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Weekday Escape N°308

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Hi! It's Wednesday again and the latest Weekday Escape is here!

Again I needed to add one retro escape, so the WE consists of three new games and one old. Gotmail's micro escape stands to its name - quickly in and out. The newest Amajeto is one-scene game too but loaded with puzzles and hints and could prove more difficult than it seems. The cute escape by slimomo isn't their first; we've already played the prequel two months ago and the link you find in the game's description. The last retro game by Vitamin Hana is their quality standard - colorful room with clever ind intuitive small puzzles.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Micro Escape #35


This Gotmail's one-scene room is a laboratory kind of place and there are only two puzzles to be solved. Not a difficult ones. You'll be out soon.
The cursor isn't changing, no autosave, one ending.

Toy Castle Escape


Amajeto's latest escape is again one-scene room with many coded drawers and shelves full of toys. You need to collect eight tiles again to complete the picture and get the key. There is more than one active area which isn't obvious, so if you aren't able to find a clue for a code or are stuck, search throughfuly the scene and try to click everywhere.
The cursor isn't changing, save option, one ending.

Pam's House

pam1.png pam2.png

We've already met Pam (WE N°301) in a charming escape by slimomo. This week we return to her house and again we step into a rather unclear and messy situation. Never mind. The situation clarifies soon, and you can enjoy cute game with solid puzzles, an original soundtrack and beautiful art.
The cursor isn't changing, no autosave, one ending.

Library Flow

library.png library2.png

Vitamin Hana's small library where you find yourself imprisoned is cozy and tidy...and locked. After you leave it, it's much less tidy but unlocked! The mess you leave behind is necessary because the items crucial for the escape are hidden at inaccessible places...maybe it's not a regular library. Maybe it's an escape room which just looks like a library.
The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


stuckinabasement September 8, 2021 8:38 AM

Thanks for this week's offerings, chrpa!

I agree - it's relatively straightforward, with only two puzzles, but both of them got me annoyed.
The letters

The colours seemed off. I only tried the right combination because I ran out of ideas in where I could look for letters with those colours.

The numbers

This one was more frustrating.
The example showed "(" and ")" so I thought they meant something.
But the problem to solve didn't have them.
So the answer didn't make sense to me.

I did have one other weird experience regarding game play.
The first time I loaded the game, after clearing the Letters puzzle ...

I was unable to pour the liquid into the beaker - it kept flipping over to show me the letter.
Had to reload the game to get it to work.


Vitamin Hana
Library Flow



Gotmail 35

Too frustrating for the same reasons. I'm not starting over.

stuckinabasement September 8, 2021 1:43 PM replied to 4red3s

Is that a Daymare Town reference?


Pam's House: How adorable!

Thank you chrpa for posting these games. The library one did make me gasp but was fun all the same.


Micro Escape #35 is just poor design. Apparently,

you are not allowed to pour the vial of blue liquid into the beaker until you have gotten the paper from the thermostat.

This makes zero sense. I can see disallowing a puzzle to be solved before you've seen the necessary clues, but why disallow that?

Gotta admit that I'm not a fan of Gotmail's games—too pixel-huntish for me, and sometimes the logic just doesn't make sense.


Ah, another good Amajeto game! Had a red herring in this one—I was so expecting there to be a puzzle involving the PLAYROOM CASTLE words on the wall. Tricky, tricky…

Must have missed something, though. What was the significance (if any) of

the ribbon tied around the weighted base the balloons are tied to?

Did I accidentally solve something without using that as a clue?


Pam's House was weird. What on earth was that cat doing when you touched it?

Had the strangest bit of déja vu playing the bonus stage. Oh yeah—we played that as a standalone escape back in June! 😄


Man, Vitamin Hana is getting intense. This week we're trashing a library, and last week we were setting fires!

stuckinabasement September 9, 2021 12:32 PM replied to jF

I was confused about the significance of that too ... turns out that

when you untie the ribbon, the order of the balloons gets rearranged.

stuckinabasement September 9, 2021 12:53 PM replied to jF

LOL! He was just stretching for a cuddle!


Ah. Didn't even notice a change there!

Man, if my cat stretched and made a noise like that, I'd be calling an exorcist


i guess i'm coming to the conclusion that no one will do interviews on ths site anymore. I;ve been waiting for nonths. but anyway....


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