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The Asylum

JayBest of Casual Gameplay 2011One of our favorite Flash games of all time here at JIG has just received an update! The Asylum, for abused cuddly toys, has just received a new patient and your care and treatment is needed to cure it from its psychological ills. Dr. Wood joins the other adorable messed-up toys: Kroko, Lilo, Dolly, Dub and Sly, and each one is desperately in need of your help!

The Asylum: Dr. WoodEnter the patient's lounge and select any of the available toys to begin treatment. Then, once in the treatment room, begin by choosing from available methods of therapy by clicking on the clipboard. The patient will react, sometimes well and sometimes not so well, so you will have to try various methods to ultimately cure the little cuddly toy. Cut scenes of animation will, from time to time, reveal insight into each patient's traumatic past experiences that ultimately caused them to wind up in the asylum.

An indicator of your progress appears in the top right of the clipboard so you can see how you're doing. Once the meter is completely filled with green, the patient is cured and allowed to leave the asylum!

Dr. Wood is perhaps the most unusual patient yet to be admitted to the Asylum, and its behavior is beyond anything ever seen thus far in this delightful game. But be careful, or you just might wind up as the patient yourself(!)

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

If anyone is having issues with any of the other patients, please consult our walkthrough:

The Asylum Walkthrough


This is the polished version with only the necessary steps needed to complete it:

  1. peer consulting

  2. dream analysis

  3. therapeutic interview

  4. dream analysis

  5. meditation

  6. therapeutic interview (maybe this one is not strictly necessary, but it's definitely worth it XD

  7. dream analysis

  8. meditation

  9. dream analysis

  10. case conference

  11. dream analysis

  12. initiation

  13. administration of drugs

  14. initiation

Things that will make the bar go red:

  • Rorshach test

  • Paint Therapy

    Waiting without doing anything for too long


Wow. I thought I'd heard the last of this game long ago. I never did make much progress in it...

I played this earlier today when I spotted it in the sidebar ads (so I guess they're effective ;)). Dr. Wood's story is GREAT, and very different from the others; I hope they keep making more of these!

I feel awful for asking this... can someone please spoiler-tag a summary for the final diagnosis for Dr. Wood? I clicked on "assistance" every time except for the last, and I don't think I can read it unless I replay. *hanging head*

Oh, my, this new patient looks tricky.


It can't be helped, I will play them all over again.

Gah, I'm so confused now!

I'm now friendly with Dr. Woo but he's walking around the patient area with the dream ball thingy. It wiggles around Kroko and Lilo and no one else.

Anyone want to give me a tip as to what to do next?

Okay, I'm playing it again, and I've actually managed to cure a few patients this time.

You know what I think would improve the game a bit?

If, every time you managed to cure a patient, you got a textual debriefing explaining what was wrong with the patient, what they'd been subjected to in the past, and how it explained their symptoms. This would help immensely to cure up any confusion regarding what the player saw.

I still have no idea what the faceless woman from Dub's dreams was supposed to represent.


If he's having that good a time with one hypnosis ball, imagine what he'd do with two.

you'll have to click on him to take him back to therapy more than once during the game. Dreams work well for him.


Thanks for the help! Now he's a creepy, claw carrying raven walking around the place. I feel like I'm getting closer to his problem.

lol, whatever you do, don't ask him to paint!

Just finished with Dr. Wood. Loved his ending.

Use a lot of dreams on him, and careful not to use drugs on him. It would also help to remember some things about Lilo and Kroko.

NEVER do the following:

-Rorshach test
- paint therapy after you regained his trust

My Walkthrough for Dr. Wood (sort of; some steps might be unnecessary)

-peer consultation (if the bar went red; get the answer right and it turns greenagain)

- dream analysis
- dream analysis again (after meditation or therapeutic interview, but I don't know if they had an influence)
- meditation
- therapeutic interview (LOL, weird ass dream!)
- dream analysis (he should now have two of those balls on a string)
- meditation (his appearance will change)
- therapeutic interview
- dream analysis
- case conference (you will discover important info about his past)
- therapeutic interview
- dream analysis
- initiation
- administration of drugs
- initiation, again

Then he will be cured :)

in a way, you DO get that. Next time you start a critter, before you do any treatment, press the 'professional help' button. It tells you everything that the nurse knows about where the cuddly toy came from (eg, Kroko was found in the cereal box, and Sly tied to a pole by the road) and what seems to be the problem (eg, Kroko's scared of water).

After months and months, Dr. Wood is FINALLY HERE! What IS he, anyway- a kiwi?? Anyways, he seemed easy enough to progress in after

you figure out what NOT to do because it gets you electrocuted

. It was very interesting to treat someone who has as much knowledge of psychology as YOU (supposedly) do.

please excuse double-post, but this is what I think Dr. Wood's story is. SUPER spoiler here!

Dr. Wood's story is unique in that it is less about recovering from the past as it is finding himself in this world. Your job this time is not to prod the cuddly creature back to reality, but to assist a peer to "find himself". At first, Dr. Wood feels the pressure of comparing himself to the other great psychiatrists. This is shown in his dream about the tilting picture he can't keep straight and how he keeps looking at the painting on the wall above his bed and stroking his head as the painting gently shakes its head. Then he discovers the yellow yoyo's strange wiggling when it nears certain people (which might or might not be actually mystical) and starts exploring "mystical" things related to the human psyche. This comes when breaks through the part of his own portrait with the yoyo and comes to the beach and stares out across the great unknown of the ocean. Here is a slight pause in his progression where he ponders within himself whether to stay within the safe and understandable or venture out. In the next dream, he steels himself and ventures out upon the ocean with the bed Lilo pushed off. He sets off on the vast ocean on uncertainty, then switches to the back of the turtle obsessed with excersise and comes to the land of the claw-cult. (he reaches this through the 'meditation). During this phase, he loses his grip on reality somewhat, believing that through this cult he will gain the approval of others. (wow that cult was CREEPYY!!:) ) He enlists all others in his cult and reaches the top, as his bed stretches as a throne up to the stars. Here he realises that having climbed the mountain he had set out to climb, he had reached the summit- and it wasn't as good as he imagined it (the cold lonely wind blows). After this, we learn how Dr. Wood became a psychiatrist- he was the cuddly toy of a child who went to a psychiatrist, or something of the sort. After this, all that is left for Dr. Wood to do is become comfortable with the idea of being 'a cuddly toy'.

Perhaps this is too in-depth an explanation for a cartoon-style game, but it is my view of his therapy's progression and the meaning of his dreams.
what I would still like to know is
-what was the significance of how much the other patients helped him on his way?
-was Dr. Wood really 'better off' in the end?

Anyone ever read 'the velveteen rabbit'?

Toys are made real by the love of children. Dr. Wood found happiness when he allowed others close to him instead of being aloof and analytical.

I have absolutely no idea what just happened with Dr. Wood. I got to the end but I can't be the only one who doesn't understand his story, right?

Doing a TON of dream analysis helps. When meditation becomes an option, try that. Avoid drugs, paint therapy, Rorschach and practically anything else. Don't even try drugs. If he walks away just bring him back, he does that quite a few times.


Well put. That pretty well explains everything that happened with Dr. Wood's therapy.

This guy was so hilarious, I particularly loved when he

halted you when you were about to jab him with your syringe, and then took your syringe and inspected it, before approving of it and handing it back to you for the injection.

It was sooo snarky, and so arrogant you just gotta smile; I just got rebutted by a fluff-ruffed bird!

New to this series, but it's really cute, and I loved exploring all the toys' options and routes.

This is so exciting! It's been years since I've looked at this game and I think I assumed they were done updating it. Can't wait to replay the old patients and check out the new one! :D

If you read the Professional Assistance

You will realize that Dr. Wood is not a patient, but in fact your colleague! He just happens to have a psychological disorder which becomes obvious as you try to gain his respect.

Also, try buying him. XD

Man, that was so cute. I really liked using a therapeutic interview at every opportunity. He really got that sock going.

This is very old... and also very awesome.

I love this game. I never thought it would be updated again, so color me thrilled that a new patient finally came out!

I admit that I didn't really "get" Dr. Wood's story until I read the comments on here. I do like how his story is a lot different from the others; it shows that the makers of this game are still thinking of new and creative ways for us to bond with these cuddly toys. I'd buy one of each patient if I could. :3

oh wow! This game sure brings back memories, it was one of the first games I ever played here back in '04! This game, and others like it, is the reason why I kept coming back. I

Oh, wow. I'm fairly sure this is one of the first games I ever played from JIG, many years ago. And I was just thinking about this game a couple days ago, too! Huh. I don't remember making a lot of progress the last time I played, but it was definitely a pretty memorable game. I'll give this another shot soon. :D

i finished dr. wood but there's something I still don't understand...

what was that thing he was wearing around his head?

As to what Dr. Wood is. I think he is a raven or a crow.

I thought Dr. Wood was a penguin for a long time! :-)

Out of curiosity, I started a new game and tried to resolve the issues of all the other patients before addressing Dr. Wood.

It doesn't appear that you can fully treat any of the other patients besides Sly, until you finish with Dr. Wood first. This is probably due to how the other patients interact with Dr. Wood's treatment storyline. When Dr. Wood's suitcase appears by the treatment room door, no further progress can be made with any of the other clients, and all you'll be able to do is remain stuck at a certain progress level with them, or worse, regress their treatment progress.

This is a game design issue, rather than a spoiler. Knowing about it doesn't unfairly advance the plot or skip anything, but it does prevent user frustration.

Absolutely thrilled to see that 'The Asylum' was back after all this time!!
I truly loved this game/experience before & was not disappointed with their recent patient, Dr. Wood.
Very sad this game is, but because so, the game spurs one on to help these poor little beings.
I do hope, with the number of people so elated about the game being back...that the game-makers will be motivated to provide us with more patients to help, much sooner.


That's odd because I actually tried doing the same thing myself (mainly because I wanted to see if Dr. Wood's storyline would change if I cured all of the patients he was shown interacting with in his story), and succeeded in curing all of them and then curing Dr. Wood (turns out that it doesn't make a difference if you save him for last or not) to leave myself with an empty room. Are you sure you're giving the patients the right order of treatments?

Wow! I was just thinking about this game the other day, and it's been at least three years since the last new patient was introduced!

This was always one of my favorite games. I'd thought it was destined to remain with only five toys forever, but no. Perhaps we won't even have another three years to wait for the next one?

And the new patient is AWESOME. Quite possibly the creepiest story of the bunch.

I love how simple his problem was, and yet it made so much sense what had happened to him.

I like the Velveteen Rabbit-esque "theme" to the plot (I wonder if the next patient will be a rabbit? Or would that be too on-the-nose).

But still, even though I understand that his journey was all about learning to appreciate what he is... I was kind of hoping he'd stick around after being cured, and return to his job as my colleague.

He's also much cuter BEFORE he takes the whatever-it-is off his head, as well.

But oh well. It's still amazing.

Also, when you said in your review "Watch out, or you might just end up as the patient yourself!" ...

...I thought you were joking. Oh boy was I wrong.

@Jade: No, I'm really not certain. I would be interested to know what treatment schedule you've prescribed, Doctor. =)

And evidently his suitcase was there through most of the game anyway. I'd just noticed it when Sly was cured.

This is a really good game! You say you mentioned it before, but I've not been around that long. Anyways, I've cured them all, and love the premise of this game. And I agree that Dr. Wood looks way better before he takes off his hood thing.

I think what a lot of people need to understand about this game is that Dr. Wood is DIFFERENT than the other cuddly toys. He WORKS with you. He's your colleague. You ask him for advice in the early stages of his therapy. The other cuddly toys are completely at your disposal, to choose treatment for or not. Not until

he's showing you the right technique to use the yoyo and accidentally shows you his dream do you learn that he might actually be unstable

. Then, you don't really control his therapy. He knows how therapy works, and he's trying to find the answers for himself instead of repressing his fears and secrets to the extent that the other animals do. You support him on his way to therapy, no real prodding needed. Also,

giving him medication doesn't really help him, but it doesn't harm your progress either once you have his respect. It kind of gives you a subtle clue about what's inside- those things on the bed that he's attacking with the syringe, don't they seem like human fingers? Does that seem like a metaphor to anyone else?

I hope that makes sense.

still missing something with Dr. Wood...

nevermind. all that electroshock therapy had me convinced anything i'd do was going to land me in the buzz-bed, but i got over it and tried the one thing i hadn't.

I always liked this game, and am surprised and delighted to see another patient. Doctor Wood is awesome, and hilarious. I managed to get to a point where

He inducted all the other toys into a cult and held a sort of seance with all their various accessories.

He's quite the character!

As before, great experience! Minimalistic animations and sounds, but packing so much meaning and feelings. Loved every last bit of it!

I cannot seem to be able to load any of the patients. I click on them, the loading progresses...and I get a room with an empty bed and my hand with the pad in it. Nothing else. I tried it in several browsers, cleared cache tons of times - nothing. Is anyone else having this problem?
I want to play this so much!

[Make sure your Flash Player is updated to the latest version, and try clearing your cache and reload the page. I cannot reproduce the issue you're seeing, and I've tried in a variety of browsers on both Mac OS and Windows 7. If you continue to have an issue with it, please email our contact address with your configuration (versions of OS, browser and Flash Player) and we will help troubleshoot the problem. -Jay]

Ok, I need to stop adding more comments, but I found that when I clicked on the characters I would always get an error message the first time. Yet the second time the character would usually load. Don't know why- also, Dr. Wood took a couple extra attempts. I didn't change anything with my browser, so I don't know why the game did that.
Something I found funny: I tried the 'french' version because I'm learning the language, and the "will be with you in a moment" message was in French but the "download error" message was in Japanese! :)

[Yes, the different languages have always been mixed up for as long as I can remember. But the download errors, I'm just not seeing them. I've tried clearing my cache and loading the game in a variety of browsers and not once have I seen a loading error or problem. If you do get an error, try emptying your browser cache. It might be caused by an update being made to the game. -Jay]

Doing the "therapeutic interview" while Dr. Wood has the hypnosis ball is the best thing ever. EVER.

Help! It wont save I have all ready cured one patient and now I have to start from the beginning. other games work fine

[This game does not save your progress. Nor is there any special achievement unlocked by curing all the patients. If you feel you must cure them all to see an empty patient lounge, you will have to keep the browser window open until you solve them all. -Jay]

I think a brief, simplified summation of Dr. Wood's condition and cure are

he is attempting to discover what it feels to "fly," be it intellectually, emotionally or physically - obviously a stuffed raven would have difficulty with flight. He attempts to achieve this first by meeting and exceeding the expectations of his peers and predecessors (Freud et al.), then through his attempt to gain the appreciation of the other patients through cult worship, giving him godlike powers (seen in the surreal floating from on high when attempting dream therapy while he is a cult leader). He finally learns what it is to truly fly - physically, yes, but also emotionally - when he fulfills his long-denied (at first by the doctor, then self-denied) purpose as a stuffy.

I never really thought I'd characterize a game about being a therapist for stuffed animals as "one of the most emotionally powerful gaming experiences of my life". And here I am, doing just that.
Dr. Wood's story may not be the MOST resonant stories in The Asylum, but it's still complex for its brevity and lack of dialogue, as the kind poster with the very in-depth analysis above did a great job of illustrating.

Someone please leave a walkthrough on Lilo!! i've finished with all the other patients but i just cant figure him out.

I love this game!!! i really do! i love looking at the dreams of the toys omg i want more of them!!!


This is the polished version with only the necessary steps needed to complete it:

  1. peer consulting

  2. dream analysis

  3. therapeutic interview

  4. dream analysis

  5. meditation

  6. therapeutic interview (maybe this one is not strictly necessary, but it's definitely worth it XD

  7. dream analysis

  8. meditation

  9. dream analysis

  10. case conference

  11. dream analysis

  12. initiation

  13. administration of drugs

  14. initiation

Things that will make the bar go red:

  • Rorshach test

  • Paint Therapy

    Waiting without doing anything for too long

I laughed SO hard when he

started a cult with all the other stuffed animals!

Just like when I played this before, I can't believe how well put-together it is. Definitely one of my favorite casual games of all time.

One of my favorite parts was the nurse walking by... and she was wearing the cult bracelet. :)

I really enjoy these, I hope another patient comes along at some point. Poor little guys.

oh he electracuted me? OH HELLS NO!

Are you going to do another contest to win Dr Wood like you did for the other asylum patients? (I know the contest was an incentive for ... making a Jig account for comments? and not really to win every Asylum stuffy, but it was still one of my favorite contests I didn't win.)

I had forgotten how well-made these games are. So many great bits of animation (the little pencil jab, the syringe bit), and some dang spooky bits.

See, I'm reading other people saying that

Dr. Wood is an actual colleague, but I had assumed he was a patient who thought he was a doctor.

@Infant Tyrone:

I thought he was a patient who thought he was a doctor, too. I don't think anyone knows for sure because there's so many differing opinions on his storyline.

Am I the only one who noticed that the claws still had bones in them? When he turns around while holding them, you can see them right in the cross-section - so either they're really good fakes or those are claws cut off an actual bird.

He wasn't just a patient who thought he was a doctor... the Professional Help text clearly states that he is in fact your colleague, and a brilliant up-and-coming therapist to boot.

He certainly wouldn't be able to order the nurse to electroshock you if he was merely a patient.

As for his story, here's what I think happened to him:

He was the property of a (human) doctor or therapist, who placed him on a high shelf on his office, behind glass, as a decoration. This probably helped the human kids, but it denied Dr. Wood (I wonder what his name was before he became a doctor?) the bonding experience with kids, which cuddly toys are supposed to have.

This isolation and loneliness made him cold, and he eventually went, "Well fine, I don't need humans anyway! I'm different from other cuddly toys! Yeah, that's why they don't get to play with me... right?" and tried to prove his superiority.

At first in the real world, with his prestige in the psychoanalysis field... but while his conscious mind believed he was the greatest therapist of all time, deep down he really knew it was a lie... and when he finally realized it, he snapped and started looking for other answers... putting his therapeutic training to bad use and waging psychological warfare on those around him.

But once he learned to accept his nature, and experience the playtime that he'd been denied his whole time, he got better.

So I guess in the end, when you think about it... all along, what he really needed was a hug. =D

:< I wish I could buy him, but he seems to be an unbuyable stuffy D:

Even when I looked back on this site to find that The Asylum had someone new, I only just now tried it out. Psychoanalyzing stuffed animals nearly always brings a tear to my eye.

Also, something else that I noticed:

At first, Dr. Wood keeps the fuzz around his head, possibly as a physical reminder of the glass confining him in his formative days. I thought it made him look more like a penguin than a raven, but one's inability to look him in the eye keeps him emotionally distant from everyone else. As he takes it off, he starts trying to learn to empathize with the other stuffed animals but ends up taking the wrong approach. All he needed was his own journey of self-discovery and the love of a child to fully understand the stuffed animal condition that was ultimately his own. Aww...

Though I guessed early on that he wanted to be loved, I also was wrong with my assumption that he'd been accidentally flushed down a toilet. I didn't think it would be something so subtle at first.

Oh, also, if you click on the poster board in the waiting room, you can see a newspaper article on Dr. Wood. No, he isn't a patient who claims to have a degree, he really does have one! The article's in German, no matter which language you pick, but it basically hails him as a brilliant psychologist who wants to apply his theories and studies on dream analysis.

Also, it might take a while, but see if you can get him to hypnotize the sock puppet!

This game is kind of sad. I had to stop. But I did get pretty far with the gator before I quit. Maybe if they were people and not cute little animal-type things, I wouldn't feel bad for them.

[It's not so sad once you cure them, which is what the goal of the game is afterall. But I agree it's easy to feel sorry for them when they're still in their psychotic states. -Jay]

Odd no one's mentioned in all this time: Dr Wood will have you electrocuted if you try to buy him! I guess he's not available for purchase like the other animals?

One of my favourite casual games of all time.

My take on Dr. Wood ..

His psychiatrist side thought that if a child wants to throw him around they need therapy. He finally realised that letting the child throw him around was the therapy - not only for the child but for him too. he had just got confused between his dual roles as a psychiatrist and a cuddly toy. Perhaps that's what led him to be a psychiatrist in the first place?

Is this game not working for anybody? When I click on a patient, I am directed to therapy room but the patient doesn't show up on the bed. Sometimes I will also get the 'loading...' bubble but nothing will happen afterwards.

I absolutely adored all of the characters, especially Sly.

And when Dub draws a painting of himself at the bar, it's actually a reference to a popular painting about The Great Depression, which makes a lot of sense

If Dr. Wood is an actual college or a patient, the lines are blurry.

There have been actual social experiments in putting two psychiatrists in a room and telling both ones the other one is a patient who believes he is a psychiatrist :-)

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