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throwme.gifJohnBFrom Thor Gaming, creator of Thor Towers featured on a recent Link Dump Friday, comes Throw Me, a physics-based tossing game similar to Monkey Kick Off and Nanaca † Crash. At the beginning of the stage you grab an orange eyeball-type thing and twirl it around with the mouse to build up momentum. When you're ready to toss, hit the spacebar to send it flying. Your only goal is to go as high and as far as you can!

Just like Nanaca Crash, the landscape of Throw Me is littered with obstacles that both help and hinder your progress. When touched, cranes perched on the ground and certain clouds will trigger a quick mini-game that fires you back into the sky with renewed speed. Other clouds will give you a quick boost when touched, and you have a time-limited balloon power that allows you to regain some air.

While Throw Me lacks the wackiness of Nanaca Crash and the simple charm of Monkey Kick Off (not to mention the challenge/replay feature), it still manages to capture the fun of distance-throwing games quite well.

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The links aren't working, you might want to fix it before it gets clicked too many times?
- tim

It looks like their site is having a temporary outage. Is it a pre-emptive JayisGames effect?

Sounds like a fun game, I'll try back later to get a look at it.

This game is far too long. The game screwed up for me at 157569 distance.

Fun little game. First time I reached about 537 feet high. Thought it was going pretty well. Second time I kind of beat that score by reaching 7653 ft. high. And about 80k ft far. Minigames require some good reflexes!

whoo! my high score of max distance: 64486

7454 and 34833 for height and distance respectively. Wow...

and then 62538 on my third try. The yellow clouds seem to break the power meter though.

Server's down.

i liked this an awful lot - zippy music, and an ace colour palette. The guy also reminded me of 'vectorman' on the megadrive, bless his ballsy-body.

my only stickler is that it knocked my launcher game off the newgrounds front page - it was like this one but more aimed at the over 50's age-bracket.

see how it languishes now in the vaults!

... It does seem a little bit long for me as well. It can get so monotonous that I'm typing this while the little orange orb flies away at 300 MPH...

its 70637 distance, you can use spacebar to float to get more boost from cranes at ground.
max hg 4300 mts its black space with no clouds to help you
by the way gets boring too soon

This game's music loop is incredibly annoying to listen to, and the window's a tad small to really get any good momentum in, but I managed to get a distance of 100,073ft on like my 6th try and about 11k feet high on another try. Then I got bored and moved on to something else.

so here are the notes:
thrust giving elements are at two places
first at ground that crane like structure and secondly coloured clouds at mid yellow region, now two points common for both
1.Both elements preserves the angle ball is coming with
2.If you do not select to shoot from them, max power goes on decreasing and in the end u will automatically shoots with min velocity.

So there is a good trick to use your floating power when you reach yellow region from the above, max hg can be achieved only if you get some thrust from yellow sky,

for good horizontal distance,reach coloured cloud with a horizontal angle, that way i could manage to get 1200mps speed.

your game is over if you have zero velocity
or you go backwards in positive height

Max height: 3,827. Max distance: 148,357.

Fun little game. Liked it better than Nanaca Crash. I'm actually pretty impressed that anyone was able to figure out what the hell was going on in that one.

I noticed a bug: after the character stops, a crane can still swing toward him and pick him up. Then play continues with the game over text in front. If the character stops a second time, the game locks up.

I reached insane heights, and there are MESSAGES in space!

Low in space is the Thor games logo, higher up is a pharse with 'higher' in it (going to fast to read more in it)

And around 7500 in height, there's... it was something like 'Getting Closer'

I love those clouds ;)

Alright, got higher again, the 'higher' one turns out to be 'Pretty high', and there's a message between it and 'thorgames' logo... I coulda sworn I saw the word 'programming' up there...

The in-game help doesn't mention it, but you actually have hot-air balloons. Hold down the space bar while you're in flight. That's what the stamina bar is for.

There doesn't seem to be any way to recover stamina, though. I'd appreciate some sort of power-up you could grab to get more stamina.

For extreme height or distance:

Hold down your mouse button, or set mouse sensitivity really high, or do both.

Oh, wow!
I just hit a bug that let me somehow get the power bar in a cloud at way over the limit, and it propelled me at around 13,000 mph at a 45 degree angle...
Yes, that's 13,000. Not 1,300.
I don't like how the gravity in this isn't exponential, though... I fell for about 3-4 minutes, vertically (as in, I was gaining 1-2 distance per 10 seconds eventually), from 150,000 feet, with a top speed of 500 mph.
I hope I land on a crane.
Oh, excellent. I just passed through the floor, and I'm at -15,000 feet already.
I'll just assume that I'll never stop, and say my stats...
Max height: 158,045. I'll probably never see that again.
Max distance(at time of writing): 180,689.

Throw it backwards for blackscreen prettiness...

seriously too easy i guess ive just played more of these games than you have my first try total distance 375k and hight 100k

man, I love this game, just like you said, its just like nanaca crash. my score was 170020, i was 21st. :) well, just to say: keep up with the games, and you have reached your highest point. way to go !^_^!

Weird. I played it twice, and ended up making the top score (1070844). I don't even know how, I must have hit a power up of some kind and it launched me into outerspace. Pwnt.

This game's failure to keep track of personal height or distance records across multiple games is inexplicable; that seems like a really obvious feature to have.

Or maybe Nanaca Crash has spoiled me.

I thought it was fun. Then annoying. The cranes, I came very close to many many times, but didn't get to use them. Rolling around on those hills waiting for death is not fun. Then, for some reason, I bounced backwards off a hill. I was going fast, and in the air but the game killed me. A very sudden game-over. That's when I decided not to play this game again.

I got 6500 for hight & 30000 for distance.
It ended after my computer was nearly busted (somehow it made one of the bombs on the crane explode and my ball/guy stopped in midair. Darn!)

Kind of fun, but as others have said, way too long. A good example of "too much of a good thing". Some of the fun with Nanaca Crash is that you don't always get very far. Also, NC zooms out. This game is just a lot of stuff -- mainly clouds -- whizzing by.

Also, it's very buggy. The power bar disappeared on me, and at one point I was able to continue playing after I'd stopped, with the submit score screen atop the still playing game underneath. When I stopped the second time and submitted my score, I was stuck with no restart option.

Man, this game is frustrating. Largely because of the lack of zoom, because you're going so fast that you can't even try to avoid things. I hate when I come down from a great height, only to land right in the valley between two hills, which bounces me backwards and ends the game before I can really do anything about it.

Another fundamental flaw is that the boosts only exist on three levels -- one at ground level, and two very closely-spaced layers of colored clouds. Your goal is to get higher, but it just gets more boring the more you "succeed." With no clouds or anything, you lose the visual sense of speed. And the lack of zoom means it's difficult to read those few "Pretty High," etc. incentives you -do- get.

And if we're just supposed to chase the high score, then I wholly agree with foo -- it should keep track of our scores from game to game.


Yep - got the same bug/bonus myself. Was flying along at a distance of about 50,000 feet when I caught a few bad bounces on the lumpy ground and almost stopped - until I hit a crane, whose minigame's speed boost meter was stuck on higher than the maximum. I quickly tapped space before it disappeared, to find myself flying upwards with a speed of about 60,000 MPH. I continued to rise to the dizzying height of 513,000 feet, with my speed dropping slowly. At my zenith my distance had progressed to around 550,000 feet then fall back to earth. Presumably vertical, as although my speed was showing as 500 MPH (and no longer falling), I was no longer making any forward progress.

I waited for the ground to come up and meet me, hoping to catch a crane and somehow continue, but as my altitude registered zero, it just carried on decreasing into negative figures. Currently falling vertically at 500 MPH into the centre of the earth.

Max height: 513,501 feet. Max Distance: 564,769 feet.

Wonder if this is how the guys at the top of the leaderboard registered scores of over 3 million? Although they must have stayed above ground as I cannot register my score due to the fact that I cannot end my go as I continue to fall deeper and deeper underground (probably for the best as it would be cheating to record a score attained as a result of a bug I suppose).

Apart from the bugs - quite a fun game - I got a score of 98,000 on my first go, which remains my best

A little buggy. I hit several of those big vertical launches into outer space (there is another message at 12,500 but I could never read it). When you finally come back to earth at about 500 MPH, you have almost no horizontal velocity. Unless you hit the side of a hill just right, you bounce straight up and it is game over. I just finished a session at 347K horizontal, and 51K vertical, and must have had 80% of my stamina bar left over. Rather a shame.

Fun game - all it needs is a mute button for the "music".

Holding TAB key down pauses the game, but you must keep the key depressed.

Messages: "ThorGaming" at about 4950 feet, "Pretty High" at 6300 feet, "Getting There" at 7600 feet and "Uber High" somewhere above that.

I wish there was an event that would recharge the stamina, like touching the moon or something.

Re: my last post, the TAB key does not seem to pause the game on all machines, only on my slow old Celeron. Sorry. A pause key WOULD be nice for those times when you're cruising at 15,000 feet and really need to break away for a few minutes...

Needs a pause. Might be fun if you could guide your man with the arrow keys a little.

It also might be cool to have levels.

There seems to be an update. There are storm clouds that zap you that that were not there a couple of days ago and it seems to be harder to go high.

Yes, it looks like these new storm clouds (1000-2000 feet) impede your upward progress if you hit them. Unfortunately, the blog at hasn't been updated since April so who knows what other alterations might be coming (or hidden someplace in the game).

Fun Game! I like the abstract design.

It definitely feels harder with the storm cloud update, they appear to slow down your ascent (or speed your descent, whatever the case may be), but I think they increase your forward velocity. It would be nice if the camera panned out as you sped up a'la Nanaca Crash. And what's with the testicular bombs on the end of the cranes (probably can't say that on JIG!).

I was liking this.

Now, (for me anyway) the changes really make it not as fun.

I Got to 8184 feet! only on my 3rd try. I passed the moon.

COOL I GOT 102465

my highest score ever is: 53013

Thanks, Zeke for the note in the IRC channel about the links changing. I've just finished updating them. Cheers! :D

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