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Exploring a dark world where no rule stays the same for long one woman must wander around searching for something that she can't remember. From the mind of Mister No Wind's Studio you can be sure this platform game is going to be one surreal adventure.

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romanticize March 16, 2016 2:10 AM

Liked this one a lot! The exploration towards the end of the game was fantastic.

I had difficulty finding a walkthrough, and in some of the later sections I did need a nudge on what to do. The rules appear to ban providing links, but googling "lampshade walkthrough awalkthroughlife" should get you what I found, which was extremely helpful.

Anyone know if (ending spoilers)

It's possible to make that jump at the end? I feel like it isn't, but the way it was staged made it seem like it was something that could be possible. Maybe it's just meant to convey that feeling, though.


A decent game concept ruined by the developer's insistence on wasting the player's time.


Couldn't agree more, I gave up on Chapter 4 at 6/8 torches because of that. It's like they saw VVVVVV but forgot that what made even the hardest reaction gauntlet in that game work was being able to try again the second you died. There's no excuse for forcing such a long trek back to the beginning if you mess up for something you have to do to progress.

Ruesiken March 17, 2016 6:17 AM

I had to wait until a walkthrough was posted for the torches before I could complete the game and comment.

The game has a very interesting message, much like with the creator's other game"The Ruins of Machi Itcza" Where it's a decent into madness (as adventurers, the insatiable desire desire to always want more.)

Although I haven't puzzled the meaning behind Lampshade's interesting title, the meaning of the game can be explained quite easily

The game is about the development of Alzheimer's Disease

We are constantly reminded that we are remembering things improperly and that we need to explore the darkness to find the way (the darkness in this case for what we can not remember."
The layout of the caverns are similar and reused throughout the game which reinforces the theory.

Someone whom suffers from this ailment often times will no longer recognize people they once knew, such as family members and friends. Even though they mean them no harm, they affected person will usually act in fear or confusion, much like how we reacted to the jellyfish and naked singing woman. Our perception and what reality is in this case, are two separate entities, this is why we are never able to leave the caverns at the end.

My final theory for all of this comes into play at the boss fight at the end of chapter 4. I pose this question, "Besides running into the monster... How does the monster attack you?"

It blows kisses at you

Could this not just be the protagonist fighting off a loved one in reality and they are just unfamiliar with their surroundings?

What's interesting is that we are actually able to visit this boss room in chapter 3, after all the jellyfish platforming, we come to a pit we have to fall down to to reach the top of the screen. As we climb up (jumping left and right, back and forth to scale the chains) there is a secret opening in the wall to the left which takes us to the empty boss room.
This room if of important significance because of it's unique lighting and music, but why would it be hidden?

I believe this might be the meeting room in a hospital where the protagonist comes to meet up and spend time with their family, but they just are not there right now.

I suppose it's speculation but Think this is an excellent representation for the illness might be for someone not afflicted.


i really adore the atmosphere so far, and how excellent the game is at teaching you as you play. i'll probably comment again once i've gotten through all the stages


I want to know what caused the :S rating because the review did not really say. Is it language, nudity or violence? Thanks.


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