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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why doesn't this Flash game load? All I get is a blank screen.
  2. I can't get this Flash game to load past 84% (for example), it just stops there. Why?
  3. Flash is telling me Jayisgames wants to store information on my computer, is this safe?
  4. I want to start a Flash game over again, reset my saved progress due to a bug, or copy my saved game over to a different computer, where can I find the Flash saved game files on my computer?
  5. Why doesn't this Flash game save my progress? Every time I come back to it I have to start again from the beginning.
  6. I'm trying to delete my saved progress in this Flash game, but clearing my browser cookies and clearing my browser cache had no effect. How can I reset the saved game data for this Flash game?
  7. Why do the arrow keys scroll the page when I'm playing a Flash game?
  8. When I play Flash games they appear too big for the screen, so the bottom and right are slightly cut off. How do I fix this?
  9. Why does this Shockwave game crash on a Mac?
  10. Why doesn't this game work with my touch pad?
  11. I downloaded a game and it never saves my game when I quit, I always have to start again from the beginning. What should I do?
  12. I downloaded and purchased a game from Big Fish Games, but I've been having trouble with it crashing. What should I do?

1. Why doesn't this Flash game load? All I get is a blank screen.
This is a very common problem reported by people trying to play a Flash game and could be due to one of several reasons. Go through this checklist to see if any of them are the culprit:

  • Make sure your Flash Player is up-to-date. Flash Player plug-in.
  • Turn off any browser extensions you have installed to see if any of those are causing the conflict.
  • Are you sure it's a Flash game and not a Shockwave game? Shockwave games require a different plug-in. Get Shockwave here.
  • Try a different browser.
  • If none of the above help and you are using Windows Vista, then follow these steps to allow Flash to your firewall settings:
    1. Click on the Start (or Windows) button on the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of your screen.
    2. Click on Control Panel.
    3. Click on Security.
    4. Find the Windows Firewall section on the Security window.
    5. Click on Allow a Program Through Windows Firewall.
    6. Click on Add Program.
    7. Select Adobe Flash Player from the program list.
    8. Click OK.
    Adobe Flash Player should now be added to your Firewall's list of accepted programs

2. I can't get this Flash game to load past 83% (for example), it just stops there. Why?
It is possible that when your browser downloaded the game file the first time, the file became corrupted either by the author uploading a new version at the same time or for some other reason. Try emptying your browser cache, then reload the game page. Refreshing what's in your browser cache should do the trick.

3. Flash is telling me Jayisgames wants to store information on my computer, is this safe?
Yes, it's perfectly safe. Flash requires local storage on your computer to store game saves, and without it your progress can't be saved. It's harmless and won't cause any harm to your computer. In fact, if you play a lot of games here at JIG, you will need to even expand the size of the allowed local storage given to JIG for Flash game saves. The reason is that Flash stores game saves by domain, which means game saves for the games we host are all stored in the same place. You can right-click and choose "Settings" on any Flash game hosted on JIG to increase (or change) the size of local storage. If you're a frequent visitor to JIG, I recommend allowing unlimited. You should never have a problem with that setting since Flash game saves are all relatively small in size.

4. I want to start a Flash game over again, reset my saved progress due to a bug, or copy my saved game over to a different computer, where can I find the Flash saved game files on my computer?
Flash Game Saves (.sol files) —There are save files that Flash uses to save state locally on your computer. You can copy these files between computers, or you can delete them to reset a game that you want to start again, or to correct a situation where the game save file may have been corrupted.

For games that are hosted on Jayisgames, look for either or inside the "random series of letters and numbers" directory that you'll find at the location specified for your computer's OS below. Inside that folder will contain all the save files for all the games you've played on JIG so far. You'll want to remove the .sol file inside the directory associated with the game you're playing.

NOTE: To see the folder that the files are in, you must enable Show Hidden Files & Folders in Folder Options.

  • Windows 7
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\FlashPlayer\#SharedObjects\random series of letters and numbers\
  • Windows Vista
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\FlashPlayer\#SharedObjects\random series of letters and numbers\
  • Windows 2000/XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\random series of letters and numbers\
  • Windows 95/ME
    C:\Windows\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\random series of letters and numbers\
  • Mac OS X
    /Users/Short name/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/random series of letters and numbers/
  • Mac OS 9
    Macintosh HD/System Folder/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#Shared Objects/random string of letters and numbers/

5. Why doesn't this Flash game save my progress? Every time I come back to it I have to start again from the beginning.
Flash requires local storage on your computer to store game saves, and without it your progress can't be saved. In fact, if you play a lot of games here at JIG, you will eventually need to expand the size of the allowed local storage given to JIG for Flash game saves. The reason is that Flash stores game saves by domain, which means game saves for the games we host are all stored in the same place. You can right-click and choose "Settings" on any Flash game hosted on JIG to increase (or change) the size of local storage. If you're a frequent visitor to JIG, I recommend allowing unlimited. You should never have a problem with that setting since Flash game saves are all relatively small in size.

6. I'm trying to delete my saved progress in this Flash game, but clearing my browser cookies had no effect. How can I reset the saved game data for this Flash game?
Flash doesn't save data in cookies or your browser cache. Flash stores save data by the domain of where you play the game from. Check the FAQ question just above this one for locations of the Flash saved game files (.sol files). For games hosted at JIG, look for the domains and For games hosted elsewhere, look for the domain name on which the game is hosted.

7. Why do the arrow keys scroll the page when I'm playing a Flash game?
This is a known issue with Internet Explorer when trying to play Flash games embedded on a page. Please try using a different browser, like Firefox. That will fix the issue for you.

8. When I play Flash games they appear too big for the screen, so the bottom and right are slightly cut off. How do I fix this?
It sounds like your browser may be zoomed. To reset your browser to 100% size follow these steps:

  • Firefox: From the menu select: View->Zoom->Reset, or just type Command-0 (zero) on Mac OS, CTRL-0 (zero) on Windows.
  • Chrome: From the menu select: View->Actual Size, or type Command-0 (zero) on Mac OS, CTRL-0 (zero) on Windows.
  • Safari: From the menu select: View->Actual Size, or type Command-0 (zero) on Mac OS, CTRL-0 (zero) on Windows.
  • IE: From the menu select: Page->Zoom->100% (there doesn't appear to be a command-key equivalent for this).
  • Opera: From the menu select: Page->Zoom->100%, or type Command-0 (zero) on Mac OS, CTRL-0 (zero) on Windows.

9. Why does this Shockwave game crash on a Mac?
It is common for Shockwave games to run poorly on Intel-based Macs. However, you can force your browser to open using Rosetta (a pre-OS X compatibility mode) and that may help Shockwave from crashing the browser. Follow these steps:

  • Open your Applications folder and click once on Safari to select it. (I've found Safari handles Shockwave under Rosetta best.)
  • From the File menu, choose "Get Info".
  • Check the box "Open using Rosetta".
  • Launch Safari and try the Shockwave game again.
Note: Running Safari in Rosetta will decrease performance, so you may wish to toggle it on/off as needed.

10. Why doesn't this game work with my touch pad?
Touch pads were originally input devices of convenience made expressly for portable computers. Now it seems that we're in a transition period from mouse-based to touch-based interfaces. The problem is that most Flash games have been designed for a mouse, not a touch pad. If you use a laptop as your primary computer, invest in a small portable mouse. You'll be glad you did. :)

11. I downloaded a game and it never saves my game when I quit, I always have to start again from the beginning. What should I do?
Most game save issues result from a user account on your desktop having limited rights and therefore not being able to save a game properly. This problem occurs most often with Vista and Windows 7. Here's what to do:

  • If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, try setting the game into compatibility mode:
    1. Right-click on the game's shortcut icon on your desktop
    2. Select properties
    3. Click the compatibility tab.
    4. Make sure your compatibility settings are as follows: Operating System Windows XP SP2 (Windows XP SP3 if you are on Windows 7); Permissions Boxes: Run As Administrator checked.

12. I downloaded and purchased a game from Big Fish Games, but I've been having trouble with it crashing. What should I do?
Big Fish Games has an exceptional Customer Support department, which is one of the reasons we recommend Big Fish so highly here at Jayisgames. Please use this support form to report the trouble you have been experiencing. Someone will help resolve your issue in a timely manner.

If you do not see your support question answered here, then please post a question in the comments and we'll try to address any problems that come up. =)

Please use this page for support issues only. For game review requests or suggestions, please use our Game Submit form.


When installing Ravehearst 1 Mystery Case Files....The game installs, all icons/shortcuts are present on desktop and installation complete is showing in my apps.
When I click on icon to play game Microsoft windows popup appears stating that the game has stopped working, I click the problem details and it states under problem event APPCRASH. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and still having this problem. I am hoping you might have an answer to this issue/problem. Thank you in advance for your time.

I bought this game the other day for my iPod touch and when I use the game, everything is fine but when I go off the game and back on it, the game starts all over again......any ideas of what may seem to be the problem?

[You might want to contact the developer of the game. -Jay]

I like to download the occasional Flash game so I can run it on my machine offline, full-screen, etc. Is there any way to download the games in the Design Competitions? They all seem to be actively loaded from the game-selection program. I can download that, but trying to play one of the actual games doesn't work, because they're only online. All links to those games on this website only point to the Design Competition flash. Any way around this?

[Sorry, no there is no way around that. -Jay]

Is there a way to search and specify NOT downloadable other words, games that play in a browser.
So, for example, one could search for " "point and click" NOT download " ....

[There is no way to combine tags at this time. Hopefully someday. In the meantime, you might try the 'browser' tag, or just use your browser's "find" command when viewing a tag listing (i.e., find 'browser' while viewing the 'pointandclick' tag listing, or find 'pointandclick' while viewing the 'browser' tag listing.) -Jay]

[UPDATE 04/15/12: You can now search for multiple tags. Use the plus sign (+) for AND, and exclamation point (!) for NOT. So, for point and click and not download, use this link:!download See our Tags Index page for more info. -Jay]

Thanks, Jay - I didn't know you could do that! Never too old to learn something, eh? (*grin*).

Just bought a htc Desire and was looking for reviews of mobile games for the Android platform. Do you plan to cover (and tag) games for this platform?

[We do intend to feature Android games once there are enough interesting, innovative and unique games to pull from. If you have suggestions, please send them to us using our online game submit form (found in the menu above). -Jay]

[Update: Android games are now featured periodically in our weekly Mobile Monday column. -Jay]

i purchased virtual families and after it had downloaded and i went to play it a box came up saying 'this display card does not support (800x600x16BPP)@60Hz'. i have tried to change my screen resolution but this does not help. any ideas of what to do?

[A video card that doesn't support 800x600? That sounds really strange. Anyways, you should contact the customer support department of the site you purchased the game from, maybe they will have a suggestion for you. -Jay]

I tried playing The Museum of Broken Memories, and it wouldn't load after installation. I have Vista, and I tried running it in compatibility mode as well as running it and it's installer as administrator. Help would be greatly appreciated.

[Please try contacting the developer about this issue. -Jay]

I've downloaded Little Folk of Faerys and the movement is EXTREMELY jerky. How do I fix this?

[Please contact customer support from the site you purchased the game from. If from Big Fish: -Jay]

I am trying to submit a game, and it says my E-mail is invalid. It works everywhere else, and i have no idea why it won't work here. I also used it to register, and it was fine.
Why doesn't it work for the submit form?

[Please try it again. A change was made to the form late yesterday, and I believe that caused a bug in the validation script. It should be ok now. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Jay]

Recently when I try to search for a game, I can't see any results, even for games I know have reviews on the site. Everything in the sides of the page loads, but the middle is completely blank. I just cleared my cache and it didn't help. I'm using Google Chrome on Vista.

[I cannot reproduce the problem. Site search is working as it should. Are you using any ad blockers? Search results come from Google, which includes ads. Perhaps your local settings are providing a conflict? Try going to the Google homepage and typing your query in there, including as one of your search terms. -Jay]

Yes, it seems to be a problem with the adblock. I turned it off for this site and got search results again. Thanks for the help.

[Thank you for turning off your ad blocker. Doing so helps us continue to be able to bring you free games. -Jay]

I've been a proud visitor of jay since it was on the RIT page, memories~. Anyway I registered with TypeKey long ago, and when the favorites boxes came out you can be sure I picked out the best. Well every so often my favorites just... disappear. Occasionally I am kicked out of my TypeKey address, I assume you guys have a 2 week limit or something, but I do log in again only to find my favorites that I painstakingly searched for are gone. It is very frustrating to not have direct access to games that were shown years ago. I just lost the favorites I picked out not more than 5 days ago and added to just yesterday. Any details on what the problem might be? I'm using the same computer, so it's the same IP and everything. Thanks in advance.

[Hello, and thank you for playing with us all these years! :) The favorites you select are stored in a cookie in your browser, so if you delete your cookies (or change browsers) then you will also lose your favorites. Your TypeKey authentication is also saved in a cookie, so if your cookies are deleted you will have to log in again. Something somewhere on your computer is messing with your cookies, so I would look at what might be doing that. Do you ever clear out your browser's saved data? Double check the settings if you do to be sure your cookies aren't also getting cleared. I hope that helps! Thanks again for all your visits! :D -Jay]

Is it that JIG do not support downloading games anymore?
How come every link goes to Big Fish Games?

[The Casual Gameplay store is down for maintenance right now, but only temporarily so. The previous company that we worked with, GameCenterSolution, has ceased operations as of June 30th. So we are revamping the store to bring you new options. Big Fish Games will continue to be our primary affiliate partner due to their lowest prices in the industry and their exceptional customer support. -Jay]

I get very odd (but consistent) errors with many Flash games on my new Win7 (Home Premium, fwiw) laptop. I know the games are fine, as they load on my home PC, but after loading most Flash games either a) freak out and do random things or b) never leave the loading screen. A few Flash games do work, though, so I'm puzzled.

I've done everything recommended, using another browser, _completely_ uninstalling and reinstalling Flash (and duh, rebooting) with zero success. Any ideas?

[I have a Win7 Home Premium install I can try to reproduce what you're seeing. Can you give me an example Flash game URL that doesn't work for you along with the browser/version you're using and the Flash Player version you have installed? -Jay]


"Shockwave Flash":
FF: 3.6.8
IE: 8.0.7600.16385

Oh, forgot to give a game:

This one starts flashing between the loading screen and the start menu, and repeatedly emitting a brief *kshh* noise.

[Hi Forsythe, I could not reproduce what you are seeing on a similar Windows 7 Home Premium configuration using the same browsers and Flash Player version. The game, Harmony Keeper, loads completely and plays without any issues at all in both IE and Firefox (same versions as yours). The issue must be something specific to the way you have your computer or OS configured. I really don't know what to suggest next, I'm sorry. If I were able to reproduce the issue I might be able to work on a fix for it, but since the same configuration is working fine for me, the best conclusion I can think of is that the conflict is coming from some other piece of software on your computer. -Jay]

Anyone know how to get the door remote in the game Out-Of Order? The Journalist do's not give me the game nor no options in the talk part.

[Please post your questions about individual games on the game review pages. For Out of Order, use this page: Thank you! -Jay]

I can't get my spoiler tags to work. It keeps giving me invalid comment format. Am I doing something wrong?

Never mind. I think I figured it out! =)

Two questions for the price of one comment!

1. Is the JayisGames' Chat function down, or is the problem on my end? I can get to the page (via the Help Squad drop-down in the site header bar) but all I get is a blank page. I'm running Firefox 3.5.13 on WinXP Tablet Edition (I know I'm not running the latest Firefox, but the add-on I use to keep my browser header tidy hasn't yet been updated to be compatible with 3.6.x; Tablet Edition is basically MCE with some extra doodads like screen-orientation options & handwriting recognition.) I do use NoScript, but I have everything on the page allowed, and nothing shows up as a "blocked object" -- which is usually what happens if some sort of embedded media needs to be allowed separately.

2. The password-reset function for registered users is a nice, handy feature... so long as one remembers what one's login / username is. I can't remember what I used, and none of the standard 'net nicks I use are recognized. (Serves me right for apparently having decided to be a smart-aleck with some clever new handle.) Is there a way for you guys to send an email to my registered email address reminding me what my login name is? Or, alternatively, is it possible to set up a new login with an already-registered email address?

[1) The chat feature uses a Java applet to function, and therefore you need Java on your computer. You can also connect to our chat server ( via any IRC client. The channel we're in is #casualgameplay. 2) Yes, you may send us an email from the email address in your account to our contact address (found in the site footer), and we'll help you figure out what your user name is. Remember that your user name is not the same as your display name. -Jay]

Hooray, I'm logged in again!

Not sure why my login didn't work earlier, since I went back to an article I knew I'd commented on months ago to check what it was, so I know I tried the correct login. The important thing is that it works now. Thanks for responding so quickly!

Hey, I submitted a game a while back, but received no confirmation email. Does that mean I should submit again?

[Due to the number of game submissions we get each day, we cannot respond to each one. If we have not featured the game, it is likely that we turned it down. We evaluate a great many games every day at JIG, and only a very few of them get selected for a review. If you think that we may have missed a game that you feel strongly deserves a review, please feel free to submit it again. -Jay]

I really really dislike the new Apture top bar that intrudes itself with features that I didn't ask for and don't see any value in.

I mean, let's be clear.

I REALLY REALLY DISLIKE this top bar. Please provide me an option to remove it entirely from my experience.

[Hi Jeff, I'm sorry that you really really dislike the Apture features. You can do one simple click on the left-most part to hide the bar from your browsing experience at JIG. It does provide a few exceptional features that we are especially fond of. One of the most exciting features it provides is that you can highlight any word or phrase for a quick pop-up definition and search from both the site here at JIG as well as the entire Internet. When viewing one of our many walkthroughs on the site that contain links to screenshots, a simple mouse over the little camera image will pop-up the image without moving you from the page. We are very excited about the features of the bar here at JIG, and we hope that you grow to love them, too. -Jay]


Finally found a fix for my issues with Flash; Flash has a bug that aborts loading/playing many flash apps. Allowing 3rd-party content via the Shockwave settings manager fixes it.



Looking for a forum to find a game.

I know this is not the appropriate spot to field this question. I could not get "chat" to work on Help Squad tab and I'm looking for a game. I could not find it on a search in Jay or on All Games tab. Bad keywords I guess.

I am looking for a flash game about World War I fighter planes. As I remember it, the game was 3rd person perspective (Top Down). This game involved using two fighter planes. A player would move the planes turned based via a controllable arrow, guiding the planes trajectory during its turn (a bit like the GUI controls on a catapult game).

The story line of this, unknown, game was sorties of increasingly difficulty. One would fly against German bombers, Zeppelins, and fighters, ect.

I appreciate any input.


It's not Dogfight 2

Good game but the one I am looking for is different.

Thank you.

About the game I am looking for (listed in two above posts), It's a WW2 Airplane game not WW1.

Thank you for any info anyone has.

can i play a game without downloading it? And, i am suggesting that you guys can make your chat better, because i tried it on my computer and it did not work. it said something about plug-ins. What in the world is a plug-in? Do i get a plug in the mail and jam it into my computer?

[Can you play a game without downloading it? If it has the "browser" tag, then yes. If it says "download" then, no. As for our chat, you can use your own IRC client to connect to: and then join channel #casualgameplay. The chat client we have integrated into the site is an old Java-based one, but it works. You'll need Java installed for it to load correctly. -Jay]

Does anyone know if you can input more than one tag at a time and if so CAN YOU TELL ME!?

[Sorry, but multiple tag search is not supported at this time. Hopefully we'll have this ability sometime in 2011. -Jay]

[UPDATE 04/15/12: You can now search for multiple tags. Use the plus sign (+) for AND, and exclamation point (!) for NOT. So, for point and click and not download, use this link:!download See our Tags Index page for more info. -Jay]

Just letting you know, the link on this page doesn't work anymore:


[Thank you. It looks like the server is not responding that is hosting that game, and other pages on the site still link to the game, so I'm thinking at this point that it could be a temporary situation. -Jay]

My flash player is not working on games for example Bloons Tower Defense 3 and 4 blank screen...I have loaded most recent flash player... can you help please. everything was fine until a week ago i messed with the global settings of flash player so i uninstalled and re installed my flash player and still having problems thank you

[Try deleting the files listed on this page: You might need to reinstall Flash Player again after you do that. I hope that helps. -Jay]

Is there a place on this website where I can ask for the titles of games I've played? There are two that I remember the gameplay but not the names, and I'd like to play them again.

[You can post your questions here if you like. Or send an email to our contact address found in the site footer. -Jay]

I have a suggestion. Would there be an easy way for you to enable the site to let people search for games using multiple tags at one time, instead of just one? Like if, for instance, I wanted to search for games that were both horror and mystery, I want to be able to find all games with both those tags. Maybe you could have a checklist or something where people could choose the tags they want.

[UPDATE 04/15/12: You can now search for multiple tags. Use the plus sign (+) for AND, and exclamation point (!) for NOT. So, for point and click and not download, use this link:!download See our Tags Index page for more info. -Jay]

Hi, guys!

I desperately need your help! I'm playing "Haunted Manor - Lord of the mirrors" from Bigfish Games on my pc. I want to install the game on my notebook but can't find the savegame files anywhere on Win7 (32bits). Can you help, pleeease? I don't want to start all over from ground zero. Thanks for your time!

[Please contact Big Fish customer support with your question, they will be able to help you with that. Thanks! -Jay]

How come I can't create an account or leave comments anonymously? Neither worked!!!

[I don't know. Please contact us at our contact email address (found in the site footer) and we'll help you privately over email. Please include a description of what exactly happens when you try, along with your OS and browser versions you're using. -Jay]

Regarding Favorites, is there no way to save them according to your Casual Gameplay account? I just wonder... since I saved my favorites on my computer, went to my boyfriend's house and used his computer and my favorites were saved. Now I made the mistake of cleaning out the junk in his files, cookies and cache since the laptop was slowing down and now my favorites are gone. Is it really saved via cookies or is there a way to preserve them through multiple computers?

[Yes, favorites are currently saved via browser cookies only. Sorry. -Jay]

As of a few days ago the search option doesn't give any results in chrome browser, just regular side-panels and big white nothing in the middle. I tried searching in IE and it works, and I deleted all the cookies in Chrome, but search still doesn't work. Could it anyhow be because of the new chrome version (11.0.696), or am I missing something other like flash update?

[I'm running the same version of Chrome on both Mac OS 10.5.8 and Windows 7 and the search results come up without any issues. I don't know what to suggest, sorry. :( -Jay]

Ooh, I have a suggestion. You know those little icons in the 'details' part of each review? Like that little mushroom one, yes that one sir! Could we maybe have an info message appear when we hover on it (indicating it is an Adventure, etc.) cause I find myself going to another page to reference it.

I mean, I can read the tags too but somehow they're not as 'proper' as I expect them to be... at least in my head. Maybe it's because we don't really have a set definition for each tag? For example, I see an 'adventure' tag. I immediately think collecting or combining items, solving different logical things, along with a witty main character. Turns out it's a hidden object game. Boo. Then there are the 'escape' tags, which are fairly straightforward but then I recently played the Trapped series, which is not an escape game in the conventional sense. Er... I'm fairly confident whoever's reading this knows what I mean. Anyway, all very aesthetic issues and not that important, but if someone else can tell me what they think about this, I'd like that very much.

[It's an excellent suggestion, and I'd really love to implement this. The immediate problem in doing so is that those icons are set as background images via CSS and therefore can have no mouseover text attribute set for them. Without some significant reformating of the review headers, I just don't think it would be possible to do this, unfortunately. I will definitely keep it in mind, though, for our next major site revision, which should be coming soon-ish. Thanks for the feedback! :) -Jay]

I am playing the game Myst and have been stuck on the part with the keyboard and control panel. I have been trying to solve it for over a week and I just cannot do it. Is there any way I can skip it and move on, it is at the end of the game and I have worked very hard at this game and really want to finish it and do the sequel ...

[Please post your question to our Myst review page: Unfortunately, we do not offer support for individual games other than via our commenting system on our reviews. Thanks for understanding, and thank you for your visits. -Jay]

I don't know if you guys read these, but if you click 'Hot Games', the first game you see is Sphere by neutral. The link is broken.

[The links don't appear to be broken for me. Maybe it was just a temporary issue? -Jay]

Hi! How can I help be apart of the walkthrough guide? [As I mean from that as in judge each game as do Dora, and many other people do for each game.] To that answer I have another, May I be apart of it??

[Do you mean how to become a review or walkthrough writer for the site? If so, please send some review and writings samples to our contact email address found in the site footer. Thank you! :) -Jay]

Thanks Jay! I just emailed it to you :] Thanks!


How many countries had strawberrycafe blocked access to since lunar room escape?

It is 403 forbidden from singapore, australia, china and taiwan

[I don't know the answer to your question. Since I can only access it from here in the US, I have no way of testing it. Sorry. -Jay]

Do you know where I can find a walkthrough for Architect episode 1? I cant find one anywhere and Im stuck on a bunch of the levels. Usually you have what I need that is why I love this site!

[Thanks for the kind words. :) Unfortunately, if it's not a game that we have featured here, we won't have a review for it. Have you tried posting your question in the BFG forums? That may be a good place to start when you can't find your answers here. Good luck with the game. :) -Jay]

Somehow I managed not to notice the Apture thingy until now, and was about to complain about it.

Then I noticed the opt-out feature. I am contented once more. :P

My bookmark of "" takes me to[snip]

Kinda weird, no?

[Please empty your browser cache and reload the page. The problem was caused by a temporary glitch on the site that was active for only a few seconds. -Jay]

I'm having trouble getting spoilers to open- they're showing up, page fully loaded, and NotScript (I'm using Chrome) is on temporary universal allowance... and yet they refuse to work. Any suggestions? This happens on and off, sometimes they work but a vast majority they do not. Even refreshing pages and/or restarting browser doesn't help

[I don't know what "NotScript" is, but I would venture a guess that is the root of your problem. I am running Chrome on both Mac OS and Windows 7 and never have a problem with spoilers. Ever. They are always functioning as they should. If you have added extensions to Chrome try disabling those extensions to see if they are interfering with the spoilers on the page. Spoilers require Javascript to be enabled and functioning properly. -Jay]

I'm having trouble playing flash games on this site. I never used to have this problem, as I've been coming here for years and I've tried as many steps as I could think of: I have disabled any ad-ons, and tried different browsers (firefox, safari, chrome) to no avail- I even started troubleshooting flash (10,1,102,64 installed).

I know it's not a global problem, as I can play games on yahoo and other sites (like Tesshi-e), but get nothing but a black screen here. I can still right-click and get the flash settings panel.. any ideas?

[When did the problem begin for you? Try updating your Flash Player, it's up to 10.2 now. If you're getting the Flash settings panel then it must be a Flash Player issue. -Jay]

@Jay on the restroom escape
After about 10 minutes of no response in all three browsers, I tried to clear the history and bam! it then work.

The internet connection on that day is also unnaturally slow, maybe it is this which causes the problem.

Btw I'm in Australia and I use vista

[Great, thanks for the report, and I'm happy you got it working. :) -Jay]

[When did the problem begin for you? Try updating your Flash Player, it's up to 10.2 now. If you're getting the Flash settings panel then it must be a Flash Player issue. -Jay]

I probably started to notice it a few weeks ago, and with JIG hosting more and more games, it became more obvious.

I updated to the most recent flash, and still nada. Ads load, as do other sites, but not the games here. And I haven't messed with any settings or anything that I can think of..

[I'll send you an email so we can try to figure out what the problem is. -Jay]

I'm having aggravation with the pre-game ads for games hosted on JIG. Lots of stuttering or freezing, so the 30-second ad takes a lot longer. I'm usually willing to sit through a 30-second ad if it plays straight through, but that's not what is happening.

Don't know if it's just bandwidth or what, but I'm feeling like I have to seek out other sites to actually play on. Save me!

[ACK. I hear your frustration and I'm sorry the ads are stuttering and causing issues for you. It's most likely a streaming issue caused by a slow or spotty internet connection. Make sure your OS and browser are updated to the latest versions. Feel free to contact me using our contact email (found in the site footer) for individual support with troubleshooting site issues. Thanks. Also, I do hope to be able to offer an ad-free experience for our loyal visitors very soon, but it's not ready yet. Hang in there! We appreciate your patience and support very much! -Jay]

Just noticed that my favourited games list has disappeared!

Is there any way to recover it? I'm not sure I'll be able to recall them, even if there weren't that many.


[I'm sorry that happened to you! :( Favorites are stored as cookies in your browser, so if you change browsers or delete your cookies, all your favorites will be gone. We're working on a site improvement that will store favorites in the database for signed-in visitors, but that won't be ready until later this year. In the meantime, use the site search to find those games you lost, or use the tag listings for your favorite genre to narrow down the search if you don't remember what to search for. -Jay]

do you have the list of levels as they are listed in the DATA of the program?
Totem Tribe Gold on a windows 7 machine.

Thanks, Jackie

ps: I need to uninstall a level so that I can replay it.
thanks, Jackie

[Please post your questions about specific games on our review page for the game in question. Review page for Totem Tribe Gold. Thank you! -Jay]

I up'd to FF7, but I don't think that's the problem, because before I did that, some of the ads on the JiG hosted games were hanging up and the game would not load. Now I have 0 games loading. I've tried Castaway II, Wonderputt, and Rebuild. Since I was playing Rebuild last night with no problem (and that's quite a memory hog), I'm concerned that there's something gumming things up from the ad side. The ad loading countdown will go, it'll go to zero, and absolutely nothing happens.

I've just tried a bunch of other Flash sites, including Neutral, and their ads and games load.

[I'm also using FF7 so that shouldn't be a problem. Try emptying your browser cache and reload. Also, make sure you allow cookies to be set by JIG. If you continue having issues, please send us an email to our contact address for personalized assistance. -Jay]

In the New Games section at the top, there doesn't seem to be a way to get to the JIG review/walkthrough/comments for a game. Is that deliberate?

[The New Games section is part of our new online browser games portal, and not all of these games will have a review, so, yes, it's deliberate. You can find whether these games have a review either under the game window on the game page (found by clicking "Play Now"), or on the category listing for New Games: You will see a "Read Review" button on that page, if one exists. -Jay]

I just want to say that although I love checking out what new games are here I am unable to play any that are on the JayIsGame server. I am on dial up and the 31 second ad takes a long time to buffer and often doesn't buffer at all so I can't get to the game. This is a huge dissapointment and makes me miss the old days when games were hosted somewhere else that didn't have that kind of ad. When the ad loads it stops and jumps an does nothing except to annoy me and remind me never to buy that product. I do realize the ads help support the site but for me it means losing a customer.

[I'm sorry. :( All the sites are using these ads now, and with revenue declining, there's really no way for us to avoid using them, too. We want to stay in business and continue to bring great games to our visitors, but without ad revenue we just cannot continue to. I am working on a completely ad-free experience for those who support us by purchasing a site membership, but that won't be finished for a couple months yet. -Jay]

What happened to the review for Jacko in Hell? One minute it was there, the next it was gone. A few people commented that they thought this game was below JIG's standards, but I thought it was quite good so I hope it wasn't removed for that reason.

[Although our play testing of the game was mostly enjoyable as well, there were a few bugs being reported that were a real detriment to the game, so we thought it best to take our review down until the game gets updated. The game is still up, but we unpublished our review until the developer can fix the bugs. -Jay]

Do you have an idea why I can no longer see the 'spoiler' tags on JayIs? I looked at several of the 'walkthroughs' on different games listed here and they no longer are visible - I only see a blank space where the grey spoiler boxes should be. Also, "error on page" with a yellow exclamation is in the lower left task bar -- even on this page! Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

[Hi Judy, what OS and browser versions are you using? The spoiler tags are all working for me in all the browsers I have tested, including IE 8 & 9 (I don't have access to earlier versions of IE to test, unfortunately). Please try emptying your browser cache and reload the page where spoilers are giving you an issue. Feel free to use our "Contact" email address for individual attention and support. -Jay]

I can see the spoiler tags in Chrome. Have IE8 (cannot upgrade due to XP). Deleted cache, but still can't see tags in IE, so will use Chrome in the future. Thanks for your quick response. You are the best!

[You're welcome, Judy, but I'm sorry IE continues to give you a problem with my site. I'm also running IE 8 on a Windows XP computer here at my office and the spoiler tags are showing up fine. Try emptying your cache again of all browsing history, and try restarting your browser. If that doesn't help, try rebooting your computer. Something inside there is messing things up. I know the site and spoiler tags are configured correctly. Thanks for being patient with us. :) -Jay]

Are there games on JIG that I can play on my iPod touch without having to download as an app? Which tag would I use to find them? I know Apple doesn't support Flash so my choice will be limited. That's why I love Letters in Boxes because I can play it on my iPod!

I'm having problems playing Gemcraft on the jayisgames site. Periodically while I'm playing, an in-game ad loads and plays between levels. This would be fine, except that on about the third one per game session, the audio plays without the video, and I'm stuck not being able to advance. The game window remains darkened, and clicking in it doesn't produce an effect. Any idea what's going on? Thanks!

[Hi Emily, I'm sorry that's happening to you. I've contacted the developers in hopes of getting the interlevel ads turned off for us. I'll update here when I get a reply. Thanks for reporting this. -Jay]

the boccia it is a wonderful game, before i played it, mas now your say: DONT USER IN MY REGION (BRASIL)...WHY????? SO, WHERE I PLAY THIS GAME IN OTHER SITE?

[I'm sorry, but we have no control over that game as it is not hosted here at JIG. I've sent a note to the developer asking for permission to host the game here. Otherwise, you'll have to contact the Channel 4, the current hosting site for the game, regarding access to the game. -Jay]

Since yesterday, none of your jig-hosted games are loading. Initially chalked this up to the FF update, but since then I've checked Flash, Shockwave, and Java and have the latest versions, and I've tried using IE, but all that I get on jayisgames is a white box. Also tried allowing flash through the firewall as per the FAQ. Games load fine elsewhere (for example, I can play Wondermind on Kongregate, and Minute Hardcore at Armor Games) - but I'd really love to just click on your reviews instead of google-searching interesting ones!

[I'll send you an email to troubleshoot the issue with you. -Jay]

I used your awesome fancy sub-listing (Online > Adventures, to be specific) to look for more games, and discovered quite a few games with no review links. They have blurbs, but no visible review, and I don't remember reading one on the front page. Were there supposed to be time delayed posts that never showed up? Or do you need reviews? Because some of these look intriguing.

This'll sound really stupid, but I need help :C.
Occassionally when I play flash games they dont save. For example I finished Symphony up to the stage 3-7. I then asked for a solution and I got a reply. When I reopened the game today to test it, all my progress was wiped.

This also has been having on almost any other site (rarely nitrome, but sometimes), and I'm finding it really annoying because I hate having to repeat games that I don't want to, or cant finish in one sit through (mostly games with levels, not games like Vorago that need 1 play through).
I'm not clearing my history, cookies or bookmarks or anything to cause this to happen.

One last problem I just remembered. When I post on JIG, it takes a while for it to post, and the chat box "lags" for a bit. This is only on JIG and I was wondering if this was normal or is something wrong on my end?

[Two issues here, both different from the other. The first, the game saves not correctly saving on your computer might be one of these 2 issues: either you haven't allowed Flash enough room for the domains, or it might be a permissions problem with the OS you're using (Vista is notorious for these types of issues). We have a support FAQ that explains both. The second, about the commenting system, it's been behaving slowly due to an increase in the amount of spam that's trying to get in. It's been so much it's clogging the pipes here. We plan to move to a more capable server soon, which should improve the lag you're seeing. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Jay]

I don't know if you'll be able to help cause it sounds stupid/maybe unsolveable, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Just started having a problem in that the walkthrough spoilers are not appearing when I play games on the imac (lion) with the touchpad. All the rest of the text is there, just not the "blued out" hints

I have checked that flash is up to date, any other suggestions most welcome

[Spoilers on this site are controlled by Javascript, so make sure the browser you're using has Javascript enabled. Also, please make sure the page loads in its entirety, as the Javascript that controls the spoilers runs after the page has loaded. If you continue to experience issues with them, please email us at our Contact email address (found in the site footer) for individual support. -Jay]

Dear Jay et al:

My five-year-old granddaughter April and I love to play Minoto games.

Today, we noticed that his list of games (when viewed in Firefox) is chopping off! That means Minoto is adding games that we can't even see!

We tried looking at Minoto's site for a "contact" button, so we could tell him about the problem. However, the entire site is in Japanese! (Not that big of a surprise, actually)

Can someone let him know about this? We will also try viewing the site in Explorer, as well as changing our Firefox settings.


Lynne and April

[Hi Lynn and April, Have you tried using Chrome? That browser has a nice translate function built into it, so it's at least a little easier navigating a Japanese only site like Minoto's. Also, you might want to try using this link instead. That will give you pages of games that you can navigate through using page number links at the top and bottom of each list. I hope that works for you. :) -Jay]

Hi, I have a strange issue. I come to this site almost every day and I've almost never had a problem.

Browser: Google Chrome 17.0.963.46
Computer: Acer Aspire One D250-1165 netbook
Hardware: Intel Atom CPU N270 @1.60GHz, ~1GB RAM
System: Ubuntu 10.04 (32-bit) Kernel Linux 2.6.32-38-generic, GNOME 2.30.2

It recently had a big update and now, when I try to play a browser game hosted here, I get a little "Missing Plug-In" message where the game should be loading.

I checked my settings and both instances of Flash are enabled:
Name: Shockwave Flash
Version: 11.1 r102
Location: /opt/google/chrome/

Name: Shockwave Flash
Version: 11.1 r102
Location: /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/

Sites such as YouTube, ArmorGames, and Kongregate give me no problem at all. That's what makes this really strange.

I've tried hard-refreshing the page and I've tried rebooting the system. Neither work.

I've visited this site a few times today. The first two times I came here, the first thing I saw was a couple of Java loading symbols and nothing else. I immediately closed out of that tab and tried again, and the JIG front page loaded normally.

But just now, when I tried to get to the front page, I got a warning that it was an "attack site". Again, I immediately closed out, and tried again. The front page loaded normally.

What is going on?

[The JIG servers have not been compromised. We are working with our advertising partners to ban a particular ad that had slipped through their networks, which may have caused a redirect to an unsafe site. I have received a few reports about it on the 8th, and I am working hard to prevent it from happening again. My web hosting provider has completed a scan and found no malware of any kind on the server, and Google also says the site is safe. Thank you for reporting it, I apologize for the inconvenience, and I assure you that we take this matter very seriously. -Jay]

[Update: As it turns out the JIG server was compromised on 03/08 and I have a blog post up explaining the issue. -Jay]

Very strange! I restarted my computer, changing absolutely no settings, and came back to play the same set of games hosted here. Now there's a border that pops up with a link highlight, like the entire flash game is a link. This is such a small dumb detail, but it's driving me crazy! Many of the games I play are dark, and the light border boxes it in. It doesn't matter if that awesome darken-button is on or not.

hi. your site doesn't work on my old computer anymore. maybe because i'm running osx 10.4.11
sure wish it still worked. i really like the room escape games. thank you.

I dig the new tabs, JIG! Serves all kinds of functions and has room to grow. Thumbs up.

[Thanks for noticing! :) I am very excited about the leverage the new tabs give us in terms of future growth. Whereas before we were arguably having an identity crisis, the tabs now allow us to explore our multiple personalities easily and efficiently! -Jay]

Hi, I notice the new combined category index search with the "+" or "!" operations but I cannot for the life of me work out how to use it! Should I be typing the tags into a search box?

While I am here, will Steve be doing any more Letters in Boxes? I am missing them very much.

Thanks :)

Thanks Jay, it will be very helpful for rediscovering some great games.

Jay -
Not really a support issue, but hopefully someone else will read this and not get taken like I did.

I saw the ad for Big Fish Games Ravenhearst Files on sale back in November. I ran over and bought it, as I had bought other games from Big Fish. Little did I know that I was subscribing to a monthy pay subscription to whatever game service they have. Heck, I have no idea what I've even been paying for the last 4 months.

What I do want to say is that I consider myself a fairly savvy online shopper, and I don't part with my personal information lightly. I also am pretty thorough checking for sneaky back-door tactics like the one Big Fish pulled, but obviously I missed this one.

What's even more abhorrent is that when ending my subscription, they survey to as to why and the very first option is "I didn't know I was signing up for a subscription service." THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Needless to say, this is completely unethical, and I feel it's something that your frequent visitors (like myself and others) should be made aware of.

Sorry for the rant, but I couldn't find a feedback page at Big Fish (big surprise, I know.)

Hi Neo1973,

I'd like to second Jay's remarks and also add that I had a similar situation once. But, Big Fish Games is very customer friendly. Just contact them and politely ask for a refund. Chances are pretty good you'll get it. Or, there are some good games in our archives. I'd be happy to recommend some of my favorites! Just ask :)

Is it possible to delete or edit a post that I made?

Example: I overlooked an error in my post and need to re-post slightly different information.

Is this a function you could add? does it pre exist and I've yet again overlooked it? or do you feel in the long run that this function is superfluous?

[Yes, we can delete or edit any comment you create, just tell us what you would like us to do directly in a comment. We do not support comment editing at this time. -Jay]

Hi Ruesiken. Currently only JIG authors can edit/delete/reply to comments, so I've gone back and deleted the original comment for you. If there's any additional information you need to change or add, please let me know. :)

The link to play Blokus online: appears to be dead. Take a look at for further details. :(

Just a heads-up that the latest Firefox 13.0 version does not seem to load Flash correctly (Windows XP for me). I've spent the better part of a day and a half going through the Mozilla and Adobe forums trying to find a solution -- it's the one that fails to load youtube, and/or loads the audio and nothing else. It affects the jayisgames hosted games. It's not Flash, because I ran multiple versions, and the only change before-and-after was the Firefox update.

However, some sites work. I currently have Kotorinosu loading its games. I don't know enough about Flash to know why, it might be something about frames or parameters or whatever. I'm not aware of any fix besides loading things in IE, and it's been reported that Chrome also works. Just letting you know in case someone brings it up elsewhere.

hi my name is randy i am trying to get in the chat on hear and i did do a jave for it and its saying that is block can you help me out

Hope this will land in the correct place, and I know is not a big issue, just an irritation, but the "keep me signed in" is still not working for me since that devil malware day.

Is it just me, and something I need to fix this end, or is it something general?

Hah, we may need tabs for the Help Squad! It's fun to read all the Pocket Planes action, and definitely cool to see JIG doing something as a community, but the other games' comments are tucked in between the ongoing conversations. Just a thought for the wish-list.

P.S. A few Flash and Firefox updates later, Flash does work now. It was indeed an update issue and not extensions, as noted there was literally nothing else different from one day to another, and I did uninstall nearly everything for that bug-hunt. Both Adobe and Moz did a few more updates, and it was fixed.

In Plants vs Zombies, why do the items in Crazy Dave's shop say sold out when I haven't purchased them (such as the extra seed slots for 80,000)?

[Please post your questions about specific games on the respective game review and discussion pages. Plants vs. Zombies review and discussion page. Thank you! -Jay]

Hello Support people of JIG.

I just navigated to your page in the first time in a while on Firefox (I usually use Chrome) and Firefox gave me a warning about your site being full of malware and tried to redirect me. I have no idea how this came about, but wanted to give you a heads up and make sure you were aware of this. Hope you get it resolved soon, as I would hate to think of people being mislead away from your wonderful page.


Hi Jay,

I decided that I wanted to review some of the old CGDC games, so I went to this page where all the competitions are listed.

From there I went to the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #5 which, as you know, lists all the games submitted.

From there, I clicked on the Desert Obelisk by Cirr (both the picture link and the verbal Title link) and they both brought me to this page: with a large button labeled PLAY. When I click on the PLAY button, nothing happens. This occurs with all the games pictured on that page.

So, can you please tell me how else I might be able to get to previous CGDC games?

Thank you!

Since the site recovered from the malware attack, I haven't been able to load any games on their pages; I just get a black box of a Flash square. If I go in, view the source, and navigate directly to the .swf file, it works, but that's hardly ideal. Any idea what the issue might be? I haven't changed any settings since before the attack...

Also please note that we track the article views and the number of plays of the games only since the latest days.

So it's in no way accurate. Right. Gotcha.

What do you mean?

I mean it is not accurate in any way. Decipher that as you wish.

As a fun added bonus... on the homepage it says the article for "Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide" has been read 124 times but when I clicked on the article it says it has been read 14 times.

Regardless of which number is closer to the truth it is impossible to know how many times an article has actually been read.

The views in the homepage are in real time because we need to refresh only 15, the views in the reviews themselves are refreshed every hour (like the 'Most popular reviews this month' widget) because we can't refresh in real time more than 10k articles. So you absolutely did not find any kind of bonus despite your deep feeling to think to have found one.

Also, having the number of plays for the hosting games was something asked by many developers for tracking the popularity of their games.

I hope my answers fit your big worries/troubles.

Could the old banner games be put somewhere where we can play them? In particular, I'm interested in Robot Wants JiG - I'd love to replay that one.

Can someone other than Jeff please start responding to these things? He seems to take everything personally.

No, that didn't answer my "big worries/troubles". I never had a "deep feeling" about finding a bonus. Even now the numbers differ from homepage to review page and unless you expect people to already know about your refresh rates then perhaps it is somethings to consider fixing. Or keep contradicting information. Maybe change the mushroom votes to be different numbers too. I don't care.

My point (which keeps getting missed) is that you can not know how many times an article has been read. I can click as many links as I like and not read a word. Two people could read an article together on one computer.
I could accidentally click something... My accidental click is then counted as someone having read the article. Just because I hold a book in my hands doesn't mean I have read it.

"Also, having the number of plays for the hosting games was something asked by many developers for tracking the popularity of their games."

This has nothing to do with anything I have mentioned. At all. It doesn't say how many times a game has been played. It says how many times an article has been read.


Dora... help! Ima go smack my head against a wall in the meantime.

@Dandy, you should read again your messages and analyse who takes personally the things and who uses a rude tone.
I will remember to not answer you in the future, to be honest I will win time because yes answering takes time (even a sunday) and you even do not take this matter in consideration.
And about the fact we can't know by the views if the visitor has read or not, well how to say? yes you're right we are not behind the persons to know that but it's obvious no? The number of the views is an indicator to quantify the popularity of the different articles, it's a widget not created by us but common on any blog.
But I will take your comment in consideration and will replace the text by 'The article has been consulted'.

Hello, Dandy,

It sounds like you have a problem with the wording. Of course you're right that you can't tell whether someone has actually read an article or not, or how many people are reading it on a computer, or even if I'm psychically beaming the information to you. :) Maybe "viewed" would be a more accurate turn of phrase? As far as Jeff's responses about the plays, I believe his point was that especially in cases where we can't host a game, seeing how many times an article has been viewed is helpful to a developer because it helps measure interest in their game, and it's helpful to US because it helps us gauge what our readers are interested in, what's popular, and so forth. As he said, because the feature is new, it's only started tracking since it was implemented... a few days ago. :)

Obviously, everything we add to the site is a work in progress because we're constantly trying and tweaking new things... you will see things come and go and change as we try to figure out the best way to implement things using the service our site is hosted on. We try multiple ways of implementing the same feature as we try to figure out what works best for both the reader AND our site's functionality.

I think both you and Jeff keep misunderstanding one another due to simple communication errors, so hopefully everyone can take a breath and keep things civil. I'm sure you can understand someone being defensive when they've been working hard to try to make improvements on something, and I believe the issue here is that, much like you believe Jeff is taking things personally, he's reading your tone as combative rather than constructive because it sounds like you're taking his responses personally, too. I know you're a long time reader and you have our best interests at heart, and we value EVERYONE'S constructive criticism.

I just want everyone to understand that tone does not carry well on the internet in the best of times, much less when trying to deliver criticism, (especially to someone whose native language is not English, which means the tone further gets muddied both ways!) and we should all take a deep breath and remember that we all want the same things. Games, coffee, ponies, and an infinity pool.

I apologise if I came off rude, I have a dry sense of humour and forget that it doesn't always translate. To me "fun added bonus" is more entertaining to say than "also". I write how I speak in real life. I did apologise for my query and say I was being pedantic when I asked my original question.

It gets tiresome having to repeat yourself though when the person you're talking to isn't understanding what you're saying. Just like the problems with the adblock discussion I think perhaps Jeff should consult other people first or get other people to reply on his behalf. On one hand JiG encourages people to communicate issues, on the other hand the guy behind the complaints desk is giving me the stink-eye.

I understand that this pageview counter is a new feature that has been implemented recently and there are bugs to be ironed out. That's why I gave feedback. I'm not going to wait a year and see if it still irritates me. Rather than come in all guns blazing and demand anything be fixed, I asked a simple question about it because for all I knew there might have been an answer I hadn't thought of.

Changing 'read' to 'viewed' would make sense and be accurate. If it's to benefit the game designers then maybe it might be an idea to only have the number on the game page. I can't imagine the discrepancy between both numbers is going to aid any designer.

Thanks for mediating Dora. Coffee-ponies for everyone! I had to Google Infinity Pools and they look like scary things without boundaries that involve swimming trunks, physical exertion and being eaten by the ocean. I shall take no part in this madness.

I'll go back to lurking and avoid the suggestions box again for a while.

I don't think the problem here with Dandy is to be a native English speaker or not. No need to argue for Dandy's tone. I AM a native English speaker/writer and Dandy's tone is aggressive. And Jeff please, don't feed the troll.

What did I say that was aggressive? For one thing I never resorted to name calling. Thanks for the label though Shak82.

Reading the news today... are we clear to change our passwords, or should we wait?

No, we don't use openssl.

Let's talk "read more". Boy, do I hate it.

I can get your argument that you want to safe space, perhaps bring more games to the front page, etc. But as you sayed yourself, this is a review site. Your visitor's main concern are the games obv. but they can get them from any run-of-the-mill link-site, the reason they come here is for the reviews, which they want to read, which they can't because they have to click a link first, which even doesn't bring them to the game itself, just another page, which might increase your ad-sales, which is not so okay, which brings me to the last point.

The "read more"-link also breaks your game-sites because now it's not possible to play a bit and refer to the review because only parts are shown below the game and clicking the link will nefariously redirect me to another part of this maze you call a website, which in turn often resets any process done in the game itself.

The last thing just happened to me, so please excuse my french. The argument nevertheless is still valid.


While I understand your frustration, it seems like you're also misunderstanding how the site works. Our game pages have ALWAYS only displayed a short excerpt below them that just functions as a simple description of the game. Clicking "read more" takes you to the full review, not some other crazy maze segment, which sounds like what you want to begin with, though it also sounds like that link needs to open in a new window to avoid taking you off the game page. :)

As for your other points about people coming here for the reviews, well, to be frank, as much as we'd love to agree, we've heard it both ways. During the recent discussion on Ad Blockers, we had scores of people inform us they didn't even bother to read the reviews and would simply play a game just by virtue of it being recommended by us, often citing the fact that they only scan the first paragraph at most. Rather than cutting our reviews, we chose to change the way the main page (and ONLY the main page) displays each recent review, which allows us to fit more games in a tidier format... and should even cut down on loading time for people on slower connections since they aren't loading all the extra screenshots and review images, unless they click to read an article they're interested in. And, as I said, a game's review page always displays the full article... it's only set to "read more" when displaying on the main page. :)

We can't please all of the people all of the time, but we're continually working to find compromises for both groups... the people who just want to play the games, and the people who actually want to read our wordstuffs. Some people will love these changes, others... not so much. It's bound to happen. To address your concern of the "read more" link "breaking" a game page, however, I'll see if Jeff can make that open in a new page or tab, which should eliminate the problem you're having. :)

I think the main reason I don't like the recent change is the fact that - like in a maze - you can twist and turn and find three different ways to read the same words over and over (right now the first paragraph of the review).

"which allows us to fit more games in a tidier format..."
Nothing speaks generally against this, but as today's Weekday Escape shows this can be a bad idea, because today - and this was a wtf moment for me - I had to click on the review to get to the links to the games itself. A lesser strict use of the "read more"-tool would have been preferred.

And to get back to the maze-argument:
What would a new user think if he stumbled upon /games/category/new and /all-games/ and archives.php and /browser/all-games/ after s/he visitited the index-page for the first time? It also looks like you need to write three different blurbs for each game. Sounds like fun...


I confess, I'm not sure what you mean by your example with your "maze argument". All of the pages you list seem self explanatory to me. Why would they be confused after viewing the main page, then (which displays all of our hosted games, just like our portal does), (which displays all of our reviews), (browser games only, no downloads or mobile), and which is simply a listing of everything we've ever covered, ordered by month and writer? Each of those pages servers a different function, which should be immediately clear upon viewing the title. I don't really understand how that can be so baffling. These listings haven't actually changed with the new "read more" format, or even the new site design either.

As far as Weekday Escape goes, yes, there will be times when you have to click through to the article to have to see the games. Since Weekday Escape and Link Dump Friday are the only two articles where that would happen, I don't think that's particularly unreasonable, and not having every article adhere to a single format seems a little sloppy to me. An easy way for you to get around this is to simply bookmark one of those pages you mentioned (such as and use that as your main page to navigate directly to the review and games as they appear. :)

As far as having to write two separate descriptions for each game, each consisting of just a few lines, well, I like to think I'm up to the burden of an extra twenty seconds of work. ;) We have always done this, with an excerpt for each game's listing and review, so this is not a new thing. For myself, if the opening paragraph is one I've read in the excerpt, it's not a hassle to scroll past it to the next.

As I said, this site will always be a work in progress as we try to find what works best for us in order to deliver our content. We won't be able to make everyone happy, but we'll take all the criticism into consideration as we move forward.

My opinion is:
The new homepage with 'Read more' for reading the full review allows us to display more reviews on the homepage with 15 instead of 12. Also, the homepage looks clearer for me and looks like more than a typical blog.
As Dora said, displaying 'only' the first paragraph, is something for which some people should enjoy because they did not read the full review anyway and had to scroll a lot to find their interests. Also for people who want to play the games after just reading the first paragraph, the tip is to click on the large image of the game.
As Dora said too, the purpose is to make everyone happy.

From what you said KMB, I agree with you for Weekday Escape. We should make an exception for it and you can find it now as before.

Regarding reading again the first paragraph when you click on a 'Read more' in the homepage, it's something we could change. I mean we can define to go directly to the second paragraph, for instance:
I would like to have some other feedbacks to know if it would be better or not?

So now for the 'Read more' on a game page. Yes, if you click on it, it redirects to the full review so the page is changed. We can open the link in a new tab, I think it would be better. But it will be complicated for us to display the same full text of a review in a game page.
It's for this reason, you noticed, the descriptions in the game pages are different than the excerpts or the first paragraphs.

Preface: I hope I don't come over as hostile or anything like that (I'm no dandy - scnr). I'm visiting this website since back in the days when Jay carved his reviews in stone and will continue to do so.

Diving in:

"the pages you list seem self explanatory to me."
That's why I mentioned a new user, whcih will wonder why there are games/reviews on some of these pages but not on the other. S/He doesn't know that one are self-hosted and the other are "just" reviews.

"adhere to a single format seems a little sloppy to me."
Your users will thank you, as I do right now with Jeff, although I'm not sure why the "read more" is still visible on the long Weekday Escape post on the start-page. Shouldn't "mt:EntryIfExtended" prevent this?

The #more would do the trick, but it could need more padding to the top, so the text doesn't sit directly under the browser-bars.

"But it will be complicated for us to display the same full text of a review in a game page."
This baffles me. I have no experience with MT and I know that a comparison to WP would be wrong, but even in Perl this looks like it would be solvable.

"the tip is to click on the large image of the game."
You know this, I know this, Dora knows this, but a certain percentage of your visitors have no clue. My suggestion: add a link next to "read more" to get directly to the game. It doesn't have to be huge and orange, but it's definitely be useful to give the users a direct call to action.

Last but not least: "Join the disccussion" links to "#comment-panels", which is not there if there are no comments, while "#comments" (as in "Comments (0)" in the head of a review) works everytime.

Question - would it be possible to put the old banner games somewhere where we can play them? In particular, I'd love to re-play Robot Wants JiG.

You can search for older games in the Archives. Here is the one you are looking to find.

Jeff is looking for a new way to host the banner games. They're temporarily unavailable in the meantime. Sorry about that!

Jay himself has fixed the issue with the slider. Now when you use 'Read more' for a game in the New Free Online Games box, the slider stops to let you read.

It just occured to me, why wasn't there a "Best of 2013"?
You always did it since 2004.

Hi cams,

Unfortunately, with the change in ownership and the work we had to put into with the new site design on top of other things, we just didn't have the time to devote to the massive beast that is creating, coding, and promoting a Best of 2013 feature. We'll be doing one next year, but for this year given the time that's passed, we're going to be focusing on other surprises and game-y create-y things for you guys. Cheers!

Just a note... since the mushrooms cannot be revoted, it's very easy to misclick on them when the Read Now button is right above them. I've one-mushroomed quite a few games without any way of changing my vote.

Thanks for letting us know, Shudog. That's a good point. I'll pass that along to Jeff. I don't know how easy it would be to implement the ability for someone to change their vote, but that sounds like a good option to have for situations like yours.

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