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The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

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4.8/5 (497 votes)

The second chapter in Brad Borne's epic tale of a man with righteous pants is here, and it is spectacular. The Fancy Pants Adventure: World Two is a Flash platform game focused on high-speed acrobatics, like a hand-drawn Sonic the Hedgehog. Twice the size of the original, World 2 is one of the most ambitious, audacious Flash games out there, bursting with thrills, imagination, and whimsy.

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OH man I guess I'll be trying without a walkthrough up! Cheers!


Finally! I can't wait to sink my teeth into this game!




OOOkay, I'm having a difficult time trying to play on a Mac laptop... what is a "jump key(s)"?


I found it - the "s" key! Of course!


hehe a jump key(s) means a jump key (i.e. the "s" key) ("s")

i had a weird bug in the second level in which i kind of bounced off the floor in one part and started running on the ceiling! when i tried to jump off the ceiling, the flash player froze up and i had to quit! :/ this game is definitely real neat, the physics can be kind of frustrating sometimes but on the other hand they're fun and fluid and far better than what one would expect from a flash game. looks like a sizeable improvement over the first, i will certainly be coming back to this one a few times.


My computer/browser doesn't like the game, I'll try tomorrow on another. But I'm wondering:'Ain't there any music during the game?' If not, it feels really empty :( especially on titlescreen.


ending was weird What no boss???!!!!?!?!


i'm not getting anythign but a grey screen with a picture that says "be fancy"

nowhere to click, no amount of keyboard mashing works, no loading signs...



im so excited. finally, its released! now i need to stop shaking and set my hands on the arrow keys....


confused - that's the loading screen. The game is quite large, you'll need to be patient.


It would appear that the snail shell moves about as fast as you do; instead of trying to position yourself under the arrow at the top of the screen, just keep running!


Am I supposed to free the little boy from the king bee??? Nothing I try to do seems to affect them. Are they wallpaper?


Awesome! I've played every version of both games, and the official World Two is finally out! Can't wait to start playing. :)


#1, I reached level 6 and at the end, found

a sign with a "blog entry" from the Angry Rabbit, next to a door. The door led to the credits, game over!!

Huh????? #2, twice, at different points, the game froze. #3, There was no music and I couldn't find an option to turn it on or off. Otherwise it is a really nifty game!! Yay!!


Don't know if it was just my computer but the game kept lagging pretty bad....making it frustratingly impossible to play. =/


Why does it keep opening a second window with the original game in it? If I wanted to play that game, I would, I don't know... decide to play that game?

(And no, it's not because I went in the "Play World 1" door.)


i got the black pants… do they have any special abilities or are they just another color?

ps… you get them by getting the shell in the hole with the black pants flag like thing…


Can't talk, must play!


This game is great, but absolutely full of bugs (and I don't mean the snails and spiders! :p)

I was doing great and even managed to get the snail shell to the top of one of the levels and in the golf hole, but I eventually opened a door in one of the bonus rooms and was taken to the select level page, but it just froze there.

I'm quite upset at losing those hours of gameplay. :-(


This game is AMAZING!! I found the boss (the evil bunny) very challenging. The different worlds were so much fun to explore. I wonder how long it took Brad Borne to create the game?


Are Neddo and I the only ones having a problem here? I can not stop the game from loading and then immediately switching over to the first game. I can NOT get to this one no matter what I try. :(


Neddo, I had the same problem. Since the game has invisible platforms (heck, even in the "meh" room, in the middle of the springs up a bit), my guess is that it's a bug, and he didn't mean to do it.

It's a shame, more beta-testing would've found these bugs easily.

Sheer_Cold January 9, 2008 8:16 PM

dumb question, I know, but where's the "extras" room?


wired, there should be a boss, after the level with the rope at the bottom.

Caya, after your point #1, there should be a boss level. Credits? That's wierd, if I'm not mistaken, I saw them in the beginning. for your point #3, the game has no music, except when you die and one other thing I can't recall.

me, they have no special abilities. It's just a different color.

D, I will agree with you, the game definately has a lot of bugs. Try reloading the page, then going back to Level Select? I'm not sure what to tell you.


Great game, quite extensive levels with lots of space for free roaming.

I have experienced a few bugs, with shell going through walls, and me being unable to wall jump on a wall I had done it on before, as well as an outline of an arrow sign that looked like it should have been coloured...

The snail physics are also a bit awkward, but hey.

Little things like that aside, it's a great game. I just got to the boss and then got a game over, so now I have to see if I can get there again.

Cheers all : )


I really wish this had been tested a lot more, because the movement is so fluid that it's a joy to just run and roll and jump around, but with all the bugs it's just too much of a mess for me to enjoy.


Fortunately, I didn't lose my game's progress when I restarted after the crash.

Been finding other bugs since - getting stuck in walls where I shouldn't be and not being able to wall jump on a wall that previously allowed me. The latter cost me all my lives, but I figured out that to fix it you just need to wall jump against a more straight forward wall and it should 'remember' how to wall jump again. Weird.

Anyway, does anyone know how I can change my pants? Lol, I should have unlocked the pink ones, black ones and another colour.


What on earth do you mean there is no boss???!?!?!?! You get to fight the angry rabbit at the end! And there is no extras room... i don't think... and no, you can NOT free the guy from the bee queen. Its just wallpaper.... just like you can't free the cow from the flying spider...


great game. however i am unable to fin the room where you change you pants. can any one help with that


D, according to the armorgames description, it's in the extras room, but there is no extras room, so I'm not quite sure what to say (maybe it's the other author's names in the level select room?)

Neddo, i could not agree with you more. Seeing as we've waited over a year, a week or more wouldn't have made a difference. I guess since he gave us a preview of a level which seems to be the only bug-free level, he didn't take into account the other levels. Oh well.


Finished the game AND collected all the fancypants! The purple ones were by far the hardest and took me ages to complete.

Great game - I had a lot of fun playing through it. The boss was good fun too once I realised

that I needed to hit him once he was dazed!

I really enjoyed kicking that crazy angry bunny for some reason.

Shame about the bugs in the game, because it would have been flawless without them!


nerts, I got as far as the level where the beta test was, but Mr. Pants wouldn't come out of the door! I don't think it was frozen, because the snail crawled off the screen while I was waiting.


I found a bug in the game. On the moving platforms level(right after the level released as a demo back in december, and right before the one with the cacti background), there's the platforms that move up and down. When you jump off of the second up and down one, there's one that moves left and right. The first time I jumped on it, a bunch of poof/dust graphics appeared around my feet for a second, the platform didn't move, and I got bumped off the platform to a place about 1/4 inch down and left from the platform, so I was standing on air, but not falling. I pushed the right arrow key, and then I fell down. When I jumped up again, the platform worked right.

I'm not sure how to report this to the author, and I'm hoping he reads the comments here.

Aside from the bugginess people seem to be reporting, it's a nice game. I like the golf aspect of it, though I haven't managed to get any in the holes yet.


Hmm... found random bug/glitch/crazy thing. And i haven't even started the game yet FWEEEeeeee...



Seemed a little short to me, but I just burned through the game to beat the boss, I didn't explore or try for the pants. But that's how I played World 1, and I remember it taking a little longer.

I didn't notice much in the way of glitches, just a little lagging in the gameplay, but that was due to my computer more than the game, I think. Great game, I guess my only complaint is its length.

Great artwork.


I've found a nice little thing, when you duck fast repeatedly fancy pants guy soon starts headbanging, doin the corna...


its great but i only got a few levels in before the 5 minute load got really annoying everytime i died or got to a door is anyone else have trouble like this?


I'm running into this problem where the screen that the game is loading in keeps scrolling up or down when i hit the arrow keys, anyone have a fix for this?


Ashiel what you found is just an added secret, if you move into the middle of that invisible platform, Mr Fancypants will do something.


where is that screenshot from of the city scape? I want to go to it.


Great, smooth, detailed game!

Something funny:
If you repeatedly and rhythmically duck, as if banging your head to your favorite rock song, Fancy Pants will hold out his fingers in the well known "ROCKIN'!" position.

Funny, but useless.


Here are some tips:

The game has a lot of snail "golfing." there are 6 of these (in the main levels) and get harder as they go. They unlock different color pants.

The color of pants does not matter. They are just cool. Specially the light blue :) ...

The bonus levels are fun. They are not nessecary and sometimes difficult... Try them out, but expect to spend a good ammount of time on some...

By the way... at the bottom of the page it says that there is no music because it isn't completely finished...


If you lean the character up against a wall,

he puts his shoulder to the wall & holds up one hand like a gun, like he is Super Secret Agent FancyPants......

I still find the background/foreground combination quite dizzying at times, I do wish that background-be-still button had been implemented :-(

I'm going to have to play this again :-D


Right now i'm hating world 4 for the snail golf.

I've done every level up to 4, and i refuse to go past it... until i get the snail. But it ALWAYS falls down into that beginning area with the loop and circle. Its virtually impossible to get it out of there. Help anyone?


I can't figure out how to get to the points on the top right part of the midnight forest secret stage! There are three branches I can't reach. Does anyone know how to get there?

BTW, the snail golf on level 3 is driving me batty. I'd hate to see what level 4 is like.


beat it. Can't find the spot to do the 'pant suit' change...


I'm sorry, but I have no reason to believe that the snail golf is possible on Level 3. None. None whatsoever. I've tried EVERYTHING I could possibly think of. Nothing works. Either it's because the shell will NOT go where I want it to go (or where it should go), or because I don't have enough space to work with, or simply because all of the platforms are too far away.


well, I managed to get the shell as far as the first purple ledge. I haven't managed to get it any higher yet, though. the trick is to park the shell between the cannon and the wall, fire yourself out of the cannon, and land right on top and a little to the left of the shell. That should pop it up high enough, and if you hit it at the right angle, it should veer right just enough to actually land on the ledge. So far I've been knocking the shell off before I can get it any farther.


Octochan, I first managed to do it your way; a few more similar high-dive stomps are needed to get it all the way to the top, and it requires a great deal of precision. However, it's also possible to kick it up onto the long greased platform (where you go if you aim the cannon left) if you play around on the green hilly area enough. Then you can simply kick it up through the floor.

For level 4, Ashiel, don't let the shell fall off the floor where the snail starts, or you'll have to reset the level. Instead, you have to

nudge the shell to the left, kick it to the top of the steps there, and then get it over the greased hill. You have to be quick on that hill to block the shell from bouncing back past you. Once it's past there you can let it fall, everything funnels easily to the hole after that.


Snail 3 (like the demo world) is doable... just very hard.

The small curve... right before the hill... Try and get it up there.
From there, do a Flying stomp *jump up and slam straight down* on the snail shell... to pop it up to the Grease slicked rail there.
When your lucky enough to get it up there... Jump in the cannon, aim it all the way left... And fire. As soon as you hit the oil slick... hold down... to slide, and thus, knock the snail shell up onto the final area...
from there, its just a matter of punting it to the whole.

At least thats how i did it. Hope that helps.


I finally beat it... and got the snail golf for all 6 levels... just can't find where to change the pants colors.


To Ashiel's glitch:

After playing around with that, I came to a point where, while standing still, Fancy Pants would do this:

Also, after jumping on any spring, holding the right button down while "clicking to resume" would make Fancy Pants teleport, because of the thing.

I don't know what Yemp is referring to, though.


Is there supposed to be background music?
I get sound effects, but no music.
Should there be music? :/


Someone know how to get past negativeOne?


I've finished all six levels as well as the 5 bonus rooms, and gotten all the pants. I found level 4 to be the easiest one to get the pants in, level three was a pain but once I figured out that

you need to use the cannon and land on top of the shell to get it onto the first ledge, then drop down from the chain onto the shell to bounce it up to the next ledge

all was good from there.
Also, it was a total pain to get out of the level 6 bonus room (Negative One) you have to

go back to the entry door, it just takes jumping in just the right place to start your wall jumps

I have yet to beat the rabbit though, he's damn hard.

Anonymous January 11, 2008 6:05 PM

The snail golf in world 3 (the black pants) is actually fairly simple once you know what to do.

Near the start of the level, there's a spring on the ground that doesn't seem to have any purpose. You need to gently kick the snail shell until it comes to rest just to the left of that spring. Then jump on the spring and land right on top of the shell. This should bounce it straight up where it will land on a small platform with a door to one of the bonus levels. If the shell doesn't come back down at you, you did it right. Now make your way over to that platform - use the cannon and aim off to the left to reach the long oily platform, then cross the short rope. Once you're there, jump on top of the shell again to pop it up to the platform above. You'll need to make your way through the rest of the level to reach the shell again, but once you're there, you can just putt it into the hole. Now you have cool black pants!


Okay, rabbit is beaten and I got my ice cream cone back. I finished the game over the last two days, closing and then re-opening the window when I wanted to play. Had I done the entire game and gotten all the pants in one play through would I have gotten a different ending? As it stands, I got all the pants and opened all bonus rooms (that I know of) so I guess I'm completely done. Or am I?


How I got the pants for level three:

Get the snail shell up to the upper section of the purple platform. If you slowly walk it all the way past the cannon you can jump while you're next to it and it will pop up to the short ledge above. Just jumping up beneath it each time will get it to the next level, kill the spider above and then get the shell up to that level.
Go down to the cannon and angle it a bit to the right, land on the right side of the shell so that it pops up and to the left, onto the platform above.
Now use the spring to get you up to the chain thing and dangle over the shell, now fall on it, again just a bit to the right of it so that it pops up and slightly left onto the platform above.
From there it should be pretty straight forward.

But level two shell was the hardest for me.

Again, I just used the standing next to the shell and jumping technique. It took me a LONG time to get this one, probably longer than level three.

For some reason the fancy pants don't carry over into the next level, strange.

raumthemad January 11, 2008 8:23 PM

Where exactly is the "extras" room? I liked the blue pants.

dragonfrog January 11, 2008 9:02 PM

Well that's disappointing. It loads, and there's Mr. Fancy Pants, in a little screen with doors labeled "Start Game", among other things. And nothing happens! Clicking does nothing, the arrow keys to nothing, the S key does nothing, they keypad does nothing.


HopefulNebula January 11, 2008 9:38 PM

This game is the best in terms of pants.


I asked this above but didn't get an answer, does anyone know where the screen shot from the review is from? I can't find that level, I don't know what I'm missing because I'm at the end of the game.


Brad provided us with a preview build early last month. I believe the screenshot was taken from that.

If you have a really great screenshot we can use, I'll update the post and put yours up there instead, and credit you with it in the review.


Wasn't this already posted on the site?

[Edit: Posted, yes; reviewed, no. Now that it is, we're done here. -Jay]


Oh Jay, i was trying to figure where in the game the screen was from. But I found it!

Love the site.


I have to say, in light of all the bugs that this game had upon release, I'm rather glad to see that the review isn't a one-sided "This game rocks my fancypants"-kinda thing, but actually stays critical. Kudos for that.

And am I the only one who thinks the snail shell golf has almost nothing to do with golf and is so much more reminiscent of football? XD I mean, replace the hole with a goal, and you have headbutts, backward flip kicks and some other fancy football tricks (yes, I totally made those names up).


both pic links are not working

[Edit: Thanks! I'm not sure how that happened, but it's fixed now. :) -Jay]


When playing the beta versions, I feared the pure runningness of the game would be gone. Not so. Fancy Pants is back, with more of the same. Which is good. Instead of trying to inject new elements when the game was not ready for them, Mr. Borne has perfected the elements of the last game. Mr. Pants gets some serious vertical in this game, running along the ceiling when he needs too. Looking forward to seeing the music added.

Mr. Borne has added the Snail "Golf" for challenge, which should please those quipping that the game was too easy. It took me multiple tries to beat the boss as well, which was pleasing. What shall we look for in World 3? There is much that can be added, but how many toppings can you have without losing the flavor of the ice cream. The answer is, I don't know. Start with the ice cream and build up.

By the way, love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference.


Ok, I cant seem to find the door for AfroNinja's bonus level. A clue please?


OMG I loved Adam Phillips's level. So very brackenwood and extra awesome for everyone. Luis's was extra gorgeous eye candy too!


Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask again:

There is a mention of music in the credits, but the game remains silent except for sound effects. Is there supposed to be background music like there was in World 1?


I'm going to wait until the bugs are fixed and the music is implemented before I enjoy the game. A game like Fancy Pants Adventures doesn't come around too often and I want to play it at its full potential the first time around.


Ezrabbit: there's no music. It says so on the page under the game itself, so it's not just you.


it wont let me play it on armor games. when i click the game it dosen't show a play screen.


where do you switch pants?!?!


Did Brad Borne's relatives build the Ford Pinto? Because this game is sure fun but badly put together, yikes.


Hey. Great game. NegativeOne's bonus is really confusing: is there no exit?

Here's a bug: It seems like, on World Six, if you haven't wall-jumped yet, you can't wall jump off the rope; so you can never get up that long central column in the level. You have to go back to a place where you can stand on solid ground, wall-jump there, then go back to the column and wall-jump from the rope (if that makes sense). Try it out. Kind of obscure one.

Also: The boss battle has bugged out on me a few times (after getting injured, I lose the ability to jump on baddies -- I'll jump but go right "through" them, but then they hurt me).

Still: awesome fun, thanks.


I take back the part of my last comment about not-walljumping-until-you-get-to-the-rope (it doesn't seem possible) -- maybe it has something to do with killing the spiders on the rope? Or something? All I know is that 75% of the time I do the level, I get stuck in a state of walljumplessness until after I go back to the lefthand platform and walljump from solid ground.


is this a glitch or some secret passage?


I found something out about the shell.

I've seen this happen in level 2, where on eh oily slopes, the shell when in front of you picked up the spiral/health things. In other words, I think the shell can pick up the Spiral items that you see everywhere.


is level one impossible? i get it to the ramp the the hole but when it goes by it's self: it misses the jump. and when i kick it at the ramp: the shell gets over powered, hits the wall, and goes over the hole! i REALLY need help on level ONE


Do a slide kick to kick it up instead of straight forward.

Slide kick - run fast then press down to slide.
You can also jump up in the air and press down when you hit the ground.
You can also roll on hills by pressing down.

Slides and rolls also damage the enemies.

Anonymous January 12, 2008 9:34 PM

I got all six pants, but i don't know where the "extra" room is.. does anyone wanna help? =]


Really need help on negative one's level. A little help, please?


I'm still wondering where that scene with the buildings (the picture up there) is. I haven't found it. Which level is it in, at least? Thank you-

I loved the Adam Phillips place. That was really awesome!


Sorry, few other thoughts- #1, What is the purpose of the little invisible platforms in the "Hey!" room at the beginning? Just for fun? #2, There is an invisible passageway hidden amongst some "dirt", I completely forget where. I couldn't find another room from there, the character just walked around and then jumped back up to the regular floor. I don't get it. #3, It would be helpful in the "Hey!" room if there was an option or something to be able to open those links differently. They come up as popups, and I'm not interested in allowing popups for all of Armor Games or whatever it is just for those links, it's too much of a hassle.

Those are all just thoughts. It's a GREAT game!!

Anonymous January 13, 2008 1:04 AM

Haha, loved this game! Did anyone else see the

skeleton on level 5 eating the ice cream?

I loved it!
To finish the evil rabbit off,

Stay 1 cm away from him and run the other way if he is going to hit you. Then when he jumps up high, run around to avoid the spiders, then crush them together with the snail. Then use the snail shell to hit the evil rabbit, and jump on him.


P.S. I love your site Jay, it is totally awesome. I started coming here in 2006 when I was 11, its totally addictive!

Anonymous January 13, 2008 1:21 AM

Yes I'm the same person ><
To quote Eirik, anyone know how to get past negative one? I am totally stuck!

LarryCucumber January 13, 2008 12:52 PM

You know a fun minigame?
See how many times you can backflip without stopping.

Loki Rose January 13, 2008 3:22 PM

I've waited ages for this to come out!
This game is awesome!
The only thing I don't get is I don't know how to get to the Extras menu!?
I know it's pathetic but can someone plz explain!


I am searching for the door to the "afro ninja" level. Can anybody explain the way to that Level?


To beat rabbity final boss:

Avoid his jump attacks for a while. This is the easy part, so try not to get hit. He will eventually jump off the stage to drop spiders and a snail. Kill the spiders, then hit the rabbit with the shell. Ram into him while he's stunned, then avoid his jump attacks some more. Now comes the hard part. Every time you hit him (he has 3 health points) he will drop 2 more spiders from the sky (resulting in a pattern of 1, 3, 5, in addition to the snail and rabbit) Kill the spiders and snail as quickly as possible, then finish off the rabbit. You win!


where is the bonus level in level 5


can someone please tell us where the extras room is!!! PLEASE!!!!


For negative ones level, I think the only way to complete it is to go out the entrance, hence the "levels the other way chief" comment.



I haven't had a chance to catch up with JIG for a few days, so I didn't play FPW2 until today. There are a couple of changes.

A lot of the bugs mentioned have been fixed (all of them, maybe?). Best of all, music and sound effects are now working.

Level 3 snail-soccer-goal-ing was quite easy. I don't know if they've changed the level or if I just wasn't smart enough to know how hard it's supposed to be.



he's added music now
either that or i'm hearing things.

but now it takes forever to load.


Seriously folks, try doing a search of this page before asking about the Negative One level. I and others have already told you how to get out of it.


where is the afroninja level?


Hey, somehow the link to the game itself doesn't seem to work. You just get some page on the ArmorGames site where all the new games are listed. I tried it with the search button, and then it does come up. But if I click it, I come back to the same screen. Does anyone know what's going on here? I love this game! I want to play it!

Anonymous May 16, 2010 3:55 PM

how do u get to this http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y174/dataran/hehe.jpg?t=1199956717 for some reason i cant get 2 that invisible platform. i spent an HOUR trying to get there so i gave up and went here ,the BEST walkthrough website EVA!


What is that on level 5? Looks like a prehistoric crab eating an ice cream cone...

Sharkpete June 14, 2010 1:17 PM

I was wacthing a walkthrough and i did what it told me to do but..... in the walkthrough it went to a different level and i had to do an impossible level in which ya just keep jummping forever and it wouldn;t let me go any hiigher than i was. I was really frustrated, that i felt like breaking the computer. I tried for about half hour or so. I DIDN"T ANYWHERE! THIS GAME IS STUPID!I BEAT FANCY PANTS 1 BUT NOT FANCY PANTS 2! Other than that.... it's awesome!


I cant find out what that freaking candle is for!!!!! There are tons of cheats on that level that I found, and that one has to be another one. If you are standing of to the left of it you can even see My Name in the dirt!!! That has to be part of it.


BTW, the extras room is the far left, a little above the ground. And also, I didn't have any glitches. It was perfect! How do u get the snail to the hole on level 2? BTW, where is the hole? I don't see it!


Ack! The keys keep sticking for me. Is it just me or does this happen with a lot of brower platformers?


I'm not entirely sure, but I believe there has been a recent update of world 2.

Also I feel like it's a shame the creator is slow with these games. It's like 3 years per game.

Here is his website: http://www.fancypantsadventures.com/

Apparently, there's a version for Playstation and Xbox... and it seems like there is going to be a World 3? I'm not sure.


How do you get past the level with the bunny? He keeps droppin spiders and stuff on me, and I'm almost dead! Any tips?


Hey Jane here I was just comin here to say can anyone tell me how to beat the rabbit boss so hard and if you find any walkthrough videos before i do plz send me the link here on this website ill be back see ya then thx!!!

Lililliana August 2, 2011 1:28 PM

mr fancy pants world 2 level 3 near exit there is another spring and two landings. The left leads nowhere where does the right landing lead to? And how do yoy get there?


Um...I can't get Fancy Pants Man to move...AT ALL. D:


Open Spoiler

This game is awesome!!

black ninja December 11, 2011 12:21 AM

how in the world do you get the purple pants in the game? i looked everywhere and i have all the pants but the purple. please help


For all the lovers of this game, you can check the unblocked version here.


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