worked fine. I guess the clues actually need to be viewed or they won;t work,

sorry about that. anyway i can't wait for the last one but i'm sure it will be a day or 2 before that is ready. Great job again as usual,KK.


Escape from Atelier

The text just above the game tells you that the difficulty is a bit high and the expected playtime is 20 minutes. A good amount of time to relax in the atelier!


You start off facing the locked door. On the left, there's a stick next to a coat rack next to some framed pictures of monuments, one of which seems missing.

To the right of the door is a wide bookshelf with four locked compartments. The left one is missing its buttons, the second has long rectangular buttons in two orientations, the third has six color buttons arranged in a roughly semicircular pattern, and the last has four buttons that don't work under four palette icons.

Turn right. There's a blank painting on an easel, and on the right is a TV that's turned off. Among some pottery you see a white porcelain piece, and under that is a box with four bars that fill up with yellow.

Turn right. There's a sealed cardboard box in the left corner. You can't interact with anything near the couch in the middle of the screen, but you can click the armchair on the right to turn it around.

Zoom in on the table in the middle, which has a four-letter box on it. You can lift the newspaper to find a folded piece of paper showing some sort of code.

Turn right to face some windows. Under the right one, there's a potted plant with a button grid box on the left and a three-digit box on the right.

Two-color puzzles

You'll need the clues

under the TV, and on the chairs.

For the box under the TV:

The letter D matches the color and shape of the porcelain figurine among the pots.

But since it faces the other way, you need to start from the figurine and proceed left.

Click the buttons 1, 2, 3, 3 times.

Inside, you find a pair of black and green buttons.

Place them into the leftmost bookshelf compartment, and then unlock it:

All six cushions are visible simultaneously when you look at the couch (and they roughly trace out the same shape as the arrow above the lock).

On that screen, the third and sixth cushion from the right are black.

Push the RRLRRL buttons.

Inside, you find a clue with pictures and a box cutter.


You will need

the box cutter and clue you just got, as well as a clue from the books.

Use the box cutter to

open the cardboard box

and get a picture.

Place it on the wall next to the other three. Now

each picture moves when clicked, and you need to click them in the correct order.

The solution for this is

to click the landmarks in the order indicated in the compartment:
⌝ ⌜⌞⌟

One of the pictures comes off to reveal a clue with an arrow turning left and right.

Using that clue, you can now unlock the second bookshelf compartment:

Following the direction described by the arrow, you find that the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th sets of books encountered are vertical.

Click the LLRLLRR buttons.

Inside, you find a palette and more monument pictures.


You'll need the

palette and stick.

Examine the palette to find a secret:

The back of it tells you something about the couch.

Look under the couch. Since the item there is out of reach, use the stick to get it.

It's a smartphone! Turn it on to find an astounding array of apps.


For the left box in front of the window, you will need clues from the

smartphone and code note.


4 of the phone icons are different from the others. You can figure out which are the "others" if you understand the note.

You don't need to know anything about English for this. (You don't need to know anything about smartphones either.)


The letters on the left half of the note are precisely those with bilateral symmetry about a vertical axis. That is to say, if you held those letters up to a mirror you'd read their reflection exactly the same.

On the phone, you need to find icons with the same symmetry, but there are several traps among your choices. For example, the viewfinder dot on the camera icon disqualifies it from being symmetrical.

The icons with the required symmetry appear in the
- Y - -
Y - - -
- - - -
- - Y Y


In the box, you find some paint.

The big picture

Combine the

paint and palette to make six blobs of colors appear.

For the third cupboard compartment:

Make the buttons black, white, green, red, yellow, blue by clicking them 0, 5, 4, 1, 3, 2 times.

You find a remote controller and more monument pictures.

Use the remote on the TV, which only has two channels.

For the box on the right of the window, use the clue from

the TV

to get the code:

The circle represents Earth on channel 20, and the triangle represents the pyramid on channel 21.

Multiply those to get 420.

You get a paintbrush.

Combine the

paintbrush and painted palette

and then paint the canvas to get a clue with colored lines.

For the last bookshelf compartment, you'll first need to

use the painting tools on it

to activate the lock, and then solve it:

The yellow lines form the digit 5.
Orange is red plus yellow, so read the red and yellow lines to get 9.
Green is yellow plus blue, so read the yellow and blue lines to get 6.
Black is a mix of all three primaries, so include all lines to get 8.

Enter 5968.

It's empty inside except for the monument pictures.

Only the box on the table remains locked, and the clue for that is

the monument clues in the bookshelf.

How do you get letters from that?

Remember when you shifted the pictures earlier? You started at the top right and moved to the bottom right in a circular arc shaped like a C.

What if you used the other compartment clues instead?

Tracing paths between the pictures according to the clues in each compartment, you get the code

You get the key. Use it to unlock the door and end the game!


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