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Weekday Escape N°223

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Weekday EscapeLet's play! The new Weekday Escape has arrived!

The main themes of this week's featured games are two, boxes and islands. Both Amajeto and Dasyutu have added containers to their living rooms, and seems that they've started new series. Nicolet's escape takes place on beautiful island without any inhabitans (human) and with many carefully constructed puzzles. With Yonashi, you find yourself in the dark alley at night, and only door which leads out of here is locked. And the island? Well you wouldn't believe it, but you can get from here to an island too!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Room with Boxes

Room with Boxes

Amajeto definitely isn't out of ideas - look, in their living room are new boxes! - but I am, at the moment. So, we've got another good game with good puzzles, as usual.

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Game 0008: Box 1

<br />
Game 0008: Box 1<br />

Dasyutu's games have simple graphics, they concentrate more on content than form, and their games are always clever and amusing. This one isn't an exception. However, apart from descriptions of items in Japanese (not a big deal) there's also one puzzle in Japanese and without translation are non-Japanese reading players lost. It's this one; the second drawer (from the top) of the greyish cupboard requires three digit code. The hint says: 'if the total price of a pencil and an eraser is 110 JPY, and the eraser's price is 100 JPY higher than the pencil's, how much does the eraser cost'? Can you do the math? Eraser's price is the code.

The cursor is not changing, save button, two endings.


Island escapes are favourite among developers, but a bit monotonous, as islands from which we are usually escaping are sunny, sandy, and in the tropical belt - simply, dreamy islands ideal for vacations - even though motivation for escaping rainy, rocky and cold island in the Northern Sea would be much higher I guess. Not surprisingly, Nicolet chose the standard version with palm trees, sea shells and sky blue lagoon for their latest game too - and absolutely no complaints, it's very enjoyable, good looking and charming game.

The cursor is not changing, autosave, one ending.

The game is available for Android and also iOS.

P.S. One of the best island escapes is Solitude, with excellent sequel Evolution, sadly the last game for PC by 58works.

Night Alley

Night Alley

Yonashi wants you to escape dark alley. It's not as bad as it sounds - the street is tidy, small shops are friendly and offer usual products like food, and these few pieces of garbage lying here seem quite clean. People you meet are nice and have simple wishes (though it may take some thinking to figure out how to fulfill them) and this is exactly how the game looks - nice and simple. On the second and third sight you can see more layers, and also poetry and magic. And you can visit a sunny and sandy island in the tropical belt too!

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.

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Room with Boxes

It's a good time to think out of the box.


This week, you start off facing the television screen that's turned off. The shelves on the left are rather uninteresting, so check the red and pink compartments beneath them. The left one is unlocked and contains a square piece as well as a tiny white square marking, the middle one has a lock with four colored bars that get taller when clicked, and the right one has a four-digit lock.

Turn right. Between the purple couch and the clock on the wall, there's a shelf with a yellow plastic basket, which is empty but has a green base with a black stripe next to some black dots. (Pay no mind to the distracting fitness magazine.) The lamp stand on the left has one empty drawer and one locked drawer with four pairs of small and large colored square buttons.

Turn right. Beside the locked door, there's a picture above the armchair with some pieces missing. Searching the shelf on the left, you find two more plastic baskets with very similar clues, and the bottom one has a square tile in it.

Turn right. There's an even smaller chair here and the picture above it tilts when you click its corners. The top drawer of the desk has four dials marked with different colors, while the bottom drawer has two unmarked buttons. There's also another wall clock that shows a different time from the one you saw before, as well as a plastic basket under the desk with similar clues to the ones you've seen.


Use the clue from the wall clocks to unlock the top desk drawer.

Each hand on the two clocks is a different color, and the yellow, green, red, blue hands point towards the ↘↙←↗ directions.

Click the dials 3, 5, 6, 1 times and open the drawer to find a square tile and a clue with some black squares in each corner.


Use clues from the colored baskets to unlock the top drawer beneath the lamp.

Each basket has a color on the outside (that of the basket) and a color on the inside (that of its base), so the only remaining issue is what order to put them in…

The clue in each basket also has a different number of dots. Putting them in that order gives:

1 dot: blue outside, red inside
2 dots: purple outside, yellow inside
3 dots: yellow outside, green inside
4 dots: green outside, blue inside

So click the outer squares 2, 0, 1, 3 times, and the inner squares 3, 0, 2, 1 times, then open the drawer to find a square tile and remote control.


Use the other clues from the plastic baskets to unlock the middle compartment under the TV.

The black stripe appears at a different position in each basket.

Since the baskets with yellow, red, blue, green bases have the stripes at the bottom, upper, lower, top positions, click the bars 0, 2, 1, 3 times, then open the compartment to find a square tile and two more tiny white squares.


Use the remote control to turn on the TV and flip through its three screens, each showing a grid of squares and circular quadrants covering a third of the screen.

What could that be a clue for?

You can mentally combine the clues (or mash the remote quickly enough to experience some persistence of vision) to realize that they spell out the code 5802.

So enter that into the rightmost compartment under the TV, and open it to find a square tile and some more tiny white squares.


Use the clue from the compartments under the TV to unlock the bottom desk drawer.

By opening all three compartments, you can see that the white squares fall in two rows (also, the left compartment has the fewest squares and the right one has the most).

From left to right, those squares are on the DDUUUD edges, so click those buttons to unlock the drawer. Inside, there's a square tile and a magnifying glass.


Use the magnifying glass on the black squares in the top drawer to reveal that they're actually digits.

Then use that clue to unlock the tilty picture on the same screen.

The digits from 1 to 6 appear on the ⌜⌝ ⌞⌟ ⌜⌟ corners of the drawer clue, so click those corners of the picture to loosen it, then turn it over to find the last square tile.


Place all eight tiles into the picture beside the door. All that's left is to solve its randomized puzzle by rotating the tiles until they align.

Once you're done, a small drawer under the picture opens up so you can take a golden key.

Use that key to unlock the door and leave!

Game 0008: Escape Game Box-1

With the new calendar era starting, the nearby Karaoke Box has converted into an Escape Game Box. It's an opportunity you can't pass up, so you visit on the weekend.

Most importantly, the friendly staff member informs you about a lucky item that you can bring out!


The chest of drawers on the first screen has some colored boxes with heart-shaped holes and googly eyes. The top drawer is empty, but the bottom drawer has a four-digit lock which is slightly different from the ones you're used to.

Turn right to face a couch with two cushions. Lifting them, you find a small key under the right one. On the wall, the alphabet (and a full stop) is printed out in a long grid.

Turn right. There's a cabinet here but all its doors are tied shut. You know it's secure because the rope winds around so many times. On the right, there's a picture showing some stick figures and a podium (but no medals in sight).

Turn right to find a locked door and a taller chest of drawers. There's a locked drawer with a keyhole, a drawer with a word problem and a three-digit lock (see the next spoiler), a drawer with four screws, and an unlocked drawer with a pink heart piece.


In case you missed the text in the post, here's the word problem translated again:

An eraser and pencil bought together cost 110 yen.
The eraser is 100 yen more expensive than the pencil.
How much does the eraser cost?

Imagine paying 100 yen more to replace the pencil with another eraser. You'd be buying 2 erasers for 210 yen.

Therefore, one eraser costs 105 yen. Enter that into the lock and open the drawer to find another heart piece.


Use the small key to unlock the top drawer (above the word problem drawer).

Inside, there's a note with some handwritten letters in circles.


Use the clue from the tied cabinet to unlock the bottom (four-digit) drawer on the first screen.

The lines on the digit buttons suggest that you view the cabinet sideways.

Read in that direction, the rope forms the roman numerals for 3, 12, 2 on the cabinet doors, so enter that in the drawer and open it to find a pair of scissors.


Use the scissors to cut the rope. Opening the cabinet doors, you find a colored box in each. The top one has a four-digit lock with an unusual clue, the middle one has a three-letter lock, and the bottom one has a much more complicated lock with four pairs of circles. Each pair has a color-changing button in the middle surrounded by a ring of buttons, where at most one button in each ring can light up at a time.


Use the clues from the note and the letter grid to unlock the box in the middle of the cabinet.

Each letter on the note represents the location on the grid labeled by that letter, and consecutive letters have a suspiciously neat horizontal/vertical/diagonal alignment.

In fact, the path from S to A to U to C runs up, down-right, then up again, in the shape of a letter N. Similarly, the other circles on the note indicate one and two strokes that combine to form the letters I and T.

Enter NIT into the box and open it to find a heart piece.


Now for the four-digit box at the top. This doesn't require any other clues, so just read the hint creatively to solve it.

The S in "small" isn't capitalized, which is your hint that "small" actually refers to lowercase letters.

So you need to replace each letter in the clue with its lowercase form. But you still can't work out the math without any numbers!

Each lowercase letter looks like a digit, especially if written without serifs:

Lowercase: zoo × b + qsl
Digits: 200 × 6 + 951

This works out to 2151, so enter that in the box and open it to find another heart piece.


Place all four hearts into the colored boxes on the first screen. Each box gains a mouth in a different shape, and looks towards a different direction.

So use the clue from those faces to unlock the box at the bottom of the cabinet.

As indicated under the lock, you need to find the faces with mouths pointed in the LURD directions.

Those faces are on the green, blue, yellow, red boxes (so click the inner buttons 3, 2, 4, 1 times), and they are looking in the DLRU directions (click those buttons on the outer rings).

Once you're done, push the OK button to open the box and find a screwdriver.


Use the screwdriver to remove the panel on the third drawer to the left of the door, revealing four buttons that change color when clicked. (Ignore the typo on the labels.)


Use the remaining clues from the room to unlock the four-color panel you just uncovered.

The podium picture shows you which person did best (the highest), second and so on until the fourth (lowest).

Since those people were looking in the RDUL directions, they match the faces on the yellow, green, red, blue boxes.

Click the buttons 4, 3, 1, 2 times, then open the drawer to find another key.

Ending 1

Save your game, then use the key to unlock the door and leave.

The staff from earlier thanks you and reminds you to come back for new escape rooms.

And on the way back, you suddenly remember… that it's now the Reiwa era.

Ending 2

Reload your game (and load your game using the second option on the title screen).

Use the key to unlock the door but don't leave through it, because there's something else to look for.

As you start searching through the room again, you lift the gray (left) cushion and a new heart piece falls out from it. Take the heart piece and leave the room!

As a reward for finding the lucky item, the staff offers you a commemorative photo service. Rather than posing for the photo yourself, you choose to take a photo with the staff, which is her.


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