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soniclover_libra_screenshot.pngSonicLoverWell, this is yet another fine tropical mess you've gotten yourself into in Evolution, 58 Works' latest escape puzzle adventure. After you escaped your Solitude on a deserted island, your newly acquired mini-sub ran into an unfortunate cave-in, and now you're stuck with the task of finding a new way to escape from... wherever you are. Evolution has you wandering a rocky underground base filled with mysteries and puzzles, your only company an egg-headed scientist who really likes bananas and seems to have lost his pet cat. As is the 58 Works custom, you'll pick up and use various items that come in handy here and there, and more uniquely acquire pieces of a rather cool bodysuit that gives you all sorts of new abilities.

Everything that made Solitude great, such as an interesting environment, totally logical puzzles, simple but appropriate graphics and sound, is back in Evolution, and the new content like intermittent short cutscenes, and a somewhat more artificial setting, is nothing to sneeze at either. The level of challenge is just right; as you work you way through the game you may get stuck from time to time, but a second look at the clues and resources you gather can help get that much-needed "aha!" moment. There's still no save feature, but that's a small errant stitch in an otherwise majestic carpet.

The central gimmick of collecting pieces to the aforementioned bodysuit is well designed, and helps to tie everything together. Our protagonist "evolves" piece by piece, gaining new abilities all the while. The excitement of getting each new part and getting all antsy about what you'll be able to do with it is nearly unmatched. Go now, readers. Play this game, and let your supersuit fantasies come to life, part by part.

Play Evolution

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Evolution Walkthrough

Part 1: A Hands-On Experience

  1. You'll start out facing the mini-submarine you got here in. Go inside (click when you see the circle of arrows) and pick up the frog and yellow gem, then leave (the arrow at the top of the screen).

  2. Pick up the mushroom near the bottom right, then turn right to see a staircase blocked by a boulder, some rocks, and a cave painting that looks like a fist and your yellow gem. Move one of the rocks aside to get the purple stone, then turn right again.

  3. You'll see a passage blocked by roots. Click the black thing behind the crevice in the upper right to get a beetle, then use it to cut the roots and approach the statue. Get the yellow stone behind the statue, and take a good look at its arms.

  4. Its hands are pointing in various directions, and it's wearing a different number of bracelets on each wrist. 1-2-3-4-5-6 equals up-left-up-right-right-up. Remember that.

  5. Back away and turn right one more time. You'll see six dials. Set them to what the statue's hands indicated and the door will open. Go into the new passage.

  6. Go straight ahead and you'll see two doors. Open and go through the door on the left. You'll see a strange little office with an egghead scientist. Remember this room; you'll be back here a lot.

  7. You can't pick up any of the parts around the room without the scientist glaring at you… except for those gloves hidden behind the batteries. Take them, then put them on by examining yourself (first inventory icon) and using them on your arms.

Part 2: Getting A Leg Up

  1. Hell yeah! These'll be awesome for punching through things! Try them on the rectangular yellow gem: examine the gem and use yourself on it. (Remember the cave painting?) You'll get a strange-looking key.

  2. Backtrack one room, then head down the passage on the left. You'll see three panels in the wall; the one on the left needs a key, the one in the middle has a puzzle, and the one on the right comes right off.

  3. The lid on the left can be opened with the key you've got. Take the book behind it, then flip the lid over to reveal a symbol similar to the one behind the lid on the right.

  4. Read the book. It contains a lot of useless notes and two useful-looking recipes, but you don't have the ingredients for either cocktail just yet. You don't have anything to mix them in or with, either.

  5. Now, the middle panel. Experiment and you'll notice that each square can be set to white, gray, or black. Copying one symbol does nothing, but try overlaying both on the grid, using white for empty space, gray for one symbol, and black for both.

  6. The result should have three black squares, four gray, and two white. You'll know you've got it when the panel comes off. Take the pestle behind it, then backtrack to the starting area.

  7. Remember the staircase blocked by a boulder? Go there and punch the boulder out (again, use yourself on it-- get used to this). Once it's toast, move aside the highest piece of debris to find a cyan stone, then head up the stairs.

  8. Interesting pattern on the wall here. You can set the colored stones there, but don't bother just yet. Pick up the bunch of bananas to the right, and knock over the rock to the left to get the jar.

  9. You'll be back here later, but for now head back to the scientist's room and give him the bananas. He'll let you have the boots, so take them and put them on like you did the gloves.

Part 3: I Can See Clearly Now

  1. Boots, eh? Wonder what you'll be able to do with these. Go back to where you got the bananas (up the stairs from the starting area) and take the left passage.

  2. Is that a… is that a soccer goal net in the distance? Odd, but you'll mess with it later. Take the berries from the left bush. Now you have everything you need to do a little alchemy.

  3. Put the mushroom and the berries in the jar (you'll need to open the lid first), then mash them with the pestle. Feed the resulting concoction to the frog and it'll turn red.

  4. Use the frog on the string hanging up above to knock it down, then yank it and a soccer ball will appear. Give it a kick… okay, maybe you won't be trying out for the pro leagues anytime soon.

  5. Pull the string again to get another ball. Remember those boots you put on? They should amplify your kick power. Use yourself on the ball to send it flying. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *deep breath* OOOOOOOOOAL! Take the white gem.

  6. You may have noticed that lines appeared on your gems when you came out here, but you'll worry about that later. Go back to the previous room (right), then put the gems in the wall according to color mixing: purple between red and blue, yellow between red and green, cyan between blue and green, white in the middle.

  7. Did it? Now you can go right. Do so, then go up the ladder. Remember that star on the door; you can't do anything with it just yet, though. Move both drums to the left to get another bunch of bananas.

  8. You know the drill. Take the bananas back to the scientist (down, left, down, turn around, forwards, left door) for another piece of equipment-- the visor this time-- and put it on.

Part 4: Stop and Catch Your Breath

  1. A visor? Interesting. Go back to the bottom of the ladder where you just were (from the scientist's room, down, down, turn around, forwards, right), then go into the cave on the right. You should see a strange eye and a sign marked "DANGER".

  2. Time to see what your new visor can do. Use yourself on the eye to see an array of symbols. Some of them should look like that star on the door. If you look at ONLY those stars, you should see a sequence: right-left-left-right-left-right-left.

  3. Go back to the star door (down, up) and try its handles the same way (right-left-left-etc.) to open it, then go in. Move aside one of the "DANGER" tanks to start a fire (er… whoops) and get a mouse toy. Examine the toy, turn it over, and turn on the switch on the underside to make it run.

  4. Go to the eye again (down, down, cave on right). This time, go left past the "DANGER" sign. You don't want to get on that panther's bad side, so give it the mouse toy and watch it chase after it. Pick up the rope it was guarding.

  5. Go back to the bottom of the ladder and tie the rope to it. Climb down it and you'll find yourself in front of the scientist's room. Now you have another route to this area!

  6. Go take back the hexagonal gems from the wall where you set them (just up the stairs from the starting area). The door will close, but you can get back to the area via the rope. Do exactly that.

  7. Go back up the ladder and through the star door, then left. You have to set the gems in the wall here. This puzzle's actually easier than it looks; the number of lines on each hex is equal to the number of hexes adjacent to it.

  8. With this in mind, set the gems. The yellow gem has three lines, so it goes adjacent to three hexes; the white gem has two lines, so it goes adjacent to two hexes; and so on and so forth.

  9. Once the arrangement is good, you'll get yet another bunch of bananas. Go give the scientist another citrus supplement in exchange for yet another supplement to your power suit: air tanks this time! Put it on, what are you waiting for?

Finale: I Believe I Can Touch The Sky

  1. Air tanks? They'd probably be good for breathing underwater. How about that pool in the area with the three panels, just to the left outside the scientist's room? Go there (from the scientist's room, down, then left) and use yourself on it.

  2. Lot of water ducts. Take the lever hidden behind the rock to the right, then go left and get the blue plant. Neither looks particularly useful at the moment, but keep an eye on them. Leave the pool.

  3. This time, go back to the area with the eye and "DANGER" sign (right, up, cave on right), and go right. There's another spotted mushroom hidden at the bottom of the screen, so pick it. Mix it and the blue pant in the jar using the pestle.

  4. "Sleeping drug". Put it in the rhino's water tank to knock it out. Now you've got a better view of the shapes behind it. A large circle with a lower-left alignment, a medium-size circle aligned to the right, and a small one upper-left. Remember that pattern.

  5. Go to just past the star door, where you knocked that tank over and started the fire (left, down, up, forwards). Go right from there and you'll have a place to enter the combination from the rhino's cage; rotate the rings until they match the ones from the cage. You'll hear a click when you're done.

  6. Oh, and snap the lever into the hole to the right, then pull it to open the dinosaur's mouth. Grab the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire, then press the now-green button to open the elevator doors.

  7. Before going anywhere, note the sequence above the door: dash-dot-dot-dash-dot-dot. Then ride the elevator up and you'll see six levers. Each one's "up" position looks like a dash, while its "down" position looks like a dot, so set them the same way to summon a ladder.

  8. Partway up the ladder, you'll see a bright patch of leaves to the right. Knock them away until you can pick up the net hidden behind them. Now backtrack ALL the way back to the pool below the three colored panels (down, right, down, down, down, left).

  9. Dive into the pool again, go left, and use the net to catch the fish. Now go back to the tree (right, up, right, up, up, forwards, forwards) and climb the ladder all the way to the top.

  10. See that cat? If you don't, go down and up again. If you try to catch it it'll vanish, so use the fish on it and it'll come with you. It looks an awful lot like that lost cat in the posters around the area, doesn't it?

  11. Maybe the scientist lost it, he's the only other human being around. Take the cat to him and he'll give you a key. That key goes to the door next to the scientist's room, wherein you'll find your suit's final upgrade: a winged vest! Uh… cool?

  12. Go all the way back up to the top of the tree (up, up, forward, forward, up, up). How nice, the scientist and cat are there to see you off. Now, use yourself on the sky to fly away!

  13. Congrats, you've escaped-- and I can't think of a more awesome way to do it!


What do I do with the boots?


Also, how do I mix the ingredients?


Sonic Lover, can you help on the 9 tile puzzle?



Combine the images from the left and right panels


Now I guess I need to find a key


I'm having trouble with the first puzzle. The one with the six clock things.


Sonic - have searched for the key, with no luck. I have 3 gemstones - yellow, pink & cyan - can't find the fourth. Any hints?


Aargh! I've gotten the

rectangular thing of which you speak, but can't find anything to do with it... I'm thinking I need to break it?


about the 9 tile puzzle

i combined the images, but nothing happens,made the tiles black on a gray background


Wow, I got it now. Thanks, guys.


How do you punch? I just cannot figure that out.


Love it. A bunch better and cleaner than 58 Works' usual, which hopefully means they'll be churning out more of the same! (And not as derivative, though I can still locate some of their inspirations; I've come to expect it over the years.) Interpreting diagrams in general can get a little tricky, but if you sit and think about it, not unfairly hard.

Tip: You must select the person to use his powers.

Also, it's hard to do


interaction quite right in an escape game, and this was pretty good. More intuitive than previous ones.

charupotter September 26, 2011 12:27 PM

I have the

yellow rectangular gem

but how do I punch it hard??

The Jolly Dodger September 26, 2011 12:27 PM

How do you punch? I just cannot figure that out.


does anyone know how to solve the "circles" puzzle (the dino head)? thanks


Does anyone know where to find a hint for the "circles" (dino head)? thanks


I know I need to make this sleeping potion for the


but I can't find the other ingredient. I have a mushroom.

I noticed that the four colored gems have different symbols on them when looked at in the light.

I have scanned the "eye" wall with my scanner but the star symbols don't mean anything to me at this point.

What am I missing?


Okay, what the heck do I do now that I've

looked through the Geordie visor

and seen the

stars/asterisks on the eye door? I've already counted the points and all the usual things one does, but can't figure out what to do with the information.


Although the review mentioned totally logical puzzles, I'd have to say that after completion of this game some of the puzzles were frustratingly illogical. The 9-tile puzzle and hex honeycomb puzzle didn't make any sense to me even after completion.


To do the circles puzzle, you need to:

drug the rhino

to do that, you need to

get the scuba gear

to do that, you need to

solve the second gem puzzle

to do that, you need to

tie the rope to the ladder

to get that, you need to

use the mouse to distract the panther



One symbol on the eye wall should look familiar (if not, make sure you've gone in every room you can). That's the only symbol that matters.

unblinkered September 26, 2011 12:54 PM

Swooning & Gladys:

It's a code for opening something....

I, however, am utterly stuck on

the spinny circles / dino head section



I've already looked at the

star door

and clicked

the handles per number of points on the stars, but maybe I've got the sequence wrong? Do I need to do math?


Aargh, on the 9 tile puzzle I've tried

combining the two shapes in just about every way & color I can think of,

but no luck.

Could someone just link to what the finished picture is supposed to look like?


I go the


behind the two panels, after that I can't to seem to do anything anymore...


I'm stuck with lots of other people at the dino head.

Has any of us found something to use the



unblinkered September 26, 2011 12:57 PM

Reading back, I appear to have taken cryptic-ness to a new level. That clue totally made sense in my head! ;)


Oh. *facepalm* D'oh! Got it.


I found the

baton (?) behind the left panel

but now I can't seem to be able to do anything new...

unblinkered September 26, 2011 1:01 PM


If you overlay the two shapes, some areas will be darker than others.


I'm simply stuck.

I know I need to:

Crush/punch the gem, but I can't figure out how


Solve the clock puzzle. I have all 6 hands' directions written down on paper, and I've tried every darn combination, and I can't figure it out!

The Jolly Dodger September 26, 2011 1:03 PM

How about the punching? Puzzles are usually easy for me but the interface is confusing me. How do you punch?


Thanks, JIGuest - I had somehow missed your post, and it was sooooo helpful!


@thejustme re logic (big spoilers)

The nine tile puzzle was from opening both doors, and then clicking both symbols on the same pad. Where they overlapped became darker.

The hexagon puzzle was observing that each line = one integer, and they were counting the number of adjoining hexagons (so all the ones on the far edges were 1, because they only had 1 neighbor.)

It's got it. It's a bit disingenuous to claim there's no logic before the walkthrough's posted.



This stumped me too at first, and I felt so frustrated when I figured it out!

Fill in the symbol on the left, but only click once to the first gray color. Then fill in the symbol on the right, again only clicking once. Some squares will be light gray and some dark gray.


I became stuck after I got the boots...

Anyone know what to do?


I didn't get how to solve the hexagon puzzle until I read your comment!

I just switched around the gems at random until I got it.

But it totally makes sense now. I

I thought this game was great. Wonderful graphics and smart, not-too-hard puzzles. Perfect game for a break in the day!

Stuck, Stuck & Stuck September 26, 2011 1:27 PM

Any chance of a walkthrough any time soon? I am so stuck it's unbelievable.

unblinkered September 26, 2011 1:31 PM

Got a bit further, thanks to JIGuest. But I'm stuck again.

at the dino head. I don't have any items apart from the wee dude. There's the hidden circular thingy beside the head, the morse codey thing above the elevator and I'm not sure whether the flitting fishy is important or not....


ugh, I cannot punch the stupid rectangle! What am I doing wrong? I view the rectangle, click on the guy to highlight him, and then click on the rectangle on the game screen. Why won't you punch?? T-T

unblinkered September 26, 2011 1:39 PM

Out! Power of posting. :)


What an excellent game! That may be one of the better escape games I've played in quite some time. Just, nice.

And, the puzzles were all logical as well - which was a nice change.


I love the description on the game page, near the top.

'Let's escape from the submarine cave which went with the midget submarine.'


Littleghost September 26, 2011 3:02 PM

Did anybody else notice

the strange marks on

the gems when

you're outside by the soccer goal?

Littleghost September 26, 2011 3:06 PM

Nevermind, should have finished the game first. ;)


Everyone knows scuba tanks and jetpacks are basically the same thing.


i'm still confused on the:

9 tile puzzle. I tried everything. Can someone put a picture up of the solution? thanks.


I'm amused at what the comments are basically saying about how steeped in puzzle games people are around here. The puzzles are actually...pretty simple, leading people to overthink them in the *worst* way. :-)


What a great game. It's definitely better than Solitude, which was pretty much a rip-off of Escape from Island. (By the way, people who haven't already played that series of games totally should.)

Evolution was its own game, though it still threw in a little reference to the other series (the scientist with the cat). It was the perfect length with just the right amount of difficulty. It also had something that a lot of escape games are missing: mystery. Instead of being stuck in some stuffy room, you're trapped on a tropical island full of exotic creatures, hidden doorways, and a mad scientist. Way more engaging than your average four-wall room escape.

I wish there were more games like this. Hopefully we'll see a sequel soon!


stuck on:

the second gem puzzle. Can someone post a picture of this as well?



(For those still asking, who may not wish to read the walkthrough just for this...)

The dude in your inventory is you. To act on objects, you need to select yourself and then click on the object.


Finished w/o help - yay.


Paul, the second gem puzzle:

First, an explanation:

Look closely at the hexagon with the 1 pointing to it. How many other hexagons is it touching? The answer: 1. So, if a hexagon has two lines on it, it will be touching two other hexagons; if a hexagon has four lines on it, it will be touching four other hexagons, etc. Your job is to look at an empty hexagon, count how many other hexagons it's touching, and put the gem with that amount of lines in that spot.

Picture of the solution


I agree with nerdypants, I did feel a lot like I was playing one of the Aztec series games, up to the point where I became a Gundam. Great fun, though.

houseworkisevil September 27, 2011 11:24 PM

BUT!!! What about my wee sub I left behind?! :(

JetSetVegas September 28, 2011 6:47 PM

As much as I love 58 Works games and as much as I wanted to love this one, I could only like it because there were a couple of illogical moments. For the 9 tile puzzle there was no indication that there should be a mixture of grey and black to comprise the overlaying patterns. Also the first hexagon puzzle was a bit of a stretch. The color match solution was a bit silly considering there was only one logical color match. The others were basically guessing. Those two puzzles aside, the rest were pretty good. I hope 58 Works gets it together for their next go round.


How are the colors guessing? That's the color mix of light, not pigment. Your monitor has the very same color balances.

For the 9-tile puzzle, just

punch both patterns in, one after the other.

The fact that the tiles can be toggled clue you in that overlaying is possible. The only misleading part was the color of the clues themselves.

I still don't understand how these puzzles can be seen as illogical. It's not like there was a surprise Ghost Ladder.


<3 !!! loved it! 58 games <3

JetSetVegas September 29, 2011 12:43 PM

To Shudog - concerning the 9 tile puzzle I'm just saying that both patterns indicate that they should be made using the darkest square. Punched in that way you get the wrong color combination. There should have at least been a clue that one of the patterns should be made using grey squares. The white squares took care of themselves. As far as the hexagon puzzle,

red and blue do make purple, but who would logically think to place yellow in between red and green? Aqua may not have been as much as a stretch, but white is just there in the middle.

It just would have been better if there was a true puzzle to figure out with a good clue instead of just saying this might go here. No disrespect. As I said before I love 58 Works, I just would have liked a bit more ingenuity when it came to those two puzzles.

nerdypants October 1, 2011 1:31 AM

illtouch, about the hexagon puzzle:

You're still thinking in art class colors, rather than science class colors. Yes, if you combine red and green paint, you get brown paint. But if you combine red and green light, you get yellow light. And if you combine all the colors of light, you get white, hence the white gem in the middle.

JetSetVegas October 1, 2011 5:35 PM

Thanks, Nerdypants, but still a bit of a stretch to me. Maybe it's because yellow goes between red and green on a traffic light. but that doesn't account for the others. And doesn't the absence of color create white? I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, but sometimes it seems game creators try too hard to create clever puzzles and end up outsmarting themselves.

JetSetVegas October 1, 2011 5:38 PM

Or maybe outsmarting just a few of us. ;-)

nerdypants October 1, 2011 8:48 PM


Light starts out as white, and is broken down into different colors by the things around you. Think of a prism: white light goes in, and a rainbow comes out the other side. And when you combine colored light, it sometimes acts differently than if you combine colored paints. Open up MS Paint or a similar program, and open up the Edit Colors dialog box. If you set the red and green to maximum, but set blue to zero, you get the color yellow.

This is all due to different wavelengths of light canceling each other out. I probably could explain this better if I'd paid more attention in physics class. (Sorry, Mr. E.)


I remain completely aghast that LIGHT and PIGMENT are utterly alien concepts which were never learned. In, say, primary school. And that this is used to justify calling a puzzle too difficult. Repeatedly.

Kellyhalia October 2, 2011 4:03 AM

Regarding this part of the walkthrough:

Oh, and snap the lever into the hole to the right, then pull it to open the dinosaur's mouth. Grab the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire, then press the now-green button to open the elevator doors.

I'm having trouble because

I don't see a lever, and I don't have any active inventory items except "myself"

nerdypants October 2, 2011 8:06 PM


If you've reached the dinosaur head, you should at least have a few items (jar, pestle) in your inventory. Have you gotten the scuba tank from the scientist yet? If so, you should

find a place to take a swim.

JetSetVegas October 2, 2011 9:33 PM

Shudog, I didn't fully understand the puzzle and admitted it. I even said "No disrespect" when explaining why. Now you're just being a jerk. I'm done.

JetSetVegas October 2, 2011 9:38 PM

Not everyone gets every aspect of every puzzle. That's why walkthroughs are helpful. And it shouldn't be taken as a personal affront because someone doesn't understand something you do. It's just a game and one person's opinion. And even though I said it earlier, now I mean it... I'm done with this.

Party poison October 4, 2011 1:24 PM

I've tried so many times now on that puzzle. even with the picture i dont get it.
What do i do when ive got the pattern?

can anyone just tell me tile number and colour?

nerdypants October 4, 2011 3:53 PM

Party poison:

Are you talking about the nine-tile puzzle? If so:


A = light gray
B = dark gray
C = white
D = light gray
E = dark gray
F = light gray
G = white
H = dark gray
I = light gray

When you've put in the correct pattern, the panel will light up and come off the wall.

Anonymous October 11, 2011 9:24 PM

the music on the ending screen reminds me of another game. does anyone know?


What exactly does the 9 tile puzzle pattern look like? The book won't flip over.

theguywhoinventedbeer October 30, 2011 7:45 PM


you should check both of the lids.


In the walkthrough it says to use

the net to catch the fish

but it never tells you where

to get the net in the first place

Can someone help? I've looked everywhere and can't find it.


Those caged animals need to be set free, unfortunately you don't get to do that in this game. How unfortunate.


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