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DoraShadow TagEscape from the Room With Three Keys 5 is the latest itty-bitty entry into Hottategoya's short but clever series of escape games that seem expressly designed for the busy player on the go. You've got a door with three locks, and hidden within the room's neatly designed puzzles are the three keys you'll need to get out. There are no items to collect, so all you really need is your brain and a keen eye for detail to figure out the clues to each puzzle, often hidden in plain sight. Just click around, using the sidebars to navigate around the room, and use your intellect to connect the things you see.

Though not full of any real bells or whistles, or even a whole lot of girthiness, Hottategoya's short and sweet games make for a fantastic light snack for the brain. Diehard escape aficionados will be disappointed its over so quickly, but there's a lot to appreciate here, from the itemless approach that means you rely purely on puzzle-solving, to the puzzles themselves which admittedly aren't that complex but are admirably clever in their simple concepts once you've figured out the clues. Like its predecessors, Escape from the Room With Three Keys 5 is a tidy, logical little distraction that will keep your mind in fit and fighting shape without wrapping you up for longer than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Escape from the Room with Three Keys 5 Walkthrough

Puzzle 1

  1. You start the game facing the three locked boxes. Turn left to the row of colored cups on top of a shelf, then click the cups to zoom in.

    • Note the four different colors of the cups and count how many their are of each: 3 green, 2 blue, 2 red, and 1 white.

  2. Move back once and right once to return to view of the boxes.

  3. Click the lid of the left box twice for a closer look.

    • On the lid you'll see rows of colored squares with a button between each pair of squares.

    • The button can be changed to one of three symbols:
      > (greater than), < (less than), and = (equal to).

      • Use the clue from the cups you saw earlier to to find the correct order of the buttons.

      • Each colored square represents the matching colored cup.

      • Change the symbol between each pair of colored squares according to their amount.

      • For example, the first pair is a red square on the left and a green square on the right.

      • There are 2 red cups and 3 green cups.

      • Therefore the solution for the first pair is Red

      • Change the first symbol to a

      • Screenshot.

  4. You should hear a small click when the correct solution is entered.

  5. Move back once to the full view fo the box, and click the unlocked lid to open it.

  6. Take KEY 1 inside the opened box.

Puzzle 2

  1. Turn to face the framed pictures hanging on the wall, then click the left picture to zoom in.

    • Note the pattern of lines that goes from the lowest point to highest and then back down to lowest again.

  2. Turn right twice to face the row of stools.

  3. Click the stools twice to view the tops of their seats.

    • You'll find that each stool has a unique symbol on its seat.

    • From left to right, it's a hexagon, triangle, pentagon, and diamond.

  4. Back up once to view the legs of the stools.

    • Note how each stool is also a different height.

    • The pentagon stool is shortest, the triangle stool is slightly taller, the diamond stool is the next tallest, and the hexagon stool is the tallest of all four.

  5. Now move back once and right once to turn to the boxes again.

  6. Click the lid of the middle box twice for a close-up view.

    • See how each button on the box has the same symbols seen on the stool seats?

    • But what order to press them in...

      • Combine the clues seen on the framed painting, the stool seats, and the stool legs to solve the puzzle.

      • Press the buttons that match the symbols on the seats in the same pattern seen on the framed painting: from lowest to highest and back to lowest.

      • The final order is: Pentagon - Triangle - Diamond - Hexagon - Diamond - Triangle - Pentagon.

      • Screenshot.

  7. You should hear a small click when the correct solution is entered.

  8. Move back once to the full view fo the box, and click the unlocked lid to open it.

  9. Take KEY 2 inside the opened box.

Puzzle 3

  1. Turn to face the framed pictures hanging on the wall, then click the right picture to zoom in.

    • Examine the shapes made of yellow, pink, and blue segments in the picture.

  2. Back up and turn left once to return to the three boxes.

  3. Click the lid of the right box twice to inspect it.

    • On the box lid is a three digit combination with a yellow, pink, and blue number, just like in the picture.

    • Use the clue from the picture to find the correct three numbers.

      • Combine the matching colored segments in the picture to make the complete shape of a number.

      • Add all the yellow pieces together to find the yellow number, the pink pieces to find the pink number, and the blue pieces to find the blue number.

      • Screenshot.

  4. You should hear a small click when the correct solution is entered.

  5. Move back once to the full view of the box, and click the unlocked lid to open it.

  6. Take KEY 3 inside the opened box.

  7. Go back and turn right twice to face the door.

  8. Click the locks above the door handle to zoom in.

    • Put KEY 1 in the top lock, KEY 2 in the middle lock, and KEY 3 in the bottom lock.

  9. Back up and click the door to open it, then continue forward to escape!

Thanks to Trinn for the walkthrough!


Short and sweet. Love these little escape bites!


Never thought I'd say this, but that was almost too easy to be much fun.


@Jeff, I agree. I almost managed this one without any notes.

nerdypants October 18, 2012 1:33 PM

Yeah, this one was a bit too easy for me.


I'm not normally a fan of excape games but I did enjoy this one.

VoxPopuli42 October 18, 2012 8:19 PM

As satisfying as it is to need no walkthrough and minimal notes, I definitely wish it could have been a little longer. Or need to open the boxes in a particular order or something of the sort.



I originally mis-read the name of the game as Escape from the Room with 5 Keys.


nice graphics, but only took about 5 minutes to clear. i was hoping for more of a challenge.


Wow that was easy! There's usually one twist of logic in a Hottategoya game that I need a nudge from a walkthrough to get. This time I just breezed through it. It was fun, though.


Heehee... "girthiness"


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