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Ah, the cosmos. It contains the whole of everything that is, was and shall be. It is filled with the awe-inspiring beauty of the nebulae, the quasars and the familiar stars. Science cannot know how big the universe is, nor can it count the number of planets or star. Every time we get close to an exact figure, a giant space whale, dubbed Harmony Keeper, starts devouring celestial bodies. Or at least, that's what this latest action/arcade title from Mofunzone teaches us.

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Here's a tip, folks; Harmony Keeper doesn't eat children. Even though it may eat the rest of us. It's a matter of morals.

Fun game, just not my kind of thing.

GreenIntern August 31, 2010 5:19 PM

One gripe that I have is that entering the summoning menu resets your "eat gauge," which means that trying to increase your defenses while working on a planet prolongs the ordeal. It's rather annoying, but easy enough to work around, I suppose.

golden_cow2 August 31, 2010 5:43 PM

Eh, all I did was upgrade the green peashooters to level 9, and only used them. There was no reason to upgrade any other guardian.

I wish there was a way to reset your stats, even if it cost skill points, because I can't even beat the first timed challenge.


Cute, short, fairly easy unless you're going for all of the timed challenges. Horrible, horrible font. Not only do all the m's look like n's, but all of the numbers look vaguely like 8. It didn't make a whole lot of difference in this particular case, but it's just not good to make the numbers illegible in a schmup.

Anonymous August 31, 2010 9:12 PM

Eh, all I did was upgrade the green peashooters to level 9, and only used them. There was no reason to upgrade any other guardian.

There's your problem. You need to use

The last guardian fully upgraded

for the timed challenges.

gaoranger August 31, 2010 10:47 PM

I just used the blue laser guardians set to AI 4 to breeze through the timed boss stages. It helped that I had them upgraded to lvl 9.


Uhm wow I feel like that's what happens when a bunch of people who know flash but have never played a flash game before make a game. No quiero.


I didn't enjoy having to click that darn Summon button for every guardian I wanted to deploy; and I wonder how the game would feel with using the mouse for movement and just relying on the AI for aiming at the right enemies instead of the current controls.

But overall I feel the game is unique and fun, and I enjoyed playing it.

Kudos to the developers for coming up with something a bit different.


Where is that new summon when you finish the game ?
Maybe it was just that you leveled up far enough just as you finished the game...

I could managed to beat the time challenge thanks to a bug.
Each time I changed world, I would get an empty one (no enemy) and I could build my summons. Doing the same world again and the enemies where there, and the summons I did previously too.
I think that's from my flash version.

I've found that aiming manually at the boss was more effective than setting the AI to 4 (target strongest enemy) and if you need firepower, definitly take the laser summons ;)

Andersonger September 1, 2010 4:39 AM

I forgot/missed that you could aim the guardians fire with the mouse... Still, breezed through the game - only objectives I didn't clear was the two last ones, just didn't feel like it :P


I had fun playing this and do not regret the time spent! Despite some of the gripes in the comments, i thought the game was very pretty and had a fun, whimsical style. I enjoyed the mechanics a lot. Perhaps it was my upgrade and summon approach, but I did feel like the game was a bit too easy.

My approach:

Maxed out health, maxed out homing summon vampire ability. Summon 2-3 homers, and adjust the other summons based on the situation. I rarely got near dying. The lasers definitely help on the bosses (set them to ai 4, as mentioned above, and keep the homers at ai 1)

I feel this one deserves a solid 4 mushroom. Sound effects could have been more whimsical to match the art style. Difficulty settings would be cool. I also found it irritating when the eating gauge reset if I entered the summon screen while chomping (as mentioned above).


Bug alert:

Everytime you pressed the summon button, the laser guys reseted themselves and fire again. With 6 lasers guys lv 1 Al4, using this bug can let them firing again and again in seconds. Then the bosses will be down in about 10 seconds (include final)


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