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Nekra Psaria 2

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4.6/5 (210 votes)

The wonderfully surreal Nekra Psaria is back, ready for more bizarro adventures with Johnny-boy in his weird, head-powered world. This time, you'll be point-and-clicking your way through a bizarre forest, feeding cats, catching birds, and growing head-trees along the way. There're people to meet and puzzles to solve along the way, but in this thoroughly surreal series, the most enjoyable part is just having your mind blown!

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Well, that was nice! I managed without a walkthrough, like the first one.
It's got a pretty good amount of places to go, and they're all equally nice-disturbing.


Stuck with a

cloud and a bird tied with string.

What do I do with these?


Awesome! I got a real early-Submachine vibe to it. Only place I was stuck was a space in which it wasn't obvious that object(s) would fit. More birdy than fishy.

kevinsmellls November 26, 2014 1:17 PM

Got really stuck once, I'm sure others will have the same problem. Some help for those that do:

I got stuck only once when I had a round swirly thing and a tied up bird.

The round item with the swirl in the middle is an eyeball. use it at the scanner, back up a frame, and the door will be open.

kevinsmellls November 26, 2014 1:20 PM replied to Colleen Werthmann


Use the CLOUD on the HEAD SEED ITEM in the screen where there's a sign that shows a Head Seed Item and a Blue Drop of Water


Thnaks kevinsmells! (Nice name BTW)

kevinsmellls November 26, 2014 1:37 PM replied to Colleen Werthmann

Just finished both parts with no walkthrough. Cool.
I really loved how even though the art style is surreal, the puzzles and progression still made a certain kind of sense. Just like the original, except for one confusing instance, I always found myself thinking "Oh! this goes at that one place I saw earlier!"

Like, we know this is a dreamscape, but the rules are presented clearly and the game follows its own logic. For example:

The birds as a sort of trading currency was cool. When I ran into a Spider-cat and only had an insect in my inventory, I instantly remembered the vending machine for birds, and the combining machine. Since the picture on the vending machine says you need a fish coin, and we can logically assume the Spider-cat wants a insect-bird, we then know exactly what we need to progress. The game sets and follows its own internal logic. Perfect!

Reminded me a little bit of the Daymare Town series in that way. But this game also seems to come from a place all its own. Excited to see new installments in this series!


I can't use the

fish coin on the bird vending machine. No matter how many times I click the coin, nothing happens.


Oh, nevermind. I forgot to

power up the generator.


hope a walkthrough is in the works :)

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone November 27, 2014 2:36 PM

I've quite enjoyed these and hope there's more forthcoming. I agree that there's a certain Skutnik vibe, although far more grotesque than any of his games.
The internal logic is fun. A conventional escape game (is it accurate to call these escape games? Is Submachine really an 'escape' game?) might give you a screwdriver and naturally you'll start looking for screws. These give you eyeballs or dead bugs, but you can still intuit what they will be used for.

Cyberjar88 November 27, 2014 3:32 PM

Where do I use the arm?


I've come to the area with the

mixing machine and vending machine

and I have

a fly, a jar, an S formed something and something that looks like it comes from under a car (exhaust something?).

Can't seem to go any further and can't seem to find a use for the items. Help? Should I go all the way

above ground


Patreon Crew SonicLover November 28, 2014 9:08 PM replied to Hespetre

Did you play the first game? You might know what to do with the items you didn't recognize if you did. But for the record...

The S-shaped thing is a crowbar. And the purple exhaust-looking thing is a whistle used to call Cockroach Boy. His specialty is getting rid of giant cockroaches.


One of the interesting things I noticed is a seemingly useless room within the game. In the room before the man that needed the umbrella, between the 10 pound rock puzzle, is a fourth passage way I found by accident. Right above the door to Umbrella man's room, almost entirely covered by your inventory, is a slight yellow passage way outline. It leads to a roughly outlined room with a slanted ceiling that looks like it was taken right out of a sketchbook. There's a usable door that leads back to the room you were just in (I'll call it the main room for convenience), an unusable ladder, and a back arrow that leads to the room before the main room. There's no items, the walls are all warped as if the artist wasn't really trying when they made it, and it only takes you back to the aforementioned rooms. There isn't even any real way to know it's there except pure luck. The entrance isn't an entrance, just an entrance marking on a wall. It seems the developers might have just left it in there by accident.


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