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BenNuclear PlantDo you know who you were? Nobody. Except on the day after the end of the world, you were still alive. And in Ppllaayy's shooter defense game Nuclear Plant, you have the chance to be somebody, entrusted as you are with growing one last seed into a tree capable of restarting life on the planet.

You need to grow the tree yourself, fighting off waves of enemies to buy yourself time to run the incubator. Move with [WASD] or the [arrow] keys and aim and fire your weapon with the mouse. In between waves, research upgrades by holding [S] in front of the lab, and activate the incubator the same way. Guns can be purchased in the shop, though it's not clear who you're buying from.

Nuclear Plant doesn't do much that Dude and Zombies didn't, but the post apocalyptic world is brought together through desolate scenery and an army of mutants and monsters out for your blood. It's short but the pacing is perfect, the weapons feel like worthwhile upgrades, and the game reaches a satisfying, though dark, conclusion. It may not teach you any real survival skills, but as a coffee break sized apocalypse, Nuclear Plant will grow on you.

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Hmm, pretty interesting. The game is much more casual than "Dude with Zombies", where you can apply the same strategy:

Upgrade the laboratory to max level, then money, then reload, all the way down to plant growing. The first level upgrades are cheap enough to be bought if necessary (EG regeneration).

However, it seems that there might be more than one ending. I got the bad one:

I'm going to blame it on too much fertilizers (plant speed upgrades), since in the end my tree went rouge and became a mutant factory.

Anybody managed to get the good ending?

bearharry August 10, 2012 11:53 AM

I just get the game screen oversized... so I can't see some of the keys..

bearharry August 10, 2012 12:35 PM

I get the same ending of you and I don't get any upgrade on speed of growing...
Also, you can defeat the mutant tree after sometime of shooting...
But still a bad ending...


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Great atmosphere, but way too easy, you can have everything maxed by wave 9 and kill the tree in no time.


I think there is only one ending, because

the text at the end said something like "no good ending." Granted, that could be bad translation, but I didn't notice any other bad English in the game. I think it's just a twist.

aceofblades.jk August 10, 2012 8:40 PM

Listen to "Survival" by Muse during the last little bit of the game when it gets really intense. It is epic!


It was fun while it lasted, which wasn't very long, but

I think it would be a lot cooler if there were multiple endings, no just "well all the work you did was for naught" ending.


I think this game would suffer for having multiple endings. It would have to lose the linear gameplay for a start and considering the subject matter, I think an exercise in futility is quite fitting.

In relation to what Parmeisan wrote above... there was a lot of bad English. If anything, that would be my only complaint. I don't understand why game designers can't find someone to proof read and correct their English. It can be cute to have some Engrish in Japanese escape games, but when you're trying to create an atmosphere, it kind of gets ruined with poor grammar and bad spelling.

bearharry August 12, 2012 3:23 PM

PLEASE tell us how you do it! Givin


There is no good ending - that pic is just the tree at the far right of the playing field. That's why the image is cropped so much!


I consider 'there is no good ending' debatable. Every time you kill the tree then continue from last checkpoint it'll spit you back out at 'something strange with the tree' even though there are several checkpoints after that, leading me to believe there's something you can do at that point. I'll post again if I find anything...


It is a pretty fun game

I don't think there is going to be a happy ending either. I got up to wave 40 and the waves were sending out the same amount of enemies, just in different orders. When i finally did the tree at that point, it ended up being the same outcome.


Very fun game, but just to prevent people going crazy with the ending....

There is only one ending, and it is the bad ending. I did some snooping around, and unless the developer releases another version, I have confirmed there is only one ending.


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